Rewritten onboard M/T Ek-River July 2010

I did not take any picture on this trip

Tärnvind Photo Willem VanMaanen.
Thanks to Jeff Cameron. Visit his page

M/T Tärnvind was built 1981 in Kalmar, Sweden. She's 106,14 m long and 15,73 m wide. M/T Tärnvind is on 6150 ton DWT and can load 6970 m³ (98%) in 16 tanks. She has 4 CT and 10 WT + 2 slop tanks.
She has a ballast capacity of 1916 m³.
She takes 328,3 m³ heavy fuel and she uses 12 ton/ day at service speed 12 knots.
She takes 74,7 m³ diesel for her auxiliary engines.
She have 4 Svanehöj deep well pump with suction compartment. each pump serving 1 Ct + WT
Closed loading system by vapour return line. High level alarm, distance reading thermometer plant in CCR and level meter on deck and SAAB radar. Cargo heating system is removed.

She is still going strong, Swedish quality. They don't build ship like this today.

I signed on M/T Tärnvind 23rd of October 1991 as an AB and I signed off 14th of November 1991. Before I signed on Tärnvind I sent my paper to the "Swedish Maritime Administration". Pampus in NorrköpingI asked them how long time they needed before I could get my 2nd Officer license.
- This will take 2-3 weeks, they said.
After about 2 weeks onboard I told the Captain that I wanted to go home.
- My license should be ready now, I said.
Hmm, I never learn. We all know how slowly the wheels are turning in office's that are run by the government.

I signed off in Norrköping 14th of November together with the Chief Engineer.
GöteborgThat's pretty much what I remember from my time onboard M/T Tärnvind during the autumn of 1991. So it can't have been all that fun.

We drove a rented car from Norrköping and the Chief GöteborgEngineer dropped me at my home in Gothenburg. I had filled the rented car with beer cases so I had a little party when I came home.

And it was more than one party back home in Göteborg while I was waiting for my 2nd Officers license. But again, it took some very long time for them to Göteborgget me my papers so we had time for several parties. It was fun, at least then, thinking about it now and I just feel stupid. But even if it was fun I wanted to get my paper so I could join a new ship as 2nd GöteborgOfficer. How fun is it to sit in Göteborg? Not very, believe me.

My papers never came, well, when they came it was too late. I had a ticket to Bombay on the 1st of January 10992 and I had to turn down an offer to sign on Storön as 2nd Officer.

What to do? I had about 1 month to go before I had to leave for India and I had to join TT Lines Nils Dacke as an AB in Trelleborg.


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