Bird watching in Söråker, Sweden

Saturday 21st of July 2018 and I bring down my luggage and I put it outside the kitchen so it is easy for me to grab it when I'm leaving after the bird watching. I left the Bed & Breakfast in my car and I drove very slowly down the gravel road down to the paved road leaving Tynderö Gård Bed & Breakfast behind. I was 50 meter down the gravel road from Tynderö Gård Bed & Breakfast when I had a car coming up from behind skidding in A“merican TV police style” in front of me blocking the way.

An old lady jumped out from the car asking me to come back and pay the room. And I exploded again, second time in 2 days.
- What the Yet another Smiley on, who the Yet another Smiley on are you? I asked.
- I'm here on a ducking holiday to enjoy early bird watching. Go clean the ducking bathroom that was so nasty when I checked in. And if you have problem with guests leaving without paying you should have them to pay when they book the room as I do on all the other hotels. I will pay when I'm leaving. DUCK OFF!


I left the farm and I crossed the road and I was on another dust road that I followed to the woods. No signs of any Cranes and I drive back to the paved roads. Reaching the paved roads and I turn right towards the Åstön.

Early morning and it was a little haze over the road. I drive a few hundred meters when I see two Cranes sitting on the road. A wee bit of haze and as they were in front of me I had to take the pictures through the windshield. So I had no hope of getting any good pictures.

Common Crane, Grus Grus, Trana
Two Cranes in front of the car

I was disappointed, I was really wanting to have a good view of the beautiful bird, and of course, a picture or two. I had to come up with a plan, and it has to be a good plan. So I started the car, at least I was lucky with the traffic, early morning and i was alone on the roads.

Anyway, I started the engine and the birds took off, lucky again, the birds landed in the pastures next to the road. In the tree line, too far away for any pictures. So I played the Crane song on the entertainment centre in the car. Full blast and open windows.

I was lucky, the Cranes comes walking towards me looking for their new “friend”

Listen to the Common Crane / Trana

Remarks from the Recordist

Early morning and I'm driving around looking for the cranes. I have got a few tip but nothing paid off. But suddenly they were in front of me on the road.

No good pictures through the car window, but I was lucky and they flew off to the pasture next to the road so I could get a picture.

Common Crane, Grus Grus, Trana
Common Crane / Trana

Common Crane, Grus Grus, Trana
Common Crane / Trana

Common Crane, Grus Grus, Trana
Common Crane / Trana

Common Crane, Grus Grus, Trana
Common Crane / Trana

I was very happy when the birds took off, I had got a sound recording and a few pictures. The pictures was no any good. But it was a hazy morning and I didn't dared to go out of the car as the birds would most likely have disappeared. But it was better than nothing and I got a good sound recording of the Crane.

The Cranes leaving and I continue towards the bridge to Åstön. When I have crossed the bridge I see a few Eurasian Magpies. I get a few pictures, but they went pretty much straight to the garbage bin. I continue on the road towards Skeppshamn and when I'm approaching Skeppshamn I pass a Whinchat sitting on a flower next to the road.

I stop the car and I’m surprised, the bird stay on the flower. There were 2 of them and I managed (for a change) to get some picture. And as the bird didn't leave I managed to get a sound recording of the bird as well.

Listen to the Whinchat / Buskskvätta

Remarks from the Recordist

I'm not sure if this is a call or song!

Early morning and I'm on my way to the beach to see if I can find any waders. I pass the female Whinchat sitting on the flower. I have my camera in my lap and I'm lucky to get a few pictures.

When I'm ready taking pictures I take my ZOOM H5 Handy recorder and aim it out the window to get the sound recording

Whinchat, Saxicola rubetra, Buskskvätta
Whinchat / Buskskvätta

Whinchat, Saxicola rubetra, Buskskvätta
Whinchat / Buskskvätta

Whinchat, Saxicola rubetra, Buskskvätta
Whinchat / Buskskvätta

I leave the bird, still sitting there when I left and I left the road just before Skeppshamn. I turned left and I was in a small marina. It was a beautiful place and I got out of the car starting to walk away from the marina. Walking along the water towards the tree line and I could hear a bird from the tree line and I went to investigate.

It was a wader sitting on the beach in front of the trees. Of course, when I was approaching the bird took off to hide in the forest. The bird continue making noise so I make a recording with my ZOOM H5 and I play the recording trying to get the bird to come closer for a picture.

I hear a bird in the tree line

Listen to the Common Sandpiper

Remarks from the Recordist

I don't know if it is a song or call, or an alarm call.

Early morning on the beach. I hear the bird and I go to try to get a picture. But the bird take of hiding in the forest.

I could hear the bird very close to me, but I could not see it. I sat down trying to play my recording to get the bird to come out so I could get a picture.

The bird never came out so I went to have another look and the bird was sitting on a branch calling or singing and I could take a picture

I got help from BirdForum to identify the bird

Common Sandpiper, Actitis hypoleucos, Drillsnäppa, イソシギ, นกเด้าดิน

Thanks to Andrew Whitehouse at Birdforum I could identify this bird.

Forum thread HERE


I manage to get some very poor pictures of the Common Sandpiper. Time is turning fast and I need to get to Skultuna for the beaver safari tonight. So I get back to the car to drive back to the farm to get my luggage. I pass a Fieldfare on the way back. I have been looking for the Fieldfare since I did the beaver safari.

Now the bird was next to the road, the picture was not very good, but it was, well, I put the bird on my list of observed birds. On the way back to the farm, I was still looking out for birds and I spotted a deer so I left the paved roads.

I got a picture of the deer and I left to have a quick breakfast at Tynderö Gård. And the breakfast was, well, I had a cup of tea and some bread that I discovered containing raisins.

Fieldfare, Turdus pilaris, Björktrast

Bird watching in Söråker, Sweden
A deer

I finished my tea and I packed my luggage in the back of the car. Next stop Skultuna Brukshotell and I will have the beaver safari in the early evening. Will I make it in time? Just click HERE to find out.

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