Aladdin's adventure in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkok

Aladdin's adventure in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkok

Saturday 1st of December 2012 and I got out of bed around 2 o'clock. I had 2 friends coming over at 2 thirty. They finished work at 2 o'clock and they walk over to my place from their office Aladdin's adventure in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokon Asoke. So it was just a few minutes away.

They wanted to go for lunch/ dinner and I popped open a bottle of Baileys in order to alleviate my hangover.

We had another friend that wanted to join us and we were waiting for him to get ready and I had time to finish my bottle of Baileys. The girls had a bottle of wine before it was time to leave for Sukhumvit Soi 11. We had decided to go for some Italian food at Limoncello and we would meet there at 5 o'clock. My friend finished his Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stAladdin's adventure in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokswimming at 4. We called him at 3 and we have had some time to chat about the good ol' times before it was time to leave.

I had more than a bottle of Baileys but it didn't do much to alleviate my hangover and I was not looking forward to the Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stItalian restaurant on Sukhumvit Soi 11.

I even had time to open a second bottle of Baileys before we left to look for a taxi to take us to Sukhumvit Soi 11. We arrived 10 minutes past 5 and our friend was waiting outside the restaurant. Turned out that the restaurant didn't open until 5 thirty. So we sat down at the table outside to wait for them to open. And while waiting I had the Aladdin's adventure at Pizzeria Limoncello in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokgirls to scratch on me. Very nice, way better than the Baileys to alleviate the hangover.

At 17:25 I got tired of waiting and I went to the door. I turned the sign from CLOSED to OPEN and I went inside. AC, very nice and I grabbed a table. My friends were still waiting outside.
- It is not open yet
I banged on the window and they were soon sitting down reading the menu. And the scratching continued.

I asked for smoked salmon & avocado with a pot of tea. I also asked for a beer, Japan's #1 beer and it was OK from a wine glass with ice.

I had ordered a Carbonara as main course, but I regreted my choice as soon as I got my smoked Aladdin's adventure at Pizzeria Limoncello in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkoksalmon & avocado. It was deliscious and I asked for a second plate of smoked salmon & avocado.

And I was so full when my spagetthi CArbonara came to the table so I could not eat anything of the carbonara. And I felt really bad when I had finished my meal and I just wanted to go home. And that's even though smoked salmon & avocado are very healthy. But my friend didn't had any Aladdin's adventure at Pizzeria Limoncello in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokproblem, he ordered cake and Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stthey enjoyed the cake while I was about to throw up.

We paid the bill and we walked Soi 11 towards Sukhumvit. The girls were going to the subway and I was going back home.

My friend wanted to go for a drink. Well, I don't want to sit outside so Cheap Charlie was out of the question. Air condition is a must and my friend suggested Check Inn 99 and we walked down Sukhumvit towards Soi 5 and Check Inn 99. I had not been at Check Inn 99 for many many years. Must have been back in 1997 or '98 when Emporium was all new.

Check Inn 99 was all dark and we might have had a few beers and the Waitress was Aladdin's adventure at Check Inn 99 in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokvery beautiful. And yes, turned out it was because of the beer and the lack of light. We decided to meet at Emporium that day after. Believe me, when it was day light it was a totally different story. I almost ran away. And when she gave me a handwriting note with a request to borrow 10,000 Baht I had already made up my mind.

I never want to see her again and I haven't been back to Check Inn 99 since then. But now we were back and they has San Miguel Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stLight and there was a band playing.

I finished my first San Miguel Light in a jiff and we had them coming non-stop. We emptied the fridge and in order to be able to Aladdin's adventure at Check Inn 99 in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokcool down the San Miguel Light in the same speed as we drank them they had to cool them down in buckets filled with ice Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stinside the bar. Well, just bring 'em on!

They had some lucky draw and they handed our Koala bears and stuff to the customers. Everyone was a winner but I was more interested in the music than to listen to some lucky draw.

I don't know if it was a new owner, but now there were Australian flags all over the place and all staff was wearing shirts with the Australian flags. And of course, a painted Australian flag in the face.

Aladdin's adventure at Check Inn 99 in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkok
They cannot keep up with the San Miguel Light so they need to cool them in buckets

But it was a nice place and we had a good time while drinking our San Miguel Light. We were soon Aladdin's adventure at Check Inn 99 in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokjoined by another friend and now it was almost midnight. We had arrived around 7 so the time had passed pretty quickly.

We decided to continue at Thong Lor so we asked for the bill. Me and my friend Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.sthad been drinking 31 San Miguel Lights and we're asking why we have such a terrible hangovers.

And we didn't realised how many bottles of San Miguel Light we had been drinking until we got the bill. Never mind, we paid the bill and we left Check Inn 99 behind in a taxi going to Thing Lor and the first stop at Whiskey Mist.

Aladdin's adventure at Check Inn 99 in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkok
31 bottles of San Miguel Light, as a starter

We had a beer at Whiskey Mist before we left for FUNKY VILLA. And of course, they guys at Whiskey Mist recognised me even though I had not been there for a very long time. And thinking of Aladdin's adventure in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokit Whiskey Mist is the old name, now it is called Wine something.

We walked to FUNKY VILLA from the Wine place and I had a few beers and it was closing time and I took a taxi to Khao San road. There is a place close to FUNKY VILLA on Ekkamai that is open to 6 or 7 in the morning. But I don't think they have forgotten me yet, so I will give them a few more months.

And they are usually changing bouncers every few months so no worries. And I like the place on Khaosan Road better than the places at Thong Lor. Way to Aladdin's adventure in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokcrowded at Thong Lor. So Khao San it Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stis and I took off in a taxi. And when we arrived to Khao San all the places was closed, except the afterhours place.

Plenty people and I had a few beers before I went back home. And I was back home at 5, way too late.

And I'm way too old for this and tomorrow will not be very fun. But I have hangover DVDs and the hangover kit from yesterday so it will be a long day in bed tomorrow watching hangover DVDs trying to forget the hangover. Impossible, but as long as I lay dawn it is OK. Same every time I get out of bed, disappointment, the hangover is not so bad when I'm in bed and I'm pleasantly surprised. But as soon as I get out of bed it is another story.

Sunday 2nd of December 2012
and I woke up at 12 thirty something. But I didn't got out of bed until 7 o'clock when I took a taxi to Sukhumvit Soi 33/1 for a Japanese dinner with 2 of my friends. I walked back to Robinson together with one of them after the dinner. He was going to Soi 9 so we could keep company. I bought onion and apples and I walked back home.

Monday 3rd of December 2012
and I was at Sophia Muay Thai Gym 5 minutes past 3. My Teacher had tried to call me, his new born baby had to go to the hospital and we cancelled the session. He had become a father while I was in India. I walked back home, of course disappointed over the skipped boxing session. But it was very nice to be back in my “2 apples per day” and my “at least one onion per day” routines with the TUNA & ONION SURPRISE ® and tea and I feel better after 2 weeks of eating in India.

Tuesday 4th of December 2012
and my alarm went off at 8 thirty. So I had plenty of time for Aladdin's adventure in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokbreakfast before they would come to deliver my new DAIKIN Inverter at 2 o'clock.

So I was surprised when they called on my “house” phone from the security. I knew it was the DAIKIN guys even though it was only thirty minutes past 12.
Aladdin's adventure in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkok

I have no money and they are here to deliver my new DAIKIN Inverter. Well, it is either too late or too early. I had planned to dash off to the bank around 1 o'clock to get the Aladdin's adventure in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokcash. Now I had to told them to come back at 2 o'clock to collect their money.

I left for the bank and I discovered that they delivery guys were waiting on the parking lot. I was still suffering from my hangover, or it felt like it. But it is Tuesday today so it must be something else, the flu? I don't think so. Something I caught in India?

I stopped at my local 7 Eleven on my way back home for a Tuesday “SPECAIL” hangover kit, 3 bottles of orange Aladdin's adventure at Sophia Muay Thai Gym in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokflavoured drinking yogurt. I give the guys 37,200 Baht and I return to my kitchen to have my yogurt.

I went to Sophia Muay Thai Gym for my 3 o'clock session. Aladdin's adventure at Sophia Muay Thai Gym in FUNKY TOWN/ BangkokAnd I had my daily apple Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stration on my way to Sophia Muay Thai Gym. The owner and my Teacher were sparring when I arrived. I did some Kick assstretching and I jumped over the ropes in to the ring and I was ready to kick arse. (or to get my arse kicked)
Aladdin's adventure at Sophia Muay Thai Gym in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkok

Well, 14 days in India and a hangover that turned out to be something else and I only did 6 rounds with my Teacher.

6 rounds and I were almost dead and I wanted to get started slowly. I will be back tomorrow at 1 o'clock for a new session and then I might be ready for 10 rounds. We will go to Kancanaburi to see the American girl's fight tomorrow afternoon so I don't Aladdin's adventure at Sophia Muay Thai Gym in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokwant to be stiff and sore by then. I remember last time at Bangkok Fight Club and I was limping around for several days due to sore legs. So it will Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stbe an easy start with easy punching.

So I will start my session early tomorrow in order to be ready to take off in the afternoon. And who knows? Maybe there will be a new video from AnAn's friend.

I launched an investigation and my Teacher was the first one in for interrogation. And of course, I tried to ask questions so he would have no chance to know what I was after.
- Will AnAn have a fight tomorrow?
- No

My Teacher knew what I wanted to hear so he just continued by giving me good news:
- But her friend will be there
- Why? How do you know?
- I know
- She only comes when AnAn have a fight??
- But the Promoter will be there tomorrow
- Well, does that mean that AnAn's friend will be there as well?
- YES!! Yet another Smiley on (Hopefully)
I asked if he knew her name and he told me that he had no clue. I asked him if he hadn't been talking with the promoter.
- You can ask her tomorrow!
- You have had 2 weeks while I was in India and you have come up with ZIP!!! IMPRESSIVE!!

Well, I will have to see tomorrow evening, I will charge my batteries for my camera first thing when I'm back home so I can get some “interesting” pictures. And who knows, maybe I can have a chat with her?
I will find out everything I can about her and I'm really looking forward to this trip. Of course, I would be better off if we could postpone the trip for a day or two giving me time to lose a few tonnes. Would make me look way better!

The video from our last Thai Boxing adventure

I walked back home and I had a pot of tea and a TUNA & ONION SURPRISE ® before I went Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stfor my shower. I was in a bad mood! Even though I wrote a nice e-mail, well, quite nice
Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.ste-mail to the Emporium they still send their stupid Magazine to me. Of course wrapped in plastic.

If they sent any more magazines to me I would never set foot in their shops again. Well, I Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stwill set foot there alright. Imagine a cubic ton of HOT Aladdin entering the place. Will Aladdin's adventure at Sophia Muay Thai Gym in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokrequire a lot of energy to cool down Aladdin. And I guess the air condition is running on automatic and this will trigger a few extra compressors to start and their electricity bill will sky rocket.

Not to talk about the extra service cost and on top of that the overtime for the Engineers. Of course, this will not improve our environment. But no one else cares about our environment so why should I? Seriously, give me the name of any company that gives a shit about anything but the profit.

I don't know any company that cares about the environment, actually, all the posters, leaflet and advertisement just do more damage to the environment, and of course, maybe it does a wee bit to improve the company image. But seriously, does anyone believe this BS?

A few weeks ago we had a few department stores here in Bangkok with the Theme “Save the rain forest” and “Save the world” and they had destroyed so much of our resources just to decorate the Department stores for a few days and then it was to the dump with everything. And I could not help wondering how many people actually believed that they cared more about the rainforest than to sell stuff. And how are we saving the rainforest buy shopping? I don't know, I'm for sure not an expert.

So I don't understand how the “EXPERTS” at the U.N. Climate Summit in Doha. They want the rich countries to pay for the poor countries. OK, this I understand, we will help the poor countries. But how is it that we(in the developed world) should pay for the developing world like China.

“Beijing wants to maintain a division between developed and developing nations, setting out softer emissions-cutting requirements for poorer countries. It notes that despite its roaring growth, millions of Chinese still live in poverty, and emission limits would slow the economic expansion that would improve their lot”

Of course, they are very concerned about their people in China! Send them down to coal mines, slave camps and whatever they can come up with so the Communist Leaders can fill their own pockets. Don't make me cry about your concerns about the “economic expansion that would improve their lot” Yeah, they are for sure meaning their own lot.

Of course, China is living on their CHEAP LABOUR and isn't it up to them to (yes, call me a communist) divide the Chinese wealth to decrease the gap between the insanely rich and the people that have nothing? Well, no need for that as long as there are tax payers in Sweden that can pay for it.

Well, I know nothing so maybe it is better that the developed countries pay the bill. First all the jobs are exported to these developing countries because of the cheap labour and no cost for cleaning the stuff leaving the factories through the funnels or sewers.

So I really don't know if it is a good idea to have the last guy remaining with a job in Europe to pay for this with his tax money. But most likely it is better, at least for China.

Statement by Japanese Masahiko Horie “Only developed countries are legally bound by the Kyoto protocol and their emissions are only 26% [of global emissions]. If we continue the same, only one quarter of the world is legally bound and three quarters of countries are not bound at all”

But I will continue to sort my garbage, metal, glass and plastic bottles as a service for the girls working with the garbage. They sort the garbage and sell it every Friday. So they are happy every time they see me with the sorted garbage.

Well, anyway, I will be back but I will not buy anything there again as I had received their last issue even though I had told them that I didn't wanted any more Aladdin's adventure at Emporium in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokstuff from them. So I decided to walk down to Aladdin's adventure at Emporium in FUNKY TOWN/ BangkokEmporium to cancell my member ship.

It took me quite some time to find the M Card counter on floor B1 and when I did it took me a few minutes to cancel my member ship. I got some cash vouchers for my points and I went up to Aladdin's adventure at Emporium in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokbuy some perfume for the cash vouchers.

I was looking for a perfume that I have at home, but I don't know the name and I moved to the Lancôme counter to see if they had the Thai Airways business class perfume. Lancôme Hypnôse Homme

This is obviously a perfume they don’t do any more and as they only had one HOMME I had to buy the Lancôme Hypnôse Homme. Smelled quite good, pretty much the same as the Thai Business class perfume. And when I'm thinking about it I haven't seen it on Thai Airways for a long time. So maybe the perfume is discontinued.
Aladdin's adventure at Emporium in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkok
Här har man hamnat på en jävla julmarknad
Will be very nice to leave town and Christmas behind

Aladdin's adventure at Emporium in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkok
Här har man hamnat på en jävla julmarknad
Will be very nice to leave town and Christmas behind

Aladdin's adventure at Emporium in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkok
Här har man hamnat på en jävla julmarknad
Will be very nice to leave town and Christmas behind

Aladdin's adventure at Emporium in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkok
Här har man hamnat på en jävla julmarknad
Will be very nice to leave town and Christmas behind

I left Emporium and the Christmas decoration behind in a taxi going to Sukhumvit Soi 8. I had planned to go for my dinner at The Stable lodge, the Danish restaurant. I asked for a Hakkebøff and when I got the Hakkebøff I remember that I had to try the fish and chips so I can finally elect my favourite Fish & Chips place in Thailand. So I asked for a plate of Fish & Chips when my Hakkebøff came to the table.

Well, I still have to try the fish fingers at Queen Mary or Elisabeth on Sukhumvit Soi 23. Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stBut the Fish & Chips at The Stable Lodge comes in as #1. Much thanks to the Remoulade, Danish Remoulade, millions times better than the Tatar.
Yet another Smiley on The Stable Lodge on Sukhumvit Soi 8
Yet another Smiley on Queen Victoria (I checked the name on the internet) on Sukhumvit Soi 23
They might make it to #1 after I had been back to try their fish fingers

Goose's Fish & Chips had gone from #1 to #3 in just a few weeks. OK, I was very full last time Aladdin's adventure in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokand I could not find the fish fingers on the menu. If they have the fish fingers they will Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stmake it back up to #1 thanks to their rhubarb pie.

I walked back home and when I left Soi Cowboy behind I heard someone screaming
- HEY HEY!!!
I just continued, I really didn't want to be recognised at Soi Cowboy. But the screaming continued
- HEY HEY!!!
I just continued
Now I had to turn around, and it was a friend and his wife. They were sitting at a restaurant and I went back and I joined them with a soda water. I was late back home, but it was nice with a soda water and a chat. But I wasn't feeling too good. I have complained about my hangover the last few days and I'm sure that this had given the impression that I'm a full blown alcoholic.

But now I'm sure that it is something else. Walking to Emporium and it felt like I was

I'm just back from Emporium where I cancelled my member ship. Even though I asked you to stop sending your Magazine I have received the last issue.

So now I will not buy anything at your shop any more

Best regards
going to throw up. And suddenly it was like someone put a knife in my stomach and I was about to turn around to go back home. Back pain and it must be something I have picked up in India. I suspect the last meal we had on the airplane, but I'm not sure.

So it was nice to get back home and I was off to bed first thing after sending my e-mail to Emporium.

Wednesday 5th of December 2012
and my alarm went off at 8 thirty and I stayed in bed watching the news until 9. I had plenty time for my TUNA & ONION SURPRISE ® and pot of tea even Aladdin's adventure at Sophia Muay Thai Gym in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokthough I was going to be at Sophia Muay Thai Gym at 1.

There was another guy at Sophia when I arrived, my Teachers Cousin or Nephew. 18 years old and he was looking for fights at Ratchadamnoen Stadium or at Lumpini.

And of course, my Teacher wanted me to spar with him and we did 2 rounds of sparring when I had done 4 or 5 rounds with the Teacher wearing the mitts. And then I did more of the mitts with my Teacher, all in all 8 or 9 rounds before I gave up.

I was still suffering from my “hangover” but the hangover turned out to be something I had most likely caught in India. Saturday morning and I woke up feeling like shit, OK, I had had a few beers on Friday night so it was normal. Same waking up on Sunday, I had had a few beers on Saturday night so a hangover was expected.

But when it came to Monday night and Thursday morning I knew it was something else. And I Aladdin's adventure in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokhaven't actually been very hangover since I started my new and healthy lifestyle.

I walked back home from Sophia and I saw the girl from Maid Delivery on my balcony when I came back. I asked her to throw down my valet so I could go to 7 Eleven to buy some Diet MAX.

But she had obviously misunderstood me.
- Where did she go? I wondered while looking up on the balcony.
But she came down on the parking lot with my mobile phone. But the Security Guard gave me 200 Baht and I went to 7 Eleven. When I was back home I had yet another TUNA & ONION SURPRISE ® and a pot of tea before I returned to Sophia Muay Thai Gym where I would meet the others at 4 thirty for departure to the fight night in Suphan Buri


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