AIS live
Now they charge you for this used to be free service. Now they have a delayed public service with reduced funktionallity. You have to register. Just submit your name and e-mail adress. This is a LIVE site and you can see all the ship LIVE in the major shipping zones of Europe, America and partially Asia. You can click on a ship and you get the AIS information - where it's heading, speed, size, type. With some of the vessels you even get a photo of it.
Maritime Web Site Award
A good site about ship and sea related stuff. Many links to maritime web pages.

Ieuan Dolby have 2 web pages:
Seamania Writings of Travel and the Sea
Stories, articles and tall tales of the sea, travel, people and places. The Merchant Navy, the Sailor, the Culture Shocks and the Landlubber by Ieuan Dolby  
Also by Ieuan Dolby. Contains various lists of Abbreviations, Truncations, Acronyms, Shortenings, Initialisms and Contractions as is often used in the Shipping Industry and the Merchant Navy: ashore and afloat.
Rickard, an engineer made this page about the ship he have been working on. Richard's site is in Dutch and English.
Learn direct
Interesting job description and other stuff.
World Ship Society
The world's largest society for ship enthusiasts, a real home for anyone interested in maritime and naval history
World Ship Society - Rotterdam Branch
A branch to World Ship Society
World Ship Society - Isle of Man Branch
A branch to World Ship Society
World Ship Society - Teesside Branch
A branch to World Ship Society
World Ship Society - Southampton Branch
A branch to World Ship Society
World Ship Society - Spanish Branch
A branch to World Ship Society
World Ship Society - Vancouver Branch
A branch to World Ship Society
World Ship Society - New York Branch
A branch to World Ship Society
Thames Ship Society
The Society for Ship Enthusiasts and others interested in the maritime scene
Danish Maritime Authority
Danish Maritime Authority reports on marine accidents in Danish waters with pictures.
Ships Vessels Sale Purchase - marketplace
A web site about the great passenger liner ships of the past by Daniel Othfors and Henrik Ljungstr�m.
Niels E. Hansen served at sea (from 1957 - 1977). He have worked under 7 different flags and here we can read about all the ship he had been on. On this website you will be able to circumnavigate the world in as many days as you would like, by mouseclicks on the many links that he have made by the Countries, Cities and Ports he have visited in the more than twenty years he was a "Deep-Sea Sailor".
The Marine Society provides education, library services, and financial support to professional seafarers It also encourages and assists with hands-on training and the dissemination of information those who may be considering a career at sea.
Ship Historians and Ship Photo
Maritime Research of Uddevalla.
Welcome to the Page for Merchant Ship Historians and Ship Photo Enthusiast!
Välkommen till Kommandobryggan, här presenteras Svensk sjöfart från ånga till HSS.  In Swedish
Landskrona ferries
Great site about the Landskrona ferries.  In Swedish
Fakta om Fartyg
V�lkommen till Fakta om Fartyg. H�r kan man finna mycket uppgifter om olika fartygs historia och �den.
Här finns ocks� ett diskussions forum för sjöfart. In Swedish
Ett sj�farts forum.  In Swedish
PakistaniMaritime is a non-profit venture, initiated to provide maritime community with advantages of online communication and mutual interaction. All linked or concerned in any manner with Pakistani Merchant Navy are invited for the membership of PakistaniMaritime. All services are free of charge and open to everyone.
Martins marine engineering page.
Tinker Taylor
Tink is a sea-going ship's Captain, commanding oil tankers, including ULCC's (Ultra Large Crude Carriers - Supertankers) and latterly on Chemical and Product Tankers.
An Education Website aimed to help Candidates pass their Oral Exam within the M.C.A. (also information to prevent accidents/fatalities happening at sea)
Ambrose Jones
Memories & Momentos of Ambrose Jones sailing days in LONDON OVERSEAS FREIGHTERS 1952 to 1965
Welcome to, designed by seafarers for seafarers. Deck, engine, catering, hotel or concession, seafarers past and present, all are welcome. Seafaring is a global profession and we extend the hand of friendship to seafarers of all nationalities. At, we are ..."reading you loud and clear".
Deck Officer.
Here you can find much about ships and the life onboard.
Why not join the deck officer discussion and have your say with the new message board system. Ask questions get help from the industry
World Shipping Directory
At present every shipowner has its own filing system to keep track of all the companies that can service its fleet. The World Shipping Directory has now made this in-house filing system available on the Internet.
M.I.Link Network
Welcome to M.I.Link - your link to Asia's Maritime Industry online
Focus on Asia-Pacific's maritime industry - features shipping directory, marine links, job center, marketplace, event calender, community, forum, dictionary, acronym, conversion tables, quick reference guide, mariner's formulae and more.
Norwegian shipping portal
Missions to Seafarers
The Mission To Seafarers cares for seafarers of all nationalities and creeds in some 300 ports around the world. We work through a network of chaplains, lay staff and volunteers who offer seafarers a welcome, friendship, and practical and spiritual help.
Swedish Government Seamen's Service/ Handelsflottans kultur- och fritidsråd
HKF is a public organization - a government authority within the sphere of the Ministry of Transport and Communications. HKF was founded in 1976 and its predecessor, the Swedish Merchant Navy Welfare Board, was founded in 1948. The committment is to initiate, coordinate and carry out cultural and leisure activities for seafarers.
A German shipping portal.
A German site with many links to maritme web pages. Great site!
A shipping directory for everything regarding shipping and shipping companies.
Partnership is dedicated to "Connecting People" within the shipping industry. Partnership are a full featured shipping portal, and the aim is that the users can have all they need for running ships in one place, - The Maritime Supermarket.

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