EGC:  964 2006/01/27 00:12:29 SAFETY

FROM IMBPCI MA34199 27-JAN-2006 00:10:21 MSG572669 SENTOSA C LES

270001  utc  jan  2006

sitrep msg  p020/2006

this broadcast warns ships in passage in east africa, the indian sub
continent and south east asian waters regarding piracy and armed

warning warning warning

somalia � ne and eastern coast
36 incidents have been reported since 15.03.2005. heavily armed
pirates are now attacking ships further away from the coast. ships
not making scheduled callas at somalia ports are advised to keep at
least 200 nm from the somali coast.

refer to our sitrep msg p017 and p018/2006 about the incident on
22.01.2006 in position 02:48n � 048:36e, off east coast somalia.
despite a message from the master that his ship was hijacked, this
Is not the case. two local somali local militia, with the knowledge
of the ship owner, had boarded the ship to discuss provision of
security against pirate attacks.

a us naval ship in the area came to scene and obtained permission
to send a boarding team at 0531utc on 24.01.2006. their
investigation found that the master became nervous with the
presence of two somali persons onboard and transmitted a message
saying that his ship was being hijacked.

part   (i)  no new incident added since report 226.01.2006

part  (ii)  recently reported incidents

25.01.2006 at 0152 utc in position 13:27.6n � 042:59.0e, southern
red sea.
an unlit speedboat chased a container ship underway. boat
increased speed to 35 knots and came within 1.5 nm. ship altered
course and crew directed search lights. craft reduced speed and aborted chase.

21.01.2006 at 1810 utc in position 15:50n � 041:45e, southern red
persons in several speedboats attempted to board a hopper dredger
underway. d/o raised alarm, crew mustered and directed searchlights and
speedboats moved away.

20.01.2006 at 0700 lt in position 05:25.1n � 052:34.6e, 213nm east
of somali coast.
two speedboats, operating from a mother ship chased a bulk carrier
underway. one boat had three men with machine guns and the other
had two men. they opened fire aiming for the bridge. boats came
close to ship and person inside attempted to board. ship
increased speed and took evasive manoeuvres. later boats stopped
chase and returned to mother ship.

17.01.2006 at 0245 lt at tg. bara anchorage, indonesia.
three robbers boarded a bulk carrier they threatened a watchman
with a knife and took him as a hostage. when watchman did not
respond to calls on walkie talkie, duty officer raised alarm and
crew mustered. robbers jumped overboard and escaped with ship�s
stores- port authorities informed.

14.01.2006 at racha yas island, off phuket, thailand.
robbers hijacked a yacht at anchor. subsequently it was located
on 19.01.2006.

part   (iii)  piracy prone areas and warnings

bangladesh: chittagong at berth and anchorage.

india: chennai, kandla

indonesia: anambas/natuna island, balikpapan, belawan, dumai,
gaspar/bar/leplia str, Jakarta (tg.priok), pulau laut, vicinity
of bintan island

malacca straits: avoid anchoring along the indonesian coast of
the straits. coast near aceh has been particularly risky for

singapore straits

gulf of aden / southern red sea

somalian waters � eastern and northeastern coast are high-risk
areas for hijackings. ships not making scheduled calls to ports
in these areas should stay away from the coast.

part  (iv):  reporting of incidents

important notice � change of telex number

effective 0001 utc, 22 august 2005, the imb prc telex number
ma 31880 has been changed to ma 34199.

ships are advice to maintain anti-piracy watches and report all
piratical attacks and suspicious movements of craft to the imb
piracy reporting centre, kuala lumpur, malaysia. the centre can
be contacted 24 hours, everyday on our anti piracy help line:
Tel:+603 2031 0014, fax:+603 2078 5769, telex: ma 34199 imbpci,
e-mail: piracy at imbpiracy.org