Tiger safari in Sundarbans, India

Thai Airways flight TG 313

Wednesday 30th of November 2016 and it is time to take off for yet another tiger safari in India. And I'm quite excited! Beautiful birds and tigers, well, I will Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.st hopefully see at least one tiger during my stay at Sundarbans.

But first two nights in Calcutta and we will leave for Sundarbans Calcutta travel poster early morning on the 2nd of December. The road trip from Calcutta to Sundarbans will be an adventure in it self.

And this time I'm prepared with a case of Pepsi MAX so, well, I will enjoy my “AFTER SAFARI” in my room

The security guards went to find me a taxi and I was waiting together with the head of security. It took 5 minutes and the taxi arrived with the security guard that had been to catch the taxi. And we had killed the time taking pictures.

One of my neighbours came by and he asked where I was going.
- To India
- On holiday?
- Well, can't you see that I'm dressed for safari?

Should be obvious what I'm going to do in this uniform. Of course, this is not anything you see Tiger safari in Indiaevery day in the year of 2016. But a safari is a safari and you have to dress for the occasion.

We loaded my bags in to the taxi and the Pepsi MAX was riding up front. We took off and we reached the toll way quite quickly.

But we were soon running in to traffic jam and the traffic was at a full stop on the toll way. I'm always out in good time as I have experienced a missed flight from Don Muang International due to traffic jam some 20 years ago. Well, the taxi driver tried to be smart with some Scooby Doo short cut. Anyway, nothing I want to experience again.

So I was not very worried, but it is of course better to sit in the lounge drinking soda water than to sit in the taxi doing nothing but getting frustrated.

On the way to Suvarnabhumi International
Traffic at full stop

On the way to Suvarnabhumi International
We were soon having “light” traffic again

We arrived to Suvarnabhumi and I went to check in to Thai Airways flight 313. I was walking towards the check-in desk when I was attached by one of the staff. She started to interrogate me. Where I was going and I tried to ignore her. She just went on and on.
- This is business class check-in! International flights!

She must have thought that I was a bum with my darn paper box. I lost my temper and she started to give me the bull shit that she thought that I was going in first class.

The started to examine my box at the check-in.
- What's in the box?
- Pepsi MAX
- All of it?
- Yes
- You cannot bring this
Where does it say that you’re not allowed to bring Pepsi MAX?

She could not answer, but she had never checked-in a box of Pepsi MAX before. And I believed her. Seriously, in the history of aviation, how many times do you think someone have checked in with a box of Pepsi MAX?

I told her that this was good for Thailand. Now when the rice, car and electronic export all have turned to shit I help them by exporting Pepsi MAX. Hell yeah, we might be on to something here!

Pepsi Max Story
Pepsi Max Story
Pepsi Max Story
I stop at Lawson 108

Pepsi Max Story
I get a case of Pepsi MAX

Pepsi Max Story
We find a paper box, but no tape or string

Pepsi Max Story
We find a paper box, but no tape or string So I have to come back tomorrow

I'm back with a string after my second whale watching and now the box is ready to bring home.
And more important, it is ready to be checked in to flight TG 313 to Calcutta.

Pepsi Max Story
Preparing my box

Pepsi Max Story
Preparing my box

Pepsi Max Story
On my kitchen floor, flight TG 313 next

Pepsi Max Story
Waiting for the taxi

Pepsi Max Story
My Pepsi MAX is in the taxi and we can take off

Pepsi Max Story
My Pepsi MAX is about to be checked in to Thai Airways flight 313

Pepsi Max Story
...in the history of aviation...

Pepsi Max Story
I will not see my box again until arrival to Calcutta

Pepsi Max Story
Pepsi Max Story

I stayed until my box had disappeared and then I went through immigration and security. And I was soon in Thai Airways lounge with three cans of soda water. I was hungry, but there was a Thai Airways Lounge at Suvarnabhumi Internationalcouple of beautiful girls in the vicinity of the food.

And I didn't want to stick out as the guy with eating disturbances. So soda water it was.

When they had left I sneaked out from the internet room to have some snacks.

Time turned quite quickly and it was soon time to leave for gate C10. As I have my injured knee I left a wee bit earlier for the gate. Boarding at 22:55 for Thai Airways flight TG 313 to Calcutta.

15 minutes after the scheduled boarding time they made a PA announcement, boarding would not start for 20 minutes. Yeah, exactly what I had been wishing for. I prefer to stay here at the gate like a twat with my knee in stead of sitting in the lounge. I could not help myself and I limped over to the desk.

I told them that I “used to be” a frequent flyer with Thai Airways. Yes, I avoid them since some time now. Australia was with Singapore Airlines. Tonga with Singapore Airlines and New Zealand Airways. I will not have to set foot on a Thai Airways flight.

Anyway, I told them that I had have quite a few flight s with Thai Airways during my days and I had never experienced that we have boarded in time. Well, you have been in Thailand and you have noticed (impossible to miss as it is like getting a punch in the face) the attitude on the roads, towards safety and the environment. So do you really think they change their mind-set just because the step through the staff entrance at Suvarnabhumi?

Suvarnabhumi International Airport
Gate C10

Suvarnabhumi International Airport
I had to wait for a few minutes outside the door before I could board the flight
I must really look like a bum today. Yet another interrogation before boarding.
Did I have a business class ticket? This is business class entrance! Can we see your boarding pass!

Suvarnabhumi International Airport
I'm the first passenger to board

I took my seat and I retarded my wrist watch by 90 minutes. The time difference between Bangkok and Calcutta and suddenly the clock was 22 thirty. We took off leaving Suvarnabhumi behind and they were soon serving food. And the food was really good.

I had some lamb stew with a mix of mashed potatoes and mashed pumpkins, very good. It was an OK flight even though I was very tired and I can't wait to get to my hotel in Calcutta. And our arrival time was set to 00:50 when we left Bangkok. And of course, we were delayed.

So I was very happy when they put the “SEAT BELT” sign in to effect and we started to descend to Calcutta International. I finished my last cup of tea and I leaned back trying to relax in my seat.

But landing is the worst part of the flight so it was not easy to relax. It might have been my imagination, but didn't we approach the runway way too fast? Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stWell, I cannot do anything but to sit down hoping that it is not a raving lunatic sitting up front.

Anyway, I was not comfortable with the speed approaching but it was a smooth landing even though the pilot have to stand on the brake just after touch down.

On board Thai airways flight TH 313 to Calcutta

On board Thai airways flight TH 313 to Calcutta

On board Thai airways flight TH 313 to Calcutta

On board Thai airways flight TH 313 to Calcutta

Arrival to Calcutta and the adventure can start. But first sleep! I was dead tired and I was not looking forward to the immigration and custom. Anyway, below we can follow the adventure on a day by day basis:

Day 1: Calcutta

Day 2: Road trip to Sundarbans

Day 2: Afternoon Tiger safari in Sundarban Tiger Reserve

Day 3: Full day Tiger safari in Sundarban Tiger Reserve

Day 4: Full day Tiger safari in Sundarban Tiger Reserve

Day 5: Full day Tiger safari in Sundarban Tiger Reserve

Day 6: Full day Tiger safari in Sundarban Tiger Reserve

Day 7: Morning Tiger safari in Sundarban Tiger Reserve

Day 7: Road trip back to Calcutta

Day 8: Flying to Varanasi

Day 8: Evening on River Ganges

Day 9: Morning on River Ganges

Day 9: Morning on River Ganges -Part 2 - Going down stream

Day 9: Flying back home to Bangkok

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