Road trip to Sundarbans

Thursday 8nd of March 17 and why change a winning concept? So my alarm was set to go off at 4 o'clock, of course I was tired. But I swung out of bed and I had prepared my luggage and I was ready to check out at 7 when I went for breakfast. I could see them waiting for me outside so I started to knock on the window. They could not hear me and I asked the Waiter to call the reception to get my friend to come up in the restaurant.

My Guide came up, same Guide as last time, I had asked for the same staff I had have with me the last time. So it will be the same crew, but a new boat and boat crew. But Cook, Guide and the rest of the people will be the same. We left Pipal Tree Hotel at 7 thirty driving towards Gadkhali, Gateway to Sundarbans where we will take the boat to the Sundarban Riverside Holiday Resort. Same hotel as last time.

We drove through New Town, the new part of Kolkata. Build condos for millions of people plus of course shopping malls etc. Last time I was here they were building everywhere but now it had come to a stop. Many houses looked to be almost ready and the whole area looks like a ghost town.

Road trip to Sundarbans
Time to leave Pipal Tree Hotel for Sundarban

Road trip to Sundarbans
How can this be allowed?

Road trip to Sundarbans
Well, this is how it will look on the Swedish roads in a very near future!
Already have child marriage (Legalized paedophilia) and honour killings.
They have brought Sweden right back by thousands of years by medieval thinking.
India is moving in the right direction while Sweden is going backwards

At least the roads were nice going through New Town. Someone have lost a lot of money here, and I could not help but feeling sorry for all the people that have bought condo here that never got ready. Maybe they will restart again, soon, if they get more money.

And the people that have been lucky, they condos are ready and they have moved in just to discover that they live in a ghost town. But the malls and hotels looks nice though.

We were soon on the country side, one very small, but paved road on most of the stretch going to one of the main tourist attractions, Sundarbans. 3 hours ride but now they are doing some road work and we were at a complete stand still in a village. Kilometre after kilometre with lorries waiting to come south.

Road trip to Sundarbans
Traffic at full stop

Road trip to Sundarbans
A lorry coming in the opposite direction

Road trip to Sundarbans
We turn around

Road trip to Sundarbans
We go back to by-pass the village

Road trip to Sundarbans

Road trip to Sundarbans
On the by-pass road

Road trip to Sundarbans
We're back on the “main” road

Our driver asked the villager and he got a hot tip about a by-pass road and we turned around. We were soon up on the “main” and it didn't take long to discover that we had a flat tyre.

So we had to stop to change the tyre. The driver managed to change the tyre in just a few minutes time, just enough time for me to make a stupid video. We were soon on our way again and I felt asleep in the back seat waking up on the green and beautiful country side. Rice paddies and farm houses, exactly the place I would have loved to live at if it wasn't for the snakes.

Flat tyre in India
We have a flat

Flat tyre in India
We have a flat

Gadkhali, The Gateway to Sundarbans
Arriving to Gadkhali, The Gateway to Sundarbans

We arrived to Gadkhali, The Gateway to Sundarbans just before 11 o'clock and we were met by our Guide, same as last time as I had requested. I had requested everything as the last time. But they told me that they had arranged for another boat that should be better than the one we used last time. At least the boat looks good.

We grabbed our luggage and we were soon on board the boat down at the jetty. Same as last time, first we need to stop at the forest office to get a permission to enter Sajnekhali Wildlife Sanctuary - Sundarban Tiger Reserve. Last time it took us 2 and a half hour to get there, but this was as we stopped to look for birds. This time I'm only here for the tigers as I have seen most of the birds already.

Gadkhali, The Gateway to Sundarbans - Gadkhali Lunch Ghat
Our boat is waiting for us

Gadkhali, The Gateway to Sundarbans - Gadkhali Lunch Ghat
They are loading one boat at the Gadkhali Lunch Ghat

Gadkhali, The Gateway to Sundarbans - Gadkhali Lunch Ghat
They are loading one boat at the Gadkhali Lunch Ghat

Gadkhali, The Gateway to Sundarbans - Gadkhali Lunch Ghat
Time to leave Gadkhali Lunch Ghat for Sundarban Tiger Reserve

I got on board the boat and it looked nice and it seemed to be bigger than the boat we used last time. We left Gadkhali Lunch Ghat at 11 thirty and you just need to click HERE to find out if we find any tigers.

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