M/T Tärnvåg
I got this picture from http://www.tarntank.net without permission

Built: Shanghai Edward Shipbuilding 2003

Length over all 141,20 M
Length between p.p. 133,00 M
Breadth moulded 21,60 M
Depth moulded 11,50 M
Draught International 9,0 M
Deadweight at 9.0 m 14796 Mt
Gross Tonnage 9980 Mt
Net Tonnage 4581 Mt
Cargo tank capacity (98%) 15807 cbm
Deck Tank capacity (98%) 172 cbm
Ballast tank capacity 6112 cbm
Technical Freshwater (Deck) 330 cbm
Technical Freshwater (Engine) 30 cbm
Heavy Oil 576 cbm
Diesel Oil 96 cbm
Fresh water (Drinking) 120 cbm
Speed 85% MCR, Loaded condition 14,7 knots
Consumption 25 Mtons
2 x 7 cargo-tanks divided P&S by center bulkhead and building 7 natural segregation's of: 1217 cbm + 2134 cbm + 2781 cbm+ 1793 cbm + 2838 cbm + 2240 cbm + 2805 cbm. Double skin and double bottom for clean water ballast in cargo area. Double bottom for clean water ballast in cargo area.

7 x Svanehøj electrically driven frequency controlled centrifugal pumps. Type DW 200/250-2-K, 450 m3/h at 110 m l.c, s.g. 1,0 (max 1,54). Each pumping from two tanks. 1 x Svanehøj portable hydraulically driven pump for emergency discharge, type NH 80-1-NE 70 m3/h.

Cross manifold with seven 10' main stainless steel pipes, each connected to two cargo tanks, building seven natural segregation's.
Well, coming home from the fire fighting course Tuesday afternoon and my friend is on his way to Germany for his holiday and my other friend is in Kalmar. Göteborg and here is exactly nothing to do when they are away. My friend in Kalmar will return back tomorrow afternoon so I can pick him up at the train station.

Wednesday 3rd of June 2009 and I called the company after breakfast.
- The ship will arrive in Göteborg at 13:00 so you can join them in the afternoon.
Very good, I will not have to spend another day in Göteborg. But it would have been nice to meet my friend when he is coming home from Kalmar.

I went to the dry cleaner next door to pick up my shirts and I returned to my room and I started to pack my things getting ready to leave for the ship.

June 2009
July & August 2009
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I joined Tärnvåg in Göteborg Wednesday 3rd of June 2009 when loading the last parcel for Gävle. They arrived from Brofjorden with D32 (gasoil) MK1 (gasoil) and gasoline. We did the following voyages while I was onboard:
Voyage No.
Load Port
Discharge Port

D32 (Gasoil)
MK1 (City diesel)
U95 (Unleaded gasoline)

RME (Rapeseed Oil Fatty Acid Methyl Etsther)
To mix in the gas oil
Brofjorden ULSD
(Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel 10ppm)
Changed to Glasgow when we had started loading. Max arrival draft 8,7m in FW.
After departure changed back to Thames
Brofjorden ULSD
(Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel 10ppm)
Cancelled due to delays in Thames
Brofjorden ULSD
(Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel 10ppm)
Brofjorden ULSD
(Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel 10ppm)
Amsterdam for order Cancelled
Rotterdam for order Cancelled
Amsterdam for order
Göteborg UMS 95
(Unleaded Motor Spirit = Gasoline)
Brofjorden UMS 95
(Unleaded Motor Spirit = Gasoline)
Brofjorden Gas oil
ULSD (Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel 10ppm)
Amsterdam for order Cancelled
Changed to Thames
Brofjorden ULSD (Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel 10ppm) Amsterdam Cancelled
Immingham for order
MAX 11,000MT
Brofjorden ULSD (Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel 10ppm) ARA for order Cancelled
Thames for order

I'm signing off

UMS 95

UMS 98


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