Tärntank Summer-Autumn 2001
Tärntank Logo After signing off M/T Bro Nelly 25th of July and 2 days of party I signed on
M/T Tärnland 28th of July on the anchorage outside Gothenburg.
M/T Tärnland loading at Statoil in Kalundborg
I was om M/T Tärnland between 25th of July to 11th of August. I was only onboard to go double with a new 2nd Officer. I signed on at Statoils refinery in Kalundborg and signed off in Malmö. Home of the best soccer team and also the best ice hockey team in Skåne and thus the best in Sweden.

I signed off Tärnland Saturday the 11th and we had a good night out in
M/T Tärnsund
Gothenburg. I signed on Tärnsund in Mongstad the 13th. I was on M/T Tärnsund until 11th of September when I Signed off in Fredericia. We drove by car to Helsingborg where i signed on M/T Tärnvind as Chief Officer in the evening and the Chief Engineer continued with the car home.

I signed off M/T Tärnvind 12 th of October and was on holiday until 8th of November when I signed on M/T Tärnvind as Chief Officer again. I signed off 5th of December 2001 and signed on M/T Tärnvik 12th of December in Poorvo, Finland.

I lost my camera when I signed off 5th of December in Brofjorden so there is no photo to show



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