Swimming with humpback whales on Tonga
Swimming with humpback whales on Tonga

Tuesday 10th of October 2017 and, well, I had received a video from a girl on Line. Not exactly anything the “pepped” me for the day. Honestly, I was more interested in my good morning tea and to get away to the boat to get out look for Humpback whales.

We had not been on our way for long before we found a whale. While following the whale we saw a mother and a baby breaching so we went to check them out. I got in to the water and I never saw the whales. The second time I was about to jump in the screamed shark. Well, turned out to be a 50 cm Grey something shark. Well, thanks’ to this I missed that swim

We found a mother and a baby with a male escort after lunch. But they were swimming so no good for us trying to keep up. I think the whales are going back to the Antarctica now. And you can see the whales when they pass Australia, excellent whale watching.

My last video, no excitements to be seen here

Swimming with humpback whales on Tonga
Stand-by to get in to the water

Swimming with humpback whales on Tonga
Stand-by to get in to the water

Swimming with humpback whales on Tonga
Stand-by to get in to the water

Swimming with humpback whales on Tonga
Stand-by to get in to the water
My last “whale swim” picture

We were back at the hotel just after 3 o'clock in the afternoon. I decided to try my luck again with the Tongan whistler. But no birds, not even a Pacific Kingfisher. Well, taxi will pick us up at 9 thirty tomorrow and we're off to the airport. Fiji next! Well, first of all I will have a last early morning walk looking for the Tongan Whistler and the Blue-crowned Lorikeet.

Click HERE to find out if I find any of the birds, or if I will make it to Fiji.

Swimming with humpback whales on Tonga

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