Rewritten in December 2010


M/T Tärnvind was built 1981 in Kalmar, Sweden. She's 106,14 m long and 15,73 m wide. M/T Tärnvind is on 6150 ton DWT and can load 6970 m³ (98%) in 16 tanks. She has 4 CT and 10 WT + 2 slop tanks.
She has a ballast capacity of 1916 m³.
She takes 328,3 m³ heavy fuel and she uses 12 ton/ day at service speed 12 knots.
She takes 74,7 m³ diesel for her auxiliary engines.
She have 4 Svanehöj deep well pump with suction compartment. each pump serving 1 Ct + WT
Closed loading system by vapour return line. High level alarm, distance reading thermometer plant in CCR and level meter on deck and SAAB radar. Cargo heating system is removed.

She is still going strong, Swedish quality. They don't build ship like this today.

Thursday 12th of September 2002 and I signed on M/T Tärnvind at Göteborg anchorage. They had sent me an e-mail before I signed on and asked if I could stay longer on the ship this time. The Chief Officer onboard had planned to stay home over Christmas and New year. No problem for me.

I took a taxi to Fiskebäck. Our supplier has the store in Fiskebäck and they were delivering stores to Tärnvind on the anchorage with their boat. So I got onboard the supply boat and we took off Tärnhav and Tärnsjötowards the anchorage. They were going to deliver a new computer for the cargo control room so I knew what I have to do when I'm coming onboard.

It took us about 15 minutes to reach Tärnvind at the anchorage. I discovered 4 ships from Tärntank company when we came to Tärnvindthe anchorage. Tärntank also have 1 ship at anchor in Brofjorden. Brofjorden refinery was closed and there was a strike on the refineries in Norway. Tärnhav left for Kalundborg, Denmark and Tärnsjö got alongside in the evening. Tärnland got a voyage to Hamburg and left Friday night.

Arriving to Tärnvind and they gave us a line for my bags. My bags are heavy off lint seed, vitamins and diet powder. OK I know, but this time it's serious, next time signing off I have to meet Sue and she's going to kick my sorry behind if I'm not darn handsome.

After a few beers I'm ready for any Mr. Handsome competition but this time it won't help to drink a few beers before meeting her.

- Hmm, maybe I should try to get Sue to drink 1 or 2 cases of beer. Then I will be handsome!

I discovered that my fridge was full of diet coke and Ramlösa when I came onboard . Thanks Mike!!

When I came back the ship was looking very nice. The crew was working very hard. But after 10 dTärnvindays at the anchorage with nice weather the crew could work all day long. Now it's only the starboard side to go. Port side was ready. Mike had the crew to do the port side first so it should be ready when I signed on.

I have my cabin on the port side and he wanted them to be ready when I signed on so I could sleep in the afternoon and they could work on the starboard side.
Thanks again Mike!!!

Crew chipping and I can work on my web page, very good.

It was very nice weather but they said on the radio that the autumn should start at the weekend with strong winds and it should get colder. Smiley

Chief Engineer giving Captain a haircut, everything for a good report and references. I wish Chief Officer had time for a free hair cut, but no time. Hard work from early morning to late night.

We installed the new computer in the cargo control room. We got it to work, but there was a slight problem with the monitor. But our Chief Engineer came up with an idea and Captain tried it out. Luckily enough it was working and our Chief Engineer could try to repair the old computer.

They had a problem a few days before I came onboard with the generator so all of the sudden there was 600 volt coming out on our electrical system. Burning all the computers, washing machines and stuff. Well now it's back in good order. We got circuit breaker to put in our electrical outlet. The old computer only needs a new transformer and then we can use it in the dirty mess.

I had my own computer problem as well. I had bought a new Nokia phone with high speed modem. 6310i should be a top of the line phone. My old 6210 that I bought 1 year ago had been in the shop to be repaired for most of the time. the 3rd time I returned it to the shop they told me the phone was damaged due to damp and I had to pay for the mending.

Well, what can I say? Motherf@ckers! After 2 times they realize they can't repair the phone and instead of giving me a new on the guaranty the say it's damaged by damp and that's not covered by the guaranty.

My new Nokia 6310i have a high speed modem software and every time I install it f***s up my computer. The high speed modem to my 6210 was working but the new one is terrible. I will never buy a Nokia again. Now I have 3 Nokia phones and when they have stopped to work (soon) I will buy another brand. I'm not impressed by Nokia.

I have to make new routine and safety list and put in the new computer. I have already Tärnvindtransferred my music to the computer, of course this was the first thing I transferred. Now I have good music blasting high again.

I will have plenty time to do all the check lists and the other documents on the anchorage, and the time will turn very quick on my watches.

Sunday afternoon and the only sign of the Autumn (windy and a little bit colder) is that Timbuktu and DJ Amato is back on P3 Hip Hop. Now I can listen again. The summer was terrible with DJ this and DJ that was running the show.

Sunday was election day so when I came on the3 bridge Monday morning it was comments, reactions
 Handsome too much
Ch. Engineer took this photo of me.
and retrospects and blah-blah-bla on the radio.

Anyway, Tärnvind is now on the 3rd week without cargo and it's getting VERY boring just to do nothing and I hope we will get some cargo soon.

We will change our anchor chains; we are only waiting for the chains to be delivered to Fredericia shipyard. I hope we can get them this week so we get something to do.

Monday 16th of September 2002
and at 11 o'clock we got order to proceed to Rotterdam and load for Gothenburg, nice to kick ass again. We had a good trip (hauling ass) to Rotterdam with tail wind.

Tuesday 17th of September 2002
and we arrived to Rotterdam pilot station at 21:50. We came alongside at midnight and were ready to load but they told us that the shore line was occupied and we could not start loading until 3-4 o'clock in the morning.

Wednesday 18th of September 2002
and we started to load at 5 o'clock in the morning.

I received an e-mail from the company on the way to Rotterdam in which they asked me if I could Tärnvindsign on Tärnfjord around 10th of October and stay for 3 months. I had to call them and say that I could sign on but I needed 1+2 weeks at the end of November to go inspect my apartment. They should have completed first stage of the renovation by then. I really need to go down and look before they start with the living room and kitchen.

The DP from the company paid us a visit. Chief Engineer running around like a track horse on deck. He was serving cookies in the mess room, I'm on my chock diet so I had a glass of water, I had to take the opportunity to show the company that I was cheap to run. I really needed to show my best side after the failure with the cheap transfer in Brofjorden last time.

But the best was when we discussed the election and DP told us that he had put his vote for the Social Democrats. Guess who starts jumping up and down:
- I was voting for the Social Democrats too.
Captain and I burst into laughter. Well, what can a poor Chief Officer say? I asked him the other day on what party he gave is vote.
- That's confidential.
Captain and I burst into laughter.

I told them that this was very good stuff for my web page.
- I know how to hack your page and change the web page. I know all of this stuff, I know all the codes(!!!???) it's very easy. I'm a real computer whiz kid.
Sounded like he had an advanced degree in computer skills. 2 minutes after our DP left:
- Hey, Aladdin can you please help me remove the arrows from my desktop icons?

No doubt that it was a different Engineer today. White T-shirt, sitting up in the arm chair (Usually our couch looks like a small arm chair when he's in it). Took 3 bites on a small cookie and put down the cookie on a napkin between each bite. Otherwise when he munches on cookies he takes 2 cookies/ bite.
Aiming for Superintendent. That's the spirit we looking for. Go for it!

Dear reader, I could have told you plenty. But it would have take MB after MB and I have to pay per MB on my web hotel. OK, yes I had a cookie after the DP left for Tärnvik, but only a small one. Please don't tell !!

I was called for watch at 1740 and I looked out hoping that we had departed. And that the pilot had disembarked so I could sit on the bridge drinking tea and listening to good music while scratching my behind. No use "keeping appearance" when there is no one from the company onboard.

Well, we were still alongside and we changed watch on the forecastle. 1,5 hours with pilot to Mass center. I had time for paper work. We got our new voyages. After Gothenburg proceed to Kalundborg, Denmark and load 3 parcel of GO to Fredrikshamn, Denmark then to Fredericia, Denmark and load full cargo of GO to Kiel, Germany.

Denmark, that means it will be expensive to connect to Internet. My last telephone bill was on 750$, I can't wait for the next one. But e-mail from Sue is worth every cent or dime or what you call it. I also need to stay connected with the people demolish my apartment on an almost daily basis.

We had a nice trip to Gothenburg. Tail wind became head wind on the way back to Gothenburg, but
Spy cam

Chief Engineer's door
Just before 10 o'clock
1000, coffee time

I'm not sure if I want to know what he is doing in there. An eyesore for sure.
who's in a hurry? The weather was gloomy and grey, otherwise good.

Captain opened the slop chest on the way to Gothenburg.
- Do you want anything?
- No thanks, I'm on my diet.
- I have peanut M & M. No energy in these new M & M, he said.
- OK, I take 1 bag.
I think he tried to pull my leg. But it tasted good, I'm glad Sue didn't see me.
Hmmm, in the evening I didn't feel so good after eating those M & M and I asked Captain to ban me in the slop chest.

Friday 20th of September 2002
and we had ordered Pilot to Göteborg for 08:30 but we had to slow down a little because the German navy was on the way to Gothenburg and there was 2 submarines taking pilot just before us. We got pilot 0845 and we were safely secured alongside 1000.

At 12 o'clock Captain had to go to the custom so I got a ride with him to the city. I had a chance to get my mail and to send a package with lights and a door handle to the company doing the renovation of my apartment. I was back onboard at 1430 and I had a quick power nap before my watch.

We could only discharge with about 550 cbm per hour. It's a 2km long line up to Shell's refinery and maximum allowed back pressure was 8 bars.

Saturday 21st of September 2002
and I ordered pilot for 01:30. We Tärnvindcompleted discharging 0005 but they needed 1 hour to drain the cargo hose giving me time to update my web page and send e-mail to Sue.

We arrived to Kalundborg pilot 1115. . We had to slow down a little because our jetty was occupied by M/T Haahr Double. TärnvindNo problem to slow down, we had our Chief Engineer on the bridge and we cracked a few jokes with the pilot. We were alongside just after lunch ready to load 3 parcels of Gas oil.

We should load with one 6 inch hose only, 1 parcel at the time so it should take some time.

It was Saturday and after coming alongside we wanted some suspense. So Tärnvindwhat's better than a movie (sleep ) when you're on a ship? I bought candy, Captain getting the candy and TärnvindChief Engineer was entrusted the task to choose movie and pulling down the blind's. Well, after 10 minutes the candy was gone and I was asleep. Next time we have to entrust someone else to pick the movie.

I checked my e-mail after my watch. There was mail from Sue but she seems to be angry. She wrote that I had been joking in my last e-mail and she did not like that when I was so far away. I don't think I understand. But I was thinking about this and could not fall asleep; I was very tired when I came on watch. Can I blame it on Sue? Hmm, I don't think that's a very good idea. Sending chocolate and flowers? Hmm, maybe a better idea.

I don't think I will never get married, most wanted bachelor in town for the rest of my life. Well, that's life.

Sunday 22nd of September 2002
and we left Kalundborg 3 o'clock Sunday morning. When I came on watch at 6 o'clock (very tired) it was gloomy and grey. Passing showers and wind force 6 from SE. I think the autumn is here to stay now.

We picked up the pilot in Fredrikshamn 20 minutes after 12 o'clock in the afternoon. We can only discharge 1 parcel at the time so it will take quite some time here in Fredrikshamn as well.
But who's in a hurry?

Secured alongside at 1300 and we started to discharge at 1400 after the analysis of the cargo.

Coming on watch 6 o'clock I found out that there was some radio waves from Sweden hitting the stereo in the Cargo Control Room. So I could listen to "P3 Hip Hop" with Timbuktu and DJ Amato. P3 is the best radio station in the world, at Tärnvindleast Sunday between 1705 and 1900. Nice surprise!!

My watch was very slow, I was in a hurry to check my e-mail. If Sue was happy again she would have sent me an e-mail and letting me know. I hope she's happy again.

There was no e-mail, another night difficult falling asleep. We left Fredrikshamn 2-3 o'clock in the morning. When I came on watch 6 o'clock we were just north of Grenaa on the way to Fredericia.

Monday morning, perfect day to begin my new life. The mess room was a NO GO AREA.

I decided to kick start my new life with powder and lint seed. I made some tea on the bridge and later on I made some hot water so I could mix my powder (chocolate flavour). Yummy, just some whipped cream on top and change the powder for O'boy powder and it would have been real great.

After my watch I had to go to the mess for the last time and take a photo. No one recognized the new and better me. With the old me fresh in memory I took a last meal with the boys.

Back in the days when Johnny Boysingen was onboard he used to put a coke (diet coke of course) at my place every time he had been up to some mischief on deck.

On the way to Fredericia Captain called the agent and ordered the CD "Verdens længste rap" with Østkyst Hustlers. I hope the Agent can arrange the CD for me.
Before my nap I will check my e-mail again and when I wake up we will be in Fredericia loading Gas oil for Kiel, Germany.


I realise that you have read this page both 3 and 4 times before you are even through half of the Verdens længste rap with Østkyst Hustlers. So as a special service I will put a link here and you have another player in a separate window. Talk about service.

Today there was plenty e-mail from Sue. She was happy again and I was happy too. The agent delivered the CD "Verdens længste rap" with Østkyst Hustlers, but this CD must have been made on a Monday. It was gospel or something on the CD. BIG DISAPOINTMENT. After trying to get the CD for a long time and when I finally put the CD in the player it's gospel on it. We sent the CD back and the agent has to send a new CD to me. I hope they listening to the CD before leaving the shop next time.
No head banging and stage diving in the CCR on that watch.

Leaving Fredericia in the middle of the night we had about 12 hours to Kiel passing Tärnvindthrough the Great Belt. ETA Kiel Tuesday afternoon 24th of september.

We don't know what to do after Kiel but I hope they tell us tomorrow. I'm hoping for Sweden and Swedish radio. P3 Hip Hop has to be the substitute for the Verdens længste rap" with Østkyst Hustlers. DARN! Now I can't terrorize the people on the bridge by playing the Østkyst Hustlers on full blast.

Tuesday 24th of September 2002
and we arrived to Kiel in the afternoon. We could only use 1 pump. Max permitted back pressure 6 bar and 1 pump gave 4 bars. So it took long time to discharge the gas oil in Kiel. That gave Captain and Chief Engineer time to go ashore for a walk. We had nothing to do after completion of discharging and the only orders we had was to go out and drop our anchor outside Kiel.

I spoke with my reliever on the phone. Now the company changed the plans for him. Now they want him on Tärnland in November instead of Tärnfors in December. That's good for him. Now he can be home over Christmas and New Year. He called me because he doesn't want to come back here and he wanted to know if I could stay longer.
- Yes, I only need to look after my apartment end of November, I said.
- But then you will miss all the excitement when they change to Norwegian flag, I said
- I survive, he said.
Well I believe you. Not very much excitement coming out of this flag change.
So we see what's happens in October.

Anyway, I hope I get the chance to stay the extra month so I can finish my seed's and powder. There is still plenty of it, and when I came onboard they told me that I forgot my seed's last time I left the ship. And when I started my new life I made a stock-taking of my stuff. I realized that I had more now than when I signed on (a reason good as any to get serious). Well, lack of enthusiasm is what I blame it on. Now I'm very enthusiastic and hungry.

Wednesday 25th of September 2002
and we left Kiel 0915 in the morning. We had no new order, so we had to drop our anchor. At 11 o'clock we had dropped the anchor 6' NE of Kiel L/H. I hope we get Tärnvindnew orders soon. It's very boring on the anchorage, especially in Germany; they must have the worst radio stations in the world. I remember when "I just called to say I love you" with Steve Wonder was popular. This song just made you want to commit suicide and here they had translated it to German and they played it at least 10 times every hour.

I had time to update my web page and write e-mail. Even if it's expensive I have to send and get e-mail from you know who. It's very nice to read her e-mail.

Well, when finished with the e-mail business I'm going to take a glance in the Safety Management Manual. With the Safety Prestige Towers at Sukhumvit Soi 23 in BangkokManagement Manual in your hand a tedious night becomes a very thrilling night.

Exciting or not, on the anchorage I received pictures from my apartment so I put the Safety Management Manual aside. They send me pictures so I can see the progress on the work in my condo. But it seems like it doesn't progress very much. Well, I Prestige Towers at Sukhumvit Soi 23 in Bangkokcalled them and asked when I should send more money.
- Take it easy, we're a wee bit delayed.

I put some of the photo they send to me on my web page so you can see. I store my stuff in the living room, that's why I have to be home and move the stuff in November.

There is plenty work to be done in the apartment. Knocking down walls building walls, covering doors and making new doors. It's good to be on the ship, if I hear a rumour about a house falling down I will be better off on the ship. Or any way far away from my apartment.

I have to be there in the end of November and move my stuff. Now they are making the bedrooms and bathrooms. In November they will start with the kitchen and living room.

Well, now I have to return to the Safety Management Manual. Thursday morning the German Coast Guard boarded us for an inspection. They left after 10 minutes and things were back to normal.

On my night watch I was thinking about how I could match this exciting day with Coast Guard barding us and ISM meeting? Hmmm, I try to read the SOPEP Manual. I'm full of expectation after reading the stimulating Safety Management Manual which was beyond expectations.

ABANDON SHIP, ABANDON SHIP They are playing Rod Stewart on the radio!!
Women and children first!! Captain is the last man to leave the ship!! Give him earplugs!!

Now I had it with the German radio, believe me if you want, but they play Rod Stewart on the radio. That's enough to make anyone want to jump in to the sea (yes, even when it's cold) and swim ashore.

Friday 27th of September 2002
and our anchor was aweigh at 18:50, was I lucky or not? No more German radio. We got order to proceed to Råå just South of Helsingborg and drop our anchor waiting for new loading orders.

Saturday 28th of September 2002
and I could fall asleep until 8 o'clock. Captain was on the bridge and he called me just before it was time to drop the anchor at Råå. At 0830 we had dropped our anchor and now we hope we get some cargo soon. After lunch we had to take ashore one of the AB's to the doctor with the life boat.

Well, Saturday night and its "Den Store MIX" on Danish radio. Hour after hour with good music. I had my recording equipment stand by and tomorrow morning I will convert it to MP3 and put it on my computer and if you are lucky you will be able to listen to it on my web page.

Sunday 29th of September 2002
and one of our ABs had to make another visit to the Doctor and now his eye is back in good order.
Sunday evening again and time for "P3 Hip Hop". I had my recording equipment ready but I overslept for about 10 minutes. Typical, but I ran to the bridge and started the recording.

The days are very slow and boring here on the anchorage and now we want to have something to do, I'm lucky we are paid per month and not per trip we make. But of course it feels better to generate some money to the company instead of just being costly. Saturday evening I was making a bet with the Captain and the Chief Engineer, from the Sunday and until we signed off we should only eat fruit and vegetables. If we got caught eating something else we should pay 100 $ to each one of the others. Today it was the first day and the Engineer got caught already at the first meal.
- I haven't made a bet with you, he said.
Well, what can I say?

Tuesday 1st of October 2002
and we had to move to the Danish side of Öresund for bunkering. Our anchor was a weight at 0920 and we dropped anchor at 10 o'clock on the Danish side of Öresund. 1050 the bunker boat Haahr Bridge arrived. They should have been here at 10 o'clock.

They also told us that it should take about 1 hour for the bunkering. When they arrived they said it would take 3 hours. We have 2 new crew members waiting on the Swedish side to sign on and the motorman had a flight to catch in Copenhagen.
Haahr Bridge arriving.
First line from Haahr Bridge.
We bunkered HFO and GO and at 1335 we returned back to the Swedish side of Öresund. After dropping our anchor we send our lifeboat to pick up the new crew members in Råå. I asked them to buy some pills for me in a health store. I had read about these pills in the newspaper and they should be very good. They should cure cancer, stress and, yes, pretty much making a "Superman" out of you.
They were expensive so I hope they will turn me in to a "Superman".

Wednesday 2nd of October 2002
and there was a MAYDAY call on the radio during my watch on the bridge. 2 ships had a collision just 1 mile north of Drogden lighthouse. Plenty talk on the radio. But I don't think it was so serious.

Friday 4th of October 2002
and the weather is very gloomy and grey and there was heavy raining this morning when I came on watch. We are still waiting for cargo, very boring, and to make things worse I got e-mail from Sue. She wrote to me that she would spend 3 weeks in Ayutthaya and she has no access to internet.

Captain told me that the company postponed the change of flag. The government in Norway had presented the national budget yesterday and they don't want the international registry any more. So the company have to wait and see what's happens in the future. Panama flag??

I can't say that I'm losing any sleep over the subject, but I'm concerned about 3 weeks of missing e-mail from Sue.

Well, it's still gloomy and grey but the rain was gone before lunch so I hear the crew chipping on deck. Still time for touch up before the real autumn begins so Tärnvind can look like a Swedish flagged vessel until next spring/ summer.

Friday and no cargo, the office is closed over the weekend, it looks like another weekend at anchor. They called us and told us that we should be on Fredericia shipyard on Monday morning at 0700. We have ordered new chains to our anchors and we can take the opportunity to change them when there are no cargoes for us. In the afternoon it was raining again with strong winds, autumn is here for sure now.

The called us from the company in the middle of the night and told us that on our sister ship Tärnbris the main engine had broken down and that we had to go and load her cargo in Gothenburg. At 4 o'clock in the morning our anchor was up and when I came on watch we just passed Kullaberg. At 7 o'clock we passed Tärnbris. She had dropped her anchor just South of Store Middelgrund, she later went to the shipyard in Fredericia.

We arrived to Gothenburg at lunch time. Ready to load 3 parcels of gas oil to Esbjerg, Denmark. We got mail from the company. The agent in Fredericia had send the CD to the company and finally I got my CD "Verdens længste rap" med Østkyst Hustlers. Now there should be a few days with Hip Hop extravaganza on the bridge.

Østkyst Hustlers and "Verdens længste rap" started as a project for the Danish Radio. Peyk, Bossy Bo and Jazzy H were the 3 behind the project.

On the record was also several other artists like MC Einar, Al Agami and MC Zipp. After the success with the CD Peyk, Bossy Bo and Jazzy H thought it was a good idea to form a group. They were already known as Østkyst Hustlers so they took the name. Og selv på internettet kører de deres bla bla bla

Well, "Verdens længste rap" is from 1995 and the name means the longest rap in the world and its 79 minutes long. I can't wait until next time I swing myself up on a bar stool ordering a Soda Water and ask them to play just this 1 song.

Loading 3 parcels should be a quick task, Preem thought that we should be ready to sail at 2300. Well, we just completed the loading at 2300 and with a few hours of lab test we left Gothenburg 1 o'clock Sunday morning. It was nice weather when we arrived to Esbjerg pilot 2130 and we were secured alongside 2300. And as I had Østkyst Hustlers blasting high on the Richter scale our Captain had kept 1 ear on the bridge all the time. He's not spoilt by good music in his cabin. The other day when I passed his cabin I thought I could hear Julius Eglesias. Please, where is my barf bag?

We left Esbjerg just after lunch on Monday and we arrived to Gothenburg pilot 0755 Tuesday morning and secured alongside 0920. It was very windy and cold. Winter is lurking around the corner. I can't say that I'm too happy about the winter. But what can I do?

Wednesday 9th of October 2002
and after loading almost full cargo of gas oil we left Gothenburg
Spy cam
Chief Engineers door
early in the morning passing Kullaberg around 1030. Öresund and Skåne welcomed us with sunshine.

We got a new Chief Engineer in Gothenburg. Now we are kicking ass again in the engine department.

Thursday 10th of October 2002
and we left Malmö 01:30 in the morning bound for Brofjorden to lift full cargo of gasoline to Strömstad. Strömstad!!??, what the You! What kind of places is this ship taking us to? But it's better than staying at anchor just waiting. It should be better now since the refinery in Brofjorden had opened again.

We arrived to Brofjorden pilot at 1350. We had order to drop our anchor until midnight. I will have a few hours to update my web page and listening to Østkyst Hustlers. But as you all know by now, midnight means nothing. When I called the agent in the morning we should go alongside Friday morning. Well, we have to see.

When I spoke with the agent I asked him :
- Are we the first ship coming to Brofjorden after that they opened the refinery again?
- No, there have been 2 or 3 ships before you.
- Darn it, then there will be no cake for us!!
He said that there had not been any cake for the first ship.

One morning I told the AB:
- The ship looks like a Panamagreek ship. Today we need to clean the ship.
The ship had been very dirty for a long time but as we had spent a lot of time at anchor we had to Tärnvindbe parsimonious with the fresh water. But now we had plenty fresh water onboard.

When I had a chat with the Captain on the bridge we had a glance down on deck to see if we could spot the action. Well, hmm, anyway we could see one of the AB cleaning with the high-pressure washer. Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Tärnvind Then we could see one more AB feeding hose to the man doing the cleaning.

It's a 3/4 inch hose. OK, when cleaning cargo holds on bulk carriers we used fire hoses and then we used to be 2 men on 1 hose. But as you all know there is a great difference between a pressurized fire hose (ask any fire fighter) and a 3/4 inch hose to a high pressure washing machine. I told the Captain:
- Can you relieve me for a while? I just have to have a picture of this.
- Yes! we need pictures of today's shipping, he said.
I was in my cabin in 2 steps and got the camera and I was on deck in 3 steps. I got my pictures and I asked the AB feeding the hose:
- Are you sure you can handle the hose feeding all by lonesome or do you want me to call the rest of the crew?

Taking pilot at Brofjorden 1350 Thursday afternoon and we had dropped our anchor at 1430. Now they changed from midnight to 2 o'clock in the morning. There was a Broström tanker at our jetty. They should leave at 2 o'clock. 8 o'clock in the evening when Captain spoke with them they said that Forsvik should go alongside before us. Now they estimated our berthing time to 10 o'clock Friday morning. I told you, midnight means nothing in Brofjorden.

Friday 11th of October 2002
and the Pilot was boarding us at 0950 and our anchor was up at 1005. When we are at anchor the chain to the anchor is lying on the bottom and if its clay or mud bottom the chain is full of mud. So we have to flush the chain with water when we are heaving up the anchor, otherwise we will soon have our chain boxes full of mud. After stopping the water to the anchor chain cleaning I told the AB that we have to drain the fire line and that from now on we will always drain the line after use. If we don't drain the line it will be full of ice when the temperature goes down to below zero and then we cannot use the fire line.
-It's not minus degree!!
-I don't give a Yo! Even if it's 25°C we shall drain the fire line from now on after use.
On the way alongside it started to snow. Well, it's time to go home soon.

Secured alongside 1045 and we start to load gasoline at 1120. The company called and asked if I Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Tärnvindcould come back and relieve Mike when he's going home next time. Hmm, what's wrong? I told them that I needed to stay home for 1 or 2 weeks at the end of November. I called Mike and told him that we had 2 new voyages after Strömstad: Malmö - Aalborg and Malmö - Copenhagen. I told him that he could relieve me in Malmö on Tuesday 15th of October.

We ordered pilot for 1900 but the cargo document was 45 minutes late. We had time to crack a few jokes with the pilot while waiting for the documents. The document came onboard 1945 and we left Brofjorden at 8 o'clock. We dropped our anchor at 2345 1,5 miles South of Ramskär lighthouse. Pilot should board us 6 o'clock in the morning. They don't take in ships to Strömstad when it's dark.

Saturday 12th of October 2002
and the Pilot came onboard at 0550 and our anchor was aweigh at 0555. 0745 we were secured alongside and we left for Malmö 1645. The weather was gloomy and grey with strong winds from the East. We arrived Malmö pilot 1005 and at 1050 we where alongside. The sunshine tried to break through the overcast sky and the weather was not too bad. But it's Skåne. We started to load at 1200 and they expected us to be ready at 2300. Then we need about 2 hours for the paperwork and we will be off in the middle of the night. ETA Aalborg lunch time on Monday and back in Malmö 15th of October in the morning. I will call Mike tomorrow and tell him to get down to Malmö on Tuesday.

Now it's going to be nice to leave. Everywhere we go people don't just recognize me but they call Aladdin's adventure with the Cambridge Weight Planme by name. All surveyors, loading masters:
- Hey! Aladdin how's life?
Ugh, who are you? I think for myself. Same on the radio:
- Aladdin from the terminal.
- Yeah, go ahead Aladdin replaying.
- How's it going? When are you ready?
- In a jiffy, it's Swedish flag. I replay.
In Malmö the surveyor started to wave on deck when he saw me in the CCR. When he came in he asked if I never had holiday. I was just about to ask him:
- Who the Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Tärnvind are you and how do you know me? But I didn't ask him.

I hardly recognised our jetty man, he had lost a lot of weight. He had been using the Cambridge Weight Plan, yes, yet another miracle diet powder. Anyway I ordered diet powder for 300$ from the jetty man to be delivered next time we come back. The jetty man had lost 36kg in 12 and a half week, so I will be more than a little handsome before you have time to say Hey!

Monday 14th of October 2002
and we left Malmö 0145 Monday morning and arrived to Aalborg around 1 o'clock in the afternoon. I expected us to be almost ready when I came on watch but they told us that they will start discharging Tuesday morning. The cargo was off spec. OK I had time to do some work in my cabin on my night watch.

It also means that we will be delayed to Malmö and I will not sign off until Wednesday.
Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Tärnvind"More days more dollars" But I have to call and tell the jetty man with the powder that we will be late and that I will collect my powder on Wednesday.

Tuesday 15th of October 2002
and at 0620 we started to discharge in Aalborg and at 1115 we were ready and we left 30 minutes later. When I came on watch in the evening just NW of Kullaberg the weather was nice. The sea was like a mirror. "Skåne weather" Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Tärnvind

Malmö pilot boarded us outside Malmö at 2225 and we were alongside in Malmö @ 2310. My reliever Mike was waiting on the jetty. At midnight I went ashore to do "business" with the jetty man. I gave him the 300$ and we moved the powder from his car to my rental.

I stayed the night on Tärnvind and I could sleep until I woke up by myself, nice. I had a chat with Mike in the morning and then I left Tärnvind without any backward glance for Gothenburg in my rental. Ready for new adventure.

Wednesday 16th of October 2002
and I stopped at "Laxbutiken" between Falkenberg and Varberg Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Tärnvindon my way to Go:teborg. I always use to stop there for a snack when I have the opportunity. I started with a crispy cauliflower soup with BBQ salmon (just a starter).
Then I had raw spiced salmon with potatoes and dill in white sauce.

If you go to Laxbutiken make sure you go all the way in to the "Ala Carte restaurant" so you don't end up in the self service restaurant. (Ullareds Paviljongen) If you end up in Ullareds Paviljongen it is a 100% guaranteed disappointment.

Yes, you know the kind of place, all the guests are wearing jogging suits and the parking place is full of caravans. The restaurant is the self service type and all the people are running around with their foods on trays. Well, if I'm at a restaurant I prefer nice settings and table service.

We have to see what there will happen with M/T Tärnvik in the future after the change of the Swedish to Norwegian flag. Well, I can't say that I care what they do with the ship.
For me there was new adventures lurking around the corner.


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