Bangkok Slot Car Club - Scalextric racing track

Sunday 11th of June 2016 and a fruit salad and shower after the session at the Chaiyasit Muay Thai Gym with ปีศาจแดง ก.กุมานนท์, the Red Devil. And today I brought my tripod and two lenses as I will try to make a video. So I sat up my camera first thing and I moved the camera and the tripod along the track to get a full lapse.

I started with the Scalextric Corvette L-88 but the car broke down and needed a longer stay in the work shop. So I was running with the SCX Classic - Fiat 124 Spyder while the owner of Bangkok Slot Car Club repaired the Corvette L-88.

Well, turned out that it was not so easy to get a good video. The car pass the camera in a second as the camera is stationary. Should follow the cars with the camera but then we get all the shaking and, well, it should not be so good. Well, now I have done it and at least I learned a few things. Time turned real fast and it was soon 5 o'clock and I went back home.

Going back home to have some fruit salad, and that means that I skipped New Cowboy Restaurant on Soi 22 and that was very good for my diet. And I'm very happy with my diet and my food boxes in the fridge. Not been to any restaurant since, Yet another Smiley on hmm, yesterday.

But the daily exercise with ปีศาจแดง ก.กุมานนท์, the Red Devil at Chaiyasit Muay Thai Gym have really been the best thing in a long time. September and my Humpback whale adventure is Snorkelling at Pulau Perhentian Kecil, Malaysiaapproaching quickly and I need to be in good condition before that.

But the problem is when we're hungry after the training, then we take my friend's car to a restaurant nearby. Sweeter Day is the best restaurant in the area and they have been closed for renovation, but Saturday, after I had been to sell my gold. Jeez, it was a lot of gold I used to wear in my ear. But now I'm too old for that so I sold the gold.

We were hungry and we stopped at Sweeter Day on our way to the supermarket where we were going to buy fruit. They were out of mango and I asked for a Nutella toast, cheese and ham sandwich and a spinach.

I asked for hot tea, and a slat time they told me that they didn't had any tea. I saw tea in the menu and they also had Earl Grey tea. I don't understand why they cannot understand tea. But I got a pot of Earl Grey tea and it was lovely.

Sweeter Day
They have tea, and from a pot

ปีศาจแดง ก.กุมานนท์, the Red Devil at Sweeter Day
They have an extensive menu

Sweeter Day

ปีศาจแดง ก.กุมานนท์, the Red Devil at Sweeter Day

ปีศาจแดง ก.กุมานนท์, the Red Devil at Sweeter Day

Sweeter Day
Nutella toast

Sweeter Day
After dinner and dessert snack

ปีศาจแดง ก.กุมานนท์, the Red Devil at Sweeter Day

The brought my Nutella toast, a ducking super tanker of Nutella toast, but I sent it out again. We don't start with the dessert. But at Sweeter Day it seems like they serve the food in the same order you have ordered it. And I made a mental note about this.

They brought the spinach and then it was an hour of waiting for the cheese and ham sandwich, and I was hungry. The Nutella toast was something of the best I have ever had. And it was a super tanker of food so I could not finish the Nutella Toast.

We were sitting at the table when 4 of our friends dropped by and they had finished their meal before us and they left. DARN! Now I had to eat the cheese toast I had ordered as an “after” meal snack by myself. I had planned to give the toast to my friend, but now I had to finish the toast by myself. And my friend finished his toast and we left for the fruit at the supermarket.

I have been to the post office to pick up my passport with my new US Visa. They have built barriers on the sidewalks to prevent motorcycles to drive on the sidewalks. I had a hard time to get through so it must be impossible for the motorcycles.

Sukhumvit Road
Blocking the sidewalks

I left the post office and I saw a motorcycle approach and the driver had to stop and go back. And the driver was in a wee bit of a pickle. What to do now? He could not get out on the road as he was driving against the traffic flow.

And I need more practice with my underwater camera so I have booked a tour to Malaysia. And I will go to snorkel with sharks and turtles at Pulau Perhentian Kecil. But first 3 days of birding in Kuala Lumpur. And after the underwater camera training at Pulau Perhentian Kecil I will have 2 days of birding in the rain forest at Genting Highlands.

I have booked a guide for two days in the rain forest and this is of course something I look forward to. And I have been in Malaysia before, several times actually. I spent a few days in, I Pepsi MAXthink it was Penang waiting for my visa.

I was around the island looking for Pepsi MAX and believe me, I was happy when I finally found a few bottles. I went back to my hotel ASAP and I popped a bottle open. BOOM! The refreshment tasted like “please throw me in front of a bus”

So I need some refreshments for my snorkelling and bird watching tour to Malaysia next week. So I had bought a case of refreshments to bring with me.

Duu Thoomaaas...

So I'm off to Malaysia next week, but first a walk with Bangkok Photographers, the Bang Sue Photo Walk #62. Click HERE to find out if I make it out of bed in time to make it to Bang Sue in time for the photo walk. If I can get away really early I might have time for some birding in Suan Rot Fai. Suan Rot Fai is not far away from Bang Sue.



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