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Aladdin's adventure on board M/T Roy Maersk
Aladdin's adventure on board M/T Richard Maersk
M/T Roy Maersk
On river Elbe, outbound Hamburg 5th of August 2009 - Picture from Marinetraffic.com - Picture by PixelOpa

Aladdin's adventure on board M/T Roy Maersk

Wednesday 11th of September 2013 and my alarm was set to go off at 5 thirty in the morning. Of course, I had got exactly zero sleep. I went to bed at 10 o'clock yesterday evening, but I spent the night tossin' and turnin'. So it was kind of nice when my alarm went off, now I could get out of Aladdin's adventure at Suvarnabhumi International Airportbed and I had my breakfast. I went down with the garbage around 6 thirty and the car as waiting for me.

I told the driver that I was just going to get my bags and we could take of towards Suvarnabhumi and Singapore Airlines flight to Singapore. There were no people at Singapore Airlines check-in and immigration and security was empty so I was sitting with a pot of tea and a ham & cheese “SUB” in front of me in no time.

Singapore Airlines flight SQ 973 was departing from gate C3, just close by where the Thai Airways skidded of the runway 2 or 3 days ago. She lost the front wheel landing and according to the news the plane should have been removed yesterday and traffic back to normal. One runway blocked, or partly blocked and all departures and arrivals were delayed. Our flight was delayed by an hour or so, but by then I was asleep under a blanket.

Aladdin's adventure at Suvarnabhumi International Airport
Thai Airways plane that skidded off the runway the other day
According to the news the plane should had been removed yesterday

Aladdin's adventure at Suvarnabhumi International Airport
My flight is arriving

There was a girl coming to pick me up at the gate and we had soon passed Immigration and Custom and I was dead tired by now even though I had been sleeping during the flight. But I was soon wide awake.
- Change of plans, you will have to stay at the hotel, the Driver said.

We took off towards Fuarama Hotel and I was making plans to go to buy a new computer at Sim Lim. I have been looking for a computer in Bangkok, but I have failed to find any lap top with a Aladdin's adventure in Singapore20" screen. I found a SAMSUNG 17" but only with a Thai keyboard so I never bought it. But in Singapore it should be possible to find a lap top with a screen big enough.

I checked-in and I went to my room where I brushed my teeth. I was ready to Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stleave, but I wanted to call our Agent for the latest updates and berthing prospects. Nothing but instant disappointment.
- They will take Pilot at 16:00
Our Agent called the driver and we decided to try to get me to the anchorage before the Pilot would board Roy Maersk. I looked at my wrist watch, it was past 3 o'clock. I checked out 10 minutes after checking in and I waited for the driver to take me to West Pier and the service launch to take me to Roy Maersk. Yes, I was disappointed.

Roy Maersk
Roy Maersk anchored in Singapore

But when I was onboard just after 4 o'clock it was pretty nice, well, very nice to be on board and I was glad I missed the hotel. Pilot came on board a few minutes after me so it was in the nick of time. Time for new adventures!

september 2013 - Joining Roy Maersk in Singapore
september 2013 - Part 2 - Start loading at Kerteh SBM
October 2013 - On the way to Japan, leaving Kerteh, Malaysia behind
October 2013 - Part 2 - Arriving to Chiba, Japan
October 2013 - Part 3 - Four days to go to Singapore
November 2013 - Still anchored in Singapore
November 2013 - Part 2 - We were supposed to leave the anchorage for Melaka, Malaysia
November 2013 - Part 3 - Complete loading in Melaka, Malaysia and departing for Singapore
December 2013 - Arriving to Visakhapatnam
December 2013 - Part 2 - Arriving to Singapore
December 2013 - Part 3 - Arriving to Chittagong - I'm signing off
Birthday party in Bangkok

I joined M/T Roy Maersk on the 11th of September 2013 in Singapore. We did the following voyages before I signed off in Chittagong on the 21st December 2013:

Voy No.
Load Port
Discharge Port

Chennai, India

Full cargo of HFO

I'm Joining the ship

Roy Maersk

Roy Maersk

Roy Maersk

Voy 13518 Continues
Roy Maersk

Roy Maersk
Roy Maersk

Roy Maersk

Roy Maersk
Roy Maersk
Roy Maersk
Roy Maersk
SHELL voyage #23

Melaka, Malaysia

120.000bbls +/-5% HSFO

VOPAK Sebarok, Singapore
SHELL voyage #24

Melaka, Malaysia

120.000bbls +/-10% (approx 120,000)

Tanjung Langsat, Malaysia

SHELL voyage #25

Visakhapatnam, India

30,000MT fuel oil
Changed to MAXIMUM draft 10.06m
After sounding around the ship at the jetty in Visakhapatnam:

One or more safe berth Singapore
I can get more snus

SHELL voyage #26


HSFO to MAX 8.45 m FW draft

Chittagong, Bangladesh
I'm signing off


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