Aladdin's adventure on board Alpha Ship's MV Pegasus

Saturday 1st of April 2006 and April 2006 started as March ended, at anchor NE of the RTE 7 L/B off the channel to Ad Dammam

The crew was busy to at least 3 o'clock in the morning fishing on the poop deck. I saw them catch a shark, maybe 50 - 60 cm long. Well, at 1430 Ad Dammam Port Control called me and asked us to be at D1 L/B at 15:00 LT (16:00 ship time). It's 1 hour difference between UAE and Saudi Arabia, but we don't bother changing the ship time.

At 15:30 ST we had our anchor up and at 17:30 we had all fast in Ad Dammam. Our Agent came onboard and I asked about shore leave, we remember the drama from the last time here.
- I will have the paper ready in 1 hour and I send a driver to pick you up.

So if everything works out well I will go ashore around 19:00. It will cost me 30 US for the driver, but that's OK. No worries about having to look for a taxi when going back to the ship.
Passport pictureWe see what happens as we use to say. If I'm going ashore you will be able to read this and to see my pictures from January and February. Otherwise we have to wait.

Well, they called me at 19:20. They complained about my passport photo, the one I took in the machine in Jebel Ali was not approved. Well, actually, our Agent thought I was joking when I gave him the picture to be used on my Saudi Arabian shore pass. Yes, we still remember the drama getting those pictures in Jebel Ali.

Saudi Arabian shore pass
So I had to give him a new picture. I was lucky to have 2 pictures. This is the picture I saved for a special occasion. You never know when you have to send a picture to a girl. This picture was taken at Wallands Atalje in Kalmar, Sweden and I always look very good on the pictures I take at this shop.

So I had to hand him my last Passport picture“GOOD” picture
- Here is a new picture. But I don't like to give this away, I told the driver
- Why not?
- I'm looking very good and I saved this picture for the girls.

He went back to the immigration with the new picture so they could issue a shore Saudi Arabian shore passpass for me. Before he left he asked me to take on pants with long legs. Lucky that I had left Sweden in December or I would not have had any pant with long legs.

At 19:40 he was back from the immigration and we left for the city.

First we had to stop at a gas station and then we had to stop at a shop where he could laminate my shore pass
Saudi Arabian shore pass

- It's a 1000US penalty if you lose the shore pass, my driver said.
- You're joking, I said remembering that it was the 1st of April. But obviously he didn't joke.

Our Assistant Electrician asked me to take many pictures. He had never been ashore in Saudi Arabia and he wanted to know what it looked like.

Well, I had never been ashore in Saudi Arabia either. Actually, I must be one of the first sailors coming ashore in Saudi Arabia as the law to let crew ashore is a brand new one. We had tried before but we were told that it was forbidden to go ashore. But this time we were informed that they had changed the rules and I could go ashore.

Well, anyway now I can tell our Assistant Electrician that it looks like any other city or shopping mall. My driver gave me the full song and dance on the Do’s and Don’ts in Saudi Arabia so it was nice to get out of the car when we arrived to the mall

Ad Dammam, Saudi Arabia
Ad Dammam, on the way to the shopping mall

Ad Dammam, Saudi Arabia
Ad Dammam, on the way to the shopping mall

Ad Dammam, Saudi Arabia
Ad Dammam, on the way to the shopping mall

Ad Dammam, Saudi Arabia
Ad Dammam, on the way to the shopping mall

Ad Dammam, Saudi Arabia
Ad Dammam, on the way to the shopping mall

Ad Dammam, Saudi Arabia
Shopping mall at Ad Dammam in Saudi Arabia

Ad Dammam, Saudi Arabia
Shopping mall at Ad Dammam in Saudi Arabia

When I arrived to the shopping mall just before 9 o'clock (20:00 LT) everything was closed. They had the rest hour and at 20:00 LT everything opened again. I caught sight of an Italian restaurant Ad Dammam, Saudi Arabiaand I ordered a pizza and garlic bread with melted cheese. I finished with an Italian cake. I don't know the name, but I think it begins with an M.

After this I went to an internet cafe and I found out that I had forgotten my USB memory in my shorts back on the ship when I changed trousers.
- Darn!
Hmm, I had to console myself by eating something and I went to buy a Strawberry shake at Baskin & Robins, or whatever the name is.

At 22:00 LT (2300 ship time) the driver picked me up and we returned to the ship. On the way back we passed an electric palm tree outside an apartment building and we stopped so I could take a picture. Then we drove off with smoking and screaming tyres. I had to be on watch at midnight.

Ad Dammam, Saudi Arabia
This was the most exciting thing I saw in Ad Dammam

We had to stop at the immigration to pick up my passport and seaman's book and I was on board in good time for my watch. I got out of my long legged pants first thing when I was back on board.

Sunday 2nd of April 2006
and I were a little tired when coming on deck for my watch at midnight. But the night watch turned quick and it was soon time to go to bed.

When I came on my watch at 12:00 we loaded with 3 cranes and the cargo operation was completed at 17:55 and we left at 18:36. At 19 something I was in my bed fresh from the shower and I slept until 23:40 when I was called for my watch.

Monday 3rd of January 2006
and we were SE bound when I came on my watch at midnight. Now I have a new watchman, our former Ship Mechanic in the engine is now on the 12 - 4 watch. Former Deck Ship Mechanic is now in the engine room.

At 04:00 we were SW of the Al Khalig Oilfield and I was down to my cabin. I had to prepare my web page if I have the chance to go ashore and upload my web page in Jebel Ali. ETA Jebel Ali pilot 11:10 so it looks good and I hope I don't do the same mistake as in Ad Dammam and forget Jebel Ali - Dubai, UAEmy USB memory. Well, if you can read this I managed to .....
- Yeah-Yeah, Blah-Blah, we know the story by now. Believe us!
- OK! Sorry!

Latest news is for us to sign off in Suez and I will ask to stay one day extra in Cairo. I will spend the day watching the pyramids and this will be included in my next upload. Until then:
- Cheerio! Yet another Smiley on

We had all fast in Jebel Ali at 13:00 and cargo operation started at 13:05 when they commenced to remove the lashings from the containers. At 13:20 they started to discharge with 3 gantry cranes. In Jebel Ali they work very quickly and we completed discharging at 17:35.

Well, we are 1 day before schedule and we don't have any loading plan yet. But the foreman told me that he think that we will get a loading plan at 18 thirty something.

Completing discharging at 17:35 gave me time for dinner and when I was relieved at 17:55 by 3rd Smiley showerOfficer I dashed off to my shower and I meet our “NEW” Deck Ship Mechanic at the deck office at 18:15. We were going ashore for some shopping at the Village.

Jebel Ali - Dubai, UAE
MV Pegasus in Jebel Ali - Dubai, UAE

We darted of the ship and we didn't wait for the shuttle. It's quicker to walk and after a few minutes we were at the gate.

The Village Hypermarket has free transport if you call them, and sometimes they are waiting for

The Village
is a hypermarket. Hmm, what the BIP is a hypermarket? And what the BIP is the difference between a Supermarket and a Hypermarket?

Hang on! I will try to illuminate the area for you:
A hypermarket is a very large self-service store with a wide range of goods and a large car park. It's from the French (as many English words) Hypermarché.
Hyper = Beyond and Marché = Market

Supermarket is a; yeah it's a supermarket. A large self-service shop for foods and household goods.

At The Village they have electronic and cloths on the second floor. There is a jewellery shop and a photo shop. Well, there is everything you need. This is actually a village also, well let me explain:

Jebel Ali is a free zone and when entering Jebel Ali you enter via the main gate. You need a pass and you need to pass through the immigration when leaving Jebel Ali.

But inside Jebel Ali you can move without a shore pass and the first gate we pass in #3, the container terminal. There are many different gates because Jebel Ali is a big port. But when I'm talking about walking to the gate I'm talking about the first gate. From there we need a taxi to the main gate and the immigration or if we want to go to “The Village” in the other direction.

Around “The Village” there is actually a small village with dwellings for all the guest workers, There are people from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and the Philippines working in the port. There are restaurants and an internet cafe just around “The Village”. I like the mix of all these people from all over the world living there and of course, visiting sailors.
sailors at the gate and then it's just to jump onboard. But we wanted to save time and we Dubai Taxistopped a passing taxi.

It takes about 7 minutes to go by car to “The Village ”. Hmm, the first times I heard them mention “The Village ” I thought the talked about a village.

The first thing I went for when we arrived was the restaurant next to “The Village ”. Yet another Smiley on Mmm, they were grilling chicken and we decided to have a few chickens when we were ready with our business. We spent quite a few dollars At the Village in Jebel Ali - Dubai, UAEbefore we were ready at the “The Village ”. Now we had to do our internet business and I asked for an internet place.

There was an internet cafe 2 minutes walk from “The Village ”.

We had to wait for a few minutes before they had any computers available for us and we spent the time in the convenient store next door. But we had to go out of there before we got tempted to buy Snickers®, potato chips and other not so good stuff for us and our diet. We have to think about the FLAT STOMACH EFFECT

There were plenty people at the place calling home with video camera. Well, internet is fantastic, At the Village in Jebel Ali - Dubai, UAEnow they call home and you can see the person you talking to, and it's very cheap. Well, there are people misusing this technology for obscenity and vulgarity. (Här skulle jag kunna nämna namn, Erik! Men det gör jag inte.)
At the Village in Jebel Ali - Dubai, UAE

I managed to upload most of the updates for my web page. I don't know if there was a problem with the keyboard, but I could not log in with my password, neither on my web hotel nor on my e-mail. I will have to upload the rest in Egypt or when I'm coming home.

We returned to the “The Village” for a TAXI back to the ship. I had both Scooby and US dollars, when I paid the internet cafe they didn't have change for my US dollars and I got 15 Scooby dollars and 3 US dollars back. I can pay the taxi with the money, a good idea, otherwise I would have had to spend the money on sweets. Or I would have had to throw away my Scooby Dollars.

When we returned to “The Village” they arranged a free transport back to the ship and I spent my Scooby dollars on vitamins (chocolate) and we forgot to buy chickens.

Tuesday 4th of January 2006
and, well, they had a break in the cargo operation when I came on watch at midnight. Otherwise they load us using 3 cranes and they had commenced loading at 23:40. Watch on deck, running around and we were soon hungry.
- Darn! We should have bought a few chickens at “The Village”, I said to the Ship Mechanic at the gangway watch.
- Mmm, it would have been nice, he said.

I spoke with one of the foremen on deck and he told me that everything was closed at midnight. The clock was 02:00, but we didn't give up, I asked the foremen to call to The Village and ask if they could deliver some chickens to us.
- Tell them that they will be handsomely rewarded, I said.
- We also pay the extra delivery fee, I told him.
Well, there was no answer and we were very disappointed. But I was happy to have my Pumpernickel in my cabin. At 06:00 it was nice to go to bed. But I didn't expect to sleep very long. Expected time of completion around 08:00 and then departure.
Yoo! I was tired when they called me at 09:10. I just went to bed and now it was time again, well, a sailor has to do what a sailor has to do. We left for Malaga via the Suez Canal at 09:42. They had added Malaga to our port of calls so we will call Malaga before Algeciras. But will I be onboard?

We were just north of Jebel Ali when I relieved 3rd Officer on the bridge at 12:00. We were heading NE and there was plenty fishing boats and anchored ships. Good, my watch turned quick GSM Networkand I was soon relieved by Chief Officer. I could see Chief Officer with his phone on the bridge wing. I saw him in which must be the most common posture now a day. With his arm extended and pointing a little bit up with a phone in his hand.

I made a rush for my camera but I was too late. OK, I can as well say it. The picture on the left hand side is an arranged picture, I asked him to pose for a picture I could have on my web page. This posture with the phone in the hand says a lot of the life on a ship and that's what is all about, the truth about working on a ship.

If you want to read about sailors tie knots and singing chanteys, sober Captains and “ Hej o hå vad d går” you’re better off somewhere else. This is the real life, not something they dream up at IMO and other organizations when they are making up rules and regulations about rest hours and all the other bull they come up with.

Why don't they have people with experience from working at sea in these organizations? Or do they have people with working experience from ships? Do they have the guts to say how it really is? Or is it like:
- When I worked on the ship the most important job was to correct the “The list of lights”. This book is the most used and I used it several times every watch. I'm the best, blah-blah-blah.
- When I was Captain and the crew reached the maximum allowed working hours I stopped the work so they could take a rest.
- It was safety first always.

Instead we like to hear this people say:
- List of Lights?! They should cancel the book, it’s good for nothing and no one ever use the darn thing. It's just a source of irritation.
- We wrote our working hours so we always stayed within the limit. If someone didn't we sent them home and they were not welcome back.
- Safety first? Well, we did it the cheapest way.

Wednesday 5th of April 2006
and we were surrounded by ships when I came on my watch at midnight. We were in the Gulf of Oman keeping course to SE and Ra's al Hadd. It was my first bridge watch with my new watchman.

When I came on my watch at 1200 we were steering 197° (t) East of Oman. When I came on my watch it was calm, but soon it was blowing a force 4 headwind.

During the afternoon I called to Arrownaut on Cyprus and asked them to book me on a flight one day later so I could stay the extra day in Cairo. Then I called to Sweden, and Miss spellingnow I recognize the good 'ol “spelling detector” and he told me that I'm using the word well too much. Well, yeah, well well, what can I say?

He told me that his English teacher got ileus when he Greenpeacewas reading my web page. Well well, so they discuss on the English lessons, well again, I thought it was Dickens and other authors they discussed on the English lessons.

Well again, I'm a little proud that my web page made it all the way to the navigation school. Never mind how many times I use the word well, they will still come back and read about the adventures on the seven seas. This makes me feel a little good and just for the sake of it I will throw in the word well again. Well again, who would have thought that when I started with my page.

Well, I must say well again, and I say maybe, maybe my web page will still be around when I'm dead and the ileus is the only thing we remember about his English teacher.
Hmm, well again, then I guess we can say that made his English teacher immortal as well. Yet another Smiley on While you think about that you pop over to Amnesty's and Greenpeace's web pages, there are opportunities to support them if you visit their pages.

Well well cyckelställ, på er, I'm off to take my evening walk, I haven't been walking since we
Laundryarrived to UAE and it's about time now. One good thing before I turn off my computer. I was washing my shorts today and when I was looking for another pair I found a pair of old shorts that I haven't been wearing in a long time. They have been a little too, well again, OK, they pinched a little. Now I tried them on and they were, well again, I don't want to say too big, but I needed a belt. I guess this means that I managed to optimize the “ FLAT STOMACH EFFECT ”.

I'm off to deck with vigour and dash!

MAYDAY! MAYDAY! On my way to the deck I stopped in the former Deck (Now Engine Ship Mechanic) Ship Mechanics cabin and we ended up in front of the TV watching video Watching video and eating Pringles®. No walking, but I didn't feel too bad, well, how could I? At least I had the intention to go for my walk and after the nice surprise with my shorts I was in a “UPBEAT” mood.

When I came to his cabin I could find traces of him eating a “Oatmeal Surprise ®”.
- Are you sitting here eating “Oatmeal Surprise ®”? I asked.
-No no, I just tried one.

When we finished the video we went to my cabin and I showed our Engine Ship Mechanic a little something about making web pages. Well, we will keep an eye out for his web page.

Thursday 6th of April 2006
and we kept course 221° towards the Kuria Muria Islands when I came on my watch at midnight. I tuned in Radio Sweden and they said that MIF, Malmö Ice hockey Förening Perceywas a premier league team again. This was the good news, MIF was relegated to division 2 last year.

But I always knew that it wasn't for long and now MIF, One of the best hockey teams in the world!they are back and there will be some serious ass kicking next year.

My tea tasted much better after receiving this good news and my already MIF - Malmö Redhawks“UPBEAT” mood improved a notch.

But I had to call Sweden for confirmation, just to be sure. Well, my friend was more than a little tipsy when I called, I hope his English teacher will pull his ear when he (The teacher) recovers from the ileus. Well well and well again, I managed to get a confirmation that MIF was moving up to the premier league again.

MIF, One of the best hockey teams in the world!

During my afternoon watch there wasn't very much exciting happening. I was bored so I called my friend in Sweden to check his hangover, I wish I was a student again, no responsibility, just enjoying yourself.

Believe it if you want, but today I was off to deck with vigour and dash! And this time I made it all the way out on deck with a short stop outside the ship's office. They had posted my flight details on the wall.
13Apr06  KL  554  CAI/AMS  03:15/08:00
13Apr06  KL 1127  AMS/CPH  10:10/11:30

I will sign of the 11th in the evening after the passage of the Suez Canal. So I can spend the 12th in Cairo and that will give me time to see the pyramids.
Drunk SmileySmileyI hope I don't end up drunk at some disco leaving me with a hangover on the 12th and spending the time in bed when I should be running around the pyramids, well, I hope they have plenty mineral water at the pyramids.

Well, I think it will be too much to hope for Ramlösa. But any bottled water will do, I know
Sport case for iPodSmileyfrom experience that water is very appreciated after “ Night life ” extravaganza. We see what happens!

Hmm, where were we? Oh yes, you can put me down for two hours of walking today. Today was also the first time I used my, I think they call it, sport case for my iPod. Also popular known as the
“Hip Hop generator®”. I bought the sport case in Saudi Arabia and I must say that I'm very satisfied with my latest gadget.

Otherwise I hold it in my hand but this is better. I had also been looking for a remote control for Smiley with headphonesmy “Hip Hop generator®” but then I have to walk around with a cord several meters long.
First a cord to the remote control and then a long cord from the remote control to the headphones. Maybe I can find a remote with a short cord, then I will buy one.

Friday 7th of April 2006
and we were in the Gulf of Aden when I came on my watch at midnight. We retarded ship time with one hour yesterday evening and at 04:00 (05:00) it was nice to go to bed. A boring and tedious night became a boring and tedious day and evening. But you can put me down for another 2 hours on deck.

Saturday 8th of April 2006
and we had just passed Aden when I came on my watch at midnight. At 03:49 I changed course to 300°(t) and I entered the Bab el Mandeb TSS and it started to rain.

My afternoon watch was as exciting as watching paint dry. At 13:02 I reached Jasa'ir az Zubayr, a group of small islands between Yemen and Eritrea, and I changed course from 320° to 329°(t)

You can put me down for a two hours constitutional today as well. We retarded ships time by 1 hour while I did my walking and it was 21:15 when I returned to my cabin. Almost three hours to kill before my watch at midnight.

Sunday 9th of April 2006
and we keep an NW'ly course in the Red Sea during my morning watch. We were just West of Jeddah and Makkah when I came on my watch at 12:00 and we still keep an NW'ly course in the Red Sea.

Parental control
You better turn of the parental control on your web browsers. Persons of delicate nature better skip this part.
Parental control

We add 10% on the price in the slop chest and the person in charge of the slop chest gets 5% and 5% goes to the company. Yesterday when I got my cash advance from the Captain he told me that he will take over the slop chest. The new guy is new to the company (like that has something to do with the slop chest). He gave me 10 dollars:
- This is the 5% from the off signing crew.
Same story as last time, always round down so you lose, never the opposite.

Today when he came to the bridge I asked for the other 5%.
- This goes to the next guy, he said.
- To you, I said.
- Yeah, well, you know....

It was extra work to give me the money so it was better that he kept it himself. Now everything went black before my eyes, I exploded.

What the fåck is this. It's not his fåcking discretion what I should do with my money, never mind if it's 2 cent or 1000 dollars.

He's too fåcking lazy to send my e-mails, well, that is bad enough, but it was extra work to give me the 5% so he kept it himself. I can't believe my fåcking ears. Why you never hear:
- It was too much extra work to calculate how much money you should have so I give you a million.
I was furious on the bridge and now I suppose that I'm considered a trouble maker again. But what the hell, stealing from the crew. No, I really don't care what he tells the company about me. Before he told me that I should stay in Alpha ship, but now it's a different story. Well, I really don't care. What is this world coming to when we are stealing from the crew?

- According to the ISM I should have the 5%, I said.
- And I cannot find any place in the ISM that we're not allowed to send e-mail, I continued.
- I never said that it was not allowed to send e-mail. I said that according to the ISM you should pay for the e-mail and you were lucky that I didn't charge you, he said.
- I asked you not to send 4 e-mails, that's a lot of job for me.
- Well, fåcking charge me. What is that? You're crying about 3 cents and you, without any shame, round down my 5% to a sum convenient for you.

What if the company finds out that it's a lot of extra job to pay you your salary? They can M/V Pegasussave a lot of work if they don't send our salary. I have never heard of anything like this before, imagine you stealing from the coffee money on a company ashore. The rest of the employees would have kicked your ass. Imagine the reaction from your colleague if you collect money for a colleague's birthday and you steal the money, well it was a lot of extra work to buy the gift. Imagine what they would have told you around the coffee table.

No food on board, no e-mails because this was 5 cents and now he want to keep my money. Yeah, I'm sure he has a lot of friends back home. I have been on many ships but this is the first ship were I have seen the crew crying because they are hungry and I had to go steal food. Well, the store room was almost empty.

We had received news during the morning when I was a sleep. Our relievers will come in Suez as planned, but we have to sign off in Suez in the morning. Otherwise we should have stayed onboard until Port Said and left the ship there.

Well, I think this is better, I hope we reach Cairo in the afternoon instead of late night as it would have been if I had to sign off in Port Said. But the trip from Suez to Cairo in a minibus (I suppose) is a source of unrest.

Well, I guess I have to take it. Never mind, I will soon be on the train from Copenhagen airport on my way through the beautiful landscape in Skåne.

Well, I was relieved by Chief Officer at 16:00 and I went down to my cabin to get the rest of my oatmeal. I returned to the bridge with 7 bags (3, 5kg) of the finest oatmeal and he was beaming of Pillow on board MV PegasusSmiley happyjoy. Yes, everyone on board have started to eat the “Flaxseed Surprise” and the Oatmeal Surprise. Hunger is the best spice, and a chicken leg isn't much for food for a hard working crew.

Tomorrow night I will give my pillows and rug to the Ship Mechanic on my watch. And he was so happy when I told him that I would give the pillows to him. Plus a rug to have when coming out from the shower.

During the night I walked my last 2 hours onboard, tomorrow night will be Smiley laundrylaundry night and I will also prepare my cabin so it looks good for my reliever. Well, as mentioned before, I will give my pillows that I bought in Jebel Ali to my Smiley vacuum cleaningwatch man. I can't say that I'm happy to leave the old pillows to my reliever. Well, maybe he's last ship was a Greek ship and he's happy just to have a pillow.

Aladdin's adventure on board Alpha Ship's MV Pegasus
My watchman playing computer game

We will arrive to Suez anchorage tomorrow night and my reliever will be onboard around midnight at Suez anchorage. We will do the handover during my night watch and I'm out of here early morning. OK, never mind what the English teacher will say, I have to say:
- Well, the time turns quick and it's time for my midnight watch.

Rock on and Hip Hop på er!

Monday 10th of April 2006
and still steering 329°(t) in the Red Sea when we came on watch at midnight. At 0142 we reached Abu el Kizân (Deadalus Reef) and we changed course to 332°. I spent the watch talking with my watch man and drinking tea, well, my last navigation watch during the night and at 1200 I will go on my last watch, before Suez.

When I came on my watch at 1200 it was time to change course to 329°(t) and we entered Strait of Gubal in the Gulf of Suez. I had been on my watch for, well, not very long when one of our Ship Mechanics came to the bridge. He had just been eating lunch and he use to come to the bridge after eating every day.

Now he wanted me to take a picture of him with greetings to his friends. Note the address in the lower left corner. Now he wants to make his own web page, not the first one inspired by, and we will keep an eye out for But as usually Aladdin takes no responsibility for content on their web pages.

Greeting from Suez
Greetings from Suez

Well, (by now the English teacher must be climbing the walls) at 1600 we were just NW of Tor Bank with plenty oilfields and rigs around us. Vacuum cleaningI'm off to my cabin, my reliever will come onboard in a few hours. I took my pillows and rug and I went down to our Ship Mechanic and he became very happy. He liked the rug and he was like a child on Christmas. This rug cost me a few dollars in Itajai and it was worth every cent.

Panama flagA cabin without a rug is like a, yes, a cabin on a Panama ship.Greek flag

The Pilot came on board at 21:20 and at 22:01 we were anchored at the inner anchorage. Only dropping the anchor one time this time and I don't have to go on deck at midnight. I can Aladdin's adventure on board Alpha Ship's MV Pegasustake my final shower and throw away my old working cloths. While sitting and writing on my web page our 3rd Engineer came and asked for the new crew. 3rd Officer had told him that they had come onboard.
- I don't know. They are not in my cabin, but check my bathroom, maybe they have sneaked in while I was busy looking away, I said.

Well, (by now the poor English teacher must have had at least 2 cardiac arrests) I had to go down and check if our relievers where onboard. Yes, they were in the ship office and I helped the new 2nd Officer with his luggage to his new cabin. And of course, the pillow waiting for him.

They will come to pick us up at 05:00 for transportation to Cairo, so 4 hours on the bridge giving pointers to the new Officer. Then 1 hour in the ship office showing him the computer.

Tuesday 11th of April 2006
and we were anchored when I came on my watch at midnight. My last watch, very nice. But this should be a time of joy, but there is a fly Smiley in the ointment. I mean, when I told Captain about my 5% he looked at me as I was crazy. For him it was a Aladdin's adventure on board Alpha Ship's MV Pegasusnormal procedure to steal my money. What about our food money? And they say we have welfare found onboard and every time in Itajai they get sludge money to the welfare found. In my 4 months there hasn't come onboard one single book or movie.

They told me that they had a Chief Engineer doing the same thing, he told Captain that he had given the sludge money to the engine crew. Well, he hadn't, he kept it all for himself. But the company fired him, of course, you cannot have a guy stealing from the crew onboard.

- This is a lot of extra work for me!
Where do they come up with all this bull, without any shame. I hope that I never have to experience something like this again.

I spent my watch with my reliever and I showed him our bridge and the paper work that had to be done. He told me that he had been at the office in Bremen. They had told him that we got sludge money every time in Brazil and that they used the money for the entertainment onboard.
Yet another Smiley on - Yeah, some Yet another Smiley on foocking entertainment we have on board

MV Pegasus in the Suez
Time to sign off

MV Pegasus in the Suez
Waiting for the boat

MV Pegasus in the Suez
Getting on the service launch

MV Pegasus in the Suez
Getting on the service launch

MV Pegasus in the Suez
We are ready to leave

MV Pegasus in the Suez
Leaving Pegasus behind

Well well, at 05:00 the boat came to pick us up and I was off the ship and ready for my Egyptian adventure. Well, one last picture before we leave the adventure on board MV Pegasus behind us. They have had a few terrible accidents with capsizing ferries in Egypt the last few months and all ferries are banned from leaving the jetty.

Egyptian ferries
Ferries not allowed to leave the jetty

As we can see they have just added some extra deck on top. We can also see that they have built extra tanks in the bottom to compensate. Well, if you ever see something like this, STAY AWAY!! These ferries are capsizing all the time and after a few disasters during a very short time they are finally banned to leave port. Spend the extra few dollars for quality transportation!!

Well, that's about that, Cairo next and click HERE for some extravagant pyramid adventure.

German Seaman's book
This is how a German Seaman's book looks like

Malmö FF, One of the best soccer teams in the world!
MIF, One of the best hockey teams in the world!
HIF, One of the best soccer teams in the world!
Landskrona Bois, One of the best soccer teams in the world!


OK, it has come to my knowledge that we have senior citizens visiting my web page. How hard can it be? So it's not very easy for them to see the blue coloured links to the next page.
Jiffy (also jiff)

noun [in SING.] informal a moment: we'll be back in a jiffy.

ORIGIN late 18th cent.: of unknown origin.

So as you understand, in a jiff pretty much depends on your internet.
So I put a “Next” button here and I hope that there isn't any problem to understand how to use that one. So just CLICK the “Next” button on your left hand side and you will be on the next page in a jiff!

Marunong ka mag-tagalog? Walang problema! Magpunta sa kabilang pahina pindutin ang “NEXT” button sa itaas

Faites vous parlez le français? Pas de problème! Pour arriver à la page suivante faites s'il vous plaît un déclic le bouton “Next” ci-dessus!

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คุณพูดภาษาไทยได้ไหม ไม่มีปัญหา ถ้าคุณต้องการไปหน้าถัดไป ให้กดปุ่ม “Next” ข้างบนนี้

Вы говорите по-русски? NJET PROBLEMA! Просто нажмите синюю кнопку "Next" с левой стороны и Вы моментально переместитесь на следующую страницу!

E ni Svenskar och inte förstår Engelska så ska ni skämmas. J och Björn, med det menar jag inte att alla mina stavfel ska ältas varje gång vi träffas.

Flag of Skåne / Skånska flaggan Well, the flag of Skåne, just a BONUS flag.



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