Chao Phraya Express Boat

Chao Phraya Express Boat
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Chao Phraya Express Boat

Chao Phraya Express Boat

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Chao Phraya Express Boat
Time table for the blue flagged tourist boat below
Chao Phraya Express Boat
Chao Phraya Express Boat

Chao Phraya Express Boat is one of the best ways to get around Bangkok as the Chao Phraya River passes The Khlong Saen Saep Express Boatthrough the city. In combination with the Sky train, Subway and the Airport Rail Link we have a real winner.

And on top of this we have The Khlong Saen Saep Express Boat. This boat goes all the way from close to Khao San Road to Wat Sriboonreung, NE of the Mall Bangkapi. And you can be sure to get a report from the Khlong Saen Saep Express Boat when I have the time.

Andway, Chao Phraya River is divided in 2 zones. North and South of the Sathorn Pier (Sky train station Saphan Taksin) and thus the marking “S” and “N” in front of the pier number. South of the bridge we have 4 piers, the last one is # S4 - Ratburana Big-C. And we have 33 piers North of the Sathorn pier and the last pier is # N33 - Pakkret. So Sathorn pier/ Saphan Taksin is also called the CENTRAL PIER.

Chao Phraya Express Boat

And if we look at the time table we can see that the green and yellow and un flagged boats only operates in the morning and evening so this three lines are only used by commuters.

Chao Phraya Express Boat
Chao Phraya Express Boat

Chao Phraya Tourist Boat

The tourist (Blue flag) are more expensive than the other boats. BUT THIS IS NOT A SCAM!!! The “blue” boat is bigger and usually not so crowded. There is also a Guide explaining what we're passing on the Chao Phraya River.

There is also a very good service. And they tell you that the price to go on the “ORANGE” boat is half of going by the “blue” boat. So it is not a scam. And the “blue” boat don't stop at all the piers so it is a wee bit quicker getting to your destination. That is of course if your intention is to get off at any of the piers the “blue” boat go to. Otherwise you have to take one of the other Chao Phraya Express Boats.

Click HERE for Chao Phraya Tourist Boat timetable

Chao Phraya Tourist Boat

Chao Phraya Tourist Boat

          The BTS Sky train joins hands with Bangkok's biggest public water transportation provider, the Chao Phraya Express Boat Co.,Ltd. (established 38 years ago) to introduce a new water transportation service "The Chao Phraya Tourist Boat".

This service provides tourists with the opportunity to see Bangkok from a whole new perspective, within one day, tourist can easily travel on high quantity boats from pier to pier without worrying about purchasing boat tickets or getting lost. Plus, they can visit many attractive tourist spots such as the temple of Dawn, and the great Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho.

Routing & Piers

          The Chao Phraya Tourist Boat provides service to 8 piers, which in turn give access to Bangkok's most famous attractions. The journey starts from the Central pier adjacent to BTS Saphan Taksin Station s6 and proceeds up the river, stopping at 8 pier and returns back to Central Pier on the same route.

You can freely get on and off at any pier to explore the beauty of sites in surrounding areas. Piers served by the Chao Phraya Tourist Boat are listed below : CLICK PIER # FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT EACH PIER

1. Sathorn Pier -
(connection with BTS Sky train at Saphan Taksin Station)
2. Oriental Pier
Oriental Pier  
3. Si Phraya Pier
Si Phraya Pier  
4. Rajchawong Pier
Ratchawong Pier  
5. Tha Tien Pier
Tha Tien Pier  
6. Maharaj Pier
Maharaj Pier  
7. Wang Lang Pier
Wang Lang Pier  
8. Phra Arthit Pier Phra Arthit Pier  

Service Condition
  • Unlimited rides on Chao Phraya Express Boat from Central Pier to Pha Arthit Pier
  • This trip can be made on the stamped date only
  • Passengers may take any other Chao Phraya Express Boat with the same route from 9.30 - 19.30 hrs. using One Day River Pass without paying extra charges

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Travel along the Chao Phraya River

          The Chao Phraya River plays many roles in Thai life, in fact it is regarded as the principal artery of the nation. Much of Thai history can be traced along the bands of the Chao Phraya River. As it flows, the river carries with it the history and culture of the country. The Chao Phraya Tourist Boat service takes you to 8 different piers providing access to Bangkok’s most famous attractions many of which are in the Rattanakosin Island Historic Area which was settled during the Thonburi and Rattanakosin eras. Old temples, palaces and communities along the Chao Phraya River banks tell us that the Chao Phraya River has Provided livelihood for the people and has led to the birth of a civilization.

Bangkok Tourist attraction review - Reviewed by Review Man
How to kill a day in Bangkok #16
Review: Chao Phraya Express Boat

Fee: See price list HERE
Web page:

Opening Hours: 06:00 to 20:00 See time table

This must be one of the cheapest attractions in Bangkok. You can spend the whole day on the boats. And there are some very beautiful views along the Chao Phraya River. And take the opportunity to see all the famous landmarks in the dark when they are lit up.

There are several restaurants on many of the Chao Phraya Express Boat's piers. And there are many sights to see at the different piers and you can easy spend a few days exploring the different areas. And if you take the “BLUE” flagged boat, the Chao Phraya Tourist Boat.

The “BLUE” flagged boat only operates between the Sathorn pier/ Saphan Taksin (CENTRAL PIET) and the Phra Arthit Pier, Khao San Road, station # N13. See map and information about the Chao Phraya Tourist Boat's pier above.

The “BLUE” flagged boat is more expensive, but the boat is bigger and more comfortable and there is an English speaking Guide explaining what we pass on the Chao Phraya River.

Bangkok Tourist attraction review - Reviewed by Review Man Rated: Bangkok Tourist attraction review - Reviewed by Review Man

A highly recommended thing to do while in Bangkok (stay away if you suffer from a hangover) Nice crew and staff and there is never a dull moment as there are things happening on and along the Chao Phraya River all the time.

And it is the best way to see Bangkok as you can see both the Bangkok and Thonburi river front. And on top of that you have the daily life of Bangkok passing by in front of your eyes.

Review Man

I will go on a temple tour with the Chao Phraya Tourist Boat next Sunday. We will depart from Sathorn (Central) Pier @ 09:00 and we will visit the following temples:
• 1. Visit Wat Chalerm Phrakiet
• 2. Visit Wat Kaenok
• 3. Visit Wat Choenglane
• 4. Visit Wat Yaisawangarrom
• 5. Visit Wat Amarin Thraram
• 6. Visit Wat Sangsiridharm
• 7. Visit Wat Pailom
• 8. Visit Wat Saothongthong
• 9. Visit Wat Paramaiyikavart

We will be back at Sathorn (Central) Pier @ 17:00. The trip will set me back by 599 Bath, includes Boat cruise, English speaking tour guide, Drinking water, insurance + VAT

But before taking off on my temple tour I will take a trip to Koh Kret and this will take me to yet another tour with the Chao Phraya Express Boat. And this is something I look forward to, just click HERE and you will find yourself on board the “orange” flagged Chao Phraya Express Boat.

Chao Phraya Express Boat


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