Written onboard M/T Ek-Star August 2010

  Paris, February 1990  

Wednesday 14th of February 1990 and I was home in bed reading when in knocked on my door. I Gothenburg/ Göteborgopened the door and my friend was outside. I could Gothenburg/ Göteborgsee that he was hiding a bag of beers and a bottle of whiskey behind his back.

I realised instantly that my studies were down the drain. We opened a beer and my friend discovered my VISA slips on my desk. And he Gothenburg/ Göteborgstarted to do what I never had dared to do, to add up my VISA slips with my calculator.

Of course, there is a reason for me not to dare add up Gothenburg/ Göteborgmy VISA slips. The result was nothing but sad.

Later on my friend and his girl friend came by and we were soon leaving for the town.

All banks been closed for 2 weeks and we were running low on cash, but my friend had sold a dragster and he had managed to get cash payment even though the banks were closed.
I don't know where we went, obviously in a bar somewhere in Gothenburg.
On the way to Helsingborg- Aladdin, finish your drink and let's go to Paris!

Said and done, there was a night train leaving for On the way to HelsingborgSkåne 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning.

Our friend's from the Entertainment and Party committee must have joined us for a drink on town because before we On the way to Helsingborgleft for the train station we went to school to pick up beers for the train raid.

Thursday 15th of February 1990
and we changed train in Helsingborg and we arrived to Malmö early morning. The ferry terminal was just across the street and it took about 1 hour to get to Nyhavn, Copenhagen.

Back when there was ferry service between Malmö and Copenhagen Flygbåtarna had their terminal in Nyhavn. From there it's a 10 minutes' walk to Strøget.
Nyhavn, Copenhagen

Nyhavn, Copenhagen

Nyhavn, Copenhagen
Yet again I discover missing pictures. I know that I had pictures of my friend drinking Swedish beer in Copenhagen. Obviously we had not finished all the beers we got with us from Sjöbefälsskolan on Kvarnberget in Gothenburg. But now I can't find the pictures. DARN!
Nyhavn, Copenhagen
Nyhavn, Copenhagen
Nyhavn, Copenhagen
We must have arrived to Copenhagen around 9 o'clock in the morning. I see some watches at the Copenhagenpictures, 10 past 10 and when we bought our tickets at CopenhagenAMEX it was 10 past eleven.

We had to walk around waiting for them to issue our tickets. Back then it was not just to make a call and go to the airport. You needed a ticket and this had to be printed on a special printer. So unless the travel agent had this kind of printer you had to wait.
Arc of Trumph, Paris
Friday 17th of February 1990
and we had to find a place for breakfast. And where did we live? ParisObviously we had checked in to a hotel just a 2 minutes Pariswalk from Arc of Trumph. I had never been in Paris before and we walked up the street from our hotel and we saw the Arc of Trumph. So I guessed we lived in the centre so there should be a place around for breakfast.

We found a place and, well, turned out to be nice and we had Parisall our breakfasts at the same place. Why changing a winning concept?

And the guys working at the place thought that I was Parisjoking when I ordered a glass of milk.
- Baby!
It took some time before they realised that I was serious. Milk a good start of the day when you have had a late night out. And together with French bread and an omelette the breakfast was complete and we were ready to take on the day.

We did not have a clue where we were but we wanted to go lock for the Eiffel Tower. A look and then we could forget about the sightseeing. But where is the darn tower. If I remember it right we could see the darn thing from Arc The Trumph and we started to walk towards it.
On the way we passed a guy on a motorcycle vacuum cleaner. Driving around sucking up doggy poo. ParisWhat a job. And seriously. What’s more dangerous, Pariswhat's coming out from the doggy's arse or from the exhaust pipe?

I got a few pictures before we continued and of course my friend started to pester me. Every time we passed a construction site or someplace where work was taking place he asked me.
- Do you want to stop for a few pictures.
When we came to the Eiffel tower we could choose between the elevator and the stairs. Of course, ParisPariswe took the stairs. If you're going to see the Eiffel Tower you can as well do it the proper way.

When we came up we discovered that we were not Parisallowed to go all the way to the top. It was elevator the last 100 meters or whatever it was to the top.
My friend wanted to go check it out but I don't like heights so I stayed at the lower floor.

And there was a restaurant so I got myself something to drink while waiting for my friend.
So I was chatting with the girls in the Parisrestaurant while my friend was waiting in this long queue for the elevator to the top floor.

It took quite some time before my friend returned and I Pariswas glad that I never went. Even though it wasn't very fun Parisin the restaurant. Restaurant, who do I try to fool?

It was a cheap snack bar where they charged you as it were a fancy 5 star restaurant. But it was shit!


Well, we spent a few hours in the Eiffel tower. I spent most of the time waiting for my friend to Pariscome back from his TOP FLOOR adventure. And I think my friend was spending most of the time waiting in queue to come up and down from the top floor.

I managed to get a few pictures over Paris from the Eiffel Tower, and as you can see. 20 years in a box has done nothing good to my slides. Not that they were much better back in 1990 but anyway. And for sure, id it had not been for Photoshop they would all have ended up in the trash bin. Now I can use some of my pictures, but many are just deleted.

It was almost dark when we came down from the Eiffel Tower. A beer would be nice and we were Parishungry so we started to look for a place to eat. We Parisfound a place that looked nice and we stepped inside.

We ordered beer right on. I can't say that we understood anything on the menu. But we got French bread and the food. Well, it was not good and it looked disgusting. We asked the Pariswaiter what it was and as we understood it was cow stomach.

It was a very nice restaurant and the setting was nice, but the food. Motherf@cker, impossible to eat. Well, we will never go there again. Hmm, I don't think we would find Paristhe way back even if we got paid a million if we could find the darn place.

I don't know what happened. I remember that we went to a pub close to the hotel. We were ordering Tequila and the next thing I remember is that I wake up on top off my Parisbed. My friend did not remember f@ck all as well so I guess someone had dropped a Mickey in our Tequila.

Well, we walked down to our breakfast restaurant for some tea, milk and baguettes. And I really hope my friend had tea in the beer glass on the picture on the right hand side.

We finished our breakfast and we walked around Paris for a few hours. We walked down Champ de Elysses or whatever the street is called.

Suddenly we ran in to Notre Dame, at least we thought it was Notre Dame and when we entered we saw that it was Notre Dame.





Notre Dame, well, I don't know. Of course, when you pass the church it's worth a look but I would not bother go look for the place. But the area around Notre Dame was nice and it looked like an area for artists and there were artists painting in every street corner.


Walking around makes you thirsty. So there was plenty stops during our sightseeing around Paris. ParisOn the way back we stopped at several places around Champ de ParisElysse or whatever they call the street.

But the places around this place were most coffee shops and restaurants. Not one single place with music so the place was pretty boring and I really can't understand how this has turned in to a tourist attraction.

Souvenir shops and other boring stuff. well a shoe shop and I bought a pair of shoes. When I Parisshould pay with my VISA card it was rejected.
- There is a bank strike in Sweden, I explained.
- OK
Now I could pay with my VISA, obviously the strike was well Parisknown and now there was no problem. I remember my first VISA card, back then a VISA was like always having money in the pocket. The only way to check the card was to look in a pamphlet. If your VISA number was in this pamphlet it meant either that you card was stolen or that you had overdraft your account heavily.

Then it got a little harder, they used to call VISA. But in a busy bar they never had the time. But today they just slide your card in a machine and they got instant reply.
We ended up at the Tequila place. I don't know if the name was Leo or if we just called it Leo. ParisWe went inside and we ordered beer. The lady pointed at the Tequila bottle, it was half full.
- Not so bad, only a half bottle of Tequila, we said to the lady.
She was quick to introduce us to two empty bottles Parisof Tequila.
- Plus 2! Plus 2!
OK, maybe we had a wee bit too much. Well, good to know that no one had slipped a Mickey in our drinks.

Breakfast at our ordinary place and now they just bring me my milk and tea pot without questions. I Pariswas wearing my new shoes and I had just walked for 300 meters when I got galled feet.

We finished the breakfast and when we were half way down ParisChamp de Elysse I could hardly walk. Darn, why should I buy these shoes? Do I need them? My new shoes slowed us down considerably.
We were standing on a street and suddenly we found our self’s in a middle of a protest march. Yes, we ended up in a protest march in the middle of Paris. I have no clue what they were protesting about. But there were plenty red flags.

The streets were full of police watching the protest march and we expected violence. The Parisprotesters seemed like they were very angry and they were Parisscreaming. In French so we understood f@ck all.

The protesters were screaming and the girls were yearning for us when we passed the restaurants and coffee shops.

Or it might have been me limping by in my new shoes. Must have looked strange.

I remember that we crossed a street, of course, using a zebra. A car passed in front of us and Pariswhen we crossed the driver put the gear in reverse and ran over me.
- What the !!??
The driver jumped out of the car.

Monday 19th of February 1990
and it was time for us to fly back to Copenhagen. Yes, it will be nice Copenhagento get back home. But it had been fun in Paris and we had seen much of On the way to Göteborgthe sights worth to see. And this just by walking around. Well, going home is never nice. Would be nice just to step out from the hotel and right in to the student room.

We had to fly to Copenhagen and then ferry back to Sweden. I guess we arrived to Gothenburg On the way to Göteborglate in the night. It was 4 or 5 hours by train from Malmö to GöteborgGothenburg so when we arrived I returned right back home to my student room.

Nice to be home again and the life went on as usual in our student home. Same Göteborgfaces and it was nice to have the people around you. You never had to be alone, but of course, sometimes it's nice to be alone. But alone time is something I appreciate more and more the older I get.

Thursday 22nd of February 1990
and we had been home from Paris for a few days. We Göteborgremember when we woke up in my student room before we went to Paris. We had to borrow something to drink. Well, anyway, he Göteborgpromised to take my friend from the student home to dinner when he got money.

And he managed to get the cash even though the bank strike. So first we went to Paris and now it was time for the dinner. Of course, we started with a few beers at Ölautomaten.

And Ölautomaten was a nice place to meet before we left for Casa Portugesa on Avenyn. And as you understand Casa Portugesa was a Portuguese restaurant. I'm pretty sure that this restaurant is closed down since many years now.

We spent a few hours drinking beer at school. They had some dart games or whatever they call it Göteborgat Kåren. And if you didn't like to play dart you could spend the time drink beer.

Well, I have never liked to play dart so I spent the time drinking beer talking about the good ol' Göteborgtime in the sofa.

There was also the possibility to pester the guys doing their school work at Kåren.
We were waiting for one of the guys to finish his school work, at least I think it was his school Göteborgwork. They were on the last year in the Engineer class so Göteborgthey had some examination subjects or a thesis (or whatever they call it) to finish before they could graduate.

Yeah, it must have been fun doing school work around the Ölautomaten. For sure it must Göteborghave required a lot of self discipline.
But as you can see on the pictures, the school work and beer drinking worked just fine together.
When our friend was ready with his school work we took off to Casa Portugesa. I don't remember how many of us there were. But I reckon that there were around 6 or 7 of us.
Coming in to Casa Portugesa and we ordered beer first thing and the waitress arrived with a tray Göteborgfull of beers. We ordered food and I ordered a glass of milk.

I have never liked to drink alcohol to food, so I preferred milk. And now a day it's only water. well, unless I'm drunk when we order the food.

Well, anyway, I was waiting and waiting for my milk and I called the waitress.
- Where is my milk?
- I thought that you were joking!
- What the !!??
She dashed off to get my milk. Thought that I was joking, well, then it's just to Göteborglaugh while going for a glass of milk. And if it turned Göteborgout that I was trying to be funny she could have charged me for the milk.

When we finished our dinner we went to Daily's, a block or two away from Casa Portugesa. A 5 minutes walk and we were at GöteborgDaily's. And as no surprise, I had been there for a few minutes when they came up to me and asked about my Walkman.
- Why do you have a Walkman with you?
Göteborg- The music sucks at this place!
- Can I listen?
- OK, a few sec.
- It's fånky!

Well, and then I had to go through all the trouble to get back my Walkman. Well, honestly, I'm glad that I have dropped the habit of bringing my Walkman to the bars. How social is that? To stay in the bar with the Walkman on full blast?
Yes, we got drunk and when it was time to go home we missed one guy. No names mentioned, but Göteborgthis was a gay guy and when we finally found him laying on the ground a bit down the Avenyn.
- What happened to you?
- Mr. X hit me.
I got angry and I ran after Mr. X and when I finally found him I screamed at him.
- What the did you do?
I was ready to throw a few punches but Mr. X told me that the gay guy had squeezed his arse.
- What the ??!!
If you squeeze a girl’s ass on a pub you just have to expect a punch on the nose.

So why not when you squeeze a guy’s ass, and this was a big guy so when he hit our friend he was cart wheeling down Avenyn. And when we found him he looked like a baseball cap. As we say in Skåne: ”Han hadde fådd saj än smäll på pannan så han liknade än keps”

I ran back and I asked if he was stupid.
- You forgot to mention that you had tried to be charming squeezing his arse, motherf@cker!

Saturday 3rd of March 1990
and there is no pictures from between the 22nd of February and the Göteborg3rd of March. No party for almost 2 weeks, hmm, I don't think so. But there must have been a reason.

There was a picture of a girl making cookies, but the picture is not marked with any date. Never mind, it's taken during February to March 1990 in our student home so I throw it in just to spice up the page a bit.

And the fun part is that I seem to have got a small camera that I could bring with me when going to the pubs. When I had my big system camera there weren’t many fun pictures to show. And these pictures are way better than back in the day when I had my instamatic or the terrible Kodak Disc.

The Kodak disk was very small but the pictures, yes you could do as well without the pictures. And GöteborgI lost many of those Kodak Disc cameras, keeping them in my shirt pocket and when it was time to throw up (Yes, back then I was young and irresponsible and it happened that I got a wee bit too much to drink) I lost the camera in the toilet.

Well, anyway, my brother and a few friends came Göteborgto visit me in Gothenburg. They knew f@ck all about Gothenburg but they could find the train station in Gothenburg. So we were going to meet at the train station and I would guide them through Gothenburg to my student home.

So I was waiting for them at the train station and they arrived EK-River December 2009drinking moonshine from coffee mugs and glasses.
I don't know who the dedicated driver was, but my brother was the only one not drinking so I guess it was him doing the driving.

Well, anyway, we drove their car to my place. They had plenty bags and stuff with them.
- Are you going to stay for a week?
- No worries, its moonshine!
I still remember this very day. Do you remember me onboard Ek-River December 2009? The Göteborgpicture of me having a glass of diet drink in my shirt pocket? Not??

Well, anyway, where did I come up with the stupid diet drink in my pocket idea. Yes, as you guessed, in Gothenburg 3rd of March 1990. One of the guys had a glass of moonshine in his pocket while carrying his bottles of moonshine. Clever!

We parked their car and we walked the last 3 minutes to my student home. Of course, we had not been in my room long before I had a drink in my hand.
Now I had to try to catch up with their level of intoxication.

This is exactly the guest you want to have. They had their own glasses and everything with them.
The term fusel is German for “bad liquor”

There is a popular belief that fusel alcohol contributes to hangover symptoms. One study indicated that fusel alcohol has no more significant undesirable health effects (headache, nausea, etc.) than ethanol, the primary active ingredient in all alcoholic beverages. This study involved an animal model of hangover, and its significance in humans is unclear.
GöteborgOK, moonshine is not my favourite so I drank beer.
Never mind how good quality it is. I think it tastes like fusel. But it might be my imagination, if they poured this JET FUEL in an ABSOLUT bottle it might have tasted like the best vodka ever.

But the moonshine contained alcohol and the Göteborgspirit was soon high and the music was blasting high on the Richter scale.

And the best thing with being home is that there is good music. When we're having a drink with my brother and his friends in Helsingborg the music makes me want to jump overboard.

Hits like “Statshotelt's Travolta” and “Sofia dansar gogo” doesn’t make it high on my MUSIC I LIKE list.

Göteborg And as we can see people found it hard to leave my hats alone already back then.

And it's good to have pictures, 20 ++ years old showing me with my hats.
Otherwise people can run in to the conclusion that I'm wearing my hats to cover a beginning baldness.

Darn, now I was stoke by agony again. Every time I'm thinking about baldness it's the same story. Agony and it's impossible to fall asleep.

Göteborg I really wish they can come up with the cure. I ran in Kalmar November 2004to a newspaper placard 15 years later, must have been in Kalmar. Yes, when I review my “Photo treasure”® I found out that the picture is from the 11th of November 2004.

And now, 2010, there is still no new about this SUPER PILL. But I'm waiting! Hmm, maybe they was writing Göteborgabout amphetamine.

OK, we were a wee bit passed tipsy when we left the student home. I have no clue where we went, but we called another friend that was living in Gothenburg.

He had been in my brother's class when they were in compulsory school 500 years ago. I remember that it was him, (after putting on mascara or what they call it over his upper lip) that could buy booze. And that was when he was 14. Well, I never needed to use this help. I always had 75 litres of Göteborgalmost ready wine in demijohns at home.

Well, we always started to drink the stuff before it was ready and believe me we got sick from the darn stuff. But we also got hammered and it was called Aladdin's hammer.

well, anyway, the guys returned to Helsingborg in the late evening and I tried to talk them in to staying. But they were homesick. Well, our old friend and I continued to drink in Gothenburg and I can't remember us envy the guys going back to Helsingborg, spending the night on the road.

Saturday 10th of March 1990
is the date of my next pictures. I remember this day very well, at least how it started and, OK, I admit, I have forgotten how it ended. But most likely, yeah, well, passing out in my bed.

But my friend he was reading a magazine, I don't remember the name. But they wrote about all kind of stupid stuff you could do to cheat. My friend never paid a parking fee as long as he lived there thanks to this magazine. He had to pay per hour at the parking space and he had a ticket that lasted for 4 years without paying.

And they had a trick with the ATM machines and it was working.
It went something like this, you withdrew a sum so you got several bill. You removed your card and carefully, very carefully you removed all your bills except one. After a while the ATM started to give off warning signals. !! REMOVE YOUR CASH !! You left the last bill and the ATM took back the Ölautomaten at Sjöbefälsskolan, Kvarnberget Göteborgmoney and your withdrawal was not recorded and you got all of your money back a few days later.

Well, he had told me this a few months before, but today turned out to be the day we were going to try it. First and last time.

Well, anyway, the day started at Ölautomaten. I and my friend had had a few beers Friday night so we could as well start the day at school. We arrived around mid day and there were already people there. It was about the same people sitting there all the time.

This was the day after the Euro song Contest and one of our friends had been visiting his by then Ölautomaten at Sjöbefälsskolan, Kvarnberget Göteborgnew girlfriend's parents. And they had watched the Euro song contest on the telly. He had been drunk, smart move. And he had been giving comments on the female contestants and if I remember it right he had embarrassed the whole family.

So he needed to get drunk and we got right to it at Ölautomaten and when we were tipsy in the afternoon we went to a restaurant in Femman. Harly or Elvis or something like that.

More beer and we asked for the bill. When the waitress Femman, Göteborgarrived my friend took out a piece of lemon that he claimed that he had found under the plate. Both I and my other friend thought that he had found the lemon. we never saw him putting it there.
- Strange, how can a piece of lemon end up under the plate without any one notice? I asked.

The Waitress and my friend thought it was strange and he didn't have to pay for the meal. When we left he told us that he had put the lemon there by himself.
- What the !!??
That's really embarrassing. Better to pay for your food!

Well, anyway, during our meal I had told them about the GöteborgATM trick and by now we were drunk enough to dare trying it.

Yes, getting caught would have been more than embarrassing. But now we were enthusiastic about the idea. My friend went to the ATM and our other friend was running in the other direction.
- I will go and get us 3 plane tickets to The Caribbean!!

Yes, that's how much hope we put in this stupid GöteborgATM trick. Of course, we never got away to The Caribbean. And I don't remember where we went, but the next picture is from my student room.
Yeah, big surprise, it seems like my student room was more like a B&B. Well, we had fun and that's the most important.

My next pictures is from the evening of 16th of March when I'm leaving for New York. So hang on, it might be fun!

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