Thai Airways flight TG 624

Tuesday 24th of November 2015 and I had been hoping that it would have been possible to get to the whale sharks without drinking any beers. Tuesday evening and I went to see a friend. I finished Bangkokschool at 7 thirty and I went around the corner to Hemingway’s on Sukhumvit Soi 12

We were soon sitting at a table with 2 bottles of beer in front of us. Of course, I had asked San Miguel Lightfor a San Miguel Light. I had planned for 2 beers but, well, San Miguel Light are not bad so they disappeared quite quickly.

I got worried, the Painters and the Carpenters will come to work early tomorrow morning. I woke up at 1 o'clock in the afternoon today and I was for sure not going to miss the workers tomorrow. They must finish the floor in the Bangkokkitchen by Thursday as I'm leaving for the Philippines on Friday. Then it will take about a week to dry before they can start sanding the floor.

I asked my friend to call me at 9 o'clock in the morning as he was going to work tomorrow. Well, thinking about it, this was not a good idea. So I called a few other friend and I asked them to call tomorrow morning.

I felt a little more relaxed when I had set up my wake up plan for tomorrow. And it was in the nick of time, 2 other friends arrived and not long after that we had another friend arriving. Well, we had more than a few beers before we changed place. And what time I was back home, not a ducking clue! And how did I get home? Well,...

Wednesday 25th of November 2015
and, yeah, it was a terrible ringing. It started 10 minutes
before 9 but I didn't woke up until after about 20 minutes.

And I was not feeling like a million, that is for sure. The guy running the company doing my floor called me quarter to 10. The workers were outside my door and I went to open the door. It didn't take long before it was a terrible noise in my apartment. And no escape!

On top of this I had 3 Painters coming a little bit later. My friend called and they were going for lunch a t the Stable Lodge on Sukhumvit Soi 8. I was quick to accept the invitation even though I suffered from a severe hangover. But it was better than to stay around here in the noise.

The Stable Lodge, usually a safe bet if you're looking for good food. But today it was a different Stable Lodge at Sukhumvit Soi 8, Bangkokstory. Maybe because of Loy Kratong? I ordered Hakkebøff as usually. It was crunchy with I don't know what. The potato was half boiled and I sent it back. Impossible to eat.

And when I got my bill the Hakkebøff was still on the bill. So I had to send out the bill so they could remove the Hakkebøff. What a disappointment and it will be some time before I come back, if I ever going back.

The workers left around 4 o'clock and the floor will be ready tomorrow. The Painters are ready so I will not
have to see them again. They have been working with the darn bookshelves for 6 months
and now it was Yet another Smiley on hopefully the last time I had to see them.

The floor will dry while I'm in Donsol with the whale sharks. Then I hope
they can sand the floor in one day. And that is a BIG Yet another Smiley on hopefully

They left and my friend called, he is going back to Sweden
tonight and we were going for dinner. Baan Khanita but it
was full and we went to a Thai restaurant next door.
Loy Khratong and it was full as well.

So what about Pizza? Yeah, but it
turned out that they were closed
so we ended up at Tohkai
for some Japanese food.

Usually very good service, but today
the service sucked balls. My friend never got his soup and I never got my cabbage. But a plate of salmon that I had never asked for.

Friday 27th of November 2015 and I had my alarm to go off at 8. My flight is leaving at 14:50 so there is time to pack a few shirts and swimming trunks in my bag. And of course, my Canon underwater camera. Now I will be very disappointed if I don't get to see any whale sharks. Swimming with them will be fun, but at least I hope I can see at least one.

Same as the guy from Grönlandsresor, 5 weeks in India and not one single tiger. Driving down the highway to the next national park. Suddenly, there is a antelope running across the road in full speed with a tiger chasing the dinner. They got to see a tiger!

And we can imagine how happy they were, seeing thousands of tigers and you're getting bored. Well, it is not like there are more than about 1400 tigers remaining in India. Well, anyway, if I see Suvarnabhumione whale shark I have at least seen one. But as we will spend 3 days with a boat searching for them I hope I can see at least two.

I was in the taxi at 12 o'clock and it didn't take us very long to reach Suvarnabhumi International.

I don't know, but according to TAT or whatever they call them self. Hang on! Let me check internet. Tourism Authority of Thailand, well, anyway, they claim that there are so many tourists coming here, increasing by fantasy figures every month. And yet, I have never seen Suvarnabhumi so empty as the last months.

Tourism Authority of Thailand are not happy with the back packers and cheap Charlies anymore and they Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stclaim that they are attracting quality tourists. What is a quality tourist? Thai Airways lounge at SuvarnabhumiAnyway, maybe they might ship them in with Limos (Town car in American English)

I don't know, I don't see them at the airport. So please, continue to bring them in with “style” so I can be alone on the airport, I don't mind. Yet another Smiley on I'm not bitter because they don't ship me in style, a good ol' “SEXY” tourist isn't appreciated any more.

Check-in and security was a very quick affair. And I apologised to the staff at the security for disturbing them. I was the only Suvarnabhumi Security checkone in sight and they looked to be half asleep.

Thai Airways lounge and I have not seen it so empty before. Good, I don't mind. I grabbed two cans of soda water and I went to the computer Thai Airways lounge at Suvarnabhumiroom to update my web page.

I was soon off for a plate of Thai Airways ham sandwiches. They have really grown to be a favourite since I discovered them the first time a few years back.

Time was passing quickly and I left for Gate C9 and Thai Airways flight TG 624 to Manila at 2 o'clock. Boarding time 14:10 and from a gate C9. Gate 9 and it means that I will have to walk to the end of the, yeah, whatever they call the things sticking out from the airport where the airplanes are.

I discovered a new shop on the airport walking to the gate, “all about Mango”

All about Mango at Suvarnabhumi

I reached gate C9 and I had to wait for about 10 minutes before boarding started and I was the Thai Airways flight TG 624first to board. Well, there had been 3 passengers in wheel chairs that boarded before me.

I got my aisle seat but as the seat next to me was empty I sat at the Thai Airwayswindow. I prefer to sit at the window, if the seat between me and the aisle are empty.

They brought the menu and I choose beef steak with mashed potatoes for dinner. Some shrimp and crab cake for starter.

They brought drinks and I had a glass of water. I could feel that I was going to be sick, it started this morning when I had my fish oil capsules. So it is either the fish oil or the pineapple. This was Thai Airways flight TG 624nothing I was happy about.

They closed the doors and they started to pull us off from the terminal and we were on the way. Two Technicians waied Yet another Smiley on us as they disconnected the truck taking us off the terminal.

What were they thinking? Bon Voyage motherfoockers! Well, I don't think that is what they were thinking when we taxi out to the runway.

Safety video on the way to the runway and there were a plane or so in front of us that had to take Thai Airways flight TG 624off before we could leave. Take off was quick and we were soon flying east over Thailand towards Manila.

Friday and as I was looking forward to a “fun” weekend in Manila with a few San Miguel Light. Well, on board TG 624 they had Beer Chang, Singha and Heineken beer.

Beer Chang, please. Singha beer, God help me! And Heineken, not a brew you're thinking of when Thai Airways flight TG 624talking about tasty beers. 3 nasty choices, and we remember last time I was flying to Manila and I asked for San Miguel Light on Thai Airways web page.

Thai Airways have a web page for ordering special San Miguel Lightfoods for your flight. Well, they could not provide San Miguel Light.

So I had no hope for this flight and I asked for a Heineken with a glass of ice. I sipped my beer and they were soon bringing the food which I enjoyed with a glass of water.

I asked for another beer after the meal and I had half the beer. I was struck with fever and I Ninoy Aquino Internationalswapped the beer for 2 paracetamol. I was really starting to get sick and I just wanted to get to Best Western Hotel La Corona so I could go to bed to take a rest.

I gave up the idea of a night on town. Most important now is to get well for the whale sharks.

The only reason for me to come to the Philippines. I spent the rest of the flight half asleep and the 2 paracetamols made me feel a little better. The fever had gone down but I knew it would soon come back and by then I hope to be in my room at Ninoy Best Western. We landed in Manila and I was among the first to come off, and that’s even though I was attacked by the Stewardesses for pictures and proposals.

Thai Airways flight TG 624

Yes, I walked up the arm from the terminal. As soon as I came out from the plane it was easy to notice how old this airport is. Ninoy Aquino International is really worn down. Last time I was here Ninoy Aquino Internationalit was raining in to Thai Airways lounge.

The Ninoy Aquino International has for sure not got any better by the years. Maintenance seems to be zero. I was in Manila and Bangkok for the first time the same year back in the 80's. Thailand, well, a remarkable improvement on things. The Philippines, well, it is getting worse every time I come here. Pretty much like Ninoy Aquino InternationalChristobal in Panama. A terrible place falling apart, worse by the year.

Christobal and Manila, I call them cowboy cities. They are like the towns in the Wild West movies, a front and when you look behind the front there is nothing but rubbles.

Even India had improved remarkable the last 30 years since I was there the first time. But Christobal and Manila, the only two place where it is getting worse by the year. I was surprised when I reached the immigration, no passengers at all. It was empty. The whole place reminded me of a ghost town. I was not sad about it as I'm in a hurry to get to my room and bed. Tomorrow, I can spend the day in my room. Worst case scenario, Sunday as well. But Monday come and I NEED to get to Donsol and the whale sharks.

Immigration at Ninoy Aquino International
Empty at the immigration

Immigration at Ninoy Aquino International
Empty at the immigration

Immigration was done in 30 seconds and I started to walk towards band #1 for the luggage. Turned out the luggage from Thai Airways would arrive on belt #5. I have arrived so many times with Thai and it had always been band #1 so I went there by “automatique”

The luggage claim area was empty and as soon as I had got my bag I went to look for a ATM. 2015 in Manila and I had to try 3 or 4 ATMs before I could get my cash. Impressive. Taxi, I went to the taxi queue and I told the driver that I was going to Best Western. He took my bag and put it in the trunk.
- Which Best Western? In Manila?
- Close to Robinson
- I know Robinson
- Do you know Best Western?
- No

I started to interrogate the driver behind us and I took my bag again. I asked the other driver if he knew Best Western. Well, they were going to ask and I left to another taxi company. I will for Luggage claim at Ninoy Aquino Internationalsure not spend a few hours going around Manila looking for a hotel. And that is with a taxi driver that had accepted to drive me to the place

And of course, Pilipino style, impossible to answer a YES or NO question
- Do you know Best Western?
Instead of answering they start to ask around and I left. Yeah, it is not like taking a taxi in Europe. Yet another Smiley on Hmm, thinking about it, it is getting the same in Sweden Welcome to Sweden

I crossed the street and I was soon on my way to Best Western Hotel La Corona. As I was going to spend the evening in bed there would not be any hangover tomorrow. So I could take a day tour or something. I asked the driver and he told me that he charged me 5000 Peso per day for the car. He suggested Taal Volcano. I will call him tomorrow for the tour.

Well, the whole Saturday was spent in bed, I felt a wee bit better in the afternoon and I went for breakfast/lunch/ dinner at the restaurant. I called the driver and we will go to Taal tomorrow. I will Yet another Smiley on hopefully be better by then. And you just need to click HERE to experience Taal


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