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Aladdin's adventure on board M/T Roy Maersk
Aladdin's adventure on board M/T Roy Maersk
M/T Roy Maersk
Singapore anchorage 19th of August 2016 - Picture by Aladdin

Aladdin's adventure on board M/T Roy Maersk

Thursday 18th of August 2016 and the time have come to leave for work. The car will Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.st hopefully be here at 8 o'clock.

Booking an AOT Limousine is the same hassle as it was several years ago. Never any improvements and even though they have the online booking options on their web page it doesn’t work. Well, that is an achievement in itself, not to have fixed anything that is obviously not working, year after year. And talking on the phone, well, I would have preferred to do it online with a written confirmation. I would have been sleeping a wee bit better.

The car was not on the parking lot when I came down a few minutes before 8. I called AOT and, well, we had to go through everything again. The security guard left to look for a taxi and while he AOT Limousinewas away the AOT car arrived, by then it was 10 minutes past 8 o'clock.

We cancelled the taxi search they called the security guy on the radio. He was told not to get any taxi and he could come back here again. I was kind of relieved, I was out in good time, but when it comes to get to work I prefer to have plenty time to get to the airport.

I had 4 hours before departure, but we all know how quick we can put 4 hours behind when we have run in to trouble on our way. And AOT Limousinethis is a drama I can live without.

We loaded the AOT limousine with my bags and I was soon on my way towards Suvarnabhumi International to catch Cathay Pacific's flight CX713 to Singapore.

It was kind of light traffic and we were soon on the highway, hauling arse and we were skidding in to gate #6 at Suvarnabhumi less than an hour later.

I was through the security and immigration quicker than expected, there were plenty people and I was pleasantly surprised to sit at a Japanese restaurant with a noodle soup in front of me at 9 thirty.

I was also happy to have an aisle seat. The flight was Cathay Pacific scamalmost full. When I tried to check-in yesterday it was full and the only seat available was the seat at the exit. Extra leg room and 30 US$ extra. What a scam!

I call it a scam is these seats were the only seats available to choose on the internet check-in. The extra leg room is OK, but in the exit row the armrests are fixed to the seat as they have the fold down table in the arm rest. Well, do I need to say more, the picture above on the left hand side Security check at Suvarnabhumi International Airportsays more than 1000 words.

These “extra leg room” seat is nothing you wish for when you have 2,8 meters between the back pockets!

It is only a short 2 hours flight and I was happy with my seat, so yes, I was in a good mood when I had passed the security and immigration. I used to spend time at the Japanese restaurant they had before you came to the end where you turned right to the E gates ad left to the F gates. But they change the airport every now and then so now I went in to another Japanese place for some noodle soup.

I was at the Japanese restaurant and I ordered noodle soup. I sat up my “IT centre” and I spilt my noodle soup when I read Bangkok Post online. But I was not surprised, but the boldness...

Bangkok Post - Prayut 'may' stay on
Full story if you click HERE

Bangkok Post - Prayut 'may' stay on

We boarded the flight and it was as it always is flying Cathay Pacific between Bangkok and Singapore. It was 98% Chinese tourists and it was a hullaballoo. People were climbing in the overhead storage, yes, in the AOT Limousineoverhead luggage storage.

One of the Stewards came down the aisle with blankets, I swear to good, these blankets were gone in zero point one. The passengers just threw themselves out of the chairs to grab a blanket. The Steward looked at me and he gave me a “what to do?” glance.

It was a little more tumult than normally boarding the flight. People could not find their seats even if they were marked VERY WELL. And yes, row 43 is after row 42. And if you sit in row 33 there is really no need to walk around the whole plane looking for the seat.

Cathay Pacific's flight CX713 from Bangkok to Singapore
Boarding Cathay Pacific's flight CX713 from Bangkok to Singapore

Cathay Pacific's flight CX713 from Bangkok to Singapore
Boarding Cathay Pacific's flight CX713 from Bangkok to Singapore

I thought it was one of the teletubbie heroes I saw on our flight - At least it was a look a like

Well, but it is getting better by the years. It was better this time comparing to last time I was flying with Cathay Pacific. As soon as we were taxi to the runway people were sitting down. Cathay Pacific's flight CX713 from Bangkok to SingaporeAt least most of them, but the Steward had to scream at some of the passengers from his seat.

The guys next to me was very nice and I gad two girls in front of me, one of them spoke English so I was interrogated and she had to translate for the guys next to me.

There was small kid that refused to take on his safety belt, but apart from that I didn't saw anything that was worrying.

We took off and they served dinner, but as I'm just a notch too big for my seat I said no thanks to the dinner. I asked for a Pepsi Max, but as they didn't had Pepsi I asked for a can of soda water.

We were approaching Singapore and it had actually been a very nice flight. And of course, there were a few passengers starting to clear the overhead luggage space while we were bouncing down the runway. The Steward was screaming to them to sit down.

Again, this was way better than last time with Cathay Pacific, so I guess they learn and you don't read about so many incidents with Chinese tourists anymore.

Cathay Pacific's flight CX713 from Bangkok to Singapore
Approaching Singapore

Cathay Pacific's flight CX713 from Bangkok to Singapore
Time to leave the plane

Cathay Pacific's flight CX713 from Bangkok to Singapore
My new friends

We got of the plane and there was a guy waiting for me and we went to the immigration and as I'm joining Roy Mærsk I have to leave a special form at the immigration office and then I'm Cathay Pacific's flight CX713 from Bangkok to Singaporestraight out.

My Guide brought me to the luggage claim area via a “short cut” and I made a mental note about this for the next time I would come to Singapore.

We were waiting for my driver and I bought a SIM card that will work both in Indonesia and Malaysia, and of course in Singapore while waiting for the driver. So now I will Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.st hopefully be covered for a while regarding high speed internet. We have internet on board, but to try to watch the news is nothing you want to try.

We were soon off to another terminal to pick up another crew member joining before we took of Copthorne King's Hotel Singaporeto the hotel. The by now well known Copthorne King's Hotel Singapore

We reached the hotel and I went to the restaurant for my lunch/ dinner before Singaporegoing to my room. I will go to look for an Italian restaurant when I go to buy my new phone later on.

I have realised that I have everything on my phone, banking etc. so if I lose my phone I'm ducked. So I will buy a new phone and I will have two if I lose one.

Or I will have one with the banking stuff at home and I will Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.st hopefully never lose it.

I went up to my room after the meal that was good, I sat up my IT centre and I had a shower before I went down to look for a taxi. We had been around the airport looking for Pepsi but we had come up with nothing so I will also look for this when I'm on town.

Copthorne King's Hotel Singapore
My room

Copthorne King's Hotel Singapore
My room

The taxi driver told me that Sim Lim wasn't a very good place to buy electronics. But the other Runar or Numar tower was closed for redecoration, the best place for IT and electronic in Singapore. I have had many negative words about Sim Lim so I checked my phone for a LG shop. And there was one in Suntec City so we went there.

And yes, the LG place here turned out to be a closed office. And yes, I should have checked if it was an office or shop. But a little walking around and I found the LG G5. I bought the phone and I went to buy a cover as they only had covers without the small handy pockets that comes in handy for SIM cards etc.

I went to, I had already asked around and here was no Italian restaurant, but there was a Supermarket and they would “most likely” have Pepsi. I passed a bakery and I stopped to see what they had on display. I noticed something that looked like a vegetable market inside.

And there was tables and I asked what it was. Turned out to the Swiss Market Restaurant. Something like the street-food food court at Central Embassy in Bangkok, but this was better

Swiss Market Restaurant at Suntec Tower 4 in Singapore
Swiss Market Restaurant

Swiss Market Restaurant at Suntec Tower 4 in Singapore
Swiss Market Restaurant

Swiss Market Restaurant at Suntec Tower 4 in Singapore
Making Rosti and sausage for me

Swiss Market Restaurant at Suntec Tower 4 in Singapore
Swiss Market Restaurant

Swiss Market Restaurant at Suntec Tower 4 in Singapore
Swiss Market Restaurant

Swiss Market Restaurant at Suntec Tower 4 in Singapore
Swiss Market Restaurant

Swiss Market Restaurant at Suntec Tower 4 in Singapore
Swiss Market Restaurant

It was good, actually very nice and I was really full when I left the place. A stop at the supermarket and I bought all their Diet Pepsi and I was surprised when I came out. No line of people waiting for the taxi and I was soon back at the hotel

I was just to step inside my room when the 4th Engineer that had joined Romø Mærsk with me in Canada showed up. Well, we will see what time we are joining tomorrow.

Friday 19th of August 2016
and my alarm went off at 7. 8 thirty and I went for a breakfast that was exactly as good as I had imagine it to be. Not very good, never mind, I had Diet Pepsi in my cabin and I was soon back in my room. Pick up time still 9 o'clock when I asked in the reception.

I asked them to call to se when the ship would arrive as I don't want to sit and wait on the jetty. Last time thee were also coming to pick up, and no one bother to check when the ship arrives. We were still waiting 24 hours later.

Anyway. I went to the reception and we called the Agent. He would call me back and when I called he told me that Roy Mærsk had dropped anchor at 07:50.

We drove to the launch terminal where we waited for the Agent and as soon as he came we went through the immigration. We had to wait for a few minutes before the launch for Roy Mærsk was arriving. And it will be nice to come on board. There is a few good thing with the job, but two things stick out as the very best thing:

1) Putting down the bags in my apartment when coming back home
2) Putting down the bags in my cabin when joining the ship, a long trip have come to an end.

Anyway, we were soon leaving Singapore behind us and I was sitting in the back of the boat and I was soon annoyed by an water spray. And I had planned to take pictures of Roy Mærsk when we arrive. But the spray came on the other side (all over the 4th Engineer) when we changed course.

MPA - West Coast Pier
We are at West Coast Pier terminal

MPA - West Coast Pier
We are at West Coast Pier terminal

MPA - West Coast Pier
Waiting for the service launch

MPA - West Coast Pier
The launch is arriving

MPA - West Coast Pier
4th Engineer

MPA - West Coast Pier
Chief Engineer and 3rd Officer

Roy Mærsk
Approaching Roy Mærsk

Roy Mærsk
Approaching Roy Mærsk

Roy Mærsk
Good bye Singapore

Roy Mærsk
Time to get on board

The trip took maybe 20 minutes or so and we were soon seeing m/t Roy Mærsk on the anchorage. I tried to get a few pictures but it was not very easy as the launch was moving in the waves. But it wil be nice to come on board leaving Singapore behind.

And the adventures continues on any of the links below:

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October 2016 - Leaving Cochin, India
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November 2016 - Part 2 - Signing off in Chittagong

I joined M/T Roy Mærsk on the 19th of August 2016 in Singapore. We did the following voyages before I signed off in Chittagong 22nd of November 2016.

Voy No.
Load Port
Discharge Port


I join the ship

Fuel Oil
Maximum arrival draft 8,63m in FW

Chittagong, Bangladesh


Haldia, India

Fuel Oil 180 cst
Load as much as possible to reach 7,7 m departure draft

Load 2 parcels of FO in Tanjung Pelepas from FSU Enery Star

Singapore/ Tanjung Pelepas for order

Discharge in Singapore


Terminal 1:
Parcel 1: Load MAXIMUM 10000 MT FO
Parcel 2) Load 9000 MT MINIMUM but as close to as possible

Terminal 2:
Discharge Parcel 2
Parcel 3: Load 7000 MT MINIMUM but as close to as possible

Discharge Parcel 3 in Cochin
Discharge Parcel 1 in Chittagong


Dumai, Indonesia

Sumatran Light Crude
200,000 Bbls +/-5%

Tanjung Bruas, Malaysia


Sungai Udang, Melaka, Malaysia

120,000 Bbls +/-5%

Tanjung Bin, Malaysia



3 parcels of Fuel Oil
1) 3800MT
2) 3800MT
3) 7125MT

I sign off, Tiger safari next. Well, first some whale watching in Bangkok

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