Written onboard M/T Ek-River July 2010

M/T Vingavåg

M/T Vingavåg
M/T Vingavåg
I got this picture from www.shipspotting.com Photo by Bengt-Rune Inberg

M/T Vingavåg was a product tanker. I signed on 13th of June in Gothenburg. I signed on Vingavåg Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Vingavågwhen she was doing repairs at Götaverken/ Cityvarvet Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Vingavågshipyard. As I remebered it, she was also installing SAAB radars.

I don't remember but they had been at the shipyard for a while when I signed on. We spent a few days at the shipyard after that I had signed on. Not very good, to stay in my hometown on a ship. I should be at a party with my friend, at the weekend. And the
Götaverken/ Cityvarvet

At the 1840's Mr. Keiller from Scotland founded Scottish Götaverken, GöteborgGöteborgs Mekaniska Verkstad, which later became Götaverken.

From the beginning they were not specialized on ship building even though it was an Götaverken, Göteborgimportant part of the production. Among the things they built at Götaverken was farming implement, bridges, street lights, park benches and steam boilers.

They aslo built aircrafts between 1937 and 1943. Today they only repair ships at Götaverken/ Cityvarvet (2002). Next time you visit Gothenburg take a look at Saluhallen, the built the steel frame at Götaverken.
fact that the sun was shinning and it was a very nice summer didn't do anything to make me feel any better. Of course, I wanted to be home partying all night long.

I had to stay on the ship and work. Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T VingavågCrawling around in tanks and stuff.

We left the shipyard for new adventures after a few days. I don't remember where we went. I only remember 3 places with this ship. Brofjorden, Copenhagen and Slagen. I went ashore for a good time in Copenhagen while discharging there.

When we discharged in Copenhagen I felt like going ashore for a good time. It was nice weather and to enjoy a beer in the sun on Strø seemed like a great idea and I asked 1 AB if he wanted to

Jag är fortfarande skyldig dig en vakt!
take my morning watch.
- You go ashore now and I will go ashore when we're in Göteborg.
- Deal!

I was on the 4-8 watch, so if he took my morning watch I was free from 2000 until 1600 the after.

Plenty time to go ashore having a ball. And Charisma Manalso giving me time to take a rest the day after, but back then we was young so it wasn't so important with the rest. But it's nice lolling in bed.

Well, anyway, I went ashore after my watch. I quick shower and I left the ship behind. We discharged at Prøvesten so it was just a few minutes with taxi to Amager, the suburbs of Copenhagen. I went to some "Bodega" and I had a few beer. Well, it was more than a few and I returned to the ship in the wee hours.

Copenhagen, a realy fun place to be and of course, back then I was never suffering from any hangovers. Just some cold water when I woke up and I was ready for KICK ASS action.

It was summer time so the Cook was busy picking over strawberries. Strawberry is yummy and healthy. Good for the diet. I remember that I was only eating salad and fruit. But I don't remember losing any weight. Well, nothing new to tell you there.
I spent hours on our cycle trainer, I did 10km after every watch. That's 20 km per day but all in vain. Well, there was plenty time for listening to good music.

This summer my friend was getting married so he wanted me to buy "Tax free" vodka for him. He told me that there must be plenty booze to make a good party. HE HAVE TO TELL ME HOW TO THROW A PARTY! Can't beleive my ears. Well, of course, I agree, as long as I'll Vingavågbe spared the arm wrestling.

Anyway, this party was the reason for me to leave the ship. Otherwise I would have stayed longer. It was a nice ship. I told Captain that I needed to go home. But we arrived to Gothenburg to late. I signed off late Saturday night and thus missed the party. Never mind there are plenty parties around.

When we loaded at ESSO's refinery in Slagen Norway it was gorgeous weather as we were used to. I took the opportunity to go ashore. I was running low on snus. The nearest town is Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T VingavågTønsberg. Slagen is pretty much situated in the middle of nowhere, between Horten and Tønsberg in Oslofjorden. It was not walking distance to Tønsberg so I had to hitch-hike.

Well, it's not exactly any high way between Horten and Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T VingavågTønsberg and I was about to give up when there was a bus coming. I stopped the bus and I arrived in a good mood to the city. I was walking around until I found a kiosk selling snus. Holy Yoo!! Is it expensive in Norway or what? I was happy that I only needed snus for a few days.
I bought an ice-cream and walked around Tønsberg for a while before returning to the ship. I don't remember how I get back to the ship, but most likely it was by bus. I arrived in good time for my watch at 4 o'clock in the afternoon.

I signed off at Gothenburg roads 21st of July 1991. There was a taxi boat picking us up and took us to Saltholmen. I signed on my next ship M/T Dala Corona 1st of August 1991

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