Aladdin's adventure Yala National Park - Block 1

Safari on Sri Lanka

Aladdin's adventure Yala National Park - Block 1
Wednesday 17th of May 2017 and we left Laya Safari Hotel at 14 thirty. And we discovered many safari jeeps when we arrived to the gate. Well, when we entered the park the jeeps were in a hurry to go look for leopards. I told the driver to take another way and we were soon alone in a water hole. A small elephant is enjoying himself and it was really nice to watch him bathing.

Aladdin's adventure Yala National Park - Block 1

Aladdin's adventure Yala National Park - Block 1
Gate to Yala National Park - Block 1

Seriously, a sight light this makes you very happy and the good mood last for a long time. Me and my Driver/ Guide drove by the water hole. I spotted the baby elephant and I asked the Driver/ Guide to stop. My guide told me that the elephant was around 12 years old. Well, they are for sure smaller than the African elephant.

We got a good show out of the elephant bathing. When he disappeared in to the jungle we continued our search for more wildlife. We had not been on our way for long when the road was blocked by an oncoming elephant. We had to stop and back up for a few meters as you never know if the elephant will “attack”

Aladdin's adventure Yala National Park - Block 1 - Elephant
Elephant in our way

Aladdin's adventure Yala National Park - Block 1 - Elephant
He disappears in to the bushes

Aladdin's adventure Yala National Park - Block 1 - Crocodile

Sri Lankan Junglefowl - Gallus lafayettii
Sri Lankan Junglefowl - Gallus lafayettii
My second endemic bird here on Sri Lanka

Great Egret, Ardea alba, common egret, large egret, great white egret, great white heron
I'm 99,9% sure this is a Great egret in breeding plumage

Aladdin's adventure Yala National Park - Block 1

Aladdin's adventure Yala National Park - Block 1
Leaving the national park

Sri Lankan Junglefowl, the second endemic bird I have seen here in Yala. And it is a very beautiful bird. Time turned quickly, no leopards, third day now with no leopard. But I have seen so much beautiful nature and wildlife so I'm very happy

And tomorrow I'm up for a full day in Block 1. I have made a mistake booking full days. Would have been better to split it up in two. And then I could have changed around between the parks, and of course, 12 hours in the jeep and my ass is trash.

Well, I had expected the Guide / Driver to come here at 5 thirty, but he will be here at 5, he is killing me. Will we see any Leopards? Click HERE to find out.

Safari on Sri Lanka

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