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Wednesday 16th of December 2015 and this day will go down the history book as the day our hero Aladdin joined Bangkok Slot Car Club. I was searching the internet for Scalextric in Bangkok Bangkok Slot Car Clubyesterday evening. I bought a track as a Christmas gift for my nephews last time I was in Sweden.

Märklin Sprint
I wanted to buy Märklin slot cars but I was soon to find out that they didn't make Märklin any more. Looking for them and I found out that they were called Märklin Sprint.
The one we were playing with must have been from the 50's or early 60's

Märklin Sprint

So I bought Scalextric and my nephews, OK, it was stupid of me. I should have hide the x-mas giftChristmas gifts. Now they were tiptoeing around the gifts, one big pack and 2 smaller containing extensions for the main track, the Scalextric C1310 Digital Law Enforcer Set.
A 3 Car digital starter set from Scalextric.

The super resistant Audi R8 Police Car's siren sounds and its lights flash as it races off in hot pursuit of the street racing Dodge Challenger and Chevrolet Corvette. All cars feature easy change pick-ups Scalextric Digital Law Enforcer Setand the Magnatraction™ system to help them stay on the circuit.

The Audi R8 features flashing lights and siren, the Dodge Challenger and Chevrolet Corvette feature working lights at the front and rear. This set includes everything you need to get started with Scalextric Digital - it features a long track with two lane change sections, hairpin and tricky chicane section and comes supplied with three Digital Chip installed cars.

Additional cars are available and you can easily convert most standard cars to run on digital layouts.

This set includes a 4 car powerbase, 3 Digital Throttles and 2 straight lane change tracks, Chicane & Hairpin bend for overtaking and blocking manoeuvres. Digital layouts are fully compatible with standard Scalextric track pieces so the set can be expanded in many ways.

Space Required: 320 x 152cm. Track Length: 648cm with three cars

So this kind of got me started, and while my nephews are tiptoeing around the Christmas gifts I can start practicing at Bangkok Slot Car Club and I will be (Yet another Smiley on Hopefully) able to kick some serious arse next time I'm in Sweden.

Actually, I was looking for Scalextric last night on the internet and I got hung up on You Tube looking at slot car race videos. There are some amazing slot car tracks out there. By the time I was ready it was too late to call Bangkok Slot Car Club.

But I called them this very morning as soon as I was ready with my morning tea. I was both happy and surprised when they answered the phone.

Yes, they were open and they had the same address as mentioned on their web page. Very good, I was actually happy that they had answered. Their web page, looks kind of dead. Not updated in a few years. But they are open between 09:00 and 18:00. Good, I will go for lunch with my friend and then I will pay them a visit.


is a track based slot car racing system first invented by Fred (B F) Francis. Scalextric was first made in Havant, Hampshire in 1956.

The forerunner to Scalextric was Scalex which Francis first produced through the company Minimodels Ltd which he founded in 1947. The company was based in London and made tinplate toys and models. Early products included the Startex toy car range and the very popular Scalex, which was introduced in 1952. Scalex was a range of toy racing cars with a clockwork motor which was activated by pulling out the steering wheel.

In 1952 Minimodels moved to a larger factory in New Lane, Havant to meet the growing demand for the toy cars. At the peak of its popularity, over 7000 Scalex models were being produced weekly. By 1956 the novelty of clockwork racing cars had worn off and sales began to fall. Eventually the future of the company and its 100 employees was threatened.

In an attempt to revive his company’s flagging fortunes, Fred Francis began to look at alternatives. He was inspired by seeing model car racing tracks, but wanted to develop the player’s control of the car so as to increase the sense of competition. He experimented by putting small electric motors into Scalex cars and running them on model railway track. Next he introduced rubber slotted track and gave the cars a ‘gimbal’ wheel to pick up the electric current in the groove of the track. Power was supplied by batteries hidden in a little cardboard hut, with players having their own on-off button to control their cars.

Scalex-electric had become Scalextric!

Scalextric was unveiled at the Harrogate Toy Fair in 1957 to immediate acclaim. It appealed to both adults and children, combining speed, competition and the glamour of Formula One motor racing. Demand for the toy was immense and the Minimodels factory struggled to keep up with the orders.

In 1958 Fred Francis sold the Minimodels company to Lines Brothers (who operated as Triang). The popularity of Scalextric continued. In 1960 plastic bodies replaced the original tinplate and in 1961 production moved to a new factory in the Leigh Park area of Havant. By 1964 Scalextric was being advertised as ‘the most complete model motor racing system in the world’.

Production of Scalextric was transferred to Rovex in 1968 (although the Minimodels factory remained open until the early 1970s). It is now owned by Hornby Hobbies of England.

From Wikipedia

I left for Terminal 21 where I would meet my friend. They had suggested the Scandinavian restaurant on Sukhumvit Road Soi 8. Well, I said no, last time we had been there to eat I had to Terminal 21send out the food again. And I will not be back there, well, for a very long time, or ever. Unboiled potatoes and a “crunchy” hakkebøff.

They suggested a restaurant with fusion Japanese, Thai and Western food on level, well, it was on the top floor so my vertigo got some exercise going up the escalators. I had been there one time before and it is a nice place.

I asked for a bowl of Japanese styled salmon salad. And while I was at it I also asked for a bowl of Japanese styled avocado salad. And an extra plate of salmon sashimi, just to add a wee bit to the excitements. The food was excellent, but we were kind of disappointed that they didn't Terminal 21had any mango with sticky rice. Well, they had it on the menu but they didn't had any mango. Poor management! If you ask me.

We paid the bill and we went down 2 floors to another restaurant where they had mango with sticky rice. A few pots of tea and time really turned quickly. 2 and a half hour disappeared like an aspirin.

So we said good bye and we will meet on the 25th again when I'm back home from Udon Thani. I and my friend have booked a trip to Udon Thani to go see the Red Lotus Sea. Something I'm looking forward to. And I have also been in contact with the Donsol ECO Tours. As I have to cut my tiger safari short I might go back to Donsol to try to catch a whale shark. Donsol or Australia for a Koala and Kangaroo safari, we will see what it will be when I'm back from India.

From: Maricel []
Sent: 16 December 2015 17:30
To: 'Aladdin'

Hi Aladdin,

We had spotted already a whale shark this past few days 1 to 3 but not all the boat saw them . I’ll let you know on January if the sighting getting better.

Thank you

Best Regards,


Donsol Eco Tour
M: +63 906 3243 116
L:(02) 893 81 73 / (02) 576 59 34

From: Aladdin [mailto:Aladdin]
Sent: Wednesday, December 16, 2015 12:34 PM
To: 'Maricel Roque'

Hello again

Have they sighted any whale sharks yet?

I’m still disappointed about the whale sharks. I will go for Tiger safari in India for a month in January.

So I might come back with you in the beginning of February. But I’m now thinking about Australia so can you please update me as soon as you see the first whale shark in Donsol, then I can come in February and cancel Australia

Hope to see you soon and say hello to your lovely staff in Donsol


But it would be nice to put the whale shark thing behind me so I can continue with my list of things to do before I'm getting too old.
• To experience a hangover
• African safari
• To see Polar bears and icebergs
• Whale sharks “Failed”
• Tiger safari
• Antarctica
• The Amazon in Brazil
• Koala and Kangaroo in Australia

When I'm finished with this I'm settled and the only thing remaining on my TO DO list is to die. But we're in the hurry, Antarctica and the Amazon will not be around for much longer. And also, the older I get the more comfortable I am staying at home.

Anyway, I grabbed a taxi outside Terminal 21 and his meter was “broken” so I gave him the finger and I told him to foock off. I went up to take the sky train and I arrived to Phra Bangkok Slot Car ClubKhanong train station a few minutes later

It was easy enough to find the Soi where Bangkok Slot Car Club was located. But to find the place was another story. It was quite a walk and I had to stop several times to ask for directions. I walked past the place one time and I turned around to walk back again.

Yet another set of instructions and I was soon in front of the door to Thai Slot Car Co, Thailand distributor of Scalextric electric model racing cars and sets. Also the Bangkok Slot Bangkok Slot Car Club - SCX Classic - Fiat 124 SpyderCar Club. I knocked on the door and I stepped inside to discover a huge mess.

Turned out that Bangkok Slot Car Club had just returned from a week at a fair somewhere. And they had brought al their stuff to build a race track at the fair. So now all the boxes and equipment were back but still in the boxes.

So there were no racing track that I could see. But they would be up and running on Sunday (when I'm in Udon Thani). I asked how much the member ship fee was and how many meetings they had per month. Free to be a member and they meet every Sunday to drive a few laps.

I asked what was required and he had everything, but I told him that I wanted my own car. He sold tracks and cars, but there wasn't very much in stock as it was Christmas and he had sold out. New orders were on the way. But I looked at the cars, he had Scalextric and SCX. I don't Bangkok Slot Car Club - SCX Classic - Fiat 124 Spyderknow if there is any difference, but here is a wee bit about the SCX history, interesting reading, just click HERE

I liked the SCX most and I bought a “Tuff till tusen 750” from SCX Classic Series.

There was another member showing up while I was there and it seems to be a nice group and I'm looking forward to kicking their arses (on the slot car track) when I will join for the first time. My new car, I liked it, a Fiat 124 Spyder from SCX Classic Series, and as we can read HERE I'm not the only one impressed. OK, impressed is not the word we're looking Bangkok Slot Car Club - SCX Classic - Fiat 124 Spyderfor here, but you get what I mean.

I paid for my car and I left Bangkok Slot Car Club, no sign of any taxi. We're in the middle of Bangkok but as soon as I was 100 meters up Soi Phumichit Rama IV Road it was like walking around a small town at the country side. No taxi and I had to take a motorcycle to ปากซอย Rama IV and from the I took a taxi.

And of course, when I got off the motorcycle there was a taxi coming from my direction, so if I had been waiting one more minute...

I was soon plunging down Rama IV towards Sukhumvit Soi 22 and we were hauling arse until we reached Sukhumvit Soi 22 and the traffic came to a full stop. And I had changed destination, now I was going to Huntsman - Landmark Hotel in BangkokHuntsman at Landmark to meet a friend. (More food and God help me and my diet)

I arrived to Huntsman 5 minutes before my friend and I was studying the menu when he arrived. He threw x-mas in Bangkokhimself over my new SCX Classic Fiat 124. I told him about Bangkok Slot Car X-mas in BangkokClub and he will join me when he is back from UK where he will celebrate Christmas. Well, I'm off for a tiger safari in January so we will meet in February next time and by then we will kick arse at the slot car tracks. This upcoming Sunday and I will be in Udon Thani but I will be in Bangkok on the 27th.

I ordered garlic bread (without garlic, but with the added excitement cheese and ham) and a plate of assorted sausages for starter. I was already Bangers & Mash at Huntsman - Landmark Hotelhalf way through my third pot of Earl Grey Tea. Main course, Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.styeah, why changing a winning concept? So Bangers & Mash it was.

The brought the garlic bread without the garlic, but with the added cheese and ham. The bread was good, but what the DUCK!!!??? The assorted sausages, I was pretty sure this was an item from the starter section in the menu! I asked for the menu to Bangers & Mash at Huntsman - Landmark Hotelconfirm this. I asked the Waitress what it was she had brought to the table.
- Assorted sausages.
- It is a ducking super tanker with food!!!!
- Yeah, a starter
- For a whole ducking soccer team?

I told my friend that I hope that they had forgot that I had ordered Bangers & Mash as main course. Assorted sausages, can it be better? I really don't think so. They are right up there with Huntsman - Landmark Hotel in BangkokBlack Swan on Sukhumvit Soi 19 and Queen Victoria on Sukhumvit Soi 23. Best sausages I have had in Bangkok.

And believe it if you want, even better than some Skånesausages I have had in Skåne. But then I suspect the “bad” sausages I have got in Skåne have been imported from only God knows where.

And no, they had not forgot that I had asked for Bangers & Mash and I was soon having a new plate in front of me.

OK, you will think I'm taking the piss, but I don't! I had to ask my friend to help me with the Bangers & Mash! I was full, BUT, even though I was full it was excellent Bangers & Mash. Ok, maybe I was putting on a charade afraid that my friend would start to wonder about my eating disturbances.
- What the Yet another Smiley on is wrong with Aladdin, eating all that food?

Yes, you have 3 places for Bangers & Mash in Bangkok and I really recommend those places. And Huntmans, I have never been there before made it straight in to the “TOP” list

Bangers & Mash in Bangkok

Review: Queen Victoria @ Sukhumvit Soi 23 - The original favourite

Queen Victoria on Sukhumvit Soi 23Web page:

Address: Sukhumvit Soi 23, Opposite Soi Cowboy

Tel: 02 661 7417


Opening Hours: I don't know, most likely normal operating hours

I still remember my first time at Queen Victoria Restaurant on Sukhumvit Soi 23. I was actually getting very angry when my food came to my table. Imagine 500kg lard trying to hide in one of their booths. I was sitting there reading the newspaper enjoying a pot of tea when I saw a Waitress entering the restaurant from the kitchen. The only thing I could see over the dividers was her head and the top of the food.

I remember wondering who the duck had ordered all this food. For sure I was not the only one with eating disturbances in Bangkok. So imagine my chock when she came to my table.
- What the Yet another Smiley on
I had never seen so much food before and I asked what the duck it was. She told me it was my order and she confirmed the items.
- I'm alone, impossible!

But the food was excellent and I always drop by for a Bangers & Mash when there isn't too much people. And you Bangkok Tourist attraction review - Reviewed by Review Manmust start with the (I'm almost sure there is a law against not) Welsh Rarebit - Creamy Cheddar cheese melted on toasted bread.

Yes, as good as it sounds and it is known to have happened that I have had 2 of these to start with. Anyway, get down to Queen Victoria and try their Bangers & Mash

Tea: They serve tea from pots!
A must if you want to enjoy your food!

Rated:Bangkok Tourist attraction review - Reviewed by Review Man


Review: Black Swan @ Sukhumvit Soi 19

Black Swan on Sukhumvit Soi 19Web page: As per December 2015, looks to be hacked by a enemy of the Black Swan pub. Will for sure not attract any customer.

Address: Sukhumvit Soi 19, left hand side 50 m past Family Mart coming from Sukhumvit

Tel: ?

Email: ?

Opening Hours: I don't know, most likely normal operating hours

I was at the Black Swan a few times at their old address. I only ate there once, and yes, I had Bangers & Mash. It was some fantastic Bangers & Mash. This is about a year ago. They closed down and I never went back.

Last week I was going for lunch with my friends and they suggested Black Swan.
- They are closed?
- Ah, they just moved across Sukhumvit to Soi 19

The old place, well, let me just say that there wasn't any good tables for eating. And the new place, I came inside and I asked for a table for 4. The Waitress directed me to a table. I pointed at the table next to our table.
- We are 4, they are 2 and they hardly find the space even though they only drink beer.

We moved to the table at the entrance when the 2 girls that had been sitting there left. It was OK for 4, but there wasn't much space.

They had tea and tea pots. So I was happy, garlic bread, grilled without garlic and with the added Bangkok Tourist attraction review - Reviewed by Review Manexcitements cheese & ham. I had lobster soup with this and it was very good food.

I finished my lobster soup and it was time for the main attraction, Bangers & Mash. And it was exactly as good as I remember it from about 1 year ago. So get down to Black Swan and try their Bangers & Mash

Tea: They serve tea from pots!
A must if you want to enjoy your food!

Rated:Bangkok Tourist attraction review - Reviewed by Review Man


Review: Huntsman pub at Landmark Hotel

Huntsman at Landmark HotelWeb page:

Address: Basement at Landmark Hotel on Sukhumvit Road

Tel: For reservation 02 254 0404


Opening Hours: Daily 11.30 a.m. – 2 a.m

So, Landmark Hotel and, well, we have spent much time in the coffee shop at the street level. Excellent pastries and tea. The food is very good as well. I have never been at Huntsman in the basement and I really didn't expect much. I asked for:
• A pot of Earl Grey tea
• Garlic bread without garlic, but grilled with cheese and ham
• Plate with assorted sausages
• Bangers & Mash

I got my grilled cheese and ham bread. The garlic bread was OK, nothing to write home about, just an OK snack.

They brought the plate with assorted sausages. I almost shat myself. What the duck is this? 7 sausages on a bed of fried cabbage/ lettuce. And this was a starter, from the starter section in the menu. It was embarrassing, what did the Waitress think.
- Look at Porky! There is no bottom in this guy, he is already pushing 500kg and now he is going to eat until he burst. And on top of that he have ordered a Bangers & Mash.

Sausages, 7 of them and they were good. The only complains was the strong mustard. But it was OK, and the bed of fried cabbage/ lettuce was excellent. DON'T MISS THIS IF YOU ARE IN Bangkok Tourist attraction review - Reviewed by Review ManTHE AREA?

The main attraction... drum roll YES! Bangers & Mash. Fantastic, nothing less than fantastic. Queen Victoria and Black Swan serve the onion, fries soft. Very good! I was pleasantly surprised by the deep fried onion. Caramelised or whatever they call it. Crunchy and good.

Tea: They serve tea from pots!
A must if you want to enjoy your food!

Rated:Bangkok Tourist attraction review - Reviewed by Review Man

Review Man

Yet another Smiley on WARNING WARNING Yet another Smiley on

Queen Victoria, there is only one Queen Victoria on Sukhumvit Soi 23, I REPEAT, THERE IS ONLY ONE QUEEN VICTORIA ON SUKHUMVIT SOI 23

Tread carefully and make sure you enter Queen Victoria. There are other pubs, and just because someone open a pub, and believe me, it doesn’t mean that they know how to make Bangers & Mash. I have been at other places at Sukhumvit Soi 23 when there have been too much people at Queen Victoria. Believe it or not, I have left without finish my Bangers & Mash.

Queen Victoria on Sukhumvit Soi 23
From Queen Victoria's web page without permission

I made a review of another restaurant on Sukhumvit Soi 23. I'm sure the owner have checked out my other reviews and I'm pretty sure the size of the helpings at Queen Victoria have been noticed. Well, I never noticed any unusual with the helpings at his restaurant. So a cheap shot, he was actually thinking that some of the meals could be a bit smaller.

Yeah, why not, why not bring in empty plates, I'm sure the customers would queue up to come back. Anyway, Queen Victoria is a safe bet, walk 200 meter up Sukhumvit Soi 23.

Review Man on Tripadvisor

Well, I will attend a potluck party before leaving for Udon Thani and the Red Lotus Sea. So I have to buy some stuff so I can make Swedish meatballs for the potluck. Will the Meatballs be a success? We just need to click HERE to find out.



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