EU Election/ EU valet - May 2014

Friday 9th of May 2014 and my alarm went off quarter past 7 in the morning. Time to do my duty and cast my vote at the Swedish Embassy, election for the European parliament. Hopefully the last time we EU Election/ EU valet - May 2014need to vote for anything EU. I wouldn't mind voting for a NW European EU Election/ EU valet at the Swedish Embassy in Bangkok - May 2014Union. I had my tea and a TUNA & ONION SURPRISE ® with 3 slices of Pumpernickel before I left to look for a taxi.

Bangkok Post

It was not easy to find a taxi, one taxi even turned down the ride and I started to worry that the protests have closed down the city again. Latest news is that the Red Shirts and Suthep will have a mass meeting again

I made it to the Embassy and there was 1 girl at the Embassy, looked like she was a back packer. She was sitting with a guy that looked like a local boy friend. There were 4 others coming a minute after me and a few seconds later a guy came to pick up a new passport for his newborn.

EU Election/ EU valet at the Swedish Embassy in Bangkok - May 2014
Voting at the Swedish Embassy

I filled up my voting papers and the door opened to the room where we will cast our ballots. Out came a girl and I was surprised.
Yet another Smiley on - What the Yet another Smiley on is this? Didn't she just sit down with her boyfriend?

I looked around and it was another girl looking exactly the same. They called me and I went on the the small nook and I discovered ballot papers for all the parties. So I threw away my hand written EU Election/ EU valet at the Swedish Embassy in Bangkok - May 2014ballot paper.

And I didn't bother closing the door to the nook, I took Sverigedemokraterna's ballot paper and I put it in the envelop. I handed the envelop EU Election/ EU valet at the Swedish Embassy in Bangkok - May 2014and passport to the guy in the nook and it was pretty much over.

No one blocking the embassy preventing me from voting. I could not help to think about the Thai election that was blocked a few months ago. But there was no problem casting my vote. I EU Election/ EU valet at the Swedish Embassy in Bangkok - May 2014looked at my wrist watch, I had finished the voting much quicker than expected and I will be back home in time for our boxing session.

EU Election/ EU valet at the Swedish Embassy in Bangkok - May 2014

I left the embassy and before I closed the door I had the 4 people waiting to cast their vote to promise me to vote for Sverigedemokraterna

Well, that was it from the election adventure in Bangkok, I have two more boxing sessions before it EU Election/ EU valet at the Swedish Embassy in Bangkok - May 2014is time to leave for Sweden on Saturday evening.

I had one session yesterday, the day after coming home as there is no time to waste. Well, I was at a restaurant with my friend yesterday evening so this was not good, for my diet.

I also had time for one Thai lesson with my Thai Teacher, Friday afternoon so I will be in Sweden when the school opens again on Monday. But I told her that I would be back on Monday Thai language school26th of May.

Maybe I will have the time to Learn Thai with Mod and the Alif Silpachai videos while in Sweden. I will also bring one of my books. Yes, one ONLY and there might be a few minutes over for some studies.

I left school early and I took a taxi to MBK Center and the Koborune Japanese Restaurant for tuna steak before getting back home. There are protests coming up and they had loudspeakers all along Rama I Road and the traffic was heavy. But I made it home without too much trouble.

Rösta för Sverige i EU-valet! - Del 1

Rösta för Sverige i EU-valet! - Del 2

Rösta för Sverige i EU-valet! - Del 3

Saturday 10th of May 2014
and my friend arrived at 1 o'clock and we did 10 rounds of boxing and I felt much better today even though my body was aching. My friend had another lesson in the Thai language schoolhouse next to my place at 4 o'clock. So we had time to go to Tops Market at Sukhumvit Soi 19.

My friend took a rest in my sofa while I had my shower and when I was ready we took off in his car towards Robinsons. I saw that they had Pumpernickel the other day when I was at Tops but as my bag was full I only bought 4 packs. Now we had my friend's car and I bought everything they had.

Pumpernickel for almost 6000 Baht and my friend asked if I was going to bring the bread to Sweden. I explained that I took the opportunity to buy Pumpernickel when they had in stock. Expiry dates at the end of the years so no problem.

Pumpernickel in Bangkok
Bread shelf BEFORE

Pumpernickel in Bangkok
Bread shelf AFTER

He dropped me at home and he would be back at 8 thirty tonight, we will have dinner and then he will drive me to the airport. I had a pot of tea and fruit for dinner and I went down to the parking Via Vai on Sukhumvit Road Soi 8 i Bangkoklot a few minutes after 8 thirty and my friend and his wife arrived at the same time.

We took off to Via Vai on Sukhumvit Soi 8 for Spaghetti with salmon in vodka sauce and on the way I remembered that I had forgot to throw my onion. OK, never mind. At Via Vai I remembered my sleeping pills in the kitchen.

The onion was never mind, but my sleeping pills are important. Especially when flying back to Bangkok, leaving Copenhagen at 3 o'clock in the afternoon and it will be impossible to sleep. What a stupid departure time, and we will arrive 6 in the morning (Midnight Copenhagen time). So no chance to get rid of the jet lag. Imagine coming for a week of holiday on this flight, the whole week will be destroyed.

We stopped at my place on the way to the airport and we were soon on the way and I realised that I had forgot the onions again. Well, Skåne and fire fighting next!


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