Aladdin's first sick leave

So it finally happened, I'm on sick leave I don't know for how long, but the foot needs rest. I'm not too worried about the foot. But worse is that I'm stupid! They told me that I was signing on Marimba as Captain in Jiangyin, well, at least that was what I thought they said.

Instead of saying that they could not find a reliever or that because of my web page I was told:
- I never said that you were signing on as Captain.
- Why are you lying? You said that I would relieve Captain after 3 to 4 weeks.
- You were not good enough!
Well, now they have two Captains onboard, fresh from other ships that had to interrupt their holiday onboard. My reliever had just signed off one ship as Captain and now he misses his holiday.

It was nice to come home and the slight improvement on my foot was all down the drain after walking around two big airports. But I had a nice flight and they placed me at an exit so I could stretch my legs.

I enjoyed my,
- Hmm, I don't think enjoy is the right word.
but any way, I enjoyed my 2 and a half hour flight. I was, believe it or not, sippin' on a beer and relaxing my foot with a stretched leg. I read some magazines while the music was blasting high in my iPod.

I don't know what it was, maybe I flashed too much of my white skin in my shorts. But one of the Stewardesses was all over me.
- You want one more beer?
- Here you have some snacks!
It went on and on and she made sure that she was rubbing against me every time.
What happened with your hand? She asked pointing at my right arm in bandage.
- Oh! This, nothing, I just use it when I work with the computer.
- I was so worried it was something serious.
We talked about this and that and she asked where I used to stay in Singapore. I said Swiss hotel and she recommended something they called Boutique Hotel.
- What is that? I asked.
- Oh, there are a couple of very nice boutique hotels. They have different themes, she said.
- OK, I will try it next time in Singapore, I said.
Well, thanks to our sweet Stewardess the flight went quick and she kept a steady supply of cold amber coming. When we were about to land she asked me if I wanted one more beer.
I'm sure that Singapore airlines will grow to be my favourite airline. Well, they have always been on the top. Who can forget toilet class?
And way back when I was 18 or 19, we're talking 2004 something. I was flying with my BOOM BOX and all the Stewardesses were dancing up and down the aisles handing out beers.

Well, I don't want to miss my school so I have to take a taxi to school every day so my At schoolfoot gets a chance to get better. I would like to walk but I don't want to take any chance.

I don't know what's with the school, but every time I sit down and open my books I'm about to fall asleep.
I don't want to drag you through the drama when I felt a sleep while my teacher spoke with me again, but believe me, I'm At schoolgetting tired.

The owner of the school bought a refrigerator of me last year and now it's full of diet drinks. I buy two cans in school every day but they don't manage to keep me alert. And by the way, this is the only two diet drinks I drink per day and I have to force myself to drink the two cans. I'm glad to say that I have givin' up buying the darn thing.

Otherwise I spend the days reading and scanning pictures, not very fun but I will soon be up and running on my foot again. I also write a few words on my web page. It's fun with all the response that I get:
Laurin refers to my page
I got an e-mail from a guy that had been looking for CT Sun on the internet and he found my page.
My friend called me today when I had finished school:
- How big are your B-12 tablets? He asked.
- ?!?!?!?!?! How big?! What do you mean?
- How many grams?
- I don't know, its 17 000% of recommended daily intake in each tablet, I said.
I just had to ask him where he came up with this idea, well, I knew but just to make sure.
- Yeah, I'm tired of these 2 days hangovers, he said.
- B-12 is good, I said.
- Is it dangerous? Maybe you OD? He asked.
- OD?! Dangerous?! It's vitamins for fåcks sake!
What is this? Being anxious over the danger of vitamins. If you're so concerned about your health don't drink.
- Hmm, I wonder. Can it possible be more dangerous to eat vitamins than to drink so much that you have to consider eating B-12s?

Well, being sick means that you have people coming over taking care of you. I had two Dinnerfriends coming over making dinner for me.
- Well, it's not necessary. I manage, it's just my foot.(I didn't want to say that I was on a diet)
- We are coming!
We had a nice evening with Spaghetti and meat sauce (Skåne style)

I also have plenty time to scan my old pictures and I hope that I will be ready before leaving for my next ship. There are plenty of old slides to scan and I haven't seen the slides for “years” so there is a lot of old memories. Don't be surprised if some of these old pictures will appear on one of these days.

Well, I got an e-mail from the 1st engineer on Barcarolle. They are waiting outside La Plata in Argentina and they are waiting to go inside and load gasoline. They will be back in the states around the 20th of July and the Chief Officer wants' to go home by then.

So that means that it's soon time to leave again, and I really look forward to the flight to the US. I have about 6 more weeks more on my contract then we will see what happens. Barcarolle was my first ship in this company and I liked it and I planned for my future in the company.

I liked it onboard and it was a very good crew. They were kickin' behinds and it was fun to see the progress with the maintenance onboard. Well, there was a setback, but only a minor. I wanted to get some order in my office and in the CCR. I throw away 5 big bags of old shit and I ordered 3 bulletin boards so I could get rid of the “loose-leaf system” and thus improving the appearance.
- We don't need any bullentine boards!
- Good, I don't have to worry about ordering any more stuff, I said.

But as I said, we had a good time and I was looking forward to a future there. It will be interesting to see how it feels to come back, I hope I can find the spirit again and that it can be fun. About the future? I don't know, but my friend said to me:
- It's only 1 person at the personnel department that lied to you so it should be no problem.
- Yeah, but she said that I was no good so the future don't look that good, I said.

But my foot is getting better and I'm ready to take on new adventures. My Doctor said that I could not work until the 6th of July.
- Why don't you put the x-ray on you page?
- Well, the x-ray looked exactly like the one I took in China so why waste the space.
My doctor gave me something to carry around the foot and when I asked why we could not see any improvements on the x-ray, he said:
- It will take 2 to 3 months before the ankle is healed, but no problem to walk as long as you are careful.
- OK, that's good, I have lost enough money resting my foot by now, I said.

My friend was at the beach doing some scuba diving and I decided to go see him.
All I needWhen he called I asked him to book a room for me and I packed my weekend bag with my B-12 vitamins and snus. I was only going to stay one night and this was the most important stuff.

I don't want to be without my snus and my B-12, well, both the B-12s and my snus are of vital importance.

I stopped a taxi on the street and we were off to the beach with smokin' and screaming tires. We made a stop so I could buy a few Bacardi Breezers.
- Hmm, it's strange how a few bottles of Bacardi Breezers can change you!
I left FUNKY TOWN as Farmer John and I arrived to the beach as The Charisma Man. The transformation took place in the backseat of the taxi and it didn't take very long. I didn't mind the transformation, I have full confidence in my B-12 vitamins, God's gift to the party people.
Charisma Man
Well, after stepping out of the taxi it took me about two steps and I was sitting in a bar. The very same bar that we had sprayed with the party strings during Christmas. SODA WATERLess than 3 second passed before they mentioned the party strings.
- We have redecorated the bar, they said.
- Well, you missed a spot! I said pointing at some old party string left over's in the ceiling.

My diving friend were soon to arrive to the scene and within 2,3 he had a soda in front of him.
- I will be up early tomorrow for diving, he explained.

Well, Scuba diving was not the first thing that sprung in to mind when I woke up.
- Where is my B-12?
Charisma Man were long gone and he just left a wreck behind.

I checked out from the hotel and I went to get a taxi. While waiting for the taxi I was almost killed by the boredom (B-12 doesn't alleviate boredom) so I thought that I should call to pester someone. Preferable my Life Coach.
Sunday afternoon- Where is my phone?
I had forgotten my phone on my room and I went back to the hotel. They had cleaned my room and the phone was gone. 450 US down the drain.

When I came home I got a new SIM card and I bought a new phone. I called my diving buddy and he is still skeptic about the B-12 vitamins.
- I read on the internet that it's dangerous and that you can overdose, he said.
- Hey! Its vitamins, I said.
- Does it help?
- I lost my 450 US phone and I'm laughing about it. Otherwise I'm always tormented by agony when I have a hangover, I said.

I spent the afternoon at the weekend Market and I returned home to my scanner.Dinner Tomorrow is a new day with school and stuff.

I had just finished school when one of the spaghetti girls called. We were going for a dinner later on in the evening. I rushed home to scan as many pictures as possible before she came to pick me up.
I'm soon finished with my pictures and that will be nice, no more scanning until early morning.
I went through the dinner with bravura, OK, it was nothin' like the Charisma Man. But it went pretty well and the only thing making her rise her eyebrows was when I drank three diet drinks.
- Hmm, Well, my Life Coach calling every 5 minutes didn't seem to impress her.
When we were ready she drove me home and yes, I continued to scan my pictures.

Well, I got e-mail from Barcarolle and they are bound for New York and they have ETA 18th of July. Time for me to leave.

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