July 2011

Friday 1st of July 2011 and we had all fast at Eurotank Terminal Jetty 5 when I looked out my window before going to the bridge for my watch. No cargo arms connected but they were connecting Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Ternvika bunker hose from a barge.

We were waiting for the Loading Master and I had plenty time for my morning tea and banana sandwiches before they arrived onboard. We did the paperwork and then I was just waiting for the shore to be ready to receive the cargo.

We started to discharge quarter to 10, a 750m³ line displacement and that will take 1 and a half hour. Then it will be stop before we can start discharging with full rate. We had 4 on signers coming onboard around 11 thirty, 2 Engineers and 1 Second Officer. And of course, my reliever.
Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Ternvik
Arrival at 07:30 and we completed discharging around 17 thirty. Pilot ordered for 22:00. All this time spent to discharge 8000 MT, and we kept 2000m³/H when we were allowed to discharge at Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Ternvikfull rate. Well, waiting and I had time to make the familiarization check list with the new Chief Officer while waiting for the Pilot. I also had time for our O2 sensor for the ballast tanks.

They wanted me to send it back to Sweden and I decided to give it one more try
- YEAH!! Finally it was reading 20,9%
I have spent I don't know how much time running between the sensor in the engine room and the bridge. I was all confused Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Ternvikwith all the passwords and different settings we have used.

Yes, we have spent quite some time with the darn sensor. Now there is a slight problem with the sampling pump, but I hope that we can fix this. I have talked to our Chief Engineer and we will have a look and I hope the darn gas detector will Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Ternvikbe up and running.

Pilot came onboard at 10 and we left Amsterdam behind, very nice. We expected to have one hour to the lock. But incoming traffic and we had to go at very slow speed and we didn't expected to be in the lock until after midnight.

Departure and I was only looking while our new Chief Officer and AB let go of all our ropes.

Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T TernvikAnd of course, I could take pictures for my web page. Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T TernvikWell, I'm usually takes a few pictures at departures, but now I could get pictures of the guys working with the ropes.

It was a wee bit chilli on deck, but it was nothing close to the experience I had in Eastham lock a few days ago.

Back on the bridge and our new Chief Officer discovered the Music treasure and he managed to keep himself busy
until we were relieved at midnight. By then we were approaching the lock. Well, can't say that I Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Ternvikwas sad that I missed the lock adventure. It would have been a wee bit too cold to be comfortable to get out on deck.

No cargo so I expect us to be anchored at Amsterdam roads when I'm coming on my morning watch tomorrow.

Saturday 2nd of July 2011
and we were anchored when I came on my morning watch. Cloudy and windy, this summer has for sure had nothing but shit to offer so far, at least regarding weather. Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T TernvikOur new Chief Officer and I relieved 2ndOfficer and the new 2nd Officer on the bridge.

We got 4 new crew members in Amsterdam, 3rd and 2nd Engineer and a 2nd Officer. And of course, my reliever. And our 2nd Officer took them all on a safety and familiarisation tour after the 10 o'clock coffee break.

Our new Chief Officer started the day by checking our gas detectors. While he did the gas detectors I was drinking tea, eating banana sandwiches and I also had time to write some drivel on my web page. All this while looking over the new Chief Officer's shoulders.
Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Ternvik
2nd Officer with new 2nd Officer, new Chief Officer and new 3rd and 2nd Officer
The whole group came to the bridge around 11 o'clock and I took the opportunity to get a picture of them before they disappeared on deck to have a look at the safety equipment out there.

I had a power nap in the afternoon and I woke up in time for dinner. Salad and 2 pannbiffar with a Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Ternvikmug of tea, so dinner was no problem. I went in to the day room to watch the news with our 2nd Officer on the 12 to 4 watch. From there on things turned to shit and it started with Captain bursting in to the day room.
- Do you need anything from the slop chest?

We went to check out the slop chest and I ended up with Marabou Schweizer Nöt2 Schweizer Nöt. Just before leaving I changed my mind and I changed one of the Schweizer Nöt for a box FAZER Geisha, hazelnut cream covered in chocolate. 2nd officer bought Schweizer Nöt and Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Ternvikwe returned to the day room and the TV.

I started with a mug of tea, and I made a small hole in the FAZER Geisha box. Just to try one of the small wonders. Wrapped in pink wrappings.
- Try one, I offered 2nd officer.
He ripped open the pack and, well, we got started with the box and it was soon empty. He went to get his Schweizer Nöt and we decided to look for a movie. Yes, a Schweizer Nöt requires great solemnity and this is nothing you're just eating in the middle of the week. So we wanted to enjoy a good movie with our Schweizer Nöt, and I went to make a fresh mug of tea.

We found a Mark Walberg movie on the satellite TV, the golden bones or something like that. Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T TernvikWhat a shitload of crap and the only reason for us start watching the movie was because we saw Mark Walberg's name. We finished 2nd Officer's Schweizer Nöt and we finished my Schweizer Nöt before we had seen 15 minutes of the movie.

Please see the above picture, all smiling and look Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Ternvikat the picture on the right hand side. Chocolate finished, we feel like shit and the movie was, well, bad. So no reason to smile. I returned to Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Ternvikmy cabin and I brushed my teeth in order to get the chocolate taste out of my mouth.

I brushed my teeth and it was 7 thirty and I took my lap top and I went to set it up Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Ternvikon the bridge. I had to scold our 2nd Officers when I Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Ternvikcame on the bridge.
- Why we have list to starboard?

When our new Chief Officer came on the bridge we continued with the gas meters. He never had time to finish them this morning due to the safety round with the new crew.

When he finished with the gas detectors he asked me about the hand pump for the short term tubes for toxic gases.

Well, we have a great opportunity for some experiment. I asked him to find some test tubes for H2S. Well, we didn't have Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Ternvikso many of them so we took a test tube for CO, carbon monoxide.

We have multi gas detectors onboard for Oxygen level, H2S, CO and HC (Explosive gases). But we need a test tube to discover toxic gases like benzene etc.

So we connect a tube to a pump and we pump the air through the tube and the toxic gas reacts with the material in the tube. The tube changes colour and we Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Ternvikcan easy read the content of the toxic gas on the scale on the tube.

On out tuber you can see that it has changed colour from white to blue and we have about 300 ppm of Carbon monoxide in the test gas. Easy Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Ternvikpeacy pancake!

We're keeping ourselves pretty busy, but of course, we cannot forget our exercises. At first our new Chief Officer was Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Ternvikshocked when I told him about “OUR” routines. Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Ternvik20 squat downs and Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Ternvik10 push up every half an hour. And I must say, I was impressed by myself. He managed to keep up with me on the first 4 or 5 sets. On the sixth set he gave up after 13 or 14 squat downs.
- Hey you are 31 and you should kick my arse!
Aladdin is kicking a- You are better trained than me! - But you look better trained!
Yes, I was kickin' his arse. The old guy is back in town.

Sunday 3rd of July 2011
and I started my day with knäckebröd (Chrispbread) with banana and tea Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Ternvikon the bridge while our 2nd Officer had his breakfast in the mess room

When I was ready with my GOOD MORNING SURPRISE® I went down to the mess room to see what our 2nd Officer was doing. I meet him on his way to his cabin.
- I see you in the duty mess in a few minutes.
And yet again I had the luck to observe the change from 2nd Officer to Chief Officer Jr.
Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Ternvik
We went down the pipe trunk with the buckets of tools that the AB Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Ternvikhad prepared yester day.

Removing the top and then the bolts fixing the alarm unit to deck. When this was done we removed the wires and we lifted the whole unit out from the tank. And yes, we were lucky, the floater on the 95% alarm was full of cargo. Lucky? Yes, it was like we had suspected, if the floater would have been OK we would have to start look for other faults. Now we changed the floater and we put back the alarm.
Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Ternvik
Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Ternvik
Testing the alarm and it was OK, at least regarding the connections. Now we have to test the floater next time loading. Hopefully it will work, can't be anything else with the floater full of Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Ternvikcargo. Then it can't float on the cargo and thus not release the high level alarm.

Well, I hurt myself during the operation. I got a terrible Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Ternvikback pain. Motherf@cker, I could hardly move and it was a drama getting out of the pipe trunk.

DARN! Our new Chief Officer's and my after lunch punch bag session is in risk. For sure, I don't feel like doing anything with my back. Maybe a few hours in bed will do me good.

But first our gas detector system. I went to the gas detector with our Chief Engineer when we were ready with Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Ternvikthe high level alarm.

Yes, looks like we have finally managed to get the O2 sensor up and running. But now we have a HIGH CURRENT alarm on the sampling pump and it won't run. Well, or Chief Engineer told me that he knew what was wrong and he would look at it tomorrow.

I really hope that he can fix the pump so we can get the darn gas detector up and running.

Our AB on the 12 to 4 watch and I took our new Chief Officer on a tour on deck after lunch. We finished the tour around 2 o'clock and I went to bed to rest my back. And it took me almost half an hour to get Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Ternvikout of bed when I woke up. I really hope my back is better tomorrow.

I went for my tea on the bridge after dinner and I ended up in a discussion with our 2nd officer and it was almost 8 o'clock when I went to get my lap top in my cabin. Back to the bridge to relieve 2nd Officer and the new 2nd Officer.

I poured myself yet another cup of tea and I sat up my lap top while the tea was cooling for a wee bit.

Our new Chief Officer came on the bridge and I had him to prepare “Risk Assessment”, “Work Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T TernvikPlanning Meeting”, “Tank Preparation” and the “Tank Cleaning Plan” for tomorrow morning's bottom flush.

Even though our new Chief Officer has been in the company for a few years it is a good opportunity for him to learn where to find the documents and to learn the routines onboard M/T Ternvik.

When he finished all the papers he came with the PETROLEUM MEASUREMENT TABLES. He wanted me to show him how it worked so I gave him a small task with different volume Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Ternvikand temperatures to play with. 3 different tank with different Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Ternvikvolumes and temperatures, same density @ 15°C.

Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Ternvik Now it was up to him to find out the density at observed density without any cargo computer.

And when he was ready we entered his result in the cargo computer and we got an instant answer if he was right or wrong. Of course, when we checked the cargo computer it turned out that he had got it right.
Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Ternvik

Monday 4th of July 2011
and we were still anchored when I came on the bridge quarter to 10. Yes, I had a long day in bed, well, at least it was 9 thirty when I got out of bed. My back was a little Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Ternvikbetter, maybe because of the plaster Captain gave me yesterday.

I got one of those burning plasters and it started to burn around 2 o'clock in the morning, 3 hours after I put it on. Well, I had been up and about for 1 hour when the pain started again. DARN!

I had my banana sandwiches and tea on the bridge while enjoying the sunshine and talking about the good ol' times with our Captain and new Chief Officer.

Coming for lunch, I brought some black bread and salmon and I made myself a cup of tea. I could hardly move and our 2nd Officer helped me. Yes, isn't he the sweetest?.

Very helpful and I could enjoy my lunch even though I had a terrible back pain. Why the should I get involved in the 95% alarm business for? Didn't do any good for my back.
Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Ternvik
Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Ternvik
Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Ternvik
I took our new Chief Officer to the engine department after lunch. I showed him where we start our cargo pumps. Where to reset our SAAB radars and we had a look at the remote gas detection Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Ternviksystem for our ballast tanks.

Our Chief Engineer had managed to get the sample pump running during the morning and the O2 sensor seems to be Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Ternvikworking so hopefully this equipment are up and running again.

We went down the engine room to have a look at our ODME equipment. Where he open for the air and water. So now he knows where to find this equipment. I returned to the bridge and the Chief Engineer called me. - Can you please show me the temperature sensor?
- I'm coming!

I was spending time with our Chief Engineer trying Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Ternvikto get our bottom temperature sensor in CT 7 Port to work when we got a voyage order. So we started to heave up our anchor around 2 in the afternoon and we left Amsterdam anchorage bound for Brofjorden. Nice!

My web page has been down for the last few days. And this is according to flooding in Copenhagen. But the staff at Surftown is working on the problem. Well, I have sent them quite a few angry e-mails. Why the isn't my we page working?

Totally unnecessary, if they could only have put this info on their web page. Well, I felt guilty over my e-mails, but if they just had had a note on their web page. So I can receive e-mails, but not sending e-mails or update my web page.
Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Ternvik

Well, anyway, on our way to Brofjorden and I will sign off. In Bangkok Friday? Or maybe Thursday? Well, we will arrive to Brofjorden Wednesday morning so I will most likely have missed the Wednesday flight to Bangkok. Thursday and arrival Friday sounds great!

Tuesday 5th of July 2011
and I woke up to a gloomy and grey day. July and 12°C!! We were steaming on a course towards NE West of Denmark. We will stop for bunkering in Skagen before we continue our voyage to Brofjorden. Berthing on arrival was later on changed to “between 6 and 9 Aladdin's adventure on Thai Airwayso'clock tomorrow morning”

Well, my flight leaves Go:teborg at 07:30 on Thursday morning and I will arrive to FUNKY TOWN Friday morning. Haven't read my flight details, Aladdin's adventure in Lysekilbut it looks like I will fly with Thai Airways.

As I said to Captain, any airline will do, except Scandinavian Airlines or KLM. And of course, the obvious, Scooby Doo Airlines and Bangladesh Airlines Aladdin's adventure on Thai AirwaysETC. Well, anyway, if I can choose I chose Thai Airways, always good service.

Will there be time for smoked salmon and new potatoes in Lysekil tomorrow afternoon? And if there is, will there be time to top it up with a soft ice?

Wednesday 6th of July 2011
and we were still anchored at 8 o'clock. Well, Pilot at 10 o'clock, maybe. It was a beautiful morning and I enjoyed my morning tea and smoked salmon and banana Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Ternviksandwiches on the bridge. My last smoked salmon and my last black bread so it will be nice to get Pumpernickelhome to my pumper nickel.

At 9 o'clock we got our Pilot boarding time confirmed and we, well, they started to heave up the anchor. I'm have a strictly consultant role onboard so our new Chief Officer took care of everything. I will be with him at arrival, but I'm sure he knew this stuff already.

I was in my cabin watching the guys tie up the boat through my window. Nice, I hope we can borrow our Agent's car for a tour to Lysekil. I will know in a few minutes when we have all fast at jetty 5 in Brofjorden and the Agent will Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Ternvikcome onboard for the paper work. I will assist the new Chief Officer with the paper work and then I'm ready to take off.

A gloomy and grey summer have turned Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Ternviknice, sunshine and no wind. There are a large amount of grey clouds on the sky and I hope I'm lucky with the weather until tomorrow morning when I'm leaving.

2nd Officer on the 12 to 4 watch wanted to join me to Lysekil and we left the ship Snus25 minutes past 12. I took my last snus before we left and from now on I will give up snus. Well, I will buy a few cans in Lysekil. Coming home on STROH RumFriday and there is a chance that I will try my STROH Rum and it might happen that I will need some snus. But on Monday I will give up.

We brought my boxes to the gate when we left the ship. The taxi will pick us up at 4 o'clock in the morning and it's better to have most of my luggage at the gate. I suspect that I'm not up to carrying a lot of stuff 03 Aladdin's adventure in Brofjorden with M/T Ternvikthirty in the morning. And they have ISPS storage at the gate so it is no problem to store it there.

No waiting for the car today and our 2nd Officer and I were soon on our way to Lysekil. First stop Aladdin's adventure at Bengt's Fisk in LysekilBengt's Fisk for salmon and new potatoes.

I don't like to drive so I was lucky to have our 2nd Officer with us. He took care of the driving and I could concentrate on giving stupid Aladdin's adventure in Lysekilpointers and appreciated suggestions on the best way of driving.

I managed to direct us to Bengt's Fisk and we parked the car and we went inside. 2nd Officer ordered a salmon plate with water.
Aladdin's adventure at Bengt's Fisk in Lysekil
I ordered a Aladdin Special, 250 gram smoked salmon and 250 gram gravlax with new potatoes and
gravlax (also gravadlax)
noun [MASS NOUN] a Scandinavian dish of dry-cured salmon marinated in herbs.

ORIGIN Swedish, from grav 'trench' + lax 'salmon' (from the former practice of burying the salmon in salt in a hole in the ground).
Aladdin's adventure at Bengt's Fisk in Lysekilgravlax sauce.

After this portion I had have enough of the Swedish summer food to last me for a few years, or at least until next time when I'm back in Sweden. I ordered a Coke Zero at Bengt's Fisk, but I had to throw it away on our way to the kiosk. Coke Zero just don't taste as good as the Diet MAX

Of course, I had room for a soft ice and we walked to the Aladdin's adventure in Lysekilvery same kiosk where I bought soft ice last time. A few lottery scratchers, and no, I cannot give up my job. Turned out to be nothing but 8 seconds of suspense, and a waste of money.

I was eating my ice cream while walking back to the car. I stopped at a kiosk on the way to buy yet another soft ice, but their machine was not working. So they lost my soft ice cream and Aladdin's adventure in Lysekilsnus business. We left Lysekil behind, but we had more stuff to buy.

We stopped at COOP to buy charcoal and whipping cream, we had bought strawberries outside the soft ice kiosk and we needed whipping cream. Strawberries without the whipped cream are just horrible. I even heard Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Ternvikthat it is against the law to serve strawberries without whipped cream in some countries, I don't know, but it would not surprise me if it was.

I bought one more pack of fresh straw berries, but they didn't had small Aladdin's adventure in Brofjorden with M/T Ternvikbottles of Diet MAX so we had to stop at yet another shop (COOP again and only big bottles, but now I had it with looking around for Diet MAX) before returning to the ship.

I bought yet another box of strawberries, 2 (big) bottles of Diet MAX and snus. 2500 Baht and I were reminded why I was Snusgiving up snus. But as I'm arriving home on a Friday and there might be a drink or two during the weekend so I need some weekend snus.

Coming back onboard and I put the strawberries in the galley before going to my cabin with my Diet MAX.
- I will be back to clean the strawberries, I told the Cook
Aladdin's adventure in Brofjorden with M/T Ternvik
I enjoyed a glass of Diet MAX in my cabin before going to the bridge. I poured a glass of Diet MAX and I brought the glass to the bridge. Our guy from C-Survey was on the bridge testing our gas equipment when I came to the bridge.

And was I LUCKY!!! After 3 months onboard, I have had Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Ternvika really good time. Very nice crew and we Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Ternvikhave had fun almost every day.

And to top off this three months with Smoked salmon and gravlax with new potatoes. And the added soft ice Aladdin's adventure in Brofjorden with M/T Ternvikbonus! I was afraid that I was going to run out of luck after all this. But NO! YET Aladdin's adventure in Brofjorden with M/T TernvikAGAIN I HAD THE PLEASURE to see our 2nd Officer transform in to Chief Officer Jr!

The Service man from C-Survey had an “ON DEMAND” valve for the gas bottles and I came up with an idea. I asked 2nd Officer if he had ever tried a short term tube to test for toxic gases.
Aladdin's adventure in Brofjorden with M/T Ternvik- No
- Well, this is your chance, ask the C-Survey man if you can borrow his “ON DEMAND” valve.

Last time we had an ordinary valve and pressure on the test tube all the time, but the “ON DEMAND” valve only opens when there is vacuum so we only get gas through the pipe wile pumping.
And the test tube showed exactly 200ppm with the 200ppm test gas.
Aladdin's adventure in Brofjorden with M/T Ternvik
0 to 300ppm scale and the test tube shows 200ppm
Last time we only took 1 stroke and we had to read on the 0 to 3000ppm scale. With the “ON DEMAND” valve we could use the 10 stroke scale 0 to 300ppm. Of course we took 10 strokes with the pump, and exactly 200ppm

Aladdin's adventure in Brofjorden with M/T Ternvik Chief Officer Jr was beaming of joy and I asked him to thank the guy from C-Survey. And he had to tank him 2 times before I was satisfied with the picture.

Aladdin's adventure in Brofjorden with M/T Ternvik
First time was not good enough

Aladdin's adventure in Brofjorden with M/T Ternvik
Second time will have to do

When the service guy from C-Survey left I went to the galley to clean the strawberries. I was Aladdin's adventure in Brofjorden with M/T Ternviklooking for my bag of strawberries.
- Have you seen my strawberries?
- I already cleaned them, our Cook said.
- Aladdin's adventure in Brofjorden with M/T Ternvik - What the Aladdin's adventure in Brofjorden with M/T Ternvik

He took my last summer memory from me. This is Aladdin's adventure in Brofjorden with M/T Ternvikwhat I wanted to remember from the Swedish summer of 2011, cleaning strawberries. The weather is for sure nothing to remember. Well, I guess eating the strawberries will have to be good enough as my memory of the Swedish summer 2011 going to Bangkok tomorrow.

At least I got to whip the cream. I brought the strawberries and whipped cream to my cabin on my way to the bridge. I had a stop at 2nd Officer on the 12 to 4 watch cabin. He tried them out.
- Come to the bridge and we will eat strawberries!
- I'm already on the bridge! Aladdin's adventure in Brofjorden with M/T Ternvik
Aladdin's adventure in Brofjorden with M/T Ternvik

Yes, strawberries with whipped cream to top off a very good Aladdin's adventure in Brofjorden with M/T Ternvikday, and can it be better?

Didn't take long before I had arrived to the bridge until the guys turned up. Drooling over the strawberries and whipped cream.
Aladdin's adventure in Brofjorden with M/T Ternvik- JUST DIG IN!!

We threw ourselves over the strawberries and I must say that strawberries are overrated. For Aladdin's adventure in Brofjorden with M/T TernvikMangosure, without sugar and whipped cream on the strawberries I would have prefer a banana or a mango.

But now I could eat three plates and it was delicious and now I have had strawberries to last me Aladdin's adventure in Brofjorden with M/T Ternvikfor a few years. A few year since I ate strawberries last time and I haven't missed it.

I was full, of course, after a full day of indulging, and I went to bed. Not possible to fall asleep so I went up again to enjoy more of my Diet MAX

And I had time for a few words on my web page before Aladdin's adventure in Brofjorden with M/T Ternvikgoing to the bridge at 19 thirty. I brought my lap top to the bridge to continue the drivel on my web page while waiting for the C-Survey guy to return with our Dräger gas detector and certificates.
Aladdin's adventure in Brofjorden with M/T Ternvik
Well, this is pretty much it from M/T Ternvik the summer of 2011. My back is a wee bit better and I hope that I can start on Bangkok Fight Club on Monday. And my Aladdin's adventure in onboard M/T Ternvik hope is that I will be able to my Muay Thai training both at Bangkok Fight Club and at Chakrit Muay Thai School on Tuesday to continue my struggle for a V-shaped torso.

Aladdin's adventure in Brofjorden with M/T TernvikTaxi to pick me up at 4 o'clock tomorrow morning and I'm out off here!


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ORIGIN late 18th cent.: of unknown origin.

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