Written onboard M/T Ek-Star September 2010

Roskilde Festival 1987

Monday 29th of June 1987 and I arrived to Gothenburg with the bus from Otterbäcken. Göteborg/ GothenburgOtterbäcken, what a place. There was nothing but Göteborg/ Gothenburga bus stop. Well, I arrived to Gothenburg in the late afternoon/ evening and I meet my friend from when I was in Navigation School 1986.

I left my bag at the lockers on the train station and we went for some beers at Avenyn.

Göteborg/ Gothenburg
We walked to Avenyn. Avenyn, ask anyone from Gothenburg what there is to do in Gothenburg.
Göteborg/ Gothenburg- Drink beer on Avenyn.

Well, Avenyn what a drag! Back then there was Avenyn and Göteborg/ GothenburgGamle Port. I don't understand how I survived school. Most likely thanks to Frasses.

Now a day its much more fun in Gothenburg, plenty pubs and bars with good music. Göteborg/ GothenburgJust a shame that I have grown so old. I remember when they started to open Göteborg/ Gothenburgpubs in Majorna and now Wasa Stan is full of nice places.
At least when I was there last time, spring 2009.
- Hmm, thinking of it,they refused to let me in at many of the places in 2009
Göteborg/ Gothenburg

Well, back to 1987. I don't remember much from this evening. Obviously we were at Gondola and I remember it as we were at Cometen a block further up on Avenyn.
Well, maybe we went to Cometen but I don't have any pictures from there. But that means f@ck all.

Monday night in Gothenburg is not so Göteborg/ Gothenburgvery exciting and back then everything closed very early in Gothenburg so I guess that I had to wait for a while for my train at the train station. I remember that I took the first train leaving Gothenburg for Båstad. Or to Skåne, I don't think this train stopped in Båstad.

Tuesday 30th of June 1987
and I meet a guy on the train. I On the way to Skånethought I recognised him from Nordic Link so I just had to ask him:
- Have you worked on Nordic Link?
- No, but my brother has.

And it's strange, back then you could open a bottle of vodka whenever you felt like it. It was enough reason to On the way to Skånehave ended up in the same train compartment as a few nice guys. I had a few bottles in my bag and we were soon drinking vodka.

Just to open a bottle, we didn't have any mixer, but that was no problem. The spirit was soon high in our compartment.

Judging from my pictures and it was dark when we left Gothenburg and it was soon turning daylight.
SkåneWell, 30th of June and if it gets dark during the night it’s only for an hour.

I don't know how I got home. But when looking on my picture I see a picture that looks like it's taken from a bus.

And the lady on the left hand side. I'm almost sure I took this picture in Bjuv so it's possible that I had to change to bus in Bjuv.

And why is the train from Gothenburg stopping in Bjuv. Well, there might have been some repairs on the track or something. So our hero had to go sit on the bus. How fun is that?

Pictures from the bus and a 23 year old picture of a lady taking a picture. Pretty pointless pictures and Skånewhy did I save all these pictures. Well, now we see how much I remember just by looking at these two pictures.

Arriving home and I listened to a CD with Manowar “Fighting the world” Skånethat I had bought in Västerås, of course, full blast. Today it sounds strange, but I bought my CD player 1986 and then there were 4 models to choose from. 2 Sony and 2 Phillips and they were expensive. Very expensive, hard to understand today when they give you a CD player when you buy a gallon of gasoline. And there were no CD players that you could carry with you and MP3 was unheard off. So I had to wait until I came home to listen to the CD. Yes, the year was 1987 and I was young and handsome.
A few tunes on the CD and I was off for a few beers on town.

Friday 3rd of July 1987
and I left for the train station early morning. I was going to take the train Roskilde festival 1987to Helsingborg and then with the ferry to Helsingør. From there we had to take the train to Roskilde with a change in Copenhagen.

Well, I grabbed a few beers and I put them in my back pack together with a pair of underwear and I left for the train. I meet a guy on the train station and he was also on the way to the Roskilde Festival.
- Don't have any packing? He asked.
- I have my back pack with a few beers.
He had a huge back pack and it looked like he was going around the world.
- What the are you carrying with you?
- Tent and stuff.
I had not even thought about where to sleep. I had expected round the clock party.
- I will not sleep and if I need to sleep I can always pass out on the ground.
- You're crazy!
- Did you bring beers.
- No, they have beers on the train.
- Good luck!

A train coming from Oslo with stop at every train station to load PARTY people going to Roskilde. And as no surprise, he didn't found any beer. The girl in the restaurant car told him that On the way to the Roskilde Festivalthe beers were finished even before they had left Gothenburg.
- Don't worry, we can split my beers, I said.
- Thank you!!!!!
- Who is the man now? I asked.

I don't like to carry around stuff, but this one was easy to see. So I brought beers for the train, but now they didn't last until Helsingborg Roskilde Festival 1987when we were two.

But we were soon on the ferry and we ordered a few Televinkenbeers and we were brown bagging a few for the trip to Copenhagen. That's how we operated back then.

When I see my picture I remember that I had a Televinken T-shirt back Roskilde Festival 1987then. Maybe time to make a new Televinken T-shirt.

When we arrived to Roskilde we were in a pretty good mood. We started by putting up my new friend's tent.
- You can sleep here if you want.
I looked around, millions of tents outside the festival area.
- Hmm, thanks’.
The chances of me ever finding this tent again was very slim.
Roskilde Festival 1987

We went to the gate, 100 meters from the tent. There was also a place where they sold beers close to the tent. We paid the entrance fee and they put a band around our wrist, good idea. No chance of losing our tickets even though we were a little tipsy.

When I returned to the camping in the wee hours I never found the tent. Even though I knew it was close to the beer place. But I found other tents and there were party everywhere so no sleeping the first night.

And in the morning it was just to continue with the party. I had a 6 pack instead of a shower. There were showers next to the beer place, but believe Roskilde Festival 1987me, this was not a place you wanted to go for a Roskilde Festival 1987shower. It was better to get drunk again.

I don't know how many people there were at Roskilde 1987, 50,000 maybe. I have no clue but even though there were plenty people I meet a lot of people I knew from back in the days.
Roskilde Festival 1987

Roskilde Festival 1987
The camera, most likely a Kodak disc, and as you can see the pictures are very bad. And when I'm Roskilde Festival 1987reviewing my pictures from the Roskilde Festival it Roskilde Festival 1987just to erase most of them.

I must have been very drunk, on most of the pictures I have just managed to get half faces. Back then you had to leave the film to a Roskilde Festival 1987photo shop and they sent the film for development. I can image when I went to pick up my photos, full of Roskilde Festival 1987expectations. I wonder what my reaction was when I discovered the shitty pictures.

And if you think these pictures are of a poor quality you should wait until I'm finished with my web page about my first year at Navigation school at Kvarnberget in Gothenburg Roskilde Festival 1987back in 1985.

I had a photo shop 100 meters down the Slottsskogsgatan where I lived. Mariaplans photo shop or something like that. I went there to develop a film after every weekend, or if I didn't had any film to develop I had lost my camera during the weekend and I had to buy a new camera.

Yeah, we just can't wait for this page to be ready. Well, I meet a guy from Germany and we were soon dri, OK, I had been drinking beer nonstop since I left Båstad Friday morning. But we got together and Roskilde Festival 1987we meet a few people I knew from when I was in school in Höganäs.
Now we're talking the 70's here and how fun is that.

I don't know how many stages there were in the area and who cares. People were running around looking for the stages..
- OH!! I have to be at the red stage at 8 o'clock when Blah-blah is playing.
- OK.
- And then I have to be at the green stage at 9 o'clock when Blah-blah is playing.
- Well, I'm sorry I have to rush!
I have never liked concerts, but festivals are fun because of the party and never mind to watch a band playing. And it was not like I could not hear the music from where ever I was.

Sunday 5th of July 1987
and it was over. I left the area early morning. And there had been no sleep during the night so I left for Roskilde train station and I took the first train to Copenhagen.

I'm sure I had pictures from Roskilde train station, but they are lost forever and if they were of the same high standard as the above pictures we can manage without to have seen them.

I slept all the way to Båstad. OK Almost, I had to change train in Copenhagen and then I don't remember if I got a train straight from Copenhagen to Båstad.

I woke up just before Båstad just to discover two things:
1) I was in the same compartment as the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, bad luck we were alone in the compartment because:
2) The whole compartment smelled like, MOTHERF@CKER!! And there was no doubt where the smell came from. After 2 days in Roskilde walking in piss and stuff you really smelled funky. Jesus, I Båstad 1987could smell it myself. Good thing though, Roskilde is well known and there was no doubt that I had been to Roskilde and she might have found me exciting.

Coming home and you might think that I needed some rest. No way, I had a shower and I went out to drink beer in Båstad. No time to waste, you never know when you have to sign on the next ship.
Båstad 1987

My friends had a boat in Båstad marina and they liked water skiing and whatever you call it when you go with a parachute after the boat.
- You want to try?
- Yeah, a dream comes through!
No way I will hang after a boat in a parachute! well, they asked me if I could join them and take some pictures when they were water skiing.

We drove down to the marina and we took off with their boat. And I was ready with my camera. If we only knew what kind of quality the pictures would be. But I guess they looked better back then, almost 25 years ago when they were freshly developed.
Båstad 1987
Båstad 1987
Båstad 1987

Båstad 1987

Båstad 1987

Båstad 1987

Båstad 1987

Båstad 1987
Yes, waterskiing and I remember it like they were looking for boats and then it was just to try to Båstad 1987get them as wet as possible. We passed one sailboat and my friend gave them a broadside with the water ski. Well, later on in the marina this guy came screaming about us filling his sailboat with water.

and of course, later on in the evening it was time to drink beer again. In July it's 24 Seven of party in Båstad. And when July has passed its 24 Seven of f@ck all is happening.
Nice to have left this place behind, I think I would have gone crazy if I would have stayed in this village. And people thought I was a Båstad 1987drug dealer coming to ask me if I could sell them drugs.
Well, Båstad and everyone knew everyone, except me, I knew no one. But of course, I always had money throwing Frisbee with my plastic cards in the bars and then I was gone for a while and they thought I was in jail.
Båstad 1987
Well, my guess is that the neighbour across the street is happy that I left as well. It was another story Båstad 1987with the neighbours in the house next to us. When they heard music they came with food.

I had really been looking forward to the summer, I mean, there is one month per year when it's worth staying in Båstad and that's in July. So when they called and wanted me to join Storön in Helsingborg I was not very keen. But a little nagging and I left to sign on Storön in Helsingborg 8th of July 1987.


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