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Snigdha: Hello! Welcome to Adobe Customer Service.

Snigdha: Hi Aladdin .

Aladdin: Where is my serial numbers now I have wasted enough time with this

Snigdha: May I know you are referring to which Adobe product?

Snigdha: May I know is it EDU version or regular version?

Aladdin: What difference does it make? I bought regular versions 2 hours ago and nothing

Snigdha: May I know do you have the VIN number or the redemption code?

Aladdin: No, I'm waiting for the e-mail with serial numbers. Now I have tried to buy these programs for several days and I have been on my way to the street to buy them saving me 1000 US dollars. And no, I'm not stupis! I have bought many program on line with out any problem

Snigdha: May I have the order number?

Aladdin: I don't have the order number, I still wait for the emails

Snigdha: Please allow me a moment to check for the issue.

Aladdin: Yeah, hurry up because I'm on my way to school

Snigdha: Please wait for 24-48 hours for the orders to be completed.

Aladdin: And while waiting, I have to go the 5 US dollar option on the street?

Snigdha: If the order completes then you can use the product, if the order does not complete it will get cancelled.

Snigdha: Is there anything else I can help you with?

Aladdin: I don't have time to wait, I need to use the program ASAP. I have already lost several days

Snigdha: Please wait for 24 hours for the order to be completed, afterthat you will be able to use the product.

Aladdin: I was in Swedenfor 2 weeks taking a course and I don't know why I have an ADOBE ID with my real email @aladdin.st that I could not use to buy the software as I was in a different country.

Aladdin: I live in BAngkok and I would be greatfull if you could transfer my infor from this id to my @aladdin.st account

Snigdha: You can but product if you stay in a country for which your email address is registered and you have credit card for that country.

Aladdin: I have Swedish credit card but billing adress in THailand as I have lived here for 20 years

Snigdha: May I know where do you live now?

Aladdin: Look a few rows above, BANGKOK

Snigdha: I see that the email address @aladdin.st account is not registered with Adobe.

Aladdin: Yes it is, I have tried to buy the very same program with that account and it is registered in Kalmar, Sweden and I don't know why

Aladdin: I just signer in with @aladdin.st so how can you sai it don't excist?

Snigdha: I would like to inform you that to buy a product you should have email address for the same country and you should have credit card for the same country, if any of these criteria does not match you will not be able to buy.

Snigdha: I see that buying form Thailand is digital river order .

Snigdha: It is not necessary that the email address should be registered with Adobe.

Snigdha: Are we still connected?

Aladdin: What do you mean? Where is my email from? Where is any email from? What are you talking about? And what is "THAILAND IS DIGITAL RIVER ORDER" mean? DO Adobe want to sell nay program or what? I have never had so much problem to buy something. I'M NOT SELLING I'M BUYING

Snigdha: Please wait for the email with the serial numbers for Photoshop and Dreamweaver CS 6. If you don't get within 24-48 hours, please feel free to contact us back.

Snigdha: Is there anything else I can help you with?

Aladdin: No it should be OK Thanks

Snigdha: Thank you for contacting Adobe.  We are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Goodbye!

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