Hallands Väderö is a small island 3 km West of Torekov and since the 1958 it's a nature reserve. The island has an exciting and varying nature. You can swim on sand or cliff beaches. 1995 they opened an museum in the pilot house. The
Boat to Hallands V&aumlderö
Boat taking tourists to the island.
trip to Hallands Väderö takes about 20 minutes with rebuilt fishing boats.

Hallands Väderö is mentioned in writing first time the year 1027 and from 1545 is the first document that shows that the church in Torekov is the owner of the island.

And if you know you history (or if you have been studying my web page) you understand that Hallands Väderö became Swedish at the peace in Roskilde 1658.

In the beginning of the 19th century the pilot department wanted to build a cottage for the pilot and it was built 1844 (1995 it was turned to a museum). Forest warden got a
Hallands Väderö lighthouse.
dwelling 1860.

The reason for having a forest warden on the small island was because of the ships dropping their anchors outside the island. At night time the crew got ashore and stole wood.

When the forest warden needed help he used a flag or light signal. Then they send help from Torekov with a boat.

1883 they built the lighthouse Vinga skär and 1884 the lighthouse on Bagganäsan.

Situated on the northern tip of the island of Hallands Väderö, this still active light stands 13 m (42 ft) tall. Electricity was installed in 1959. This site is currently also one of Sweden's weather stations. 1975 the lighthouse was automated and the last permanent inhabitants moved from the island.

In 1921 there was an elk swimming to Hallands Väderö and spend the summer at alekärren. He scramed when he felt lonely in the autumn.

At the end of the 19th century the tourist started to visit Hallands Väderö. In those days there wasn't any boat line
Back in the days
Torekov marina, beginning of the 20th century.
between Torekov and the island. The tourists had to look for transportation in the marina.

There were people earning extra money taking the tourists to the island. The boat owner was looking for passengers all over Torekov and it got annoying so 1926 they forbid the boat owner to
Nice beach
The boat bridge in Sandhamn
look for passenger outside the marina. It was 3 pilots in Torekov who started to run the scheduled traffic with a time table to Hallands Väderö.

The bridge at Sandhamn was built 1910. In Kappelhamn there is an older bridge. Kappelhamn is closer to Torekov than Sandhamn but was used when they used sailboats. Today the boats are going to Sandhamn. 1936 the telephone came to the island and from 1940 it was proibited to build on the island.



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