Written onboard M/T Ek-River July 2010

Florida in February 1991

I signed off M/T Tärnsund on the 13th of February 1991 in Brofjorden and we took a rental to Göteborg. Of course, it didn't take long before I was at Frasses with a beer in front of me. Bjäbben's sister or mother was coming to visit her in Göteborg so I was a persona non grata at home.
- Hmm, honestly, I think I was for the most of the time.

Not welcome home and I can as well go away for a while. Middle of the winter and Florida sounded like a nice place to be during the cold winter. There was snow and shit in Göteborg and I couldn't wait to get away.

Well, anyway, I checked in at a hotel I slept at the hotel over night and I went straight to the On the way to Miamiairport and my flight to Miami from my hotel. And yes, I didn't have any breakfast at the hotel, I prefer the extra time in bed. I asked the reception to call a taxi for me and I was off to the airport. It didn't take long before I was tipsy again and when we had boarded the aircraft I ordered more beer.

I meet an old friend on the flight. I had not seen him in a couple of years so that was a surprise. Well, anyway, I had my entertainment centre on full blast and the last thing I remember from the flight is when we're flying over New York. I was up front drinking in the bar because they refused to serve me in the other galleys onboard. I had tried all of them.

Well, anyway, my friend told me that I was flat on the floor and that 2 of the Air hostess had Miami Beachbeen dragging me in my legs, one in each leg, back to my seat in monkey class.
- There were only two passengers that were refused any alcohol.
- Yes, who?
- You and my father.
- Nice to hear that I had not been alone.

There were 5 Police Officers waiting for me at the arrival to Miami.
- Hey! I'm out of battery to my entertainment centre! Do you know where I can buy new one?
The Police took me to a convenient store and I loaded my entertainment centre and it didn't take long before the music was on full blast. The Police Officers escorted me to mu hotel transportation and I was off to Miami Beach.

- Where the am I? Was the first thing I wondered when I woke up.
Miami BeachA shower and I was down in the bar with my roommate. We started with beer, no need to eat anything.

We had a few beers. Yes, this is how it went on for 2 weeks, party every day. When we were just about to get tipsy we decided to go and explore the beach, just outside the door. Well, first we passed the swimming pool area and then we were on the beach.

We walked down (or up) the beach for Miami Beacha few hundred meters. We stopped at a place where we could rent radio controlled cars. This was fun, for about 2 minutes. We had paid for 20 or 30 minutes so the guy in charge of the place looked at us when we returned the radio after 2 minutes.
- What's wrong?
- It's boring

We meet a Norwegian guy at the track, turned out that he was living at our hotel. So he joined us and as it turned out, the three of us we're going to hangout every day until he left for Miami BeachNorway after a week. Well, sunshine and a nice day. The only thing missing was a cold beer.

But you're not allowed to drink beer on the beach. Well, it's allowed if you put a Coke Miamilabel on the beer can. And of course, they sold these labels everywhere so it was just to buy a cold beer and put on the Coke label. Now everyone knew that you Somewhere in Floridawere drinking beer, but it was legal.

We meet another Norwegian as well. He lived at our hotel and he was going to stay for a few days. He worked as an Engineer on one of the Cruise ships based in Miami.

He had a rental so we spent the days in his car Miami Beachand the night was spent on the clubs around Miami and Miami Beach.

Well, the full story will be available when I'm Miami Beachretiring, then there are no need to care about what employer thinks about my choice of life style back then. But the Miamidays in Miami Beach usually started by the four of us took the Norwegian Engineer's rental. we stopped first thing to buy a barrel of “Hangover water”.

Water first, a lot of it. The, maybe, we could have something to eat. But that took a few hours, at least for me.

A few hours later we stopped to buy beer. Well, actually, as soon as there was a good tune on the radio I asked him to stop for a few beers.
Key WestYes, that's how important good music is for me. I was sitting in the back seat and when we stopped at red lights the drivers around us screamed:
- What the ??!! I'm in the back seat!

Maybe there is a law against drinking in the car. So I was laying low on the floor drinking my beers. The longest trip we took was all the way to Key Miami BeachWest. I don't remember how many hours we spent in the car. But it was way too many and we Miami Beachnever did it again.

Back at the hotel it was shower time and then we had a few beers before we went out to Miamipaint the town red.

Ocean Drive was only 2 minutes away with taxi so we spent at least a few hours there every night.

I meet a Cook working in one of the clubs at Ocean Drive. Miami BeachSo we spent many of the nights drinking us self retarded. We even had to bribe the taxi drivers to take Miamius to some of the areas in Miami. - I refuse to drive to this area.
- OK, here is 50 dollars extra.

When the Norwegians left my roommate and I decided to take a Greyhound to Fort Lauderdale. And we arrived in the middle of the spring break. Well, we don't mind the party and it didn't take long after we had Fort Lauderdalechecked in at a hotel in Fort Lauderdale before we were drunk again. And nothing else was planned for, it's holiday so it is socially accepted to be Fort Lauderdalea wee bit tipsy in the evening.

Yes, I meet an old friend onboard the airplane to Miami. But I had no clue where they were going. But lo and behold, we Fort Lauderdaleran in to them in Fort Lauderdale.

Spring break and there were full of activities during the day. There was a bar with a swimming pool just on the beach, a merge 2 minutes walk from our hotel.

So I went there in the early afternoon for a few beers. A few beers turned out to several beers and I didn't come back to my hotel until very late.

Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale
Fort Lauderdale
Fort Lauderdale
I don't remember how many days we spent in Fort Lauderdale. But I was at the beach, at least Fort Lauderdaleone day. Well, one day is enough. No time to wait and Fort Lauderdaleit was more fun at the pool party

I remember one night and I was looking for something fun. I passed a taxi and I only saw a big hair. Looks like a guy who knows where to find something fun. Well, it ended up Miami Beachwith that he turned off the meter and we took off to Miami.

We ended up at Miami Beach and then we were driving around stopping at different pub. One of these pubs was a Country and Fort LauderdaleWestern bar and as you understand we did not even order a beer before we left. When he dropped me at my hotel in Fort Lauderdale it was sunshine.

This was during the first Gulf war and I ended up with a bunch of guys at a disco. we were going around in their BMW.
- We don't like USA. We like Europe, that's why we drive a European car and listening to European music.
Why do I remember this? It was the first time in my life that I heard Urban Dance Squad from Holland. And I heard it in their BMW and I bought the CD “Mental floss for the globe” when I came back to Miami. Well, 1st of March and it was time to return to Sweden

Saturday 2nd of March 1991
and of course. It was the same Air hostess on my way back to GöteborgSweden as I had when going to Miami. So they were whispering to each other pointing at me.
- Take me out of here!

It was so nice to arrive to Landvetter airport in Göteborg. FrassesEspecially when Björn was waiting with his car outside the terminal. I must say that my friend Björn is very good to come pick me up when I arrive by air to Göteborg.

He is coming every time he is home. And imagine me coming to Göteborg, not to nice, and then the pleasant surprise to meet my friend first thing. Very good! And when he is not available he send Frasseshis mother. OK, then I just feels like I'm causing inconvenience.

Well, anyway, straight from the airport Frassesto Frasses. No time to lose! A few beers will make wonders for me. Coming to Frasses and it’s the usual crowd there, never any surprises. And that's good.

And of course, my “Filifjonkan” and “Opsiskalopsis” tapes are in the bar so they have good music. Important when you drink beer.
Seems like I never learn, long haul flights and jet lag is not a good combination with beer. So of course, the concrete hat came on after a few beers at Frasses.
But Frasses, it was a very good place. Never mind if you suffered from motion sickness or if the Frassesconcrete hat came on. You were never alone.

When we had the grand opening it was said that no one was allowed to sleep there. At the old pub, well, pub is a wee bit too much to say. It was a vending machine for beers. But we slept there all the time.

OK, Frasses grand opening, of course, we were 4 or 5 people waking up in the sofas and we moved straight over to the bar and started all over again. And so it went on pretty much as long as I used to go there. But one year later my friends finished school and after that it was not very much fun at Frasses anymore.

Tuesday 5th of March 1991
and we were back at Frasses. Yes we were there almost every day, at Frassesleast it seems like that when I review my pictures.

Tuesday night, if I remember it right it was a student night for Frassesdrinking. Why go on a weekend when all the places are full when you can do it on a Tuesday night?

I remember when I was in school, I was never Frassesat any classes. I only went to school for my tests and for Frasses. Seriously, why waste time attending Frassesclasses when you can study the same home in bed by just using a tenth of the time. And when you asked the Teacher something they had to look it up in the book. That’s even though they have had the same subject for 10 to 20 years. Remarkable!

Thursday 7th of March 1991
and it was time for Frasses again. When thinking back of it today I Frassescan't understand that it could be so fun going there every day. especially after finding myself sleeping on most of the pictures.

But the beer was cheap, that must have been the reason. Because I can't understand how I could afford to maintain my life style. It was party every day and it was not like that we did it on a budget. Money was rolling and we didn't care about tomorrow.

Actually, back then there were no worries about money, there were always more where they came from. So no need to worry.
Friday 8th of March 1991
and MOTHERF@CKER!!! Frasses again, well, it's Friday and socially Frassesaccepted to have a few drinks. I remember this day, of course, only because I have a few pictures.

But there was a party on the school on the Saturday evening and I missed the party due to reasons I don't want to elaborate here.

We went home to me after Frasses and one of my friends felt asleep on my floor. You can just guess how lucky I was that Bjäbben wasn't home. I think she was visiting her parents.

But obviously she would have been very angry if we had bursted in early morning.
GöteborgI get scared (Well, most embarrassed when I'm thinking about it today)

Saturday 9th of March 1991
and my friend Göteborgwoke up on my floor and our friend was soon dropping by.

We had finished our 2 first bottles of vodka before lunch Göteborg time. Yes, we were better off getting tipsy. Party tonight and how fun is Göteborgit to go on a party sober? Not very!

We were way passed tipsy at mid day and the party was still several hours away. will we be able to make it?

We had another friend that lived not too far away from me and he and his girlfriend wanted us to come over for a bottle of wine before we left for the party. Yes, sure they want us to come over. They have not Göteborgseen the state we're in.

well, I don't remember if my two friends made it to the part. I think I remember one of them at the party. But I was alone going Göteborgto see our friend and his girlfriend.

Coming to their apartment and it was a totally different story, candle light and cosy. No one puking and sleeping on the floor.

We took a taxi to the party but when we arrived I got struck by a hangover, not of this word. Must have been something we have been eating during the day.

So imagine how I felt coming home in the evening with one of the worst withdrawals I had ever had in my by then short life. The apartment didn't looked very nice, more like someone had dropped a bomb in the apartment. And for sure, it didn't smell of strawberries.

Jesus Christ, it was so nice to leave Göteborg to sign on Tärnfjord 15th of March in Brofjorden.

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