Tuesday 20th of October 2015
and I was soon to discover that we had a Cook from Sweden on board. I have not been working with a Swedish Cook for, well, a very long time. And yes, I was Ternvaglooking forward to the dinner. I have already seen 2 guys from the jetty I have been working with before, a very long time ago. I was on board Ternvag last time back in 2009 when she was named Tärnvåg with Swedish flag

I put my bag in the cabin and I went to the mess room for some food. Home fried potato, Sweden style and I had much more than I had intended to have. Well, my intentions were to have foock all. But as I have some “social” responsibilities I had to join them at the dinner table. Dinner, gave me two experiences, a nice experience and a scary experience:
The nice experience: Nice food
The scary experience: What about my diet?

I spent the evening in the CCR with the off signing Chief Officer, but at 11 I was off to bed. By now I had been up and about for longer than I care to think about.

Wednesday 21st of October 2015
and they called me 20 minutes before 8 and I was soon in the shower. It had been very nice to sleep. And it was quite a good sleep. Up on the bridge and The life on board m/t Ternvag - ex m/t TärnvågI discovered what I had suspected, they only have small tea cups. Hardly worth going through the trouble turning on the kettle.

Well, what to do? Of course, I turned on the kettle. We were steaming towards east and the Pilot station. We had left Norrköping 6 in the morning and we expected to be at the pilot station around 9 o'clock. A beautiful autumn morning with some beautiful clouds in the east.

Yeah, I was lucky they had an emergency. My Swedish bank have merged with another bank and I would have had to fly to Sweden to arrange internet banking etc. or I would soon have been The life on board m/t Ternvag - ex m/t Tärnvågrunning out of money.

Well, at least running out of access to the money. And I was getting kind of desperate. Bills to pay and no access to the internet bank.

Terntank called me in Bangkok and less than 24 hours later I had been at the bank office in Stockholm taking care of everything. And as an extra perk of the “emergency” I had saved 130,000 Baht for the plane ticket. And of course, at least 10,000 Baht The life on board m/t Ternvag - ex m/t Tärnvågfor taxi etc. I don't know about you, but I was pretty happy about it.

And as this is an emergency I will only stay here for a short time and I will be long, very long gone by the time it is starting to get cold. And leaving Bangkok for Ternvag, it was actually quite nice because I knew that I would be back home before very soon. A wee bit different when you're leaving for 10 weeks. Well, 10 weeks it is quite OK and it is nice to get away every now and then.

The life on board m/t Ternvag - ex m/t Tärnvåg

Dinner, my last dinner on board m/t Ternvag, and I had way way too much. DARN! But I got a pot of tea out of it, and I will bring the pot to the bridge tonight. And this is of course something I'm looking forward to.

The wind have picked up and it is getting colder by the hour as we're working our way towards the north in Gulf of Botnia. But there is no reason for concern as the forecast looks good.


Thursday 22nd of October 2015
and I was on the bridge 10 minutes before 8 in the morning. I started to prepare my tea. Our Cadet came up and I asked if he could be so kind to ask our Cook for some oatmeal.

He was soon back and I asked if he found oatmeal.
- Yes, motherfoocker!
- Where are they?
- Here, he said nodding at a bag I thought was a bag of cement.
- Holy hell! What is that?
I had never seen a bag of oatmeal in this size before. Holy shit! I was giving back the bag to our The life on board m/t Ternvag - ex m/t TärnvågCadet and I told him to bring it back to our Cook. Well, I gave it a second thought. I decided to keep the bag of oatmeal on the bridge.

I could not believe it was a bag of oatmeal so I opened the bag. It was oatmeal in the bag and I was looking for a shovel for the oat meal. The darn bag is dwarfing my tea pot, and it is not a small tea pot.

Well, I will be more than happy if this huge bag can help me avoid the mess room during the meal times. I had a cup of oatmeal with cold water and The life on board m/t Ternvag - ex m/t Tärnvågat 10 o'clock I had my second cup and I had not even made a dent in the bag. The bag will for sure last until I sign off.

And the strange part is that people come on the bridge and it is like fully normal that there is a cubic ton of oatmeal next to the tea kettle. No reaction what so ever.

And when I came down for lunch, yes, I will start to get serious with the oatmeal tomorrow, our Cook was in the day room laughing.

We started to load 20 minutes after 8 o'clock in the evening and we expect to be ready tomorrow morning and to leave Piteå behind around 10 or 11 o'clock.

Friday 23rd of October 2015
and we finished loading at 8 o'clock. Departure at 10 o'clock in a beautiful autumn day. 3 days to Go:teborg where we will discharge. And after discharging we will load for Rotterdam.

Off signing Chief Officer and Chief Engineer had left us 4 o'clock in the morning and the Chief Officer was flying to Riga to attend some courses. This was the emergency, the other Chief Officer is booked for courses and the Chief Officer that was supposed to relieve him didn't had his papers in order.

So they had to call me and I could sort out my bank business in Stockholm. Saving me a lot of money and on top of that, I also make some peanuts before going back home. Booyaa!

Saturday 24th of October 2015
and we were between Sweden and Åland when I came on my watch at 8 o'clock in the morning. It was a gorgeous morning but when I reached Östra Tröskelen we ran in to fog. But I was lucky and we cleared the fog after 15 minutes.

Lunch, my plan is to skip the mess room from now on, but when I heard it was bangers (Swedish sausages) and mash for lunch I stopped in the mess room on my way to the duty mess. 12 thirty and the crew met in the duty mess so we could do our drills.

Donsol Eco Tours

I have received confirmation of my last payment to Donsol Eco Tours. So I'm getting pretty exciting about 3 days of swimming with the whale sharks. (if we can find them) A little to look forward to. And I will have some Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop training before leaving as underwater pictures, as my friend says: underwater edits...it needs alot of love with editing for sure So I will be busy when I'm coming back home.

And this holidays' “GRAND” adventure will kick off on the 5th of January 2016. 35 days in India with 5 tiger safaris and one safari trying to find the last Asiatic lions in the world. Boo Hoo Yaa!

I got an e-mail from Grönlandsresor and they want to set up my trip to Antarctica. I sent them an answer that I could not go this year because of my Tiger safari in India in January/ February. He then told me that he was envying me and that they had been in India back in 2014.

But they had not spot any tigers. 3 weeks and not any tigers. The left the national park to drive to another national park. Driving on the highway and suddenly there had been a tiger chasing a deer crossing the highway. And yes, I'm delirious by anticipation. Can't wait to get to India.

Sunday 25th of October 2015
and I discovered a gorgeous morning when I came on the bridge at 8 o'clock in the morning. Approaching Bornholmsgatt and I could see beautiful Skåne on our starboard The life on board m/t Ternvag - ex m/t Tärnvågside. I was enjoying my morning watch on the bridge.

Well, not quite, it is not possible to fully enjoy the watch with the “thimble” sized tea cups. Well, I have a tea pot but it is not the same.

2nd Officer came on watch at 12 and I had a quick oatmeal surprise and I started with the cargo plan. The plan was to skip the mess room and lunch. I held it up for 30 minutes and I went down to see what was going on in the mess room. I was unlucky, the lunch was still on and I had, darn, 2 plates.

OK, 30 minutes is better than 1 minute and I hope I manage to stay away from the mess room at Whale sharks in Donsoldinner. Now it is time to get serious or they want be able to see the difference between The Black Blubber Manme and the whale sharks in Donsol.

I came on my evening watch when we were in the north of Öresund. Just passing Höganäs, and I have missed the passage through Öresund, I would not have minded passing Öresund during my watch. There is always some excitements in Öresund. And time is flying by while navigating through the Sound.

Well, might be another chance before I go home. Increasing wind from west and gale warnings on the radio. It was a nice watch and when I got down from the bridge at midnight we had 3 and a half hour to go to Go:teborg pilot station. Good, no reason to call me in the middle of the night and I will Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.st hopefully get a full night's sleep.

2nd officer is from Go:teborg and he might go home to check his apartment. And of course, I asked him to keep an eye out for a real tea cup if he goes ashore tomorrow. So who knows? Maybe I can have a real cup of tea tomorrow night. Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.st That is the only thing I miss on board. Something I can live without, but it is for sure vexing me to have to drink from the “thimble” sized tea cups

Monday 26th of October 2015
and we were just about to complete loading of the 800m3 gasoil that we will use as line push after discharging the Tall Oil Fatty Acid when I came on the bridge 10 The life on board m/t Ternvag - ex m/t Tärnvågminutes before 8 o'clock in the morning.

We completed loading quarter past 8 and at 8 thirty we started to discharge the TOFA. We expected 500m3 per hour but we kept a rate of 1000 and we were ready way before expected. Will there be time for the guys to bring ashore my shopping list?

We will not leave for the anchorage after completion. We will stay here and load reformate at the same jetty. And the good news is that they won't start loading until 7 o'clock The life on board m/t Ternvag - ex m/t Tärnvågtomorrow morning. There will be time for the guys to go ashore and I sent ashore 2 different shopping lists.

Our Motorman and Cadet went ashore in the afternoon and they will keep an eye out for toothpaste, Aspirin and a tea cup.

I went to take over on the bridge at 8 o'clock in the evening and our Motorman and Cadet were back on board 30 minutes or so later. Our Cadet were soon on the bridge with a bag. But what's in the bag? I was delirious by anticipation and spots swam before my eyes.

The life on board m/t Ternvag - ex m/t Tärnvåg
He brings out a bag with tooth paste and Aspirin - Yeah yeah, where is the foocking tea mug?

The life on board m/t Ternvag - ex m/t Tärnvåg
Up comes something wrapped in paper

The life on board m/t Ternvag - ex m/t Tärnvåg
OK, it is a wee bit bigger than Terntank's “thimble” sized tea cups
I tried the new tea cup first thing and it was OK, could have been bigger, but it is OK. 2nd officer came on board a little later and he had bought a charger for my e-cigarette. I was in a good mood making cargo plans on the bridge. We completed discharging and the paper work just when I came on the watch and I spent the whole evening making a loading and a discharge plan.


Tuesday 27th of October 2015
and the Loading Master and Surveyor were on the bridge when I came up 10 minutes before 8 o'clock. We started to load the Reformate at 08:35 and we expect m/t Neptunusabout 20 hours of loading.

A few days to go and we're in November and I cannot believe the gorgeous weather we're having. Sunshine and the seal looks like a windmill pond. So I was really enjoying my morning watch, and of course, tea from my new cup. And by now I'm almost half way through the bag of oatmeal. Only eating lunch since a few days ago.

And the plan is to skip lunch as well, but at 12 o'clock I'm hungry and the oatmeal is not quite doing it. But tomorrow...

And I had way too much lunch, salmon in dill sauce and boiled potato, 3 brimmed plates and I was off for a power nap after lunch. Yes, I know, Swedish Cook and it sounds like a dream. But this can as well turn out to be the thing that kills me. From now on I will only show up in the mess room when we have the following on the menu:
1) Falukorv
2) Kålpudding
3) Kåldolme
4) Tunna fläsk pannkakor
5) Plus some other stuff I can't think about now

Wednesday 28th of October 2015
and I had expected to be ready with the loading when I came on the bridge at 8 o'clock in the morning. We had obviously had some delays during the night. Anyway, Pilot was ordered for 12:00 and that is a perfect time. I will be on deck during the lunch and thus, I really Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.st hope that I can dodge the lunch.

Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stI went to bed yesterday and I was tossin' and turnin' in my bed pondering a new idea I had. I skip breakfast and dinners (my bag of oatmeal that seemed so big when our Cadet brought it to the bridge is at the bottom by now) and the plan is for me to give up lunch
Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.st
Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.st
as well. XL to small in a jiff.

But when 2nd Officer comes to take over at 12 I always ask him what it is for lunch. Swedish Cook and I always get hungry when I hear what it is for lunch. So I have asked him to tell me that it is “Rällig sill” when I ask him what's for lunch. And I won't bother to go down to the mess room
 “Rällig sill”
Doggy poo Doggy Poo

Doggy pooOK, “Rällig sill” don't translate to Doggy poo, but it is for sure tasting like Doggy poo and I avoid it. At least I won't destroy my diet over it. So this is the plan, well, of course, as you have guessed there are a few things he is allowed to tell me if it is for lunch:
1) Falukorv
2) Kålpudding
3) Kåldolme
4) Tunna fläsk pannkakor

Those are the things I want to be informed about, otherwise it is all “Rällig sill” for me. Well, anyway, paper work completed. Pilot on board and I went down to get out on poop deck to take our The life on board m/t Ternvag - ex m/t Tärnvågmooring lines. I made a quick stop at the mess room. Just to check what would be for lunch.

I could not believe my eyes, Falukorv! And one of the ABs was eating. No worries in the world, just sitting on his arse eating all the Falukorv. I told him, and I didn't leave any room for misunderstandings:
Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.st- Don't you dare to eat all the Falukorv!

I made sure he understood and I went on deck. We let go all our lines and we were on our way to Ghent in Belgium just after 12 o'clock. And I was relieved to see the AB from the mess room on deck taking pictures of us. At least he is not in the mess room eating the Falukorv.

The life on board m/t Ternvag - ex m/t Tärnvåg
Leaving Skarvikshamnen Kaj 520 behind

The life on board m/t Ternvag - ex m/t Tärnvåg
At least he is not in the mess room eating Falukorv

The life on board m/t Ternvag - ex m/t Tärnvåg
At least he is not in the mess room eating Falukorv

The life on board m/t Ternvag - ex m/t Tärnvåg
They are coming back from the fo'c's'le

The life on board m/t Ternvag - ex m/t Tärnvåg
They are coming back from the fo'c's'le

The life on board m/t Ternvag - ex m/t Tärnvåg
They are coming back from the fo'c's'le

Cano D5 Mark III

Taking pictures and I could not help by being a wee bit surprised. Interests in taking pictures, well, there is always something. But I was soon to discover that it was a Nikon camera. I told him that it was nice “beginners” equipment.
- When you decide that you like taking pictures give the camera to your 7 year old granddaughter and buy a Canon! s

The guys came back from the fo'c's'le and I gave my radio to the 2nd officer and I ran in to the mess room to see if there was any Falukorv. There were plenty and I was soon at the table with a The life on board m/t Ternvag - ex m/t Tärnvåg“mountain” in front of me.

I was lucky, I was alone as the guys were busy in the engine room and elsewhere. So I had managed to work my way through the second “mountain” and it looked like a normal helping when the Engineers arrived to the mess room.

We got a new 1st Engineer yesterday and he recognised me. He had been on board Barcarolle as an Engine Apprentice/ Cadet when I joined Barcarolle in Panama back in 2007 I think it was. Well, anyway, he joined us yesterday together with the new Cook. New Cook, he have been The life on board m/t Ternvag - ex m/t Tärnvåghere for ages, and we remember him from Tärnfors and the Easter candy from 15 years ago.

Well, we will for sure not go through the candy debacle again. Gröna Dumle and, well, I break out in cold sweat just thinking about it.

Well, anyway, I was having my third plate of Falukorv while talking about the good ol' times with our 1st Engineer. He told me that I had to be home in February as he was going to Thailand. I told him that I would be on Tiger safari The life on board m/t Ternvag - ex m/t Tärnvågin January and I would be back home in February next year.

I rolled back to my cabin and I tried to sleep. But I was soon up again as I failed to fall asleep. I went on deck to see how things went for the AB. They are busy chipping and painting on the MOB boat deck. November and chipping and painting. Yes, November just a few days away but the weather is gorgeous. I had expected nothing but shitty weather this time of the year.

The ship is almost 15 years old and no rust. A few spots, not more than one guy can do in a few days. Amazing, good maintenance and dedicated crew makes wonders for the ships.

I looked around for a while and it looked good. I was soon on my way back in again as I didn't wanted to disturb my TOP GUNS on the chipping and painting detail.

The life on board m/t Ternvag - ex m/t Tärnvåg

The life on board m/t Ternvag - ex m/t Tärnvåg

The life on board m/t Ternvag - ex m/t Tärnvåg
Spela sitta o sjunga kör när hon e röd som räven

I have had my fun for today on deck pestering the AB and our cadet. And what was that smell. As soon as I stepped inside I smelled something familiar. Is it possible? Is it Kålpudding? Yes, I have Kålpudding  on board m/t Ternvagnot have Kålpudding for, yes, many many years. But the smell is nothing I Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stforget. I went to the kitchen to investigate

There was something in the oven, but it was covered in aluminium foil and it was not possible to see what it was. But it was for sure looking like it could be Kålpudding. Our Cook confirmed that it was Kålpudding when I ran in to him on my way to my cabin.

How is this possible? First day with the new Cook and item 1 and 2 already gone from my list of food that I want to eat.
Kålpudding on board m/t Ternvag1) Falukorv
2) Kålpudding

3) Kåldolme
4) Tunna fläsk pannkakor

I spent 45 minutes in my cabin working with Adobe Lightroom before I went down to the mess room. Half of the Kålpudding was gone when I came in to the mess room 15 minutes late.

But everyone had finished dinner so there was plenty for me. And honestly, I like the cabbage the best. And the sauce and potato. Yet again, I had too much to eat. But I had worked my way through half of my list so from now on I will kick arse with my diet. Booyaa!

The life on board m/t Ternvag - ex m/t Tärnvåg

I spent some time with the 1st Engineer talking about the mysteries in life and it was almost 6 o'clock when I was back in my cabin and I could continue with my Adobe Lightroom. I down loaded The life on board m/t Ternvag - ex m/t Tärnvågsome Lightroom and Photoshop lessons yesterday and I'm looking through the lessons today.

For sure, there is no end to what these two programs can do to a picture.

And time flies by when you're having a good time, and it was soon time for me to go on the bridge for my evening watch. And I was soon off to the iPod and TAXI CD prepared bridge.

We were steaming towards south west just off the Danish north coast when I came on the bridge. Plenty traffic and the time passed quite quickly. Arriving to the Pilot station midnight tomorrow night. And a few hours up to Ghent so arrival Friday morning.


Thursday 29th of October 2015
and what a disappointment my new “Rällig sill” plan turned in to. 2nd Officer came to the bridge 10 minutes before 12.
Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.st -YO! What was for lunch?
- Rällig sill
- Seriously...?
- It was pasta
- What the duck motherfoocker??!! We had an agreement!
- But you asked a second time!
- Well, you have to shape up for tomorrow. Now I'm off for lunch

I was back on the bridge at 1 o'clock for our SMS meeting with the crew. Our 2nd Officer was The life on board m/t Ternvag - ex m/t Tärnvågbusy talking with another ship when I stepped in to the bridge.

One ship was raising his concern and he called on VHF ch 16 to enquiry about their intentions. When he had sorted this out he sat down in the chair again.

Suddenly and totally unexpected, the dead man's alarm went off (every 9 minutes) and the “LAT MASKEN” came in handy. “LAT MASKEN” is something reminding me of a guy with a long stick he had in his sofa back in the 80's. He used the stick as a remote control for his TV.

Our 2nd Officer managed to reset the dead man's alarm from the comfort of his chair, no need to The life on board m/t Ternvag - ex m/t Tärnvågeven lean forward to push the button.

He was satisfied with himself when he got 9 more minutes until the next time the “LAT MASKEN” will spring in to action. All crew on the bridge at 1 o'clock and we could start the SMS meeting.

We discussed last month’s meeting, I was not on board during that meeting so there wasn't much I could add. We discussed this month’s drills. We used our Cadet to demonstrate the spine board and stretcher. And that is even though I The life on board m/t Ternvag - ex m/t Tärnvågvolunteered to do it. Our Cadet is maybe, well, smaller than me.

But I blame this on the 2nd Officer. And I really hope he manage to prevent me from going for lunch tomorrow. Well, I have a trick up my sleeve, I will have an extra cup of oatmeal before he comes up on the bridge. Thus I will not be hungry and I might be less pushy for what’s for lunch.

Terntank- The movie

Yes, Terntank, no nonsense talk, best means the best. No “Safety First” or “Save the environment” sign to be seen on the ships. They win prizes for being the most sustainable ships rewards while other companies plaster their ships with pointless “Safety First” or “Save the environment” signs. But when it comes to safety and the environment, they could not care less. Just talk and talk, but here in Terntank it is different.

No posters, stupid signs and talk but a lot of action. And in the move they are right, they love the shipping business. Love must be the same as thinking it is fun because you don't put in this kind of work if you don't think it is fun.

The more sign the less they care about the environment and the safety. And for sure, putting up signs will not get you any prizes. And I really doubt that there is any one believing in all the signs and posters on how good everything is.

Friday 30th of October 2015
and we were approaching Oil Tanking in Ghent when they called me 20 minutes before 8 in the morning. All fast 20 minutes past 8 and we started to discharge @ 11:35. The weather, it was almost like a summer day. Something is going on with the weather, that is for sure. I cannot remember ever have experienced the month of October like this before. At least not in the north of Europe.

Would have been a nice day for going in to the city of Ghent. But I have no time for this and I stay on board saving the money. There are better things to waste them on.

Saturday 31st of October 2015
and my alarm went off at 7 thirty. I was a wee bit surprised as I had expected them to call me for departure. I discovered that the Pilot wasn't until 11 thirty. The life on board m/t Ternvag - ex m/t TärnvågWell, this was at least to say very good and I could not beleive my luck.

A full night of sleep and as Pilot wasn't until the end of my watch I would not have to spen any time with the Pilot on the bridge so I was in an upbeat mood when i turned on the kettle.

I spent the morning trying to calibrate 2 of the cargo valves on deck. I must say that I wasn’t very success full, but the time passed very quickly and it was soon time to start preparing for departure. I was eager to get out on deck, it was like a summer day and the thermometer showed The life on board m/t Ternvag - ex m/t Tärnvåg21°C (in the sunshine)

Pilot came on board quarter past 11 and I went down on deck. We started to take in our ropes at 11:25 and we left the jetty @ 11 thirty. We expect to reach the lock quarter past 1 o'clock. That gave me some time for, well, I'm not very proud to say that I went to the mess room for lunch when I was off my watch at 12 o'clock.

I was on the bridge at 1 o'clock and we were talking about the good ol' times for a while and at quarter past I went on deck. No need to change any clothes as it was a very nice day. No need for any winter clothing and I really enjoyed myself on deck in shorts. Oh, how I love these days and I have been very lucky with the weather.

The life on board m/t Ternvag - ex m/t Tärnvåg
Our Cadet on the fo'c's'le

The life on board m/t Ternvag - ex m/t Tärnvåg
It is a gorgeous day

The life on board m/t Ternvag - ex m/t Tärnvåg
Cadet and AB on the fo'c's'le

The life on board m/t Ternvag - ex m/t Tärnvåg
We're in the lock

The life on board m/t Ternvag - ex m/t Tärnvåg
Cadet and AB on the fo'c's'le

We stayed in the lock for about 20 minutes and we could leave for Steenbank Pilot station where we will be well before I come on the bridge tonight. Just as I like it, minimum exposure to the The life on board m/t Ternvag - ex m/t Tärnvågpilots and I will be alone enjoying my tea and music.

So how did I manage to FOOCK up this day BIG TIME? I went back in from deck and I discovered the slop chest. 2nd Officer asked me if I had not seen this before.
Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.st- No, and this is the things you should have kept from me!

I bought two bags of Floppy or whatever it was called and then, suddenly, SchweizernötI discovered Schweizernöt. And yes, I had to buy a few of them. Would for sure last me until I will go home. Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.st Yeah, Schweizernötfat chance!

MOTHERFOOCKER! Everything was finished and my paper basket was full of wrappings way before it was dinner. And I felt bad. Feeling bad, I don't know if this is the right description. It was more like I was feeling sick. I would have taken a hangover any time instead of this.

I had brushed my teeth 5 times, well, I think it was 6 times before I went to the bridge 10 minutes before 8 o'clock in the evening. Everything the get the bad taste out of my Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stmouth, never mind that my evening tea will taste like “Rällig sill” with my freshly brushed tooth’s

So please, hurry the foock up and click HERE so we can put the month of October 2015 behind us. I have new and very ambitious plans for my diet in November 2015. So let's check it out!


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