Written onboard M/T Ek-Star September 2010

Båstad - August 1987

Thursday 6th of August 1987 and they dropped me outside my house in Båstad before they continued to Skärhamn with the car. I left my bag at home and I went to Spettet, a pub in Båstad. There
were a garden and miniature golf outside. There was a ramp to be used by people in wheelchairs going in to the pub.

Of course, I could not help myself so I grabbed a pushbike outside and I rode the bike in to the pub. Passed the tables and when I reached the bar I ordered a beer.
- Ah va fan? Ska ni trilskas?

Friday 7th of August 1987
and I had two friends arriving with the train from Helsingborg. They had heard about the night life in Båstad and they were going to spend the weekend in Båstad.
I had not seen my friends since, well, one of them I seen last time in April 1987. But I had not Båstadseen the other guy since 1984 or 85 when he was a Motorman onboard M/T Vestria. So I was looking forward to meet them again.

I had been at the train station for a while when the train arrived. I like to pick up people at the train station or at the airport. I don't know why, maybe because I can go to the airport without having to leave on a flight.

You pick up your friends and then it's party. OK, if you arrive 7 o'clock in the morning I might not find it so fun.
I lived pretty close to the railway station. The railway station in Båstad is located on a ridge, the BåstadNorth side of Hallandsåsen, so we had to walk down to road from the ridge and after 320 meters we turned off the road and crossed a creek and we were pretty much home.

We had not been home for long when, well, actually we popped open a beer as soon as we stepped inside the door.

Friday night in Båstad and there are a few places, and it August so there were still a few places open. But it was not like the high season during July when it was party Båstad 7 days a week. we had a few beers at my place talking about the good ol' times before we left. I don't Båstadremember where we went. But I think one of my pictures was taken at Gustav V. A place under a bridge. Or it was more like a bike path under the road.

We were young and thus we didn't have much experience from drinking alcohol so we didn't know how much to drink to get tipsy and thus one of us passed out on my sofa.
No names mentioned. I don't even remember if he managed to come with us to Gustav V or if he just stayed home sleeping.

Saturday 8th of August 1987
and we woke up at my place and we decided to go to a hotel nearby Båstadto have our breakfast.
My friend woke up in the sofa so he just reached out with his hand and he had a bottle of vodka in his hand

A good morning drink and he was soon ready to go.
- Hmm, there was a quick stop for a power nap on the way to the door.

Well, it took us a while before we got away, but then we were in a good mood again. Båstad
Gustav V was maybe not the funniest night spot in the world and during the summer there were plenty places to Båstadchoose from. But Båstad in February or whenever it was pretty much the only place. But they had good Pizzas at the place and we decided to go for a Pizza at Gustav V later on in the afternoon.

And we were already silly when we arrived to Gustav BåstadV in the early afternoon. We were the only guests at this time of the day. My friend came up with a stupid idea.
- Let's try all of their cocktails, starting from the top.
- Are you going to sleep again?
Said and done, we started to order cocktails and we were quickly going from silly to drunk. We ordered our pizzas and when we were finished we decided to take a taxi to Mölle. My friend had told me about a birthday party in Mölle.

We had decided not to go, I mean, how fun is it in Mölle? But when we had worked our self through Grand Hotel, Möllethe cocktail drink list it sounded like the greatest idea ever.   Or at least in a very long time.
- What are we waiting for? Let's party!

When I drove to Mölle from Båstad I did it in less than 1 Mölle, Hotel Kullaberghour. But the taxi needed almost 1 and a half hour to get there. We asked the taxi to take us to Grand Hotel in Mölle.

Captain's Corner was the name of the pub and we had decided to start with a few beers. The birthday didn't started for quite a while so we Mölle, Hotel Kullabergneeded to kill some time. I meet a guy I had been in school with from 9 until we were 16 years old. Mölle, Hotel KullabergHe was working at Captain's Corner as the bar tender and I can't remember if we got any free beers out of it. Most likely not.

The birthday party was a Hotel Kullaberg in the marina. I can't remember who Mölle, Hotel Kullaberghad the birthday party but I meet some other people at the birthday party I knew from back in the time when I lived in Mölle.

Well, the party left a lot to wish for. OK, I got kicked out after being up to the DJ for some scratching. The second time I was up scratching I was shown to the door.

We ended up at another place and, it was not very fun and I took a taxi back to Båstad early morning. We should have stayed in Båstad. Now I had wasted million on taxi fares, and not only that. I had spent several hours in taxi going back and forth.

Sunday 9th of August 1987
and I woke up in Båstad, boring. But my friends in Helsingborg were going to Playing Monopoly in HelsingborgQ ( A disco ) in the evening.
- OK, I take the car to Helsingborg later on.
- Come now! We can play monopoly. HURRY UP!

Monopoly, I remember that we were crazy about this Helsingborgmonopoly. Of course, this is not a game you play if you don't bet real money. Then it's very boring. We bet money on the game and we had our own rules. And as we know this can take long time to finish a game so we had something we called SPEED MONOPOLY. Made it even quicker to win (or loose) money

More people came over and we changed to poker and we did this for a few hours before we left for Playing Monopoly in HelsingborgQ. And most likely we made a few pit stops for beer on our way to Q.

I don't understand, it was time for me to leave for my next ship again. I just signed off and it seems like I only had about a week home between the ships back then. Where is the money?

I know people, they go work on a ship and when they come home they buy a home and a car. Then they chose between a sailboat and a trip around the world for remaining money. I have exactly ZIP!

Soon time for me to join another ship so I kept our self busy partying as much as I could before Aladdin's adventure in Båstadit was time to leave. August in Båstad and there are still some night life.

July and Båstad is a regular FUNKY TOWN, but when the tennis weeks are over many people left and the rest of the people disappears from Båstad in the beginning of August and the darn town turns in to a ghost town.

Well, I joined M/S Storön in Kopparverkshamnen in Helsingborg back in July and now they wanted me back to Kopparverkshamnen in Helsingborg to join M/S Nova 16th of August in the year of our Lord 1987.


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