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Aladdin's adventure on board M/T Roy Maersk

Wednesday 20th of November 2013 and they called me at 2 o'clock in the morning. And believe it or not, I was sleeping. I usually turnin' and tossin' in bed until almost 2 o'clock. But I went to bed

---------------------------- Original Message ---------------------
Subject: Re: Pepsi Light
From: The Pepsi guy
Date: Tue, November 19, 2013 1:59 pm
To: Aladdin

Hello Again,

Found and already bought Gym ball 75cm for 40 SGD, regarding Pepsi - visited few supermarkets including one Fairprice found Pepsi light but there are 6 cans in a case (aprox 4.5SGD per case) tomorrow will explore more supermarkets to find 24cans cases but if not, then going to buy these small ones if that's ok?

All the best

>Are you having a good time at the hotel?
>Can you and the Cadet bring back 8 x 24 cans (8 cases)of Pepsi Light to me.
>They don't have at the ship chandler. But last time in Singapore we bought at the
>supermarket “FAIR PRICE” >
>See you when we're in Singapore, maybe loading late tomorrow night
>See ya soon
after our movie yesterday. And I managed to fall asleep so I had got at least 3 hours of sleep.

Quick loading and we will soon be in Singapore and I'm looking forward to it. I got confirmation from our new on signing 2nd Officer waiting for us in Singapore. He had found me some Pepsi Light and I can't wait.

We stopped loading at 03:30 and it was stop for one hour for ullageing before we started with the 1100m³ line clearance. By then I was on my second bucket of tea. So I was full of vim even though I had not had much sleep.

We completed loading at 06:00 and as there is a VLCC arriving they don't expect us to leave until around 11 o'clock. 12 hours to Singapore and expecting berthing at arrival so it will be a full night again.

Paper work and discharge plan was ready just in time for lunch. I had even had the time to make Aladdin's adventure on board M/T Roy Maerskthe loading plan for next voyage. Good, now I can sleep as soon as we have left Melaka behind without any worries about future cargo plans.

I was in bed at 3 o'clock in the afternoon and I woke up Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.st30 minutes before midnight. Good, now I was ready to take on everything that would happen during the night.

I expect a full night with stores, crew change (Drinking Pepsi Light) and berthing. There was an e-mail. Pilot postponed until 07:00 tomorrow morning and I will be dead tired tomorrow again. The rest hours will look great, 24 hours of rest. But what to do until tomorrow morning, it is not like I can go to bed to have another 7 hours of sleep on top of the 8 hours I just had. Time to Learn Thai with Mod and the Alif Silpachai videos? This was a huge set back!

Thursday 21st of November 2013
and I could not believe it when they called me at 06:00, I WAS SLEEPING. Totally unexpected, I watched two episode of Criminal Minds and I drank 2 buckets of tea when I woke up at 23 thirty and I was still able to fall asleep again around 2 o'clock.

I was on deck measuring H2S in the cargo tanks when the Pilot came on board just before 7 o'clock. We dropped anchor at 8 thirty and by now I was delirious with anticipation. On signers Aladdin's adventure with Pepsi Light on board M/T Roy Maerskwould join us at the anchorage with my Pepsi Light.

We will get the Pilot for berthing at 13:30 so we will have good time to take care of our stores before it is time to get alongside. And we had finished all the major pre discharging tests before we had dropped the anchor so I will have time to enjoy my new Pepsi Lights

The barge with lub oil was already waiting for us when we dropped the anchor and the barge with stores arrived soon after. The service boat with the on signers arrived not long after. But we had to be cleared by the Aladdin's adventure with Pepsi Light on board M/T Roy MaerskImmigration before we could take on board the stores and the new crew.

It took what seemed to be forever but suddenly the boat with the Immigration were on the way towards us. We called all crew as they want face control and I think it is the first time I have experienced this in Singapore.

And now they put a stamp in my pass port, finger prints, well, pretty much the full monty. I have a new pass port but it is already filled with stamps so I will soon have to spend a few hundred dollars to get a new one. Next time I will make Aladdin's adventure with Pepsi Light on board M/T Roy Maersk2 passports in order to be able to keep them until they expires.

The Immigration Officer left and now we could take on board stores and the new crew, first thing on deck was my Pepsi Light and I ripped open a can and I had finished 5 cans before lunch.

We got 4 drums of lub oil or gear oil and now we can complete the work to change the oil in our mooring winches. We done all of them, but we ran out of oil when we had 2 winches remaining.

We were ready with the stores and we had sent ashore our garbage and by then it was 15 minutes past lunch time. But we still have an hour before the Pilot will board us so there are time to enjoy both lunch and Pepsi Light.

One of our ABs had left with the boat delivering the on signers. He had been at the Dentist in Japan and now he needed to make yet another visit to the Dentist. They will Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.st hopefully pull the tooth so we get rid of this problem. He will be back in the afternoon with the boat coming to pick up the off signers.

Aladdin's adventure on board M/T Roy Maersk
No worries in the world
Engineers enjoying them self like only Engineers know how to do

Pilot on board at 13 thirty and anchor up 6 minutes before 2 o'clock. 1 Hour later we had the Aladdin's adventure with Pepsi Light on board M/T Roy Maerskfirst line ashore at VOPAK #8. We did the normal paper work and calculation and we started discharging at 19:06. Slow start for line displacement. I have my 14 hours at 8 o'clock and after that my rest hours will turn red.

And I was pleasantly surprised that the stop for line displacement only lasted for 6 minutes, 19:42 to 19:48. I will make it without getting red. But I was soon disappointed again, I had expected us to go to full discharge rate when we resumed discharging. But they wanted us to go MAXIMUM 2 bars on the manifold for 30-45 minutes before going to full. So I will be red again, and if we complete discharge before 6 o'clock I will be red the whole day tomorrow.

Well, that will be tomorrow's problem, I went to my cabin for a Pepsi Light while waiting for them to start all the cargo pumps. I have already had 10 cans of Pepsi Light and my guess is that it Aladdin's adventure with Pepsi Light on board M/T Roy Maerskwould have been better to drink my tea. But now we got the Pepsi Light with the on signers and I have to drink them.

Our Chief Engineer is also happy, he got a GYM BALL, and he has been waiting for the gym ball a long time.

Good, everyone is happy. I was sucking down yet another Pepsi Light while waiting for the terminal to wanting us to discharge with full rate. I should have spent the time watching the Learn Thai with Mod and the Alif Silpachai Aladdin's adventure with Pepsi Light on board M/T Roy Maerskvideos. But I was too tired and when thinking of it, it was quite some time ago I watched the videos, or opened my books.

Well, I hope there will be time soon. But there is only 12 hours going back to Melaka and if we don't get a few days at the anchorage there will be no time. So I wish for at least 2 days at the anchorage so we can change the remaining Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stwindows and read the Thai books. But I got some BONUS time as my releiver can't come on board until January, both time to study Thai and to lose weight.

Friday 22nd of November 2013
and they called me at 7. Well, first call was just before 2 o'clock this morning. I was in the CCR 20 past 7 something and we were soon to start the stripping. Discharging completed @ 09:12 and we left VOPAK and a happy Surveyor and Loading Master behind at 12 o'clock. They had received 50 tons more than B/L so they were happy.

I was in the mess room for my lunch quarter past 12, well, it was like my breakfast as I had not had time to eat any breakfast. Well, I was busy preparing for arrival in my office in the afternoon. SnusAnd on top of that I had to do a stowage plan.

Next voyage confirmed, Visakhapatnam, India to Singapore and I sent an e-mail to Wrist so they can have snus for me when we're back in Singapore.

We expect to be in Melaka at 10 o'clock tonight so I went to bed at 4, as soon as we had started the IG purging and the H2S will Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.st hopefully be below 5 ppm at arrival.

They called me at 9 o'clock and by then I had been awake for 1 hour. I was watching an episode of Seinfeld while eating 2 slices of black bread with a bucket of tea when they called from the bridge. I pretty much knew what they wanted when I answered the phone.
Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.st - We take Pilot in 20 to 25 minutes
Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.st - That's the spirit!!

It was a perfect time to arrive and I was in a good mood. I turned cartwheels up the stairs to my cabin for a Pepsi Light when we were waiting for them to start the loading. Obviously unexpected, Aladdin's adventure with Pepsi Light on board M/T Roy Maersk well, at least our Chief Engineer had not expecting me turning cartwheels up the stairs 10 minutes before midnight. He was carrying a plate with a small mountain of digestive.

He was on the way to his cabin and he tried to hide when he saw me. I spotted him and I didn't thought about the digestive until he was trying to hide. I woke up the ship when roaring.

Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.st Our Chief Engineer turned red as a tomato and I had pulled out my camera before he had a chance to run away. And he was complaining that he didn't lost any weight
Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.st
Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.st
and that he wanted to join my bet, just a few days ago. I was disappointed and I was sure to let him know.

Well, anyway, he was lucky he didn't had the guts to join the bet, or he would have lost 1000$. Well, actually 2000$ as our new 2nd Officer saw him as well.

Saturday 23rd of November 2013
and we had to wait until 2 thirty before they started loading and I was back in my cabin for a Pepsi Light and an episode of Seinfeld at 3 thirty. A few hours of sleep until it is time to complete the loading.

We completed loading 12 minutes past 1 o'clock in the afternoon and Pilot was ordered for 17:30 and we had connected the first tug boat at 17:33. The tug was cleared again after 3 minutes as they changed departure time until 19:30. I had told the Cook that we expected to come for dinner quarter past six because of the departure.
Now we came for dinner 20 minutes before 6 and then I was off to watch Seinfeld in my cabin.

Seinfeld must be the best series ever, 9 seasons and they were all good. Well, there is other George in Seinfeldvery good series, but they all seems to lose speed after the third season. But Seinfeld manage to keep the speed up all to the last season.

But, without George the series had not been very fun. Actually I doubt I would have liked Seinfeld without George. And of course his father, the veteran from the war in Korea.

Seinfeld, always fun

Well, I was in my cabin when I heard the engine start and we left Melaka around 19 thirty bound for Tanjung Langsat in Malaysia, just passing Singapore. Our 2nd Engineer was ready around 9 and we watched a movie before I went to bed.

Sunday 24th of November 2013
and I woke up 9 thirty, pleasantly surprised, not coming along side and they were about to drop the anchor when I came on the bridge. I made an enquiry about the Aladdin's adventure with Pepsi Light on board M/T Roy MaerskPilot and they expect him to board us at 14:00. Yeah, bring it on! I'm ready to come along side.

We got a Surveyor on board 15 minutes before 2 and I thought that we would have to wait for at least a few hours before coming alongside. So I was surprised when they called us on the VHF at 2 o'clock.
- Pilot will be on board at 14:45 We had all fast in Tanjung Langsat just after 5 o'clock and hour of paper work before we could start discharging at 21:54. Way too late for our “after dinner” movie. Dinner, I had a very quick bite before I returned to my office and the Surveyors, Loading Masters and all the other people that came onboard.

Monday 25th of November 2013
and I went to bed at 3 thirty, or was it 4 thirty? They called me just after 8 o'clock again. We were about to complete discharging. I had a very hot shower trying to wake up and I was in the CCR at 9 o'clock. I was on my third Pepsi light when we completed Aladdin's adventure with Pepsi Light on board M/T Roy Maerskdischarging at 10 thirty. Tank inspection, disconnection of cargo arms and of course endless paper work. But we were ready with everything around 14 thirty.

Now it was time for our Surveyor to start talk about souvenirs. I asked what he got for me.
Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.st - Me????
This was obviously not what he had in mind.
- Do you have a carton of cigarettes
- No, but I have something else.

I printed my “pre made” souvenir that I used in Kerthe and I think it was appreciated. And for sure, it is healthier than cigarettes. Pilot was booked for 16:00 and it looks like we will have the chance to see the movie that we should have seen yesterday tonight.

We expect to arrive to India on the 1st of December, weather permitted. There is a hurricane on the way towards Chennai. But anyway, there will be time both for the “after dinner” movies and the Learn Thai with Mod and the Alif Silpachai videos.

Tuesday 26th of November 2013
and I woke up with my alarm 20 minutes past 7. I had waked up 3 times during the night. I felt asleep in front of our movie yesterday and I was in bed at 9 and I felt asleep pretty much immediately when I hit the pillow.

I woke up at 11 and I was afraid that I would not fall asleep again, but no problem and I woke up 2 o'clock again. Third time was 5 thirty something and I was soon asleep again. At 7 Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.sttwenty I had had almost 10 hours of sleep and my back was aching of too much lying down.

I managed to bring myself down to the mess room for a slice of black bread and tea before going to my office for the “Good morning PEP” meeting with the crew.

Aladdin's adventure with Pepsi Light on board M/T Roy Maersk
The same frolic and larks as usually before we can have our TEAM building group hug

Aladdin's adventure with Pepsi Light on board M/T Roy Maersk
The same frolic and larks as usually before we can have our TEAM building group hug

Aladdin's adventure with Pepsi Light on board M/T Roy Maersk
The same frolic and larks as usually before we can have our TEAM building group hug

Aladdin's adventure with Pepsi Light on board M/T Roy Maersk
The same frolic and larks as usually before we can have our TEAM building group hug

The whole crew was waiting in the office and as it is a very long time since we had the last TEAM building group hug they were quite excited. There was more than the normal frolics and larks Aladdin's adventure with Pepsi Light on board M/T Roy Maerskbefore we could have the hug.

And there had been no work the last week due to our hectic program, discharging and loading almost nonstop the last week.
Aladdin's adventure with Pepsi Light on board M/T Roy Maersk

We have 5 more windows to change, gear oil in the 2 last mooring winches to change. On top of that repairing a Wilden pump and to wash Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stdeck. The biggest job is to change our manifold valve, we got a new valve for the X-OVER in Singapore, but I decided to put it on the manifold instead.

First we need to see so it is the right valve delivered and then 4 days to remove the remaining bolts on the old valve. So this is obviously a project that won't be ready in a long time. For sure not before Aladdin's adventure with Pepsi Light on board M/T Roy Maersk arrival to India.

I was in my office with the music on full blast preparing a loading plan for 10.06 meters maximum draft and the time passed by very quickly. Alco test on the bridge and I was there just before 5 o'clock. My plan was to get this over with in a jiff and then go out on deck for my Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.st constitutional before dinner. But I was delayed, the alco test showed that I was drunk. No, joking.

But I was held up in a discussion about loudspeakers with the 2nd Officer and it was almost 20 minutes past 5 when I left the bridge. So Bangkok PostI skipped the constitutional and I went to my cabin to read Bangkok Post on line edition. And it seems like things are escalating in Bangkok. Bangkok Post breaking news: 3 Ministries are occupied and 1 is surrounded.

Bangkok post

There had been trouble in Bangkok since they were supposed to vote for the amnesty bill so Thaksin can come back to Thailand. Well, not easy to follow from on board especially does day when the internet is slow and it seems like the satellite dish is blocked by heavy rain which is almost nonstop this time of the year.

But we get the picture, they want to kick out the government. This is the yellow shirts we remember from back in 2008, or Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.st hmm, was it 2009. Well, anyway, they are on the run again and according to Bangkok Post more red shirts are on the way to Bangkok. And once again, I don't know if I can get back home. But there is never a dull moment in Bangkok.

And what's next? A military coup? Civil war?
They are all fighting for democracy! Do they know what democracy is? I think it is more about the “inactive post” I have not read anything about any “inactive post” in a very long time. But back in the days it was very common to read about someone moved to an “inactive post” after having foocked up or done anything that would render a ordinary citizen 20 or more years in prison. This and that person has been moved to a “inactive post” which means they don't do anything with full salary. Well, anyway, if your in opposition there is of course not all the tea money as when in office.

Sounds like a dream, do nothing with a full salary! Yeah, it sounds like a dream until you realise that they have foock all in salary. A few Scooby dollars, hardly enough to maintain a lifestyle with Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.sta Benz and a luxury villa. The salary is the tea money they get and on an “inactive post” there are no tea money to get. A nightmare!

Bangkok Post
From Bangkok Post 26th of November 2013

Of course, I might be wrong. Both sides might be genuine concerned about the democracy and the well being of the ordinary Thai people working hard every day.

So who are we supporting, well, I just keep neutral when people fight over the wealth in Thailand. But I remember Bangkok Guru, a by now closed web page. And they had a few pictures that could help you to decide what side you should support. Well, I don't care, but I remembered the web page in 2010 when the shit hit the fan in Bangkok yet again. I was almost running in to trouble because of Bangkok Guru.

I was eating in a restaurant and the Waitress was obviously supporting the red shirts. And I tried to be funny and I asked her why the yellow shirt girls were more beautiful than the red shirt girls. Well, she wasn't appreciating my joke vey much.

From Bangkok Guru 2008
Five reasons why you should not support the Democratic Alliance Against Dictatorship (DAAD) - Red shirts:





And five reasons why you should support the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) - Yellow shirts:





I also remember staying at my hotel in Manila back in 2008 wondering if I was going to be able to get back home. I was listening to the Swedish radio and the audio clip about the “Airport Incident” and it's hilarious and I was wetting myself when I heard it. It's in Swedish and Skånska only. And the file is 1,5MB so if you don't have broadband it might take some time.

I also remember that Thai Airway rerouted me to Hong Kong with Philippine Airlines and from there with Thai Airways to Utapao or whatever the airport was called. But when on the way we got news and we were going Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stto Bangkok as they just opened the airport again. We will see how it looks when it is time to sign off in January or February 2014.

Wednesday 27th of November 2013
and we had retarded the ship's time by 90 minutes during the night. Time difference between India and Singapore is 2 and a half hour so we need to retard 1 Aladdin's adventure with Pepsi Light on board M/T Roy Maerskmore hour. Well, anyway, it was like getting a bonus 90 minutes of sleep when the alarm went off.

I had 2 slices of black bread for breakfast as I was a wee bit early to the mess room and the crew was waiting in my office when I stepped inside 5 minutes before 8 o'clock. There is still plenty to do and we had our TEAM building group hug and the crew were off to deck.

2 of our best guys continued with the windows and they will be ready today. Pump Man and our OS got started with the change of gear oil in the mooring winches. Good, we will arrive on Saturday and we need to get ready before that.

Yesterday we slowed down adjusting to arrive Monday. Today they wanted full speed again and later Aladdin's adventure with Pepsi Light on board M/T Roy Maerskon in the afternoon we got e-mail and now we were expected to come alongside on Wednesday.

I don't mind spending the weekend at the anchorage, but I would not mind coming alongside as soon as possible. 5 days between Singapore and India and time is quite slow. Of course, there is a lot happening on deck but I like the 2 to 3 days voyages. Never time to get bored.

The clock turned 5 and it was time for yet another Pepsi Light and a shower before dinner. I'm down to my last pack of Pepsi Light and I can't help wondering if someone is stealing my Pepsi Light. I had a cubic ton just a few days ago and now I have exactly ZIP.

Thursday 28th of November 2013
and I don't remember much of the day, but I have pictures so I know what the crew did. And I also remember that my new Toshiba broke down. Of course, Toshiba claims that the Qoismo is an high end computer, my ass! Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.st

Aladdin's adventure with Pepsi Light on board M/T Roy Maersk
2nd Engineer busy doing something

Aladdin's adventure with Pepsi Light on board M/T Roy Maersk
2nd Engineer busy doing something

Aladdin's adventure with Pepsi Light on board M/T Roy Maersk
1 of our ABs in the work shop

Aladdin's adventure with Pepsi Light on board M/T Roy Maersk
Pump Man repairing a chipping machine

Aladdin's adventure with Pepsi Light on board M/T Roy Maersk
Our Cook is busy in the kitchen

Friday 29th of November 2013
and my new Toshiba computer broke down yesterday. No music when I wake up and a shit load of problem trying to reset my new Toshiba Qosmio, a 2900 Sing dollar computer. That’s the same as about 2400US and I had for sure expected more. The loud speakers were not working, and I found out that this was a common problem for the Toshiba when I searched the internet.

High end gaming computer, my ass! I always buy the best laptop I can find so I can use Photoshop. But this HIGH END machine went down on the knees as soon as I started to use Photoshop. And yesterday the darn thing turned black on me. 4 recovery DVDs and nothing was happening. Recovery and it got stuck at 84% the first time and the second time nothing happened.

Saturday 30th of November 2013
and my computer had been in a recovery mood during the night, and as it turned out, all for nothing. And that’s even though it had had a bonus hour as we Aladdin's adventure with Pepsi Light on board M/T Roy Maerskretarded ship’s time by one hour during the night. Looks like I will have to return my computer when we’re back in Singapore. And I will have to bring the iPod from my office to have some music in my cabin.

We held 2 drills after the 10 o’clock coffee break and it was soon time for lunch. I had a quick bite (and that’s even though it is Saturday) and I dashed off to my cabin to check on the progress with my computer. Remaining 21 hours and I hope it turns out better than yesterday. 84% completed and everything came to a full stop. Toshiba, never again!

And in the afternoon we received news, berthing tomorrow afternoon. Yes, I was wondering who was in charge of the planning. From between 4th to 7th of December to 1st December. Well, never mind, I was quite happy about it. 1 week here at the anchorage would have driven me up the walls. Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.st

Aladdin's adventure with Pepsi Light on board M/T Roy Maersk
3rd Officer demonstrating the EEBD (Emergency Escape Breathing Device)

Well, the month of November have come to an end and we swing right over to the month of Aladdin's adventure with Pepsi Light on board M/T Roy MaerskDecember 2013

OK, we're cheating a wee bit. I bought a new computer in Visakhapatnam on the 3rd of December and when I checked my camera there was a picture of our Chief Engineer taken on the 30th of November. So I remember that he put up the new light for our 98% alarm for the cargo tanks that day.

For sure, I didn't need any picture to remind me about me trying to recover my Toshiba. Every try took between 20 and 50 hours and all of them failed, an utter waste of time. Well, anyway, December 2013 next!


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