Aladdin's adventure on M/T Marimba

 Aladdin's adventure on M/T Marimba
M/T Marimba
Captain sent this picture to me before I signed on

IMO Numbers: 8301199
Signal Letters: ELTV6
Class: Det Norske Veritas +1A1
Tanker for Oil Products ESP and Chemicals, Inert, E0, IMO II+III
Flag: Liberia
Builder: Uljanik, Pula, Croatia
Built: 1985

Main dimensions:
Length over all:
Length between pp:
Breadth moulded:
Depth moulded:
Draft summer:
Distance keel to top of mast:
Distance bow to center manifold:
Capacity (100%):
176.00 m
169.00 m
32.00 m
15.10 m
11.23 m
89.00 m
42.40 m
40.157 MT
abt. 13.5 knots
29 MT
Cargo pumps:
6 x 550 m3/h (deepwell)
12 x 250 m3/h (deepwell)
2 x 150 m3/h (deepwell)

Ballast pumps:
2 x 850 m3/h
1 x 200 m3/h (forepeak)
1 x 200 m3/h (aftpeak)

Cargo heating system:
Steam, stainless steel heating coils

Main engine:
MAN Uljanik B&W type 5L60 MC,
2-stroke, 10400 BHP, 111 rpm

I had been with my Life Coach to buy new doors for his condo and we were rolling in his car when they called from Laurin Maritime
- Can you sign on Marimba next week on the ship yard in China?
- What about Bolero and Barcarolle?
- We will find another Chief Officer for those ships, they told me.
- Well, we are leaving a lot of disappointed people on those ships, I said.

Monday 7th of May 2007 and the Chief Officer on Marimba called me from China.
a city on the east coast of China, a port on the estuary of the Yangtze. 1990 the population was 7,780,000. Opened for trade with the west in 1842, Shanghai contained until the Second World War areas of British, French, and American settlement. It was in Shanghai they found the Chinese Communist Party 1921. It is now the town with most population in China.

verb (shanghais, shanghaied, shanghaiing) force (someone) to join a ship lacking a full crew by drugging them or using other underhand means.
It will be a few days to make the VISA and today is the last day of the golden week and I hope we can put things in motion tomorrow so I can fly to Shanghai on Friday.

On Thursday its holiday so I need to get my visa before Thursday in order to be able to leave on Friday morning. Well, all those holidays. First it's the Chinese Golden Week and now it's a Thai holiday on Thursday.
But according to rumors it's possible to get the visa in one day for an extra fee.

Tuesday 8th of May 2007 and I received my Invitation letter from our Agent in China. I went to take some pass port pictures before leaving for the Chinese Embassy.

Well, when I came to the Embassy it was closed, but I could get an application form before I left so I can prepare the application at home.

I caught a taxi outside the Embassy and I left for my school with screaming and smoking tires. I was feeling good and I was fully recovered from my jet lag and today it's the first day I had not been tired. I managed to sleep until quarter past 8 and now I will try to get out of bed between 7 and 8 in the morning. It's easy to turn the day around, stay up all night and sleep all day.

Well, anyway, when I arrived to school my teachers started to cry, laugh and scream of joy. They were jumping up and down in excitement.
- Aladdin! You are back! We missed you!
There was so much noise and brouhaha so one of the students became a little gloomy and requested another class room. Well, we were better off without his grumpy face around.

I spent the evening scanning pictures and at 2130 my Life Coach called.
- I'm coming over with a friend!
- What the .....??!! In the middle of the night??!!

It turned out to be a guy that was working for SAS as Technical Manager for South East SASAsia in FUNKY TOWN a few years back and I had not seen him for a few years. We started right of with a Diet Drink and we talked about the good old time. Every now and then my Life Coach was vexing me, well, all the time. It was a little embarrassing, Well, what to say?but I'm used by now and we all know how he is.

It was worse when we had the Graduation dinner with the Chinese girl. His abusive remarks really made me embarrassed and I tried to pretend that it was the first time I meet him.

I was vituperating me almost nonstop by my Life Coach, he never learns, this doesn't bother me at all, it's just a laugh. He didn't lighten up when our friend started to take picture of my apartment.
- I will just show my wife how a nice kitchen looks, he said.
- Why isn't any one taking picture in your home? I asked my Life Coach
This remark didn't bring any joy to his face. It was soon time to put on a kettle tea and time turned quick, it was almost 1 o'clock in the morning when I managed to get them out.

Wednesday 9th of May 2007 and I went to the Chinese Embassy just before 9 o'clock. For an extra fee I could pick up my passport 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Millions of people when I arrived just before 3 o'clock.
- Hmm, seems like this heaven for child and slave labor is a popular place to go P3 Hip Hopvisit.
- But poverty and starvation is good, at least for me with me pockets full of money.

When I was ready I went to buy a new cordless mouse. I had bought a new flat screen TV for my bedroom and I have connected one of my computers to the TV.

Now I have a cordless keyboard and mouse and together with my new WIFI I can stay in touch with the whole world. I started right off with P3 Hip Hop on P3 Hip HopSwedish radio.
I recorded the latest show so I have a little something to listen to while in China.

Well, I have been home for a few days and most of the time I was in bed recovering from my jet lag, but I managed to set up a WIFI in my apartment and I scanned about 400 pictures. I bought a home theater with flat screen TV for my bed room and I gave my old TV and DVD player to the girl taking care of my flowers.

Well, it's time to leave, I got my flight details and I will leave on Friday.
Flight   Date    Org         Dest            Dep   Arr   Term  Status
TG664    11MAY   FUNKY TOWN  SHANGHAI PU DO  1100  1615        OK

Arriving Friday night to the ship and maybe there will be time to check out the night scene. I talked with the Chief Officer a few days ago and he said that there was a good night spot just outside the ship yard.

Well, if you think you can handle the excitement just hang on to China, I will do my best to keep out pictures of child and slave labor, poverty and starvation for all of you with delicate nature.
Well, it's 11 th of May in the year of our Lord 2007 and I'm off to China.
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I signed on 12th of May 2007 on the Shipyard in China and we did the following voyages before I signed off:
I didn't made any voyage with M/T Marimba. I left in Singapore 18th of June 2007 after the shipyard for sick leave for the first time in my life, thanks!


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