September 2006

Friday 1st of September 2006 and I wish that you could give me a few days for my next upload.

We were still anchored outside Le Havre waiting for orders when I came on my morning watch. We dropped anchor yesterday after leaving the river.

We had to wait for a few hours for the high water in Port Jerome and I was happy that I could East Germanyget a free upload at our Agent's office before we left Port Jerome. I saved some 20 - 40€. I tried to upload with my mobile, but there must have been a French network shadow at our jetty. I could not Nephewcheck my e-mail or anything with my phone.

5 minutes after departure I managed to connect to my e-mail server with my phone. I got a picture of my Nephew and instantly I felt older than my 22 years.

Anchored and not very much to do, well, I wished. I received an e-mail from our Quality & Safety Assistant ( I wish it was from the Assistant Cook on Rainbow instead) a few days ago. It was time for our annual revision of our ISPS manuals. ISPS = International Ships and Port facility Security. The ISPS code is the small wonder that is going to stop Terrorists from attacking the Shipping industry.Scooby Doo Did I just put Scooby Doo after the ISPS?

This wouldn't have been if I haven't given you the chance to

Lay down while reading. Don't drive or baby sit while reading the DARN thing.

It has been reported that 9 out of 10 laboratory rats felt a sleep suddenly while reading the ISPS code. The last one obviously was a mix-up from the lab next door where they did tests on how SPEED affected a good night's sleep
read the ISPS code. So you are welcome to read about it on your left hand side. A small word of precaution though:
It's boring like BIP!

I was busy stopping terrorists, subversive people and rabble Banditrousing crowds, and according to Videotells training videos they are all easy to recognize with their dark complexion. Yeah, we have our ISPS training video from Pegasus fresh in mind and I think it was a shit load of crap.

The boys are busy painting our deck and I was wishing for a few days on the anchorage when they called us from Broström. We will Paintinggo back in to Port Jerome early Monday morning 0400 and load Fuel Oil for Antwerp.

I was happy that we could spend the weekend painting Paintingthe ship, I'm also looking forward to the free upload at the Agent's office.

A saved buck is a buck I can spend on cheap wine. ( Or I can introduce the buck to other bucks on the stock market and I can make a fortune Money)

Well, I spent the afternoon in my cabin watching a movie. But I told our Captain that I had been attending a very important ISPS meeting. He looked impressed when I told him:
- A telephone conference styled meeting, I said.

Saturday 2nd of September 2006 and we were still anchored when I came on my watch at 8 o'clock. It was a gloomy and grey morning. I was hopping that the rain would stay away so the Danishpaint work could continue on deck.

Our Cook called:
- I will bring fresh Danish to the bridge.
Obviously he don't listen to me and a few minutes later our saboteur came to the bridge. I took the plate and I went straight to Captains cabin.
- WHAT THE BIP IS THIS!? He asked, while pretending to be Danishoffended.
- Take them out of here, he continued.

He came to the bridge a few seconds later with the plate.
- You forgot the plate!

- If you eat one I will eat one, I can not eat alone. he said a few seconds later.
- It's not building any strong character being here on the bridge with you and a few Danish, I said.
We decided to bring them back together with a Cookbook from the Weight Watchers. Captain brought it to the bridge yesterday evening.
- Look what I found in my cabin. Let's give it to our Cook, he said.

The rain was in the air and there was a drop falling every now and then. But it was not more Scooby DooWork on deckthan that the crew could continue to paint on deck. Our Polish riding squad was spray painting on tank deck and it starts to look like a Swedish ship again.

I spent the afternoon, yeah, believe it or not. I have taken up my walking again. I did my walking with a few breaks inspecting the deck and the progress in the maintenance work.

I was hopping for nice weather so our Polish riding squad could finish port side of the tank deck and that the crew could Work on deckfinish 2nd poopdeck. They are ready with the white paint and now it's only the blue deck left to do.

One of our ABs finished the funnel so now we can go alongside without being ashamed. I also managed to get a picture of ourWork on deck 2nd Engineer and Fitter while they inspected a leak in our foam line to the foam monitors.

I spent the evening in front of my TV watching DVD until my watch at 2000. J called me before my watch. He was on the airport on his way to Singapore to sign on a ship and we will sign off about the same time.

Well, it starts to get a little boring at the anchorage by now. Every day the same and now it will be nice to go back in to Port Jerom to load, but I'm not looking forward to the 4 o'clock in the morning stuff.

When I should call 2nd Officer at 2330 I called our Cook by mistake. He wonder what was going on when I called him.
- Why the BIP are you calling me??!!
Well, there is a little shit going his way for bringing Danish to the bridge.

It was soon midnight and I was relieved by 2nd Officer. I had enjoyed my watch with Diet MusicDrinks (5 cans) and tea while the Hip Hop was blasting high on the Richter scale.

The other days the radio had been playing terrible music and I Musichad been on my way jettisoning my self a few times. But my iPod saved my life every time I was on my way to jump.

When I relieved by 2nd Officer I went down to my cabin and I continued to watch a Danish crime odyssey. It came on 5 DVDs and it is 14 hours of Sleepnon stop action. Well, anyway, sometimes there is a little action on the screen, just enough to prevent me from falling a sleep.

Click on the PLAY button to listen to more music from Germany, this time Azad - ON FULL BLAST!!

Sunday 3rd of September 2006 and the weather was gloomy and grey when I came on my morning watch. I started right of with a bucket of tea and pumpernickel.

I had not been long on my watch before the Panama Greek Panama Greek ship M/S DS Fiesta M/S DS Fiestaapproached us on our starboards bow. She was coming very close and I gave a blast with the whistle, but no reaction.

When she was about 1 cable away she slowed down, obviously she had planned to drop the anchor at the anchorage. Wind was coming in from her starboard side well, when she slowed down she drifted against us and she passedWhat!? Me? about 20m from our bow. I saw two guys with white shirts with shoulder straps the size of a dinner table covered with gold braids. I could also see a golden heaving line around their necks. I could not help my self, but I called them on the VHF
- M/S Fiesta, I'm impressed, I'm sure your on that bridge just because your excellent skills and not because the bag of peanuts you receive for salary every month!

Well well, what do you know? When I came out to my cabin from a very important meeting in my
Hello Super-sweet!
What's happening?
Hung over from last night?
I realized now I sort of miss ur
music. Hmm, maybe it
wasn't that bad after
all. Hope ur well.
bed room there was an SMS on my phone. It was from the LebaneseDrunk Doctor and I still don't understand why she think I have a hang over every day. She never saw me drunk, except for one time when, yeah, it must have been someone dropping something in my water.

But who would do something like that? I still have nightmares thinkingNightmare about someone kidnapping me for having me as a private cuddle toy. Hiding me in the cabinTeddy and just taking me out from the hiding-place to enjoy me for their own pleasure and enjoyment. Horror beyond comprehension!

I'm still scared and I'm terrified just thinking about it, but I think Partyabout nice things when I'm going to bed and I hope the night terrors will disappear soon.

Well, anyway, I guess people think you are dead drunk when walking around happy all the time. A quick laugh here and a quick laugh there and people assume that you are dead drunk.

Well, as I said. Receiving SMS makes you smile but to write the SMS with your sausage fingers on a key board the size of a stamp doesn't bring a smile to my face.

Latest news is that the pilot will board us at 0350 and if I'm lucky I can upload my web page at our Agent's office tomorrow afternoon.

Monday 4th of September 2006 and they called me at 0530 for arrival to Port Jerome. I went to the Smileybridge to assist (Crack a few jokes and drink a diet drink or two) our Captain and when we approached the jetty I went down to the manifold to position the ship.
We will load on manifold #5 with a 12" arm. On the picture below you can see all the cargo arms on the jetty. It is the things sticking up in the middle of the ship.

Bro Jupiter in Port Jerome
Bro Jupiter in Port Jerome

We had all fast at 0640 and our Surveyor and Agent rushed onboard. Our Agent told us that they were not ready ashore and that we would start loading at 1600, maybe a little before that.

I was ready with our Surveyor at 0800 and I went for a shower and I returned to the CCR with 2 bottled of Diet MAX. Maximum enjoyment and effect.( The FLAT STOMACH EFFECT )

Nothing much happened during the day, I was checking the progress with the work on deck and I had time to upload my web page at our Agent's office. I slept 2 hours in the afternoon and I Diet Drinkwoke up at 1545, 15 minutes before they called me and told me that the Loading Master was onboard.

I did the paper work with the Loading Master and he told me that they expect us to start at midnight. Well, midnight can mean anything.

I had just came back to the CCR from the smoke room where I had had a Diet Drink with Captain when the called from EXXON. They were ready to start and we started to load at 2110.

One of our 2nd Officers had to leave for an emergency at home and our new 2nd Officer arrived during the evening. Well, new, it was the same 2nd Officer that left us in Hamburg last time.

Tuesday 5th of September 2006 and we were still loading when I came on my watch at 8 o'clock in the morning. I brought 2 bottles of Diet Drink to the CCR and I was ready to kick arse.

We completed loading at 1050 and the paper work was ready 1300. We were ready to leave, but we had to wait for the high water and Motormanpilot was ordered for 1900. I spent the afternoon watching hour 11 and 12 of the 14 hours Danish crime odyssey.

Our pilot was onboard just before 1900 and we went forward and aft, stand-by for let go everything. I'm on poop deck with our Bosun/ Pump man and our Motorman and we had taken in our aft and breast lines. We only had to let go of the spring lines when Captain told me on the radio that we needed 50 cm more water before we could leave the jetty.

While waiting I took the opportunity to tell our Bosun/ Pump man that he had been awarded as the “ Oldest Hip Hopper Onboard ”. (I'm the youngest) He took the award from our Captain, former prize-winner of the “ Oldest Hip Hopper Onboard ”

While waiting for EXXON to start load us yesterday I was sitting in the CCR alleviating my boredom Hip Hopby listening to some funky music. Our Bosun/ pump man came in to the CCR and he could not resist my music. He made a few moves and a few shakes with his hips. I could not believe my eyes.

He was gone in a jiff and I thought it must have been an optical illusion.
Smiley - Hmm, maybe it's the hunger making me see things. Maybe I'm better of to the galley for an apple.

But I knew it wasn't an optical illusion when he came back the second time, he was shaking his hips and moving his behind when coming in to the CCR.
- HEY! The music really gets you going, I said.
- Do you call this music?
Port Jerome
Leaving EXXON's terminal in Port Jerome behind on a lovely evening.

Well, finally at 1930 the high water was high enough for us to leave Port Jerome. It will Fo'c's'letakes us about 3 hours to the pilot station.

When we had left I went forward to the fo'c's'le to speak with the DepartureAB on the 4 to 8 watch. I will entrust him with a few special tasks for tomorrow morning and we needed to go through our plan.

We were ready just in time for me to relieve 2nd Officer on the bridge at 2000. I can't say that I was looking forward for the trip down the River Seine with the Pilot.

But Captain was on the bridge and we Le Havretalked about the good old time while drinking tea. We are passing under two bridges before coming out from the river. The last bridge is just at the mouth of the river, close to Le Havre.

We had just passed the last bridge when we meet Bro Jupiter on the way up the river. Not long after meeting her it was time to leave our Pilot.

The approach to Le Havre and River Seine were full of fishing boats and I had to zig zag my way to the LHA light buoy and I could change course to North and the English Channel. I had time for a Diet Drink before my reliever came at midnight.

Wednesday 6th of September 2006 and I was a little tired when coming to my morning watch. I had been up to 0230 watching the last two hours of the Danish crime odyssey.

We approached Dover Strait on my watch and there were a few ferries, but not very much to write home about. Nice weather and I enjoyed a beautiful morning until our saboteur dressed in Cooks clothing came to the bridge with fresh buns.
- AHH! For fåcks sake! I will throw them in the English Channel, I said.

we dropped our anchor at 1240 in West Hinder anchorage. We received e-mail from the agent, 2 ships before us and we had to stay here at least until the 8th of September before our jetty is available.

Our Cook starts to get the hang of my diet. He was watching the food with a big Cooksledge hammer
is a typical Swedish cuisine, popularly eaten with potatoes, sauce made with cream and lingo berry jam. Considered as one of the most Swedish meals.

Dolma means stuffed or filling. Dolma is a dish of stuffed vegetables. The young leaves of the grapevine, zucchini, green peppers, cabbage, and onions are stuffed with a mixture of rice, onion and ground meat. Dolmas are usually eaten cold as an appetizer, but the Greek dolmades with lamb are served hot like the Swedish Kåldolme.

It came to Sweden in the beginning of the 18th century when our King Karl the XII returned from Turkey. There were many Swedish soldiers in Bender, Turkey when they returned to Sweden they brought back the recipe. But in Sweden they used cabbage (kål) instead of the grapevine leaves.

When Karl XII was kicked out from Turkey he returned to Sweden together with many of the creditors. He had borrowed much money while in Turkey. The creditors stayed in Sweden between 1716 and 1732 and they ate Dolmas.
and he started to snarl when I approached the food.
- Keep up the good work! I said.

It was Kåldolme for dinner, one of my old time favourites. So before long I was in an argument with the Cook swinging his big sledge hammer.
- You told me to knock Smileyyou out if I caught you eating anything but salad, he said.

Tomorrow it Swedish meatballs and I will be back in disguise.

I had not been on my night watch very long www.aladdin.stbefore Captain came running to the bridge.
- Tea time!
- I have fresh made tea, I said.

We talked about the good old time and I complained that all the Kåldolme was finished.
- I went down to take a picture of a original Swedish Kåldolme for my web page but they were all gone.
It would be nice for the visitors to compare an original Turkish Dolma with an original Swedish Kåldolme. Well, as I said to the Cook:
- I will take a picture next time.

He read the latest up-dates on while drinking his tea. He was in shock.
- Here is nothing true on this page.

Thursday 7th of September 2006 and I was in a bad mood when I came a little late for my morning watch. I had beenSaboteur down in the CCR checking the cargo temperature when I found a black monitor.
- Pull me backwards!

Our Saboteur didn't make my day any better when he arrived with fresh cookies to the bridge at 9 o'clock.
- For fåcks sake! Please, help me out a little here, I said.

I understood that this wasn't going to be as easy MeetingI had hoped for. But I was in a bad mood and I was hoping that a few fresh made cookies would cheer me up a notch. It didn't work and I took the rest of the cookies, all two of them, and I gave them to the fishes.

Well, there was soon more action on the bridge. At 1015 we held a Master's review meeting on the bridge. Even though Chief Engineer and 2nd Engineer arrived minutes late they didn't forgot the enthusiasm and the good spirit.
- Blah-blah-bla
SmileyAnd it was soon 12 o'clock and time for lunch. There had been so much blah-blah-bla that I had forgot to wake up 2nd Officer.

After lunch I checked out our computer screen and we tested the screen with 2nd Officer's Spy cam surpriselap top. The screen worked fine and thus it must be the computer. I called Broström and they will send a service guy tomorrow at arrival to Antwerp.

Latest news from our Agent is that we will start heave up our anchor at 0400 to be at the Pilot station at 5 o'clock. We will be alongside in Antwerp around 1300.

On the way down from the bridge I stopped by at Captains office. He was sitting fiddling about with his hand in one of the drawers. A bag of candy!
- What the BIP!
I could not believe my eyes.
- I see that you are taking your diet seriously, I said

I was in shock and I had to withdraw to my cabin and a movie. Kung Fu Hustle and you don't win a million if you guess it's about Kung Fu. I Chinese movie, but way better than the 7 hours Yx mannenChinese drama about the flat tyre they watched on Rainbow Warrior.

After a few minutes all the karate made me tired and I felt a sleep. Yx mannenLo and behold, I woke up just in time for dinner.

I had been at the table for 3 seconds when our Cook arrived with a big axe. Well, before quick I ran in to an argument with our Cook about the whipping cream. I was out of the mess room in a jiff and I was back with the axe. We solved our difference of opinion and our Cook agreed with me 100%. I had him where I wanted him and I took the chance:
- No cookies to the bridge tomorrow, I said.
- I promise!

All the whipping cream made me sick (just watching it) and I went on deck for a constitutional after finish some paper work in the CCR.

Captain, 2nd Officer and a few more of the crew were on the bridge watching me. SmileyThey did what they could to support me and alleviate my strain by whistling in the whistle, Smileywaving, laughing and making stupid comments.
Well, it takes more to let me down. I remember leaving Genoa with Rainbow Warrior. First evening and I was walking around the bridge for a few hours. One of the crew members came towards me, asking.
- What the BIP are you doing?

I was of the bridge at midnight and after checking the temperature on the cargo I went to my cabin to finish the Chinese movie.

Friday 8th of September 2006 and we were still anchored when I came on my morning watch. CaptainOur Agent called yesterday evening and told me that they are a little delayed and that he would call back 6-7 o'clock in the morning.

When I came on watch we had no news at all, but at 1025 we had our anchor aweight and we were told to pick up pilot at 11 o'clock. Well, when we were 10 minutes from the pilot station they asked us to turn around and leave the TSS.
- You can drift North of the TSS, we have no Pilots available.

At 1240 we finally got our pilot and we arrived to the lock in Antwerp just after 1800. We had all fast in the lock at 1835 and we left the lock at 1930. I had time to go check our draft while in the lock.

From the lock it was just a few hundred meters to our jetty at ESSO in Antwerp. We had all fast at 2030 and all paper work was ready just before 2100. They needed about 4 hours to analys the cargo before we could start discharging.

Saturday 9th of September 2006 and I was in my cabin writing on my web page when 2ndSAAB Radar Officer called me.
- They will start within 10 minutes, he said.
I was in the CCR i two steps and we started at 0155.

When I came on my morning watch we were still discharging. After one hour there was a Service man from SAAB arriving. One of our SAAB computers broke down 2 days ago and now he brought a new.

He swapped the computer in a jiff and before soon both computers were Sydsvenska Dagbladetup and running. We could have done the operation with one computer, but we need one back up if something happens.

It was a busy day in the CCR, one new 2nd Officer arrived and Sabotagejust after there was a girl from the Seaman's church with Swedish newspaper. She brought Sydsvenska Dagbladet, the best news paper, and as you could guess, its from Skåne.

But the wors was yet to come, I was talking with the Technician from SAAB when the printer started to Saladclatter. Lo and behold, todays menu, and our Cook and Captain came in to the CCR two seconds later with screaming and smoking soles.

They are always up to some mischiefs and larks. But it's a great shame that my diet has to suffer every time.

It was soon 12 o'clock and I could go for lunch together with our new 2nd Officer. It his first time as a Deck Officer and we have to show him around the CCR. Coming in to the mess room I got a shock.
- What the BIP!
X-masI called our Cook.
- Now you missed the target with several months, I said.
Christmas dinner- Christmas dinner in the middle of the summer, what the he•• is happening around here? I asked.
- I can't wait to get my Christmas gift!Merry Christmas

The Christmas spirit was high but it was soon time to return to the CCR again. We completed discharging at 1355 and pilot was Sommar semlaordered for 1600. Christmas in the middle of the summer and I could not help thinking about our Cook on CT Star.

He was making Semlor in the middle of the summer. Ok, I admit that Captain and I had put a little pressure on him. This is what I like with foreign Cooks, they are not stuck with old Swedish traditions and they can make Semlor in the middle of the summer, very good.

We left Antwerp around 1600, but by then I was in my cabin writing on my web page. But as you understand by now, I don't look forward to spend 4 hours on the bridge with the Pilot tonight.

We left pilot at Wandelaar Pilot station at 2315.

Sunday 10th of September 2006 and we were steering towards NAB tower when I came on my morning watch. It was a beautifulDiet Drinks morning and when we approached NAB tower and Southampton there were plenty sailing yachts around

We dropped anchor at Saint Helens anchorage at 1115 ST and 1015 LT, just in time for lunch. After lunch I went to pick up a few cases of Diet Drinks for representation in the CCR.

During my afternoon watch the AB told me that the pilot was expected onboard between 2 and 3 o'clock in the morning, English time, 3 and 4 o'clock ship time. Our Captain called the pilot during my evening watch and now it looked like 5 o'clock, 6 o'clock ship time. I was happy, I could get my power nap. And as we have learned by now it's not impossible that the pilot will come onboard later.

Monday 11th of September 2006 and we were still anchored when I came on my watch at 8 o'clock. I had just poured me a bucket of the when Captain said:
- Latest news is that we will go inside late tonight.

Well, it's nice weather and I'm in no hurry. When I was on deck during the afternoon they told me that the pilot will come at 1900 and we expect to be alongside at 2000. I think this is the first arrival on my watch since I came onboard.

We also got our next two voyages confirmed today. Load HCB in Rotterdam for Dunkirk and load VGO in Dunkirk for Port Jerome. Good, I can upload my web page at our Agent's office in Port Jerome.

I don't have to waste any money connect to my server with my mobile phone. Well, I don't get a Moneynetwork with 3G in Port Jerome so I can't connect anyway.

But a saved buck is a saved buck and I'm soon rich.
- Oh yeah! I wish.
Well, I keep thinking about those people going on a ship for three months. When they are coming home Hip Hopthey buy a house, yacht and a fancy car. I have fåck all when I'm coming home. Or as I said to J.
- Never mind how much money we make per month. We will never have any money anyway. But thank God for our good looks.

Well, nothing much to do while waiting for the Pilot and coming alongside. I was in Smileymy cabin listening to music and at 1930 I went to the bridge with a Fuel oil stainwhite shirt fresh from the laundry. Direct from the laundry but my white shirts are no longer very white. I have a big black fuel oil stain on the back on one of them. Actually, there are oil and grease stains on all of them.

Smiley - Hmm, I think I go for the fuel oil stained shirt today.
Well, I have 4 or 5 white shirts with me and all of them are stained, a few minutes on deck and ipsi - wipsi - wu there is a stain. Impossible to remove.

Well, a sunny day had become a gloomy and grey evening and the weather didn't look to good when we approached EXXON's terminal in Fawley.

I got e-mail from Laurin earlier during the morning and they needed a Chief Officer on M/T BarcarolleM/T Barcarolle, the very same they wanted me to when I left for Rainbow Warrior.

They need me in October, but I'm here so they will ask the Chief Officer if he can stay longer so I have time to sign off Bro Jupiter. Well, I hope I can finally make it to Barcarolle, this is what I have been aiming at for the last few years, but I'm always on a ship when they call me from Laurin Maritime.

Now I'm to old jumping around between ships and now I'm looking for a permanent position in a company where we make tours of duty for 10 - 12 weeks. Perfect! And if I can leave for Barcarolle I don't have to spend Christmas at home.

We had all fast at 2015 ship time and our Agent and the safety Officer from EXXON was soon onboard. Our Agent told me that he had internet at the office 5 minutes walk away.
- I will pop by tomorrow if I have the time, I said.
- You are welcome.

So I hope I have to visit our Agent tomorrow. On the jetty they told me that they could give us 1500m³/h and the Surveyor said that he expected around 800M³/h. We see, but I hope I can squeeze in an hour for the internet on our Agent's office.

We started to load at 2340 and in the start it looked like they could keep a rate that would make us ready early morning.

Tuesday 12th of September 2006 and we were still loading when I came on my watch 8 o'clock in the morning. I Visitorentered the CCR with a Diet Drink and 2nd Officer and the new 2nd Officer could go and eat breakfast.

Our new 2nd Officer is brand new and he will be together with our 2nd Officer to learn the tricks of the trade. Our new 2nd Officer had no oil and GMDSS endorsement so our 2nd officer Garbage Bargehas to stay until the endorsement comes onboard

Hmm, he is a little disapointed, he expected to leave in Rotterdam, but now he don't know.

We stopped 397m³ before full cargo so the terminal could flush the line with the cargo for the next ship. When we had stopped I went out to check our draft. I saw the Chief Engineer from CT Star on the jetty. He was working on Bro Sincero now and they were loading in front of us.

He was talking with our Fitter, they knew each other from CT Star Paper workas well. I invited the old Chief Engineer for a Diet Drink in the CCR.

After 25 minutes we resumed loading of the last 397m³ and we completed loading at 1020. It didn't took very long before we had the Surveyor onboard for the paper work and cargo documentation.

More visitors and I'm soon running low on Diet Drinks, I have to Departureremember to order more.

We were ready long before expected and I soon realized that I would not have any time to go our Agent's office to upload my web page.

Paper work was ready at 1300 and Pilot was ordered for 1330 and I was in my cabin 15 minutes after two. I finished a movie I started yesterday. I did it in FAST FORWARD mode so 1 hour became a little more than 10 minutes, and that was just a little more than 10 minutes to much. I realized that there had been too many movies that should not had been made, this was the worst yet, an all time low.

I took my iPod and I went down to the CCR for some paper work and cargo planning. Hip Hop full balst in the headphones and it was soon time for dinner.

I went for a walk on deck after dinner (too much apple cake) but I had to give up after a few minutes. It was stinking of paint when our Polish riding squad was spray painting on deck.

We approached Gris-Nez at the end of my night watch. I called Gris-Nez Traffic around 2230 to report us entering the area. Not long after I passed a ship named Aladin with 1 d.

Wednesday 13th of September 2006 and we approached Maas Center when I came on my morning watch. We had been told to drop anchor at Maas west anchorage #4.
- They do some maintenance work on the jetty and they expect us to go inside tomorrow afternoon.
- Very good, I said.

Afternoon is a very good arrival time, late afternoon is even better. When we are ready we will Cleaningshift to a tank cleaning jetty and clean our tanks before loading HCB to Dunkirk. So if we are ready with the discharging in the middle of the night Paintit means that I have to stay up for 24 hour non stop in the CCR.

One day at the anchorage is what we need, our Polish riding squad are leaving us tomorrow and now they have an extra day for painting and blasting. We need all the time we can get, autumn is lurking around the corner and then its not possible to paint any more.Maintenance And we wish that the ship look like a Swedish ship, but after a few weeks in the storms she will go back to look like a rust bucket.

It's the same every spring after a long winter, spending the summer painting the ship, if we are lucky with the weather. Some summers is just raining away.

we held a safety meeting on the bridge at 1600 and we were ready just in time for our dinner. Then I walked around deck with Captain inspecting things. We planned for things to do and not to do. As mentioned the autumn is, well, autumn is already here, but it's still possible to paint. We decided not to start any big things, we will do the big and easy things that have a big impact on how the ship looks.

Well, I think like this: We can spend weeks chipping the rails and no one will ever see the difference. I asked the ABs to take a big roller and they rolled down all the accommodation decks with a nice blue colour in a few hours and it looks like a different ship already.

Thursday 14th of September 2006 and we were still anchored when I came on my morning watch. 1400 had become later evening early morning and a little later they told us to be alongside 1700. Well, we had time to have an Oil Spill Drill at 1015. we used water as oil and we pumped water and our new 2nd Officer was drilled in the use of the pumps and equipment.

I was in my cabin watching a DVD when I heard them starting the engine around 2 o'clock in the afternoon. Good, hopefully I can have a full night sleep before we finish discharging tomorrow.

When I finished my DVD (with a little help of the FAST FORWARD, 32 X play) I moved in to my Diet Drinksbed room and an IMPORTANT meeting. I woke up after 1 hour of heavy duty beauty sleeping. I prepared my self with DEO and a few words on my web 2nd Officerpage before taking on my other stained white shirt. I was on the bridge and our Captain in two steps and we had a coffin nail and a few words about the good old times before it was time to kick behinds.

I was shocked when I saw the waste paper basket on the bridge. Who the BIP is drinking all those Diet Drinks?
- Is that me? Smiley Hmm, I think I will have to stop drinking that rubbish.

When I came to the bridge our two 2nd Officers left. They had time for 2nd Officerdinner before arrival to the jetty and I stayed on the bridge with the Pilot and Captain. No time for dinner and I'm going “FAT TO FLAT” in a jiff. Smiley Hmm, again, I don't know if it's better with a smoke and a Diet Drink.

We had our first line ashore at 1750 and we had all fast at ESSO Botlek Jetty 1 at 2nd Officer1815. Loading Master and a Safety Officer were soon onboard for paper work.

I finished everything with a tour on deck with ESSO's Safety Officer and when he left the Surveyor came onboard for sampling and ullage. They had told us that they needed about 2 hours for the analyse before we could start discharging.

I spent the time smoking with Captain drinking Diet Drinks (Always representing). I had expected them to start around midnight, but at midnight there were no news. I'm in a little hurry, I hope to be ready before lunch time tomorrow so we can shift to our tank cleaning jetty and be finished with our thanks at 1800 tomorrow evening.

We have to see what happens, EXXON's Loading Master and Safety Officer thought it was strange that we were allowed to load Low Sulphur VGO after High Sulphur Fuel Oil. But we see tomorrow.

No news from EXXON about the start of the discharging, but we got news from Sweden. Our Newspapernew Chief Engineer and a Electrician arrived during the evening with Swedish newspapers. Lucky us, our Electrician arrived just when our 98% alarm broke down and he was jumping right in to the work with it. Something with a generator and he will fix it tomorrow. An upcoming vetting without 98% alarm is, well, not a very good one.

Friday 15th of September 2006 and finally we could start to discharge at 0045. I started one pump slow on 120 bar and the pressure rose slowly and after 5 minutes we had 5,5 bar on the manifold. 5,5 bar with one pump on 120 bar! I went on deck and I could feel that the cargo had reached the manifold. Hot cargo means a hot pipe.
I called the terminal on the radio.
- ESSO Botlek, Bro Jupiter is calling. It seem like you have a plug in your line
- No, everything is Ok here, they replied.

I stopped the discharging and the Loading master came onboard. Smiling and joking, its a totally Smiledifferent story when there are problem on the ship.

Then its jumping up and down wanting us to start within a few seconds.
- What's wrong?
- When can you start?
- What's happening?
- What's going on around here?
Well they checked the shore line and we could start again and I was off to bed at 2 o'clock. After a stop behind my desk with a Diet Drink.

When we are talking about “ what's happening? ” I must mention that our Polish riding squad is leaving later on today and they are both walking around asking “ what's happening? ” and whistling Skåne style. Captain is also trying whistling Skåne style, but, well, I don't know what to call it.

2nd Officer called me at 0940 and I thought we were about to be ready with the discharging. ESSO Botlek Jetty 1 from my cabinWhen I came to the CCR they expected us to be ready around 2000.
- It's like pumping toffee, 2nd Officer told me.

The ship was full of visitors. UNITOR did a survey onboard, provision arrived and
Handelsflottans Kultur- och Fritidsråd is the people taking care of the sailors. HKF provides books and movies. They arrange soccer, Ping-Pong tournaments and track and field sports for sailors staying in ports. They have mini vans with which they pick up sailors at their ships and take them to the Seaman's church and/or HKF's sport ground. They change and update ships library in ports all over the world.

They have their own magazine "Look out" and it's about a little bit of everything concerning the life onboard Swedish ships and social events. There is also book and film reviews.
a company for the lifeboat winch. There were people in the CCR all the time asking questions.

We also got a visitor from HKF and we got fresh news papers onboard. Our man from HKF recognised me, no surprise. But it was a very long time ago I was in Rotterdam last time. Must have been on CT Star a few years ago.

But I have not missed Rotterdam, 1 million people using the same channel on the walkie talkie and the non stop blah-blah on the radio drives you up the wall.

They called me at 5 o'clock in the afternoon, they wanted to know how much we could load in Dunkirk after loading the HCB in Rotterdam. They are changing to voyages all the time and now they only want us to stop in Dunkirk to load the rest of the tanks and discharge everything in Port Jerome. Well, it changes every 10 minutes and we have to see what happens.

Saturday 16th of September 2006 and our Pilot came onboard at 2 o'clock and we left Esso Botlek Jetty 1 not long after. We had all fast at the tank cleaning jetty at 0320.

The Jetty operator was onboard in a jiff and we did the ship shore checklist and we could start to fill fresh water 55 minutes after we had all fast. The Jetty Operator told me that they could give us 30 m³/h and the tank cleaning requires about 45m³/h. The washing machines use 20 minutes and about 5m³ for 1 cycle.

We did 20 minutes in each wing tank and 40 minutes in the center tanks when we loaded HCB in Brofjorden and we had planned to do the same here. Tank cleaning started at 0500 with hot Smileywater, 75°C to 77°C and 2nd Officer called me at quarter past 10 and told me that the cleaning was ready.

I was up and down in the CCR in a jiff, just a quickie in the shower. Our Surveyor was expected onboard around 11 o'clock for tank inspection.

Waiting and waiting, and it didn't make it better that I had only had a few hours sleep the last day. Well, lo and behold, the Surveyor arrived at 1250 and we checked the tanks.
- ESSO wants the tanks clean and dry, he said.
- Well, that's going to take a long time, I said.
I knew that the tanks would not pass when he said “ Clean and dry ”. How can they expect us to wash away a thick layer of asphalt with 20 minutes tank cleaning.

ESSO turned down the tanks and after a call to Broström in Sweden they decided to continue the cleaning and at 1345 we started to fill fresh water again. I had time for a two hours power nap Ordering waterand at 1800 I started the cleaning again. We clean each tank for 2 hours by now.
- I don't think this is enough either, I said.

After two hours we checked the first tank and now we could see about 40% of the bottom and the rest were black of burnt in residues.
Captain called Broström and we decided to try with 4 hours. We expect to run out of water at 4 o'clock in the morning Computer gameand we had to order a barge with freshwater.

Shore supply wasn't enough for us so Captain called our Agent.
- No barge before 9 o'clock in the morning, he said.

We will clean our #1 wing tanks during the night for 4 hours each and tomorrow we will inspect the tanks and then we will decide if we want the Surveyor to come. After that we will call Broström and make a decision. 4 MoneyHours in each tank means 2 days of cleaning. As you can understand it's very expensive to stay at the tank cleaning jetty. Pump ashore dirty water and fresh water delivered with barge and oil for the boiler.

I was relieved by our 2nd Officer at 2330 and I could go for a new power nap.

Sunday 17th of September 2006 and I started the cleaning at 8 o'clock. They stopped at 0400 when they were running out of water. We had been cleaning for an hour something when a barge with 210 ton water arrived.

We called the Surveyor so he could check #1 cargo wing tanks, after a call to EXXON they passed even though there was black stuff at places on the bottom. Good, now we knew how long the cleaning will take, 8 tanks to go and you don't need a degree in advanced mathematics to figure out that it will take about 32 hours. Tomorrow afternoon and I told Captain.
- Those cases of Diet Drinks for representation was the best investment the company have done, I said.
- You could see how happy the Surveyor was when he got a Diet Drink, we made his day, I said.

After my watch it was lunch and at 1 o'clock I went to deck with our Fitter to check out the pump in slop tank starboard. Reports had been done that the performance had more than a little to wish for. We started the pump and it sound fine, we filled up a little water from tank 2 port were they were cleaning and we pumped out the water.
All OK, but it's better to check one time extra than not to check it at all and I wonder where I came up with a stupid comment like that, I'm not even sure the comment sounded OK. But it makes sense and if someone from the company is listening they will for sure think they have a real “ KICK ASS ” Chief Officer onboard.

When we were satisfied with the pump I returned to my cabin and a DVD movie. I could not stand the movie for very long,Seaman's chaplain it would have been more fun playing with matches. Well, the movie drove me up the wall and before soon I was a sleep.

I didn't wake up until 20 minutes after dinner time and I feel that I have recovered good from all the lost sleep the previous days.

When I came to the mess room the Seaman's chaplain was at the dinner table. He had come back today as well with new news paper. He was going to bring back our Chief engineer and Electrician to the church so they could watch the Swedish election on the TV.

We talked about this and that when Interrupted by a phone call, I was lucky to have my camera when suddenly and totally unexpected there was a little something for Captain to do. EngineerIt was our Chief Engineer calling to ask if he needed his passport when he went ashore.

We continued to talk about this and that and that most ships had internet onboard today with free phone and stuff. Captain told him about my web page
- He is running around with his camera annoying the crew all the time, Captain said.
There was nothing stopping him and he continued:
- lies...blah-blah... don't like it.....blah-blah...hard yap
- HEY! Easy with the blah-blah, we're running out of oxygen in the mess room, I told him.
- What's the address?
- Don't go look there! It's only lies, fables and plot! Captain said.
- You are so proud to be on the web page. You keep mention it to all our visitors, I said.
- NO NO, I hate the page.
- You are reading it every day, but as soon as there are someone close by you are going off about all the lies, I said.

Finally the Seaman's chaplain got the web address and he could Going ashoreleave with our Chief Engineer and Electrician. I asked them if they could bring back a Bucketbig beer mug for my tea. The Seaman's chaplain said that he would get me something tomorrow when he came back if they didn't found anything.
- Sunday evening and it can be very hard to find anything, he said.

Well, I'm looking forward to having a real mug for my tea again. I was soon of to my cabin to Engineercheck out my new pictures. Time turned quick and it was soon time Diet MAXfor my watch. I brought 3 bottles of Diet MAX to the CCR. I had just stepped in to the CCR when the fresh water barge arrived

- What the YOO!
I had ordered the barge for 2100 and now we only had space for 165 tons and not the 210 tons I wanted. But we will have enough water to last us until tomorrow and I asked our Agent to send back the barge at 1000 tomorrow morning.

When I came on my watch it was time to change from cargo tank 3 center to 4 starboard and I spent my watch in the CCR washing cargo tank 4 starboard while drinking Diet Max. We expect to be ready around five six tomorrow afternoon. Then we have to see if the tanks pass the inspection.

Monday 18th of September 2006 and I woke up by someone banging on my door. It was our new CCR2nd Officer.
- I think you forgot your phone of the hook, he said.
- OK, I will be with you in a jiff, I said.

I was soon in the CCR and we changed the washing from 6 starboard to slop tank starboard. At 091 we completed the slop tanks and we changed HKFto 6 port. 8 hours to go, 6 port and 4 port left to clean.

Our new 2nd Officer went to bed and I was alone with my Diet drinks, I really must stop drink this rubbish. I will bring a bottle of water instead.

At 1130 I saw the man from HKF on deck and I prepared my camera and when he opened the door to the CCR I took a picture of him. He was Photosurprised by the flash when he opened the door.

He brought newspaper and I could read that Såssarna had MIF Redhawkslost the election. Actually this was the only thing in the newspaper, page up and down about the election. It took me 47 seconds to glance through the newspaper.

I managed to find out that it was premiere for the ice hockey league in Sweden. I think Malmö is playing their first game tomorrow. Be sure to find the result here on as soon as I have the result. But we are pretty sure already which team that will win.

MIF Redhawks

After my watch a was off to see a video and I soon felt a sleep. My mobile woke me up after about one hour.
- Hello
- Mr. Aladdin? This is ACME Consulting, do you remember us?
- Of course Smiley
- Are you interested in a shore based position?
- In what country?
- In Hamburg, as a Quality Inspector or Safety and Security Superintendent for a German Shipping company.

Well, we were soon to finish the tank cleaning and it was no use to go back to bed. I grabbed a Diet Drink and I wrote a few lines on my web page before I finished the DVD I started before I felt asleep.

I was in the CCR quarter to 5. We should complete the cleaning at quarter past 5 and I needed to assist our new 2nd Officer. Turn off the heating and blow the lines before the Surveyor was to arrive at 1800.

The Surveyor arrived at 1835 and I offered him a Diet Drink first thing. We had plenty, Captain was a little nervous for the inspection so he had loaded the CCR with Diet Drinks. I was talking with the Surveyor while drinking our Diet Drinks. His Diet Drink was a goner in 0,5 and we went on deck to check the tanks.

He was, well, not impressed but a little amazed that we had managed to get the tanks so clean.
- You have done some serious tank cleaning, he said.
- Well, not me. I have been drinking 12- 14 cans of Diet Drinks every day while the machine has done the job.

We had been cleaning the tanks for 48 hours and 35 minutes. According to the AVE tank cleaning terminal we had pumped ashore 1551 m³ of slop and we had received 1200 something m³ of fresh water a 5€. Pumping ashore slop is 25€/m³ so total cost per used m³ is 30€
Smiley - I think we discharged more than the 1551m³

Last tank cleaning we used about 40m³ water per hour and they told us that they could give us 30 m³/h with their hose. We ABlost about 10m³/hour when we cleaned the tanks, so the calculation make sense. 48 hours and 35 minutes of cleaning make 1944m³ and we filled water for about 53 hours so I think we got a good deal from AVR terminal. I don't want to drive you up the wall with any more calculations, but I didn't argue with them when they came with their figures.Smiley

We left the tank cleaning jetty at 2125 and we had all fast at ESSO Botlek Jetty 2 at 2245. Safety inspection and paperwork in the smoke room and we were ready to load.

While waiting for the cargo to be ready we received three new crew members, 3rd Engineer, AB and a Deck apprentice.

Tuesday 19th of September 2006 and we started to load at 0100 and we expect to be ready 7 and 8 o'clock in the morning. So I was soon of to bed after the start, with a quick stop in front of my computer and web page.

I was called for at fifteen minutes before 6 o'clock and I was in the CCR with two Diet MAX in Smileytwo steps after a quick shower. This is really growing to be my favourite time of the day.

I and the other 2nd Officer share the new 2nd Officers watches while he learns the 2nd Officertrick of the trade. I will soon know how to load the ship, I hope. I had been up all day and I felt asleep around 3 o'clock in the morning and then I have to go and load the ship and do paper work until afternoon again.

They had not managed to keep 1500m³/h as loading rate and we expected to be ready around 0830. Our new 2nd Officer had time for a quick toast in the CCR and I had a few Diet Drinks.

I asked the Terminal to be stand-by to slow down, they required 15 minutes notice. But they could not slow down that easy. They load us with a 34 inch pipe and minimum was 900m³/h.

I had 30 tons to load when I heard someone on the radio and I asked:
- Someone calling Bro Jupiter?
- OK, we stop!
- No, don't stop! We have 30 tons more to load.
- But you said stop and we can't start again.
What the fåck! Do they think I'm drunk? I know when I tell them to stop.

I wrote complete loading at 0830 in the Statement of facts and our Surveyor were onboard Seaman's chaplainfor sampling just after 9 o'clock.

When I was ready with the calculations we had to wait for the cargo documents. I was in the smoke room talking with Captain when they called.
- Who ordered tea mugs?

The Seaman's chaplain had arrived with the tea mugs just in timeTea before we expected to leave Rotterdam. Pilot was ordered for 1130 but it was changed to 1300. Cargo documents took longer than expected.

I took one of my new tea mugs and gave it to Captain. He was surprised.
- What is this? He asked.
- It's a bicycle. What do you think it is? I asked.

The cargo documents came onboard at 1215, I had just finished my lunch and we could leave Rotterdam at 1300. I was in my cabin watching us leaving the jetty.

We approached Dover Strait when I came on my watch at 2000 and at 2250 something we changed course to cross the NE bound traffic lane. We were lucky, no traffic, well not very much traffic and we had Dunkirk pilot onboard at 2335

Wednesday 20th of September 2006 and they called me at 0130 and I went down to the manifold to position us and we had all fast just after 2 o'clock. I expected us to load in 4 hours but when the Loading Master came onboard he told me that they could give us maximum 400m³/h and we were looking at completion time in the evening.

- Shit!
- What's the matter? 400m³/h are good, 2nd Officer said.
I was hopping to finish in 4 hours so I could go to bed. I and the 2nd Officer are doubling with the new 2nd Officer. But as I said:
- If he cant load 6 tanks with 400m³/h we can as well send him home.
So I went to bed and they called me at 8 again. I was very tired, not much sleep the last Aladdin with 1 dfew days. But I was soon brisk and spry, but it Diettook two Diet MAX and sunshine

I was in the CCR pestering the Captain when I saw Aladdin with one d coming in. This is the very same ship we passed the other night. I had my camera with me and I took a picture.

- What is that? Captain asked.
He rushed to the window and looked out and he laughed when he saw the ship. I told him that they had spelled the name wrong, Aladdin is spelled with two d.

We discussed the tank cleaning, most likely we will go to a repair berth in Rotterdam after Port Jerome. We need new steam lines on deck and they will lift all the pistons on the main engine. A few of our drop lines are lose in the cargo tanks and we need some welding in the tanks. I can't say that I'm J in Bangkoklooking forward to 5 days in Rotterdam, but I hope there will be a chance to visit the town. I have not been in Rotterdam for a long time.

After my watch I went to my cabin, I had received a call yesterday but I was too tired to answer. I didn't recognize the number and I called the number when
I was back in my cabin.

It was to J's ship, they had just passed Singapore. I didn't spoke with him, but I hope he is holding the Hip Hop flag high and proud, it doesn't only comes with a lot pride, it even comes with a lot of responsibility to win the “ Sveriges Tjockaste Hip Hoppare ” award.

We completed loading at 1750 and Pilot was ordered for 2200. I had a few hours toMotorman do paper work and irritate Captain.

I did the discharge plan for Port Jerome, step by step to keep vetting inspectors happy and I printed stability calculations for every step of the discharging. Time turned quick and our cargo documents were soon onboard and at 2100 al paper work was ready and we were ready to leave Dunkirk.

I returned to my cabin after the departure to see the end of a movie I had started earlier on and some sleep. It was not easy to fall a sleep and I went up again to see a little more of the movie.

The only good thing with a bad movie is that they last for ever if you want them to, and if you want you can finish them in a jiff with 32Xplay.

Thursday 21st of September 2006 and I was watching the movie when I heard a helicopter. At first I thought it was from the movie, Helicopterbut it was our Pilot leaving with a helicopter. I was quick with my camera and I managed to get a picture before the helicopter left.

I was tired after a long day and night but I could not fall a sleep and I went to the bridge for a fag with Captain.
- Where have you been? I asked.
- What?
- I'm sitting in my cabin waiting with white wine and shrimps waiting, I said.
- What the BIP are you talking about?
- I bought new lingerie, shrimps and a nice bottle of white wine in Dunkirk. I went through all the trouble making my cabin cozy and now you don't want to come, I said.

I returned to my cabin and I watched a few minutes at the movie before I gave up and I returned to my bed and after a while I managed to fall a sleep. I was not very brisk and spry when 2nd Officer called me at 0740. Smiley

We were just changing course to South passing the Greenwich buoy when I came on my watch. About 5 hours to go to the anchorage.

They called from the company and now it seems like 5 days at repair berth had become 10-14 days in dry dock. A Hip Hopreal dream come true.Smiley
I will have to find my Hip Hop shoes so I can go ashore for some fun in Rotterdam.

I don't look forward to the repair berth, but I hope I can celebrate Saturday and Sunday. Living the Engineers life for a while but I'm afraid that it doesn't come cheap. I have Amsterdam fresh in mind and 4 € for a bottle of beer at Sailor's inn.

In the evening 10 - 14 days in dry dock had become 10 - 14 days at repair berth, never mind what we do, its about 20 hours of tank cleaning on the way to Rotterdam.

In the afternoon they told us that there was a possibility that we would go inside tonight, but when I came on my night watch we had 0745 for Pilot boarding time confirmed. Good, I can pop over to the Agent's office to upload my web page. Next upload will be in Rotterdam.

I was playing Gilbert O'Sullivan on the bridge and Captain was whistling along.
First sign of getting old when you listen to music that Captain likes.

I changed to RL Burnside in a jiff.
- What is this? He asked

Reminded me of a happening a year ago. I had been on a grand opening at a new place with my Musicfriend and unnecessarily to say I woke up with a hangover force 9,8.

I had just waked up when one of my friends called in the early afternoon, he was sitting in a bar.
- Come over! I'm here with my friend listening to blues, a famous blues DJ from San Francisco.
- Blues??!! OK, I will bring some good blues. Is the bar iPod ready? I asked.

Not long after I had arrived to the bar we had a bottle of vodka on the table with fresh orange juice (Did I ever told you about my healthy lifestyle?) and I had soon forgot my hangover. RL Burnside was blasting high on the sound system.
- What is this?
- Wasn't you a famous blues DJ? I asked.
He loved the music and he wanted to copy the music.
- Are you serious? You are a blues DJ and have never heard of RL.

It was no surprise, not to me anyway, that when the vodka bottles keep coming in I soonMusic grew tired of RL Burnside and we changed to Hip Hop and the spirit was high.

The last thing I remembered seeing of the famous DJ was he drinking straight from the vodka bottle and according to rumours he got the concrete hat on at the table. Hip Hop is not allowed on this bar any more. Well, we ended up trashing my place in the wee hours, and Hip Hop is still allowed at my place.

Friday 22nd of September 2006 and I went straight to the fo'c's'le at 8 o'clock. Well, I stopped at the smoke room before going to the fo'c's'le, but we managed to have the anchor up at 0820. It was a gloomy and grey morning and there had been heavy rain during the night.

At 0900 we had our pilot onboard and just after that we could hear that Aladdin with 1 d was calling the pilotEngineer station. We steamed up river Seine and I managed to drink three Diet Drinks before we had first line ashore at 1125 on ESSO Jetty 40 in Port Jerome.

I saw Aladdin with 1 d passing us when I did the paper work with the Surveyor. Our Surveyor told me that the Loading Master should be onboard around 1300 when he left. I had to wait for the Loading Master so we could complete the ship/ shore check list and agree on pumping rates and stuff before we could start discharging.

He was not onboard until just before 3 o'clock and we could finally start discharging at 1515. The original plan was to discharge the small parcel at jetty 40 and at completion we should go out to the anchorage. Now they changed it so we will shift to jetty 3 at midnight.

But we could only discharge about 400m³/h due to high back pressure so we would not be able to be ready for midnight. We expect to be ready between 3 and 4 o'clock in the morning and then we have to wait until 0930 for the high water before we can shift.

I asked the Agent if I could borrow their internet but they had problem with the internet so no upload.
- Call us later and see if the internet is back, then you can come, he said.

Saturday 23rd of September 2006 and we were waiting for the pilot when I came on my morning watch. 0930 the Pilot was ordered for and I hope we're up and running with the discharging at 12 o'clock and that I can use our Agent's internet by then.

Our Pilot was onboard at 0920 and we left jetty 40 at 1000 and 15 minutes later we had first line ashore Ferryat jetty 3. Jetty 3 is the jetty closest to the ferry crossing River Seine to the village on the other side.

I was talking with our Bosun/ Pumpman about going ashore for some shopping at the village in the afternoon. I spoke with the Agent and they had had a major internet breakdown and now no one was allowed to use the internet. So maybe I could find an internet place in the village, or as they say in France, Cyber cafe.

Our Bosun/ Pumpman wanted to buy some nice French cheesesCheeseand a few fresh Pain Riche (French sticks)France would be nice as well.

When our Loading Master came onboard he told me that there were no Cyber Cafe in the village Seineand I more or less gave up the plan to go ashore.

But it was a sunny and nice day so it would have been nice to come ashore for a while, but after lunch I went to my cabin. I need all the sleep I can get, Hip Hopafter departure we will start the tank cleaning and that will take about 24 hours. I will be in the CCR drinking Diet Drinks and listen to Hip Hop.

We expect to leave around 2300 and I can start the cleaning when we have left River Seine behind 2-3 hours later. We don't want the muddy river water in our cargo tanks.

I managed to get some sleep during the afternoon, I need all I can get so I can stay up to do the tank cleaning on the way to Rotterdam. We completed discharging at 2100 and we left just after 2300. Our Pilot told us that he expects to leave around 0150.
- Call me when we pass the last bridge at Le Havre, I said.
I disappeared to my cabin for a movie while waiting for us to be out of River Seine.

Sunday 24th of September 2006 and they called me at 0030.
- A little earlier than expected, I said when I had a cig with Captain.
- The Pilot misjudged the tide, Captain said.

I brought plenty Diet MAX and my computer to the CCR and I was up and running with the cleaning at 0100. 2 hours in each tank so I'm facing some 20 hours of cleaning. But ABmy computer Musicis loaded with good Hip Hop and I'm not likely to run out of Diet MAX for quite a while.

We will wash each tank for 2 hours and we will transfer the water to 3C and we will discharge the water and clean 3C in Rotterdam. There will come people from the ship yard to measure the gas contents in the tanks before we shift to the ship yard.

I was busy drinking Diet MAX and listen to Hip Hop while doing the cleaning. I had time to read my e-mail E-mail between two Diet MAX. There was mail from J. He's busy writing on his web page and he will upload next time in Korea, we are looking forward to read about his adventures. But I have to read it before I link to his page. I don't want any surprises, you never know if J is pulling a rabbit out of his hat suddenly and totally unexpected. Maybe he has more excitement up his sleeve than I can handle.

I will check it out in Rotterdam and you will be the first to know. Well, I don't know if I was clear enough but I'm to blame for not being clear enough. If someone didn't understood it I say it again. I hate writing SMS Tank cleaningwith my sausage fingers on a keyboard the size of a stamp. Now I hope people (no name mentioned) get disappointed with my SMS. I got e-mail from one disappointed receiver of a SMS, and I quote:
“ It's so nice getting SMS.... but please try and write longer! It's only one line... not good enough! ”
- OH!!! Please spank me!

Well, reading e-mail and it was soon time to change tanks. Washing with hot water and there is soon 200 mbars pressure in the tank. We open the vapour return to let out the steam Tank cleaningpressure before open the hatch and butterwort hatch. We put a fan in the butterwort hatch and after 1 hour the tank is dry and gas free.

Well, it's 10 o'clock or a little after and I'm off to bed for a few hours. So far the tanks looks good, a little tar under the heating coils and some aft in Cargo Tankthe tanks. But good enough for them to weld the drop lines.

I had a cig with the boys in the smoke room before going to bed. I woke up at 4 o'clock and I took a shower before returning to the CCR. 2nd Officer had cleaned SLOP tank Port and 4 P/S when I was sleeping. We had 30 minutes to go in 5C before changing to 6P.

I checked cargo tanks 2S, 4P/S and SLOP P before going for dinner. Our Cook had Menutomorrows menu ready and for tomorrow he promised to serve Chief Officers Körva Gryta for lunch. I could also see Skåne Stek on the menu.
Smiley - Hmm, What is Skåne Stek? Sounds good.

Our Cook was singing Christmas carols in the mess room.
Santa Claus- I'm singing Christmas carols, he said.
- Why? I asked.
Then he mutters to himself:
- Julbord mitt i sommaren.
- So your daughter have visit my web page? I asked.
- Why? Just because I said “Julbord mitt i Sommaren”?
- Otherwise you would not have mentioned “Julbord mitt i sommaren”, I said.

We continued with the cleaning and at 2145 I stopped the heating on the water and 5 minutes later I stopped the water. Now we onlyOpen Sandwich have 3C left to clean and I will flush all the tanks with fresh water for a few minutes at the tank cleaning jetty.

I caught our Cook with an open sandwich in the computer room.
Smiley - What the BIPPING BIP!
I counted to 2 or 3 different kinds of sausages and cheese, and it was not the cheap cheese either, Cargo tankon top of the same sandwich. He tried to escape my camera, but no chance.

Well, we expect to arrive to the tank cleaning jetty at 2245 and now we hope they accept our tanks. We will change 3 drop lines on the ship yard. On the right hand picture you can see the drop line in a cargo tank. This is where the oil comes in to the tank. The small stainless steel coils you can see is for steam to heat the cargo with.

We had all fast at the tank cleaning jetty at 2345 and not very long after that the barge was alongside and we could do the paper work with the barge.

Monday 25th of September 2006 and I went to bed at 0100, not possible to fall a sleep. I'm so tired and I can not fall a sleep. At 0230 I went down to play a little mischief with 2nd Officer.

I had a quick fag and I returned to my bed and I woke up at 0440 when 2nd Officer called me. I was in the CCR Smileyin two steps a few seconds later. I was too tired to take a shower.

We had about 1 more hour left of the cleaning in cargo tank 3C. When I was ready with 3C I flushed all the tanks for a few minutes with fresh water and at 0800 I was ready. Our Bosun/ Pumpman was blowing the lines to the barge.

The barge left after completion of the paper work, we had pumped about 821m³ of slop to him. SausageCaptain called the Chemist so he could inspect the tanks before shifting to the repair berth.

I was pestering our Cook while waiting for the Chemist. He was busy making Chief Officers Körva Gryta and I was in the Galley Sausagegiving pointers. Our Cook managed to make a very good lunch under my strict supervision.

At 1030 we were still waiting for the Chemist and I went for a shower and I had been out of the shower for two minutes when they called.
- The Chemist is onboard, 2nd Officer said.

At 1200 our tanks were inspected and we were allowed to shift to the repair berth. Pilot ordered for 1330 and I was off to bed after lunch. I had three plates of Chief Officer's Körva Gryta so it was nice to go to bed.

I could not fall a sleep and I was soon in the CCR again for a chat with the boys. After 3 o'clock I gave my bed another try. I had ordered a wake up call for 1630, if I sleep all night long I will wake up in the middle of the night and I will be tired all day long again.

I was so tired when they called me at 1640. I was dizzy of tiredness and it didn't make it better when we arrived to the “ SHIP YARD ”. Ship yard? It was more like a dolphin in the middle of nowhere. They had told me that we were going to a place close to the city.

OK, maybe we can consider it close comparing with some of the oil terminals we use to stay at. But we were in the middle of high stacks of containers and in between there was a hut. This ht was the shipyard. I was more than a little disappointed, I had expected lunch and dinner ashore every day. I guess I'm still thinking about port call with Rainbow Warrior.
- Can you please move the gangway a little? It's in the entrance to a beer garden.

I had planned to visit Parksicht bei Euromast. I have not been there for more than 10 years.
But it's a (or was, I don't know if it exists any more) nice place. A big house with a big dance floor in the middle and many small bars of different styles around. No need to walk very long if you grow tired of the music. Just to change bar for a totally different music, guests and style.

Last time I was back onboard 8 or 9 in the morning, but I'm afraid that I'm a little too old for 9 o'clock in the morning today. Well, anyway, we were not as close to the city as I wished for. I asked the PFSO for the distance to Rotterdam.
- You can walk for 15 minutes to the bus stop, and from there you can take the bus to the subway.
- What!!?? BUS AND SUBWAY!!??
This is exactly how I want to spend my Saturday night. On a bus in the middle of nowhere. Thank God for TAXI.

He told me that it was 10 minutes walking to the Seaman's Club.
Going ashore- Good, I can upload my web page, I said.

I left the ship around 7 o'clock with our Fitter, Cook, Motorman and Deck Apprentice. It was just a short walk Seaman's Clubto the Seaman's Club. I ordered a Diet Drink, but when I saw the size of the bottle I ordered 2 more and I moved to the computer.

I uploaded my web page and I returned to the bar. I ordered one more Diet Drink and I asked if I could buy a beer mug. The bartender gave me one beer mug and I bought some lip balm before I left the rest of the crew Beer mugbehind and I returned to the ship.

It was nice to walk back to the ship. It was a little chilli, but still comfy and I had good music in the iPod. I tried to sleep when I came back, but no success so I finished a movie I started a few days ago.

I was relieved when the darn thing came to an end and I moved in to my bed room. I rolled around in the bed and after a few hours I gave up. I went up and I went to see how the AB on watch was doing. He's on watch from midnight to 8 o'clock in the morning during the stay alongside the repair jetty. We need someone to watch for terrorists.
As exciting as it gets at the repair jetty in Rotterdam

Tuesday 26th of September 2006 and I made a big mug of tea first thing when I came to the mess room. It was nice with a big size mug and my tea lasted all the way to the CCR.

UNITOR came onboard and they wanted us to launch the lifeboat so they could change the air bottles in the boat. All our (3) 2nd officers were busy with the life boat. They took the opportunity to launch our MOB boat as well, so now we have done the manoeuvring of both the lifeboat and MOB boat.

We have a new 2nd Officer onboard and he will double with the other 2nd Officer for a P3 Transitfew days to learn the ship. Well, a little waist while at the repair jetty, no cargo operations taking place.

Well, the Seaman's Chaplain came onboard around 10 o'clock and he had a Journalist from the Swedish Radio with him. The Journalist wanted to interview some on in the crew for Transit on P3.

RadioTransit is a program for teenagers and it's about travel and stuff, I think. He was looking for someone under the age of 30. But first I was told it was under the age of 25.
- Only me and the Deck Apprentice to choose from and I don't want to be on the radio, I said.
- Well, I'm looking for someone under the age of 30, he said.
Smiley- Well, then you have three to choose from and I still don't want to be on the radio, I said.

He started with our 2nd Officer and he was not interested so I brought him to our Deck Apprentice and I don't think he was very interested either.
- No, I'm still not interested, I said.

We were busy with the tanks during the day. The workers from shore wanted to see all 2nd officerthe drop lines that we wanted to change. Our new 2nd Officer was down in one tank to check it out, and I was promptly taking a picture of him on the way down the hatch.

Our new 2nd Officer told me that he recognised me.
- You relieved me on Rankki 1995.
- I don't remember, I said.
- You still don't drink coffee? He asked.
Well, I must give him that he has a good memory.

At 1630 I went for a shower and after the dinner I went for a walk up to the village. There was noting but a convenient store. I went in to see if they had pumpernickel. They had no pumpernickel and I walked back to the ship.

I was sitting in front of my computer when J called. He was on the way to Korea and I'm still locking forward to his upload on his new web page.

Wednesday 27th of September 2006 and I started the day with a big mug of tea. The work continues with the steam line on deck.

Our Cook was signing off today and there was a TAXI to pick him up at 1330. Before he left he told me it had been a nice time onboard with a happy crew.
- Much thanks to you, he said.
- ??!!??
Is he pulling my leg here? But a joke here and a laugh there is always nice.

Well, it was a very good Cook, well, my diet leaves a little more than little to wish for. But now we have to see how it goes with the new Cook.

A rainy night and a foggy morning had became a sunny afternoon and I was thinking about going Chocolateto the Seaman's Club to upload my web page, but I'm too tired so I postpone it until tomorrow.

I got 2 sleeping pills and I will drop them after a DVD and I hope I can sleep all night long. OK, I must admit that I went to the Captain and I got two cans of peanuts and two Schweizernöt, just a little snack for the movie. It will be like the cinema, when the movie starts the candy and chocolate is history and you feel bad.

Thursday 28th of September 2006 and Captain woke me up at 8 o'clock with a phone call. I was FRAMO pumpin the CCR in two steps to get my tea mug. I went to the galley and I prepared a mug of Earl Grey tea and I returned to the CCR.

I had to measure the gas in our cargo tanks before I made an “ Enclosed Space Entry Permit ” for one of the ABs. He is checking all our FRAMO deep well pumps. Tighten bolts and replace missing nuts and stuff. I need to make an “ Enclosed Space Entry Permit ” before he enters any tank. I measure the gas and oxygen levels in the tank. The AB is also Deck Apprenticewearing a portable gas analyser while in the tank.

We also need a guy watching the tank opening while someone is in the tank and we have a breathing apparatus (popularly known as a BA-set) stand by at the entrance just in case.

Our AB finished all the pumps today and the second last pump we did we have to dismantle tomorrow. He found something looking like a piece of mooring rope in the impeller at the pump in Starboard SLOP tank.
Impeller (also impellor)
is the rotating part of a centrifugal pump, compressor, or other machine designed to move a fluid by rotation.

It's also a similar device turned by the flow of water past a ship's hull, used to measure speed or distance travelled.

Good that we found something in the pump, we have been out listening and checking this pump before. The pump has behaved a little strange, but every time I have checked the stripping has been good. Now we know the problem and I'm glad to have good ABs onboard

Well, it was nice to take a shower and to sit relax with my web page before the dinner. I don't know, maybe I'm of for a walk after dinner and then I can pass the Seaman's Club and upload my web page.

Friday 29th of September 2006 and the AB working with the pumps started right off with the pump in SLOP tank Starboard. It took all day long SLOP tankand he have to fit the last stuff tomorrow. He found a piece of rope in the impeller and now he can turn the impeller by hand.

Believe me when I say that it's a very boring job with this pump. Lying around in a tank all day long and no space to work. There is no space around the pump to use tools or to see anything under the pump.

Well-well, after the dinner it was time to put on my Hip Hop shoes and I Hip Hopleft the ship just after 7 o'clock. When I came down to the duty mess our Bosun/ Pump man told me that the Deck Apprentice left for shore a few seconds ago. I said good bye and I left the ship.

I ran in to the Deck Apprentice on deck and we walked to the gate where we ordered a TAXI. After 10 minutes we had a TAXI in front of us.
- Take us to a nice bar!
- In Den Haag there are nice places, he said.
- We want to go to Rotterdam
- In Den Haag there are hookers in windows, he said.
- HEY! We are young and good looking, we don't need to see any hookers in any windows.
Well, he didn't understood this argument and he went on and on about his hookers in the windows. After a while I lost my temper.

I didn't believe it when the driver stopped outside a place saying STRIPTEASE and TOPLESS all over the front.

Well, after a little bit of argument we ended up in a bar where they played music from the 80's and the spirit was high. I ordered a Hannibal Hayes and Kid Curry and a pack of Marlboro. It was OK with the Hannibal Hayes and Kid Curry.
- You have to buy the cig in the slot machine around the corner.
I got my 4€ coins for the machine and I was about to leave for the toilet area and the slot machine when the bartender stopped me.
Age coin- You need an AGE COIN.
- What the .....??!!
- The slot machine is not working unless you have an AGE COIN, he said and gave me an AGE COIN.
- Don't you need to check my ID before you're handing out the AGE COIN?
He was just laughing and he told me that I looked like 22 so it was OK.

Saturday 30th of September 2006 and as you understand I had a hangover force 9,7 Paper workwhen I woke up. Well, the only good thing with being a Chief Officer is that I plan my own work time and I didn't had to rush on deck. Thank God for paper work, keeps me going for hours.

But we managed to do a test run of the pump in SLOP tank Starboard and it looked good and now it's only to laugh for the rest of the day.

I had been thinking about going ashore tonight again. Saturday night and my Hip Hop shoes are still looking good.

Our 3rd Engineer called the Swedish Seaman's church and they will be here at 2020 to pick us up. I asked our new 2nd Officer if he wanted to come.
- Tomorrow morning we will have a telephone conference and we put the other 2nd officer on watch.

A lot of weight on my shoulders, is not only my own work time I have to plan, it's even the rest of the Paper workcrew on deck. And a telephone styled conference is a good one to throw in. As I said to our Bosun/ Pump man when he asked where I had been all day long.
- I have been busy with an important telephone conference in my cabin.

I didn't mention all the very important paper work I did. Before we left Swedish seaman's churchI told Captain that we still had a few questions left from this mornings telephone conference, but I told him that I did not hope those questions would develop in to something big so I had to stay at a conference hotel over night. But is best to deal with important things ASAP.

We arrived to the Church just before 9 o'clock, our Motorman and the 3rd Engineer stayed at the church for a sauna.

The rest of us took a 5 minutes walk before we made a In lovepit stop. This bar was of a shady character, yes, you know the kind of establishment I'm talking about.
- Where do you come from?Smiley
- What are you doing in Holland?
We left the place in a jiff and we were soon sitting in a new bar. This was a nice place with good music and we had a few drinks. Every time we wanted to leave they started to play a new good track and we decided to stay for just another tune and a drink.

I cross-examine our new 2nd Officer and we found out that it was him that called me Copenhagenfrom STENA bulk last summer. J and I were on the way to Copenhagen. We were cruising down the highway in 200km/h with the Hip Hop blasting high on the sound system when they called from STENA bulk.
- Hey, you have been recommended. Do you want to apply for a position as a Chief Officer with us?
Smiley- Hmm, I don't know.
- Can I send an application form to you? He asked.

I returned the application form and the only thing out of the ordinary I wrote was an answer on the question:
- Why did you leave your previous company?
I had just signed off Astoria and I answered:
- Our Captain had been drinking for a long time and he finished it off by trying to commit suicide. We had to lift him ashore with the crane. When the company wanted to send him back I left the ship.

I never received any answer on the application and I gave our new 2nd officer a hard time about it. He told me that he had been with the Captain from Astoria in another company and they had had to lift him ashore there as well.
- Signing off every ship with a crane, why do they get new jobs all the time?

He is a chief Officer in Wallenius and I asked why he's coming to Broström. He wanted to tryRotterdam something new and he told me that the Seagoing Personnel Manager had used me when she tried to persuade him to join Bro Jupiter.
- She told me that there was a very funny and competent Chief Officer onboard.

Remind me that I will have to renegotiate my salary, if they will use Moneyme as a poster boy it will cost and I can always find use for a few extra dollars.

We changed pub and I was pleasantly surprised by Rotterdam. Last time I was here 15 years ago there were a few places around Stadhuisplein. But now there were plenty bars every where.

Well, that's it for September and it's time to change to October.

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