Aladdin back in Skåne - July 2016

Monday 4th of July 2016 and I woke up in my room at Marina Plaza. I checked in 10 minutes before midnight yesterday. I woke up at 8 o'clock and I was really looking forward to the breakfast, I think it is the best breakfast I have ever had at any hotel I have stayed at in the whole world.

I called Sixt, rent a car after breakfast. I asked for an AUDI A6 but it seems like the only SIXT Rent a car logoAUDI they had available was a Quatro A4 but he would keep an eye out for an AUDI A6A6 or an bigger Mercedes (God help me). We will see tomorrow, I will go to pick up the car at 10 o'clock and I Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.sthope that I will be pleasantly surprised tomorrow.

Then I will go to see my nephews and niece before going to see the Captain from Roy Mærsk tomorrow afternoon. Anyway, I hope Yet another Smiley on I don't have to go in a AUDI A4

I left Marina Plaza and I crossed the street and I was soon sitting at my table at Österns Pärla. Österns PärlaThe girl recognised me and she asked if I wanted the same as always.

I was soon having two spring rolls in front of me, and even though it is embarrassing to admit it, I was soon having a second plate with Swedish spring rolls Nisses Herrmode, Helsingborgin front of me. And the spring rolls were excellent as always and I was feeling great when I left Österns Pärla.

I walked to Nisses Herrmode Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stand the translation to English is Flabby & Porky collection.

It was a few minutes’ walk from Österns Pärla to Nisses. Walking through a park and I was soon seeing Nisses sign. But Nisses turned out to be nothing but a disappointment, for sure, they didn't had enough Xs. The guy wanted to call Nisses in Malmö, a much bigger shop. But I told him that I was going to drive there Nisses Herrmode, Helsingborgtomorrow when I had my rented car

I left Nisses and I walked through town looking for a place with Engelholms Glasssoft ice cream, preferable Engelholms glass. But I didn't see any place and I decide to go back to my hotel via Pressbyrån to buy some diet drinks.

I approached my hotel when I decided to take the train to Malmö to check out Nisses. I had refilled my SIM card earlier this morning, obviously I had refilled someone else’s SIM card as the credit was still ZERO Pågatåg at Knutpunkten, Helsingborgon my phone. I bought a refill code on Pressbyrån. As soon as I had credit I looged in on my Skåne Trafikens app and I bought a two way ticket to Malmö.

The train to Malmö was at the platform but it was just leaving so I could not open the door. DARN! I returned to Pressbyrån and I bought a can of snus.

I was soon back on the platform and there were two trains leaving for Malmö, 3 minutes between departure times. I chose the train leaving at 15:15 as Nisses Herrmodethe train departing 15:13 had more passengers. Bad choice, my train was very slow and they stopped everywhere on the way to Malmö.

Malmö train station
Malmö train station

Nisses Herrmode i Malmö

We arrived to the old train station in Malmö. A disappointment as I wanted to arrive to the new station under the old station. I have passed the tunnel and the station many times, but I have Nisses Herrmode i Malmönever used the underground station.

Walking to Nisses and I kept my eyes out for soft ice cream. Helsingborg and Malmö, new times has obviously arrived as I have spotted exactly ZERO places with soft ice cream. I was so disappointed, this is not a development I like.

I remember it as there were soft ice cream places all over the place back in the days. During the summer that is.

I found Nisses and I stepped inside. I saw the guy working there and I asked if he had a jacket for a cubic ton of porky human balloon.
- Ah! for your “bigger” brother?
- Exactly!

I told him that I was going whale watching and I needed a wind breaker. I brought out a jacket (I will not tell you how many Xs there was) and I liked it. Well, there was a logo and I asked why the duck they had put it there
- I guess it is to give the jacket a maritime look
- Yeah, I get sea sick just by looking at it. But I take the jacket

I walked back to the train station and I went up on the square for a last look for soft ice cream. No luck, but I was lucky as my train departed from Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stthe underground station. So now I have tried the underground station and I have also passed through the tunnel under Halandsåsen when I joined Ternvag back in June.

Malmö train station
Malmö underground train station

Malmö train station
Malmö underground train station

Tuesday 5th of July 2016
and I had my breakfast before going to the taxi stand outside the train station and I was at SIXT-Rent a car 15 minutes later. I was a wee bit disappointed that they Summer in Skåneonly had a A4 for me. A4 is a darn nice car, but the A6 is a wee bit bigger.

I had forgot my phone in my hotel room so I had to drive back to Marina Plaza to get my phone. The car have a Bluetooth so I can easily access the “music treasure” on my phone. No need to listen to any of the TOP 10 music they play noon ducking stop on the radio. And my 128GB memory card in the phone guarantee that I have music to last me for weeks.

I was soon on the highway and the AUDI didn't require much pressure on the pedal to reach 180 km/h and from there the car was still taking off like a rocket reaching 220 pushing me back in the seat. So I had to be careful to stay within the speed limit.

Summer in Skåne

Summer in Skåne

Summer in Skåne
We are ready to take off to look for Engelholms Glass

Engelholms Glass

My Nephews were playing with their bikes and we played some soccer before we left to look for Engelholms Glass. And of course, not ordinary Engelholms Glass, we wanted soft ice cream. Yes, Summer in Skåneonly the best is good enough.

I had interrogated my nephews about places to buy soft ice cream. And as we knew every ice cream place within a few km and beyond when we were babies I was surprised that my nephews didn't know where to buy soft ice cream.

They told me about a Statoil gas stop where they had some “self service” soft ice cream. I was much less than enthusiastic to hear about this place
- Engelholms Glass?
- We don't know

OK, that means not any Engelholms Glass! I explained for them that they would for sure remember if it had been Engelholms Glass as it is so darn good. But as Engelholms Glass was one of the few things remaining on my list it was Engelholms Glass or bust!

We stopped at Statoil and as I suspected, instant disappointment. Eat as much soft ice cream you can for 1$. And yes, it is cheap, but I prefer to spend a few dollars extra to get the real shit, The real shitnot the shit shit.

We decided to drive to Hyllinge. There is a shopping centre and if we're lucky they have soft ice cream. But I must admit that my hopes wasn't very high as it seems like the soft ice cream is not popular in Sweden anymore.

It took us maybe 20 minutes to get there and we passed an ice Engelholms Glasscream place 20 meter inside the shopping centre. We stopped and I saw the Engelholms Glass logo.

But there was nothing indicating that they had soft ice cream, but I took the chance and I asked them. AND YES! THEY HAD ENGELHOLMS GLASS SOFT ICE Engelholms GlassCREAM!!!!!!! We asked for three ice creams with our favourite toppings.

Making the best ice cream in the world

Engelholms Glass
Ordering ice cream

Engelholms Glass

Engelholms Glass
Engelholms Glass

Engelholms Glass

Engelholms Glass

Engelholms Glass

Engelholms Glass

Engelholms Glass

I finished my ice cream and I told the girl that my nephews had behaved so good that I deserved Engelholms Glassa second ice cream
- What about the boys?
- NO NO! They have not behaved good enough! Just good enough for me to have a second ice cream.

They had actually behaved so good so the girl gave my nephews lollipops when we left. And of course, I made a mental not on where to find Engelholms Glass for the future. Never know when I will be back in Skåne for some ice cream.

We finished our ice creams and I took care of the lollipops, not allowed to eat any candy in the car. If I need to stand on the brakes you never know where the candy ends up. A worst case scenario is if the candy get stuck in the throat.

I did the same with my friend's son in Thailand, nothing to eat while in the car for just the same reason. At first it was crying and BIG trouble. But it is just a question of getting used to the new rules. And safety first when I'm in the car.

Anyway, I dropped my nephews at home. I will come to pick them up at 10 thirty tomorrow and we will go for a moose safari in Markaryd. But honestly, I think I'm more excited about this than my nephews are. I took off towards Röstånga Gästgiveri for a lunch.

Röstånga Gästiveregård
Röstånga Gästiveregård

Röstånga Gästivaregård
Röstånga Gästiveregård

Röstånga Gästivaregård
Skånsk Spickeskinka

Röstånga Gästivaregård
Skånsk Äggakaga
Och vi observerar att min blir serverad Earl Grey te från en stöddig te kanna

I will continue up north to see the Captain from Roy Mærsk but I will need to stop for lunch, so first I had to drive a wee bit south to Röstånga. Skånsk Spickeskinka for starter and main course: Skånsk Äggakaga, the food was excellent and as an extra bonus they put a bucket of Earl Grey tea on my table.

Needless to say, this is a place I can recommend if you ever come to Skåne. I was about to leave Skåne on my way north and I drove back towards Helsingborg and when I reached the highway to Glommens FiskekrogGo:teborg I was delayed by 30 minutes due to a road work in Ängelholm.

It was not so easy to find my friend and he had to come out on the street to get me as I was in the wrong part of the harbour. He lived close to the port but I was in the industrial part of the port and there was no signs of any houses.

We went to have a look at his apartment and to pick up his wife and we were off to Glommens Fiskekrog in Gloomen. We arrived at 7 but we were told that they didn't had any tables available. But if we came back at 8 there would be a table for us. We left and we took off for a sight-seeing tour.

We saw some wild life, a hedgehog crossing the road, pheasants and a lots of rabbits. Our destination were Morups Tånge Lighthouse. A beautiful area, if the weather had been better. Now it was gloom and grey for long as we could see. And it was cold.

Morups Tånge
We had to open a gate to get to the light house

Morups Tånge
Had to make sure the cows didn't got in the way of the car

Morups Tånge
We reach the light house

Morups Tånge

Morups Tånge
Open the gate to let us out again

The light house is beautifully located and I can imagine coming here for birding. But the weather left a whole lot to wish for. And we had to pass through a gate as there were cows around the Glommens Fiskekroglight house. And I was happy about it, it was like a trip through my child hood country side.

It had been a nice rid through the country side. But I have noticed one thing here in Sweden. No children are out playing. What are they doing? My guess is that they are home playing computer games.

Seriously, summer time and not one single child out playing. When we were children it was never mind the weather, we Glommens Fiskekrogwere always out playing.

Where my nephews lives they have a nice soccer field, a creek and plenty small, well, micro forest where they can build tree houses. But there was not one single child to be seen in the area.

We were back at Glommens Fiskekrog at 8 o'clock and now they had a table for us.

Glommens Fiskekrog

I asked for a pot of tea, and they had a very nice looking tea pot for us. I had some asparagus for starter and salmon for main course. My friends had shrimps for starters and cod fish for main course.

Glommens Fiskekrog

OK, Glommens fiskekrog, the food was very good, but there wasn't much of it. But it was very good. We spent two hours and I had 4 pots of tea. So I will have to stop on the way back to Hotel Marina Plaza in Helsingborg. I stepped in to my hotel room 5 minutes before midnight and I had have a very good day.

And tomorrow it will be more adventure, a moose safari in Markaryd, Småland. Just on the other side of the border to Skåne. Just click HERE for some moose adventure

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