Written onboard M/T Ek-Star October 2010

Bangkok - Summer/ Autumn 1996

Tuesday 30th of July 1996 and we signed off Argo Athena in Singapore. We had a case of beer on the launch so we were a wee bit tipsy when we arrived to the Immigration in Singapore.

Hornet Crewing had booked us at a hotel, my flight to Bangkok was not until the day after. So I Mandarin Hotel, Singaporetook a taxi to Orchard Road and I entered the Mandarin Hotel.
- Can I have a room?
- Do you know how much it cost to live here?
- No, but I'm sure you will tell me within 5 seconds!
- What the is this. What kind of question is that? Stupid cow! I went to my room, I had a shower and I emptied the mini bar. I took my bag and I went down to check out. I had got a ticket to Bangkok this very evening so I was out of here. I Rompo Mansion, Bangkokstopped to buy a camera to Bjäbben before I left for the airport.

I arrived to FUNKY TOWN a wee bit tipsy and I was looking forward to a night on town. Well, I left Singapore just to arrive to a Buddha day in Thailand when everything was closed. Darn!

Well, I spent the evening making a tit out of myself in the minimart on Rompo Mansion. The oldest daughter in the family running the minimart was one of the most gorgeous girls I had ever seen.

Rompo Mansion, Bangkok Well, no big changes at this holiday from my other holidays. Party every day and I remember a few of them, and that was even before I looked at the pictures.

I remember having the DJs from Tapas over for a few beers. We were at Tapas when they closed and we went on for a few beers Well, this is 14 years ago and when we came in to Tapas during Songkran 2010 the DJ recognised me. Strange, 14 years have passed by and I didn't recognise him. But, well, I used to spend a lot of time at Rompo Mansion, BangkokTapas back then so I guess they knew me at every place at Silom Soi 4.

They played some very good music at Tapas, but now Rompo Mansion, Bangkokthere are 13 a dozen places like that in FUNKY TOWN.

I should be used by now, but I was surprised when we entered Tapas back in April 2010.
- Yo! Aladdin!

And I also remember the morning when they guy from Thermae did BBQ on my balcony. And he had a girl with him so he borrowed my friend's room
- Hmm, strange. Every time he is with us its daylight. But Thermae didn't close until 6 or 7 in the morning and it was always daylight when we left Thermae. Rompo Mansion, Bangkok
Rompo Mansion, Bangkok Yes, my friend lived on the 7th floor and, well, thanks to that I ended up with some strange people. Rompo Mansion, BangkokHe never hesitated to bring them to my room and I remember a guy from Norway.

Well, at least to say, he was special.

Time turned quick and I had to go to Sweden for a medical course before joining my next ship. So I left for a week in Sweden during september 1996.

1 week and we spent the days in school and the evenings we had to work in at the emergency ward at Östra Sjukhustet to get Gothenburg - Göteborg - Go:teborgsome “Hands on practice” in taking care of injured people. And I can't stand to see blood.

I remember a few things from the emergency ward. The first day we got 3 girls with only a few hours between them. All three of them had got kicked in the face by their horse.

I also remember an old lady, yeah, she must have been hundred or something. Worked hard her whole life paying taxes without complains just because “You should work hard and be pleased”. Yes, this was how this generation was thinking. “We have a nice life in Sweden” and “The welfare state” and “If I get sick they will take care of me” so we need to pay taxes.
Östra Sjukhuset, Göteborg/ Go:teborg

Well, she had arrived early this morning. She had been on her way to the hairdresser when she felt and broke her arm. I asked her if she went to the hospital then.
- No, I went for my hair cut.
- Why?
- If I have booked a time I must go to the hair dresser or she will lose this time, she said.

Well, this is how the old generation Swedes were thinking. Back when Made in Sweden meant good Östra Sjukhuset, Göteborg/ Go:teborgquality. Today it means f@ck all and they prefer some cheap Chinese shit.

She was still waiting in the emergency ward when we arrived around 4 o'clock in the afternoon.

I saw that they gave her a shot of anaesthetic. The first treatment since 8 or 9 o'clock in the morning when she arrived.

Poor lady, I felt sorry for her. Working her whole life and this is what she gets. They could as well have kicked her in the arse and spitted her in the face.
- Piss off! Go die somewhere!
Hundred years old and having to spend a whole day and night waiting at the hospital without Sukhumvit Soi 33,  Bangkoktreatment. Motherf@ckers!! Yes, the Swedish government send money to China to teach them democracy. Who give them the right? But we can't take care of our own people. Sending money around the world in aid, what the f@ck? Well, no wonder the SD got in to the Swedish Parliament in the 2010 election.

I also remember that they moved me from the emergency ward to the medical department. Yes, I could not stand the blood. Just to think of the old lady was enough to make me cry. I had spent hours practicing my stitching technique on a piece of foam rubber in a room out of sight from all the Ghastliness.
Well, I passed the course anyway.
Rompo Mansion, Bangkok Well, it was nice to come back to FUNKY TOWN even though it had been interesting with a week in school in Sweden.

september passed by and it was October and soon time for me to leave for Argo Pallas. But I didn't know what date I was going to join her. But I knew that I was going to join her when she passed UAE on her way to dry dock n Bahrain.

1 week before I left there was a friend coming down from Sweden and he stayed at Hotel 27. Not far away from Rompo Mansion.

Monday 25th of October 1996 and it was time to leave for Dubai, UAE to join Argo Pallas. And it was actually nice to leave for the ship.


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