Thursday 1st of October 2009 and what happened with september? Time really turns very quick here in FUNKY TOWN. Well, growing old, gaining weight and loosing hair has never been a slow process. It is very quick to get bald.

Today I have 3 schools, maybe a wee bit too much. No time to eat and I were dead hungry when I left my last school at 6 o'clock. But I had to go to the gym before I could go home. But the gym is on the way home so no need for any detours.

It was almost 7 thirty when I came home and of course, the “TUNA SURPRISE” tasted very good when I was so hungry.
- Hmm, I might even say that this was the best “TUNA SURPRISE” I ever had.

But things are getting out of hand. I received a call from my friend while walking back from the gym in the evening.
- What are you doing?
- I'm on my way home from the gym.
- I'm here drinking beer on Sukhumvit. I will go have a few drinks with your French class mate later on.
- Yeah, I will stay home. I have school tomorrow.
- I might POP by later on.
- STAY WELL CLEAR OF ME!! I have had enough drunks here to last me a life time.

Friday 2nd of October 2009 and DARN! I was tired when I got out of bed 10 minutes after my alarm went off at 8 o'clock. I didn't felt asleep until after 3 o'clock this morning. But I felt
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I spoke with Mr. X when I came home from school. I told him that he had to come here to make Skånsk apple pie next Friday.
- I will make it the real way. But it's no lean cuisine !
- It's Friday fer f@cks sake! And we need to impress my Teachers!
- Is the Secretary coming?
- I will not make a fool out of myself asking!
- Just say that Mr. X in town and that I invited her. How hard can it get?
- I'm the one making a tit out of myself.
- I take full responsibility!
- YOU!!?? You never have to see her again, but I'm exposed to her at school every day.
- If I get the chance, I said.
- That's the spirit! Atta boy!

He was on cloud #9 when I hang up.

To be continued.........
a little better after a hot shower.

I was at school 10 minutes before the hour. 5 minutes later my French friend arrived. Today we were only 3 people in my class, it was me, my friend from France and Bangkoka guy from Taiwan.

Only three people in class and it was nice. When we are up to 10 people it's very slow and boring.

Time turned quick and it was soon time to go home. I called my “LIFE COACH”, he is obviously back in town and he is returning to India in a week or so. Of course he has to call me, the whole world knows that I'm in school and he had to call me in class. But I have my phone in silence mood
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Yes, while on the treadmill on the gym I was thinking about Mr. X and the secretary so I forgot the time and I got some extra time of exercise on the treadmill. GOOD!

Mr. X asked who's coming when I talked to him later on in the evening. I don't know, it's our Italian friend's birthday so he is cooking and he invited the Teachers.
- 2 Teachers what I know about.
- So he is the one doing the invitations?
- Yes.
- Well, he will not be in school next week. But I will see what I can do.
- That's the spirit! Atta boy!

He was on cloud #9 when I hang up.

To be continued.........
so I didn't disturb anyone else. Well, its common sense, isn't it? I mean to have your mobile in silent mood when in class.

Well, after my half “TUNA SURPRISE”, yeah I only ate half this morning so I had some left when I came back from school, I went to the gym. Perfect, afternoon and almost empty. Good, very good, I could do all the different machines today without having to wait for people sitting on the machines dreaming about their
v-shaped torsos while staring out in the blue, wasting time.

I was soon back home again and it's Friday and I will spend the night at home. I will be fit for the
“Bangkok By Bike” adventure tomorrow morning. But I really would need some sleep, but maybe I can have an afternoon nap tomorrow. And I really need sleep after a school week with only 4-5 hours of sleep during the night. I go to bed and as soon as I'm in bed it's impossible to fall asleep.

Saturday 3rd of October 2009 and today it's Saturday and I would normally have been sleeping. BangkokBut my alarm went off at 8 o'clock and I called my friend to wake him up.
- YO! Are you awake?
- Yeah, I will be at your place at 9 o'clock.
He told me that he came home 5 or 6 o'clock this morning. And honestly, when he went out for a drink yesterday with my French friend I never thought that he would make it to 9 o'clock.

I took a hot shower and I finished my bowl of “TUNA SURPRISE” that I mixed yesterday. I had just finished my GOOD MORNING tea when my friend knocked on the door at 9 o'clock.
- So you made it!
But he looked like he had had a late night out yesterday, but when you're young like him it shouldn't be any problem.
- I remember when I was in your age, working all day and drinking all night! Blah-blah-bla....
We left my apartment 10 minutes after 9 o'clock and we arrived to Somdetprapinklao Rd, Arun Amarin at Tonburi. Coming over the Phra Pin-klao we made a u-turn to get back to the bus stop on Bangkokthe right hand side. I called the owner of “Bangkok By Bike”, but no answer.

We walked up and down the Somdetprapinklao Rd but no sign off any “Bangkok By Bike”.
- What the ! He told me it should be 50m from the bus stop.
We walked around looking for the place for about 30 minutes.

- Maybe it's on the other side of the road, my friend suggested.
- I'm pretty sure he said the bus stop on the right side.
While walking around I got a wee bit upset. I spent Friday night at home just to be full of vim today. And why isn't the guy calling back?
- I could have had a good time out yesterday!

We were about to get a taxi back when the owner called. 30 minutes after my call to him.
Bangkok - Where are you?
- We're looking for your darn office.
And off course it turned out to be on the other side of the highway. When we came over the owner meet us with a bike and we were soon at “Bangkok By Bike”.

We got our pushbikes and we were asked to test brakes Bangkokand to take them for a test run.

When we were ready and happy with our push bikes we took off towards the first temple. We started at the side walk and we had to cross a few big roads before we reached the small streets.
- There will not be any cars, but there will be plenty dogs and you can meet motorcycles.
- AH! So they sent the dogs to Tonburi, I said.
A few years back we had plenty wild dogs around Sukhumvit, but now they are gone. And I always wondered what's happened with them.
At the first temple we had time to drink water. I mean, I have not been on a push bike for 20 years. And back then I had my pushbike in the back of the taxi more than I was sitting on it. Bike to town, getting drunk and taxi back home. So I needed to concentrate on the pushbike. No time to show off by drinking water and riding the bike at the same time.
It was just a few minutes ride from the temple to Rama 8 park at the Rama 8 bridge. I remember thinking that this will be a short trip if we're going to have breaks like this all the time.

I was 2nd in our convoy after our Thai guide and he was busy to tell e to slow down. But on the stretch down to Rama 8 park I overtook him and I stopped 50 metres ahead of them so I could get a picture of them coming down the side walk.
It was hot and I was looking for a 7-11. I could see one when we left the jungle and snakes Bangkokbehind and when we came up on the road towards the market. When coming up the road I was really thirsty and after 25 meters I spotted the 7-11.
- I will just make a quick stop at 7-11, I said to our Guide.

Coming in to 7-11 and the shop was full of school children. And obviously there have not been very many foreigners in this part of the country or, hmm, maybe I'm looking a wee bit strange.

But I bought my water and diet drink. And of course, it's getting hotter by the minute. Typical, when we're out on a bicycle tour it's sunshine. First day in a long time, its rain season and it has been overcast every day the last month. I was drinking water like there was no tomorrow.

It took me and my Guide 5 minutes to reach the market where the other Guide, my friend and the German couple were drinking coconut milk. I took a quick coconut and then I enjoyed a diet drink and some more water.
Time for lunch and it took us maybe 5 to 10 minutes to reach the restaurant at the boat temple or whatever they call the place. But it looks like a boat and it was something about the good old days, several hundred years ago. I don't remember what the guide said. I was thinking about my bed, a shower and an A/C. It was getting really hot!
While we were looking at the temple one of the Guides arranged food at the restaurant. I stopped to buy some Thai sweets.
- Can I have two of those? I asked
I thought she said 4 Bath.
- This can't be true! I must have got it wrong, I thought to myself.
I handed her a 50 Baht note and I got 46 Baht back. VERY CHEAP! If you buy those in Bangkok you have to pay much more, at least me as a foreigner.
- HEY! Here we have a foreign wanker coming. Let's f@ck him over!
We had our lunch and I brought a plate to the sweet shop next door. I filled the plate with Thai sweets and I returned to the restaurant and we could all gain a little weight. But as our Guide said.
- We have lost a lot of weight today.
It was soon time to leave the restaurant. We had to cross the river and an old wood bridge. They were in the process of building a new one next to the old one. But we had to use the old bridge.
I don't remember how long it took for us to reach the temple where we had our next break. More Bangkokwater while our Guide told us about the temple. When the Burmese army invaded Thailand the people of the village hide in the temple because the Burmese soldiers left the holy temple alone.

We went inside the old temple, it looked like an old tree. The temple was covered by trees and it looked great. A little like a place where you can expect to find Indian Jones. Inside our Guide explained the prayer to Buddha.

He also showed us how they used to see their future. They shake a cup with sticks. They take the number on the first stick falling out and check their future at the note board. I and our Guide got stick #18 and according to our Guide we have a gloomy future. But it should help to go to the temple tomorrow and do some, yeah, I don't know. Something holy at the temple and we would have a bright future.
Before we left I took a picture of our 2 Guides, the German couple and my friend. When we came out we went back of the temple and our Guide explained about the spirit houses.
There is plenty different spirit houses. When you build a house you must build a spirit house. They believe that there is a spirit living on the land and the spirit must have a house when you build a house. If the spirit doesn't get a home you will be unlucky forever.

- Here is the happy spirit's house, the guide said and pointed at one of the houses.
- You can see all the dancers and everyone is happy in the house.
It was soon time to leave, and it got harder and harder to get on the bike after the breaks. I mean, I have not been on a bike for 20 years so my arse is aching.
And I can just imagine how it will feel tomorrow when getting out of bed.
We left the temple and our next stop was another temple. We bought Jackfruit, but I only had a bite. I dropped the rest back of a tree. Jackfruit and Durian isn't all that tasty. Not comparing to Mango. We were passing, Jackfruit, Papaya, banana and coconut palms during our ride. Actually, there was fruit growing everywhere and if you're hungry it's just to eat.

We left the temple and we were soon running out of road. Our Guide had asked at the temple if the track through the jungle was OK.
- Yes, it's OK.
Obviously they were not updated at the temple because we ended up at a dead end and we had to go up on the highway.
Not very fun, and you don't feel very safe when you know how Thai people are driving.
After 500m on the highway we turned back in to the concrete cycle path. Well, it's a combined cycle, walk and motorcycle lane. It's made out of concrete blocks about 1m wide. And I guess they made in so narrow to avoid having cars driving on the paths.

Never mind how many signs you put up around here. If it is possible to drive they will drive.
We were coming up on yet another dirt road when I stood up o the bike to get an extra boost with the result that my bike chain felt of. DARN! And of course, it's me sticking out as always. But our 2 Guides fixed the chain in a jiff and we we're soon on the way again.
- We have about 1 km to go from here.
- Good, because it's getting hot and my arse is aching.

We had been on our way down a bike path along a small canal when my friend asked if the Guide had said 1 or 10km.
- He said 1 km. It must be the longest km in the world, or maybe we're very slow.

We passed a bridge and I stopped on top of the bridge to take a few pictures. When I caught up with the rest of the team they were at the jetty loading their bikes on to the long tail boat. What a nice surprise, coming down the bridge and around the corner. AND THERE IT WAS! THE BOAT!
It was so nice to sit down in the boat. And that's even though my arse was aching like hell.

When we left the jetty we were gaining speed quickly and it was quite comfortable with the cooling wind. We made a stop to feed the fishes. And the rivers are boiling with fishes. There are so many of them it made me wonder if it was an inedible specie. Otherwise Thai people eat everything that moves and if this was a good fish to eat I doubt that there would be so many of them.
We meet another boat and we stopped so our driver could get some food from the other boat. Well, let's get movin'! I can't wait to come home to a shower.
We arrived to the jetty and as I found out. This is where they keep the king's boats. So I got a Bangkokpicture of his boats.

It had been a very nice trip on the bikes, even though it was hot.
And yet once again, isn't it typical that the one day we decide to go on a bike trip its sunshine. The last 2 months and we have had overcast sky every day.

Of course, water helped a little, but I was red Bangkoklike a cray fish from the sunshine.
Or as my friend “Mr. Pattaya People Man” said when I spoke with him, always nice talking with him:
- You're not dressed right!
- What the ! Do you want me to wear a parka?
- No, but a sombrero!

Ok, we had our bike on the jetty and I took a picture of the king's boats and a few pictures of the people living along the river next to the jetty. Now we only have one more question. How far is it to the “Bangkok By Bike” office. Because, and believe me, it was not nice to get up on the bike again.
Luckily enough it was just a 2 minutes ride to the office and we returned the bikes and paid our bill. I will not make a trip tomorrow, but it's not impossible that I will make another trip one of those Bangkokdays. And of course, these trips are for the tourists. They stay in Bangkok, Phuket and other places like that. So of course, for them it's interesting with some “COUNTRY SIDE” views. But believe me, I have more experience of sitting in villages than I care to have. The boredom drove me up the walls.

But it was nice to move our arses and it was fun, so I will make the tour again. But not tomorrow or next week.

We paid our bill and we went to the 7-11 at the corner of Soi 3 and Somdetprapinklao Rd. We bought two diet drinks and when we finished our coffin nails we stopped a taxi.
- Sukhumvit Soi 23! On the double!
We changed our mind and we asked him to go to Soi 11. We need to buy some stuff at Villa Market. But this driver was something else. We came down from the Rama 8 bridge and then Si Ayutthaya Road to Ratchaprarop Road. We turned left after the railway at Nikhom Makkasan Road. The railway museum seems to be gone, but we passed a lot of old steam engines staying there rusting away. We came out on Phetchaburi road at the Sukhumvit Soi 3 intersection. So far so good, but our driver turned left up on Phetchaburi Road.
- Where are you going?
- There is traffic jam on Soi 3.

When I took the flyover at Asoke I got worried and I asked him again.
- Where the are you going?
- I will enter Soi 39 and we will soon be at Soi 41
- Soi 41?! Nitwit, we're going to Soi 11
What the f@ck is wrong with this guy? Well, I told him that we would go to Soi 33 instead. There is a Villa Market at Soi 33. At Soi 39 the traffic was at a standstill, and this is something Bangkokeveryone knows. Except our driver.
- Where the f@ck are you going?
My friend asked me how it was possible for us to end up with all the crazy drivers. The other night going to Carrefour we had a real prize winner.

By now I was very angry. And our driver didn't have a clue where he was. And obviously he was still going to Soi 41. What is wrong with this guy?
- HEY STUPID! Get your f@cking taxi over in the right line and turn right at Le'Opera.
BangkokF@ck we have wasted nearly one hour on Soi 39. But he got over in the right line and we started to move. I guided him to Soi 33 and we got out of the taxi at Sukhumvit. 153 Baht and my friend handed him 170 Baht and got out of the taxi. A quit normal procedure to give the tip. BUT BangkokTHIS F@CKER??!!
- Are you giving him tip? He should pay us for wasted time.
The driver handed him the 20 Baht note and he told us that he was sorry.

We filled my basked with tuna and wine. I asked my friend to go get another basked and we filled this basked with tuna as well.

Well, it was nice to get back home and for sure, now I have tuna to last me for a few days. Saturday and we had planned to go for a drink, but it became very late. My friend and my French friend wanted to come by before going to Naz. But then it was too late so I told them that I would stay home tonight.

Exactly how fun is it to come down to Naz at 11 o'clock sober. Not so fun. This is something you do in Copenhagen, Madrid, Berlin or in Manila. You go out and you are alone until almost midnight when people are starting to go out. In Copenhagen they serve you breakfast at 8 o'clock in the morning, at the disco. But in FUNKY TOWN most of the places closes at 2 o'clock.

Sunday 4th of October 2009 and I woke up at 8 o'clock. DARN! I wanted to get a nice day of sleep when I'm having a day of. As usually I wasn't asleep until 2 or 3 o'clock. But I was at least happy that I didn't go out with the other guys yesterday. Luckily enough I felt asleep again and I woke up at 11 o'clock.

I made a bowl of “TUNA SURPRISE”, cutting down the tuna to half. I had a plate of the “TUNA SURPRISE” and a barrel of tea. It much easier now when I mix the salad in a bowl, and I can mix for a full day in one pop. Preferable in the evening so I can get right to the eating and my GOOD MORNING tea when I get up in the mornings.
- Yummy?
- Hmm, I don't know. It depends on how hungry I am.

I don't use any more olive oil and now I have cut the tuna to half. Cutting the calories and it's mostly seaweed, corn and onions. The green peas aren't all that tasty so I only take a few of them. Now I only need to cut out the salt and it will be real health food.

And of course, I discovered that my “LIFE COACH” had called me 9 o'clock this very morning. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH HIM? WHO THE F@CK IS CALLING 9 O'CLOCK ON A SUNDAY MORNING? For sure, something is wrong.

I spent the afternoon updating my web page and I spoke with my friends at Ratchadapisek. They asked if I wanted to join them on a night on town. I have managed to go through this weekend without any party and as my friend “Mr. Pattaya People Man” said:
- No wine and the tour yesterday, I'm sure you lost weight this weekend.
Yeah, he is right and I don't know if I want to spoil it today. And I have school tomorrow.

Otherwise I spent the Sunday, well, of course I read the online newspaper Not The Nation - THE WEBSIT YOU CAN TRUST. There is always a hilarious story to read. And Facebook, everyone talks about Facebook and I get all this: BangkokThis and that want to add you as a friend. It's like collecting on friends and you have never met any of them.

I remember a few years back, I was invited to HI 5 and I joined just to check out a girl's profile. She sent me an e-mail. And she was upset.
Exactly, use the phone or send an e-mail.

Why you need to join HI 5? I have 21691 friends. Yeah, that's something to show the world, and they have sent stupid messages like:
“What's happening?”
“I miss you!” Preferably decorated with a Teddy bear or a heart.
“Hi!” Yeah, who wouldn't like to have a message like this?
“Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!” If the sender has poor knowledge of the English language.

Monday 5th of October 2009 and F@CK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I woke up at 10 thirty, on top of my bed!!!!! AND I'M STILL DRUNK!!!!! What the happened last night??!! I don't have clue.

As my French friend said:
- Why the did you put your friend in our house??!! He told me that he usually went for party once a week - Since your fiend moved in its party every day!

Well, the plan was to go to Q bar yesterday and we would finish one bottle of vodka before we left. Yeah, you know, just to get a wee bit handsome before going to the disco. Our intentions were all the best, but of course, somewhere along the line something went terribly wrong. And I mean terrible!
I was drinking wine and I estimated, or I wished, that they would have finished the bottle of vodka Bangkokby the time I finished my bottle of wine.

And it doesn't take a genius to figure out that this wasn't one of the brightest ideas I have come up with. Of course, BangkokI was on my second bottle of wine when they finished the bottle of vodka. And of course, by then I was a wee bit drunk.

So they opened a second bottle of vodka and after that it's all blur for me. I remember telling them that we had to leave before it was getting too late. That was 11 o'clock, or something like that.
And unnecessary to say, I didn't got out of the apartment. I woke up on top of my bed at 10:30. Good, at least I didn't have to make my bed. Straight to the “TUNA SURPRISE” and my GOOD MORNING tea. A hot shower and I was ready for school, at least I will make it to the last hour.
And I checked my camera first thing getting out of bed. Last picture was taken at 01:25 and we were still at my place. BangkokObviously I didn't make it out of my door and this weekend have turned out to be the cheapest since I arrived the 7th of August. Well, this weekend has been the cheapest weekend in a very long time. I can't remember last time I had a weekend at home.

I called my friend on the way to school. He had waked up in my French friend's bed and only God knows where my French friend woke up.

Well, when I finished my morning school, well, today it was more like afternoon school.
Well, anyway, I crossed the bridge to Tops and I bought 2 cases of Heineken. I asked for San Miguel LIGHT but they didn't had San Miguel LIGHT.

So I had to take Heineken, not my choice. I prefer Tiger if they don't have San Miguel LIGHT. Well, I don't like beer, but one of my Teachers is only drinking beer so I need to have some at home.
And I will start drink beer again. Wine and vodka, and you remember f@ck all the day after. So no more wine, even though drinking beer is like drinking bread. Or the best thing would be to skip alcohol all together.

Well, talking with my friend “Mr. Pattaya People Man” is always pepping.
- So you have been drunk again!
Yeah, it's like a punch with agony every time he opens his mouth.
- What did you lose this time?
- Always nice talking to you!
- You never learn!
- That's the spirit! Just bring it on.
- Two cases of beer, that's for you! You will finish those cases by yourself. What is there for us to drink?

But it was a different tone when I called him back later on. I have planned for a year off and during the holiday it's allowed to have a drink
- You want me to take a year off and you are scolding me when I have a drink. So I'm better off leaving for a ship.
- Oh, I didn't mean it like that. I think it because I'm envy you. I can't drink until my arm is good again.

OK, we see what happens. They want me on a ship this week and I called them and I told them that I couldn't make it this week.

I was late for my afternoon school, I thought we Bangkokstarted at 4 but 10 past 3 I remembered that I start at 3 o'clock Monday and Wednesday. So I was off to school in a taxi and the Teacher called me when I was on the way down Soi 23.
- I will be there in 3 minutes.

My Teacher didn't recognise me today.
- Why are you so quiet to today?
- I have a slight hangover.
- It's only good to drink on Friday and Saturdays. You are always talking and moving about like a monkey. Today you don't say
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Well, coming down from my only hour at my morning school the Secretary waved to me through the window. She wanted me to come in side. She looked angry, she told me it was OK for my French friend to take a break from school without them deducting the hours.
- You have a special deal. Why did you tell your friend about this?
Well, when she was ready I asked for her name and if she had any boyfriend.
- I have many boyfriends.

I called Mr. X and I told him her name.
And I told him that “I have many boyfriends” most likely meant that she was single.
- That's the spirit! Atta boy!

He was on cloud #9 when I hang up.

To be continued.........
anything. No playing and joking, very boring.
- Yeah, sometimes it's like this, I said.
I left school at 5 o'clock and I walked back home, passing the gym today. I will wait with the gym until tomorrow.

Back home I had my “TUNA SURPRISE” and a barrel of tea. But today I was very close to go in to Little Italy opposite to my gym. A pizza would be good today with the hangover. But luckily enough I restrained myself and I just walked by.

I will not do any home work today, or at least I don't think so. I will spend the evening watching DVD trying to get over my hangover.
I was really sorry when I discovered that the Valium was a big NO NO! They would have done wonders for me today. So I have to do it the old fashion way. B-12 vitamins and watching DVD.

Well, I received a phone call in the evening. It was from a Management Company in Sweden and it 1989turned out to be an old classmate from navigation school. I have not seen him for a very long time. Last time I saw him he was living on the floor in my student room.

- Hmm, when thinking of it I might have seen him back in 1993.

Well, he was in Gothenburg and he wanted to stay at my place. Unluckily enough he arrived the very same Sunday I got kicked out and I had to place him in my friend's apartment. My friend had his accommodation taken care of so his apartment was available. I had the keys to his apartment so I put my friend in this apartment. Well, anyway, it was a very long time ago I saw him and we had a chat about the good old times.

And yes, he wanted me to go work, but I told him about my 1 year of holiday plans.

Tuesday 6th of October 2009 and as usually I was half dead when my alarm went off at 8 o'clock. I didn't fall asleep until almost 4 o'clock. Well, that's how it is when you stick with the B-12s. Well, a hot shower alleviated my tiredness a wee bit. But I had to take a second hot shower after my “TUNA SURPRISE” and GOOD MORNING tea.

I was at my morning school 15 minutes before the hour and I skipped the last hour so I could be in time for my afternoon school. I stopped at the German restaurant next to my school for a lunch Bangkoksalad. But they had poured, I don't know what it was, maybe wine vinegar. It tasted like, yeah, shit. The top of the salad was OK, but as soon as I got through the top I was about to throw up.

And, yeah, I blame it on lack of self-discipline. But I ordered a packet of Coffin nails.
- Please give me a pack with a nice picture.
- They brought me a pack and they had their own fag cover. So you don't Bangkokhave to look at the horrid pictures they have on the pack here in Thailand. I don't where they got the pictures from. But it looks like they have been hit by a buss, or worse.

There are two pictures that I can live with, one with a guy smoking while holding a baby and one picture of a hand with something that looks like an urn. But I'm not Bangkoksure about that picture.

I swinged over to the Australian restaurant next door for a diet drink and when my class mate arrived we went up to our class room on the fifth floor. My class mate went crazy with my camera and our Teacher was threatening to sue us. Nothing new there.

We finished school at 3 o'clock and I stopped at Villa Market to buy some milk and corn before going home. My school at Soi 18 starts at 4 o'clock so BangkokI only had time to change to my gym clothes before leaving for school. I had the best intentions, to go to gym after my school. But I was so tired so I went straight home. And hopefully I will be able to fall asleep tonight. And I will be full of vim tomorrow. I will start my day at the Swedish Embassy to get some wet stamp on my passport translation.

I went to navigation school with a guy living in Phuket. We finished school 20 years ago and I have only meet him once since. That was in Finland back in 2004, hmm, at least I think it was 2004. Or 2005. Well, anyway, we spent a few hours talking about the good old time in my kitchen. When he left I was off to bed and a book.

Wednesday 7th of October 2009 and I will start my day at the Swedish Embassy. Well, of course, Bangkoka hot shower, “TUNA SURPRISE” and GOOD MORNING tea is a must before I'm leaving my home.

I was alone at the Embassy so it was pretty quick to get my stamp on my passport copy. And it was free of charge! Otherwise they always ask you to go down to the bank and deposit money on their account before they do anything. Yeah, back home to my homework and I was off to afternoon school.

I and my class mate had planned to take a Japanese course in flower arrangements tonight. But it turned out that the course starts at 1 o'clock in the afternoon so we had to skip this idea.
- Maybe next Wednesday.

Later on in the evening my French class mate asked if I was up for a night on town. Well, I have school tomorrow and as our newest Bangkokian told me on the phone when I was on my way to afternoon school.
- The security guard made big eys when we left. 3 empty vodka bottles and 2 empty wine bottles. + I don't know how many empty Red Bull bottles.
- Yeah, f@cking a! Not strange that I woke up on top off my bed.

No I will saty home today, tomorrow I have 3 schools and gym. And my friend “Mr. Pattaya People Man” will arrive tomorrow afternoon.

Thursday 8th of October 2009 and I didn't get out of bed until quarter to nine. Luckily enough I had time for a quick “TUNA SURPRISE” and a quick cuppa before going to school. I had made the “TUNA SURPRISE” yesterday so no need to waste time making a new one.
I was early at my morning school so I stopped at 7-11 and I bought a diet drink. When you are in Bangkoka hurry you don't waste time in front of the computer in the morning and, well, no use to start a computer session when you only Bangkokhave 10 minutes. So I was early at school and I think I will have my alarm to go off at 08:45 from now on.

45 minutes extra sleep is plenty. But if I sleep 5 hours and if I can get an extra 45 minutes, yeah, that's 15% extra. Plenty!

Today my morning school was pretty fun and time turned quick. When we finished my Italian friend was waiting outside for his afternoon class. So we had a fag on the bridge to Robinson before I left for school and he left for class.

He will make a test for level 2 at 6 o'clock tomorrow night and after the test he will come to my apartment and start his cooking. He told me that he will make Bangkok2 different sauces to his pasta tomorrow evening.
- Can you make Spaghetti Carbonara? I asked.
Bangkok- I have only done it a few times.
He told me that he had planned to do one tuna sauce and one meet sauce. Tuna, well, I have had enough tuna to last me for a long time. But it will be interesting to see an Italian in the kitchen again. I remember Rainbow Warrior, and our Spaghetti Carbonara nights. So I told him that I could give him a few pointers if he needed.

I was a few minutes late for my class at 1 o'clock so they had started the class already. But it was mostly frolics and larks, not much learning as usual.
It didn't take long before he had our Teacher at knifepoint. I don't remember the reason. Maybe because she threatened to sue us if we took any picture.
Or maybe he just wanted me to have a few pictures for my web page.
- Have you got the picture already? It must be the slowest camera in the world, he was shouting.
And our Teacher slowly turned from shock to angry and laughing. Fun, but we didn't learn very Bangkokmuch and we left 25 minutes before our scheduled time. I took a taxi back home for a quick cuppa and a “TUNA SURPRISE” before going to my evening class.

At 10 past 3 my friend “Mr. Pattaya People Man” arrived. I told him that this must have been a record braking trip to FUNKY TOWN.
- 2 hours and 10 minutes! You must have had a driver from Bangkok.
Last few times he have had a Pattaya TAXI METER and when they arrives to FUNKY TOWN they are Bangkokcompletely lost and they spend more time finding Sukhumvit than what it takes to go from Pattaya to FUNKY TOWN. Well, anyway, he was hungry when he arrived and we walked to my school together and then he left for his “LIGHT LUNCH”.
- See you here at 6 o'clock! I said.

When I finished school “Mr. Light lunch” came walking Bangkokdown the soi and we took off to Foodland in a taxi. We need to buy some stuff for tomorrow, “Mr. Light lunch” will make Skånsk apple pie and Skånsk vanilla custard. Yummy!

“Mr. Pattaya People Man” had been back in my apartment Bangkokafter his meal to pick up his recipe so we knew what to buy. I will make Skånska meatballs and I know these ingredients. We filled one shopping cart before we returned home and my fridge was brimmed. OK, most of the stuff is wine and beer. And I will only drink beer from now on. Pretty much the same as when I got kicked out in Gothenburg. No more booze and wine for me.

You drink a bottle of vodka so quick so the alcohol doesn't have time to affect you before the bottle is empty, then it hit you with full force and you are dead drunk.

Pretty much what happened to me in Gothenburg, we finished a couple of bottles and we were Bangkokdead drunk. Music on a full force 10 on the Richter scale. And I mean a full force 10. Back then I had a stereo with loudspeakers the size of a super tanker. They told me that we have had disco levels outside on the street and my neighbour wasn't very happy.

I was kicked out and I had no place to live. Well, this is how I ended up in FUNKY TOWN. Well, anyway, I gave up drinking booze and I gave away my stereo after this incident.

Later on my old class mate from navigation school called and he came over. I have to be in school tomorrow so we only had water and tea.

Well, I guess that I managed to blow yet another page out of proportions. So in order to save us a little downloading time we change page!

OK, it has come to my knowledge that we have senior citizens at my web page. How hard can it be? So it's not very easy for them to see the blue coloured links to the next page.
Jiffy (also jiff)

noun [in SING.] informal a moment: we'll be back in a jiffy.

ORIGIN late 18th cent.: of unknown origin.

So as you understand, in a jiff pretty much depends on your internet.
So I put a “Next” button here and I hope that there isn't any problem to understand how to use that one. So just CLICK the “Next” button on your left hand side and you will be on the next page in a jiff!

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E ni Svenskar och inte förstår Engelska så ska ni skämmas. J och Björn, med det menar jag inte att alla mina stavfel ska ältas varje g'ng vi träffas.


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