July 2007

Tuesday 24th of July 2007 and packed my bag. I will leave with Lufthansa to Frankfurt at 2355 and I will arrive at 0605. Flight time 11h10m.

I will leave Frankfurt at 0945 and I will arrive to Miami at 1325. Flight time 9h40m. Lufthansa is a much better option than Unite Airlines, I leave FUNKY TOWN 17 hours later and arrive about 4 hours later. And so far I yet have to experience a good American airline, I don't even think there is something like a good American airline.
But of course the best option would be a canon. They could aim at Miami Beach and just fire me off through the stratosphere.

I was at the hospital yesterday and I got 10 sleeping pills of the Doctor and I hope I can sleep may way to Miami.
Arriving to Miami 25th in the afternoon will give me a night on Miami Beach.
- Hmm, making a mental note to bring my B-12s. Can come in handy.

Well, it's seven and I'm off to the airport. I will just grab a taxi outside the door and I will leave FUNKY TOWN behind with smokin' and screaming tires. Honestly, it will be nice. I'm feed up running around having a good time and I have lost enough money during this sick leave.

Well, stay tuned for my adventure on Miami Beach and Cykeln på köpet på er!

I arrived to the airport just before 8 and Lufthansa's check in counter opened a few minutes later. I got my aisle seat after a little hassle.
- Do you have the zip code to where you are staying in Miami?
- NO
- Then you cannot check in!
What the.... Fan, this is the stuff they should inform you about from the travel agency. I was standing there like motherfånking Coffee shopScooby Doo. I instantly turned in to a bad mood. I had no clue where I was staying in Miami.

- I can give you the address in Houston, I tried.
- That's no good!
Finally I could give them the address to the company in Houston. Lucky for them that I had the address, otherwise I had to turn around and go back home again.

Well, when I got my boarding pass I went to the VAT refund and then I paid my overstay in the immigration and I was soon sitting at my coffee shop drinking tea.
- HEY! I have not seen you in a long time! One of the waiters said.
- Well, its 2 months ago when I went to China, I said.

Wednesday 25th of July 2007 and we arrived to Frankfurt just after 6 o'clock in the morning. I managed to sleep most of the way. The aircraft had been full except for Frankfurtone seat. There was a Thai family in the center row in front of me. There was a free seat.

I was sitting with a Thai gay on the second last row, 2 seats on the side. I could hear our Thai speaking Stewardess asking the family if they minded the guy sitting with me come and join them. I could not believe my luck and I had two seats all by myself.

I don't think our Thai speaking Stewardess was aware of that I understood her. She didn't say anything about me being very handsome. (Maybe she was afraid that the Frankfurtfamily would have taken me on instead of the other guy)

Well, anyway, not long after the arrival to Frankfurt I was sitting at a restaurant having my breakfast. I was looking for FrankfurtWI-FI, but obviously there was no WI-FI. I don't need to say what I think about that, I mean, it's 2007.

No one at the airport new about the WI-WI and at Frankfurtthe Information they said that it was just to connect. Well, I even asked the waiter.
- I know nothing about computers. I have one at home and it's just to push the button.

I have 3 and a half hours to kill in Frankfurt and when I was ready with my breakfast it was 2 hours to go, 1 hour to check in. I'm not looking forward to all the stupid questions. But that's life when flying to US. I can't help
thinking about a Skånsk Stand Up comedian. He also looks forward the questions at the airport security.
- Did you pack your own bags?
- No it was an Arabic looking man dressed in a bed sheet packing my bag.
- Do you carry something for someone else?
- Yes, it was an Arabic looking man dressed in a bed sheet asking if I could bring a ticking package to his cousin in the US.

Well, I was jsut to pay my bill when the WI-FI kicked in and I could upload all my flight excitement.. I'm soon of to gate B-23 and my flight. STAY TUNED!

We left Frankfurt around 10 o'clock after a few minutes delay. 4 of the passengers didn't have their paper work in order so they were not allowed to come with us. They had to take off their luggage before we could leave.
- Hmm, I thought this was the kind of stuff they should find out in check in.

The flight was full and it was almost 10 hours to Miami and it was nice to arrive. I went through the immigration around 2 o'clock. This was the first time I went through and now they took me to a new desk and there were plenty on signing crews waiting there.

After one hour I had went through the procedure again and they took me and three others for a second inspection. It was two Polish crew members in transit to Panama. Their flight was at 1755 and one of them missed the flight. We were waiting there for almost 3 hours for no obvious reason. When they came with our passports we thought that we could leave.
-No no, now we had to go through the immigration procedure all over again.

I don't need to tell you that I was furious.
The Polish guy was in front of me and I saw his paper work. Arrownaut and I asked if
Food for a crew of 18
Empty fridge on Pegasus
he was joining an Alpha Ship.
- Yes!
He had told me he was joining a Maersk ship but it was Maersk Itajai, owned by Alpha Ship. I told him that the only time I had seen a grown up crying because he was hungry was in Alpha Ship.

For two months the Captain was nagging on me every day that I should stay in Alpha Ship and I had a bright future in the company.
- There is no food for the crew, I said.
- That's because they eat the food, he said.
Well, anyone thinks that I wanted a future in that company? No one else wanted a
future in that company and everyone was looking for a new job.

My friend says that I'm very unlucky with Captains. No I'm not, but they only hear about the bad experiences I have. Seriously, would anyone of you wanted to stay?

When it was my turn in the immigration the immigration officer went through my papers. She saw my immigration card where I had written down the address. It was hardly readable and she asked:
- Where you pissed off when you wrote this?
Stolen food
I had to steal food for the crew
She though they had given me a hard time in the immigration but I told her that I wrote it before arriving to US. Try to write on an airplane. She went on with her questions:
- Do you have a letter from the company that you are signing on Barcarolle.
For fåcks sake I thought.
- NO! I don't have any letter! Why do we have to do this all over again? Was the 4 hours we spent already in the immigration all for nothing?
- Yes, more or less. They piss off a lot of people here, she said.
She was the only nice immigration officer I meet in Miami and she said that she could understand that we were pissed off. The Polish guy missed last flight to Panama and he had to wait until 11 o'clock tomorrow. Hope the ship is still in Panama then. In Dubai we discharged the whole ship and loaded it again in a few hours. 37 000 tons of fruit from Brazil was discharged in 3-4 hours and it didn't took any longer to load her again.

Well, arriving to Miami was a great change from last time I arrived here 16 years ago. Well, no change to the airport, just more worn and the whole place gave a shabby impression.

When I arrived 16 years ago there were 5 police officers waiting for me. I don't know if it was because of my motion sickness or due to the fact that I had my boom box with me.
- HEY! Do you know where I can buy batteries? They took me to a shop and I was off for a good time.

After the 4 hour drama in the immigration I was tired and hungry. I was looking for a hotel reservation desk. No sign of our Agent. If the company didn't know that I needed to have a letter of invitation our Agent should at least have known. I was almost sent back to FUNKY TOWN.
- We need a paper were it says Barcarolle on, the last Immigration officer had said.
I had my old US visa application and luckily enough it said M/T Barcarolle on the application. So if I had thrown away the application last year I would have been on my way to FUNKY TOWN now.

I only found a telephone styled hotel reservation place. I called a place with internet on the room and 30 minutes later a van from the hotel picked me up. I had time for 2 beers while waiting. I was too tired for Charisma Man and I needed a shower after 36 hours travelling.

When I had checked in I went to the restaurant, smack on the water front. I withdrawn 400 US from the ATM and I had a Caesar's salad and 3 more beers before going for a shower.

10 minutes later I was on my way to Ocean Ocean DriveDrive in a TAXI and we arrived after a few minutes and 37 seconds later I had a beer in front of me.

I walked along the Ocean Drive stopping for a beer or two on the places with good music. Otherwise it was the same as for 16 years ago, a few more restaurants and a few more clubs.

I walked in to a place with good music and I ordered me a beer. The music was Ocean Driveexcellent and I was in a good mood. Seems like they celebrated Christmas in July.

As I said the music was good and I enjoyed my beer. Suddenly it strokes me that it was only guys there and at a closer examination I discovered that they were all kissing each other.
- WHAT THE...!!??
This was not a place for me and just when I should step outside the sky opened and the rain poured down. I managed to stop a taxi, well, a girl from next door stopped a taxi. She was already wet so a little rain didn't bother her. I left the ghastliness behind with smokin' and screaming tires.

Thursday 26th of July 2007 and where the BIP did I put my B-12 vitamins? I found my B-12s quickly and I took a fist full and 1 hour later the hangover Good morningman was gone. I received e-mail from the Chief Officer and they will arrive around 1600. I sent them the address to the hotel so they could notify the a agent. I have no number or anything to the agent, hell, I don't even know the name of the agent. Different style in different companies.

After my shower I dropped another fistof B-12s and I was off to Ocean Drive for my breakfast. I felt like a million thanks to my B-12. I will consider creating a new religion and start worship the B-12s.

I will also go looking for compter mazines and I hope my magazines will keep me busy during tedious nights onboard. I will also be busy making a web page for my language school onboard, but I promise that I will find the time to update my page!

I had my breakfast at the Spanish Village and I also sent a postcard to one of my language teachers, the very special one. Thinking about it, I haven't sent any postcards for years. I didn't find any computer magazines at Miami Beach and I took a taxi to Miami. Only bikini shops at Miami Beach
Sunny morning
Sunny morning
Ocean Drive, Miami Beach
- My summer diet failed and I don't look good in Bikini, I told the driver when we left Gorgeous dayfor Miami.
We arrived to Miami 30 minutes later and downtown Miami looked good. Last time I was there it looked like a war zone.

They were building condos everywhere and it looked good. I only found 1 book store and no computer magazines. After walking around for Gorgeous day2 hours I took a taxi to a book store outside town. My magazines were 96 US and the taxi ride 70, but I was back at the hotel for dinner. I was waiting for the agent to call and I found my “Message waiting” button flashing and there was a message from the agent.

I had to get a pen for the number, but when I had my pen I managed to delete the message. DARN! But as an expensive Agent he should have put a little more offer in trying to reach Dinner at my hotelme. But I could hear that the ship was arriving to Fort Lauderdale 1630.

I have been here for 24 hours and I had heard nothing from the ship, at least they should have sent the Agents number. And if I had known that they were going to Fort Lauderdale I could have checked in on a hotel there instead.
Well, no call from the Agent and I have time to write a few words on my web page. Pretty boring just to wait around in my room. I can't help thinking about last weekend. Promise not to tell my LIFE COACH but I was on a movie with a, are you sitting down? A 36 years old girl, yeah I know, it's like 150 years. If my LIFE COACH knew he would for sure get ileus. J's English teacher and my LIFE COACH could have a club: “ WE ARE AT LEAST 2 WITH ILEUS ”
Now I have waited for almost 4 and a half hour, not a word. OK, there was a message on the phone but I managed to delete the message with my sausage fingers. Yeah, small buttons on the phone and a slip with the finger tip and I was left with a MESSAGE DELETED.

Nothing from the ship either, I got message that they would arrive late night and then 1600 and if they haven't tried to call before so at least a call between 18 and 1900 was expected. I had sent an e-mail to the ship that I expected them to be inside between 18 and 1900 and that they could call me then. So then there should at least have been a call.

I wonder what the Agent thinks. I left a message at the hotel and now I don't have to care anymore, I go home watch TV. I don't think it's too much to expect a call every hour until he gets in touch with me.

And if I'm missing they should have called the police and checked with the hospitals, I'm sure the police would have called the hotel first thing. Now it's 2030 and it starts to look like a farce, maybe it would have been a better option to be sent home by the immigration. Well, the 36 hours trip is nothing I want to experience too soon again.

Don't they miss me on the ship? At least the off signing Chief Officer should wonder where I am, he is leaving tomorrow afternoon.

Finally, just before 2100 I received e-mail from the Captain:
What's happening? Call the agent.
Now I finally got the number to the Agent, this should have been provided a long time ago. I called the Agent and he asked where I was.
- I'm at the hotel.
- We had a driver waiting for you at the airport. He was waiting 3 hours then he had to leave.
I told him that I had been 4 hours in the Immigration thanks to the failure to mention an invitation letter. I never suggested to him that they could ask the airline if I had arrived next time waiting.
He will pick me up around 10 for transportation to the ship.

I had been in the reception for about 5 minutes when the driver arrived at 10 o'clock. I was onboard some 30 minutes later and it was nice to finally have reached the destination. They had not started to discharge even though they had been alongside for several hours already.

I was picking up the latest news from our Chief Officer and 1st Engineer and I were off to bed just after midnight.

Friday 27th of July 2007 and I woke up just after 7 and I was in the mess room at He missed my camera0730 after a long and hot shower. My tea jugs were in the galley and I made me a jug of tea and I had a chat with the guys. The Chief Engineer had arrived yesterday as well, a few hours before me. I told him that I was a wee bit disappointed with the progress with his web page.
- Yeah, but now we will have plenty time, he said.
- Have you bought a digital camera?
- Yes!

After breakfast I had a chat with the off signing Chief Officer, he will leave around 12 o'clock for the airport. But when we were on deck they called to tell that his taxi had arrived, then it was just 10 minutes before 10.

Well, I was all by lonesome and I was thrown right in to a Vetting inspection. Our Surveyor and Vetting Inspector is the very same guy and I had to answer all kinds of strange questions and we also took a tour on deck before lunch.

My mouse gave up in Miami and I needed a new one. I ran in to two of the ABs on the way ashore and I asked if they could find a mouse for me. I borrowed 100US of our My shoe stole all the attention2nd Officer.
- Maybe they guy selling electronics in the dayroom have a mouse, they suggested.
- Is there a guy selling electronics onboard? I asked.
There was a guy selling computers, phones and cameras in the crew's dayroom and I asked for a mouse.
- I will bring back a few different models after 3 o'clock, My shoe stole all the attentionhe said.
- Can you get me shoes as well?
I had bought two pairs of pink ICE CREAM shoes in Miami, I would like to have 4 or 5 pairs, but they didn't had my size. Only one pair of 45 and a pair of 45, 5. This is why I spent all the time downtown Miami looking for the shoes, but I came up with nothing.

I brought one of the shoes as to our electronic guy as a sample and he was mighty impressed, so was the rest of the crew when they saw the shoe.
- OH! Beautiful!
- They look very comfortable!
- Where did you buy them?
- I also want to have a pair!
- OK, enough all ready, I said.

Our 1st Engineer is thinking about going ashore to Wal-Mart tonight to buy shoes. He's a size 47 and when he came back onboard he could not find his shoes so he needs to buy new ones. I could not believe my luck.
- Then you can buy vitamins for me, I said.
My B-12 religion has obviously catched on because I could not find any in Miami, only the pills with 8000% and I need the strong stuff, 17000% at least. Less is a waste of time.

The terminal had asked us to reduce the rate and pressure in the morning so our ETC was changed from 1700 to 4 o'clock tomorrow morning. 10 minutes before 3 o'clock they asked us to stop discharging.
- Blah-blurrrr and rrrrrrrrr
- What??!! I replied on the radio.
- Blah-blurrrr and rrrrrrrrr
I understood BIP all and when I told our Vetting Inspector/ Surveyor or, OK, honestly, I have not managed to figure out exactly what it is he is. But I told him that discharging was stopped and he asked why the only thing I could say was: I don't know.

He called the jetty man on the radio.
- Blah-blurrrr and rrrrrrrrr
- What??!! I didn't understood one word of what you just said, he said.
- Blah-blurrrr and rrrrrrrrr
He gave up, no one can understand the jetty guy. He called the terminal on the phone and the stop was due to bad weather. Further delays and I don't mind if I can sleep The best thing for hangovers, well, next to skip drinking anyway!until 8 tomorrow morning, I'm very tired due to the jet lag.

Well, I don't know what happened with the electronic guy, he was not onboard at 3 o'clock and at 6 our 1st Engineer left for Wal-Mart. I gave him a shopping list. He will buy vitamins and Watera new mouse and he promised to keep an eye out for ICE CREAM shoes.

Our 1st Engineer had just left my cabin when out Mess men came with water for me. I drink water like there is no tomorrow and now I have enough to last me for 3 days.
My shoes again
When they left my cabin they caught sight of my shoes.
- YOO! Where did you buy these shoes?
- Nicest shoes I ever seen!
- Nice colours!

Before retiring to my cabin I did a cargo calculation. Looks like we are going to load in Venezuela and Curacao for Mississippi. That's nice, better than the PMI between TEXAS and Mexico. If we have nice weather they guys can kick a little bit of behinds on deck. She needs paint desperately, but she looks way better than last time a signed on. At least now we don't have to be ashamed coming to port.

Saturday 28th of July 2007 and I woke up when they knocked on my door. I looked at my clock, 6 o'clock and I had slept for maybe 7 or 8 hours. I was very tired when I took my hot shower and I thought it was due to the jet lag but when I came out of the shower I discovered that it was only 4 o'clock in the morning.

We completed discharging 5 minutes after 6. First the pilot was ordered for 7 but then they changed it to 0730. Our Pilot was onboard exactly 0730 and I B-12didn't had time for breakfast. But I had time for a chat with our 1st Engineer.

He handed me a receipt, about 50 cm long. It was all the B-12s.
- I bought all the B-12 they had.
He also found me a laser mouse and the whole lot did set me back 110 US.
- I found 17000%, 33000% and 4000%, he said.
- 4000%!!!! What kind of Scooby B-12 is that?
- Well, they were out of pretty much all the B-12s, he said.
- Well, never mind. 250 of the 4000% tablets will make a good one doze, I said.
SUGGESTED USE: As a dietary supplement, take one (1) B-12tablet daily with a meal.
Well, who cares about their suggestions?
Vitamin B-12 prevents megaloblastic anaemia by helping to form red blood cells. Vitamin B-12 helps to maintain normal levels of homocysteine which is important for heart and circulatory health.
Plays an important role in the nervous system and proper function of all body, brain and nerve cells.
But more interesting was the 33000% tablets, yes, you got it right. 33000% in one tablet! Well, actually it's 33333%

We left Port Everglades at 0752 and I can't say that I was very sorry for that. Our Pilot left us just outside the port at 0815 and we steered south towards Venezuela. It's about 4 days to wherever we are going. I don't know exactly what the place is called. But I'm sure it's something exciting.

I haven't been in Venezuela for quite a few years now, but Caracas is a fun place. At least when you're 20 something with your pocket full of money. Well, pretty much everything was fun when you were 20.
Port Everglade
Leaving Port Everglades behind
Our Bosun and one AB prepared deck for tank cleaning and after the coffee break we started the cleaning. I was in the CCR screaming on the radio drinking diet drinks. (Our BusyMess man had delivered 4 cases to my cabin during the coffee break)

We completed the tank cleaning just after 1 o'clock and the guys could start to drain the lines. I went to the engine room to see our 1st Engineer, but the only guy I meet was our Electrician working without high level alarm to slop tank port.

I was back in my cabin just after 2 o'clock and I had time for a diet drink and a few words on my web page before my watch at 1600. Now I have been up since 4 and I'm a wee bit tired. Well, things will soon be settled down and I hope I can find some time for our Chief Engineers web page. I also have a web page to do for my school, busy busy and the time turns quick and it soon time to go home.

But I like it here on Barcarolle. No need to be a long time onboard to be a member in the TEAM as on Marimba. Well, pretty embarrassing if you care for my thoughts, and I know you do otherwise you would not have wasted your time on www.aladdin.st, right?

Well, I'm off to the bridge. I have to bring a tea jug, entertainment center (I will plug my iPod in to the stereo on the bridge), diet drinks and snus. OK, everything is not Tea bucketbliss onboard. This morning when I made myself a bucket of tea the bucket cracked and I had tea all over the galley, motherfånker! Luckily enough our 1st Engineer bought two buckets last time and I have a spare one. Next time in the US I have to arrange some more buckets.

DARN! Just before going for my watch I discovered that I had forgotten one of my very important school books at home. I will try to survive without it, but my Teacher won't be impressed.

When I came to the bridge I sat up my entertainment center first Afternoon visitorsthing and then I poured myself a jug of tea. My old jug was still on the bridge, the very same plastic jug I and our 1st Engineer was running around Cristobal to find.

I relived our 2nd Officer and not long after I had my first visitor on the bridge. Around quarter to six our 1st Engineer came with food. They had a BBQ on the deck just below the bridge.
- HEY! I take this watch to dodge the dinner, I said.
But there was nothing stopping him coming with BBQ food every 10 minutes. He had just disappeared out of the door when our Chief Engineer came with fillet straight from the grill. OK, BBQ is healthy but I was full.
1st Engineer
First our 1st Engineer came with sausage and then with more sausage and lamb chop. Not long after he arrived with something else. I don't know what they call it all. To call it On the way to Venezuelasausage is just not good enough anymore, now a days they add some spices and suddenly it's called chautchick and tjing tjong and I don't know all. I was about to have enough when he arrived with potato gratin.
- Get out of here! I'm on my summer diet! I screamed.
7 minutes later he came with cauliflower.
- This is vegetables, he said.

Well, I enjoyed my watch with tea and good music. I was watching deck planning tomorrows work. Now she starts to look good on deck, a very big difference from when I came onboard in Panama. When I got over On the way to Venezuelathe chock I started to wonder why Liberian certificates was required on a PanamaGreek ship. I even had to go back to make sure what flag we were flying, give us a few more months and she will be ready for the Swedish flag.

It was like when we arrived to Antwerp with Stolt Excellence. We had crossed the Atlantic with heavy storms and at arrival to Europe the ship was a real junker. I was on deck with
We passed MSC Carla (ex Nihon) when she sunk
the Surveyor and I looked aft asking:
- What flag are we flying? Is it the få....g Panama flag?
The Surveyor just laughed and we cracked a few jokes.

Well, enough of that. It was a beautiful evening and we were steering SSE in the Santaren Channel, coming from Straits of Florida. Reaching Cuba we will change course to East and pass through Old Bahama Channel on our way to El José in Venezuela.

Sunday 29th of July 2007 and the sea looked like a wind mill when I woke up at 7. No wind and looks like it could be a nice day. Good, we can fire up our grit blaster and hydro blaster.

Sunday and it's like my first day onboard, I can get people on the job to make the ship look better. Yesterday the crew were busy putting all our new stores in place. We received blaster grits, paint and new mooring lines in Port Everglades. But today the chipping hammers and blasters are working.
I will also start to have a look on my schools new web page, I did came up with an idea on my watch yesterday and now I have to put these ideas in to HTML code.
Our Chief Engineer is also keen on starting with his web page.

I had our 1st Engineer on the bridge during my night watch. I was in two minds whether to go for a constitutional or watch a movie with our 1st Engineer after my watch.
- What the heck, it's Sunday and I choose the movie.

Monday 30th of July 2007 and the ship was shaking a little for waves coming on from port side. After two days with no wind we have a force 5 blowing with a few drops Lifting our manifold valvecoming on deck. But it's not very much and the work on deck continues.

Well, I studied during my lunch and after lunch I went for a constitutional on deck. I exercise at the same time I check out the work on deck. They change a seal in one of the manifold vales and we need to check the valve for tightness when they are ready.

A was on deck at 1300 and I took a round Lifting our manifold valvechecking the progress. Walking on deck and I'm killing two birds with one stone. I'm on my way from fat to flat while pestering the crew on deck.

We have two extra guys onboard for blasting, well, now it's only one. Because one of the ABs that was supposed to join in Port Everglades ran in to problems at home and he could not come. I hope that he will Working without manifold valvejoin next time in US.

I was out of the shower 5 minutes after 3 and I went to the crews mess room for a pep talk and to brief them on the evenings work. I'm off to my watch at 1600 and today I hope I can Busydodge the dinner. So far my plan has backfired. Saturday they were running on the bridge with so much food that I had to roll down to my cabin after my watch.

Yesterday our Cook had prepared dinner for me when I'm relieving 2nd Officer on the bridgeI came down to the day room for the movie night. So today I had to instruct him not to put any dinner for me in the evening.

My evening watch was spent enjoying the good music while steering SE towards Venezuela. The wind picked up speed and we had a force 6 when I got of my watch.

Tuesday 31st of July 2007 and I started my day with a bucket of tea, well, a shower first. Then we started right off to discharge slop. We were ready just in time for the safety meeting on the bridge quarter past 10.

I had Bosun and one of the ABs to change oil in the winches with a little help from the Hard kickin'Deck boy. The rest of the crew were chipping. Our two extra men were grit blasting deck on port side.

I was busy doing some cargo planning and to check out our new mooring ropes. But just before 3 o'clock I went to myShe will soon look like new cabin for a shower and a few words on my web page.

My work with the web page for my school has presently come to a halt, but I hope I can get started soon.

We passed Archepielago Las Aves during my watch and we passed Los Aoyo de Visitors on the bridgeAgua on Archipielago Los Roques when I got of my watch at 2000. Our 1st engineer had been on the bridge and we decided to watch a movie after the watch. But firs I had to fill up the last days on the crews work sheets.

I was ready at 2030 when our 1st Engineer came from the shower. He brought a DVD, a Norwegian all time low. After 10 minutes I said:
- I give this sucker 3 minutes more and then I'm off.
Our 1st Engineer became a wee bit sullen.
- If we started the move we have to finish it, he said.
I have plenty to do and I really don't want to waste my time in front of a stupid movie. Our 1st Engineer got the darn thing in to fast forward move. But it didn't help and I left.

Well, this is the last day in this month and we swing right on to August!


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