Thai Airways flight TG 624

Visa run - Tourist visa to Thailand

I don't know about you, but at least I find it hard to think about any better tune for this adventure

Friday 4th of March 2016 and my friend called me 20 minutes past 7. His son wasn't feeling well so our morning exercise was cancelled. OK, we will have to take on the exercise next week when I'm back from my whale shark adventure in Donsol. Anyway, the cancelled exercise session gave me a lot of time and how to spend the time?

Canon EOS 5D Mark III
OK, I might go to Canon to pick up my camera, but then I have to carry 2 lenses with me to the Philippines. The big lens on the camera and a new lens I bought.

I will claim the VAT for the lens and x2 III converter at the airport, so it will be a lot to carry around. And I'm only going to use my small back pack and my lap top bag so no room. Well, I will get the camera when I return from the Philippines. But I sent them an e-mail and I was not happy. I'm wasting time and money going around town in taxi to repair the camera.

Dear all

They called from Canon and my camera is ready. Now I’m on my way to the airport to go see whales. So I cannot bring my camera

I bought the camera, 250,000 Baht spent to go look for Polar bears and ice bergs. Very light environment and I could not see any red spot.

I was soon discovering the red spot when I was back to normal situation and I went to MBK to get it serviced as I was off to Donsol to look at whales today.

I quote from below e-mail: ”We apologized for any cuase. Last time, the technicain checked all system he said everythin is fine.”

I was back at Canon main office and I took a picture and the red dot was easily detected both by me and the Canon staff. So at MBK they had done nothing, not even bothered to look at the camera.

Now Canon wanted a EXPRESS SERVICE fee for my camera to get ready before I took off to see the whales. I was, as you can easily imagine, a little annoyed in the shop.

I understand the service fee for quick service and to skip the queue. But I had planned this and there would have been plenty time if they had serviced the camera at MBK!

PLEASE!!!! Make sure the camera is in good order when I come back to pick up the camera next Wednesday. I really don’t want to spend more time (that I don’t have) in taxis going back and forth between my home and different Canon service centres around town

Most disappointed from my whale watching without any camera (spent more than 2000 US Dollars, about 70,000 Baht for the whale watching)

From: CMT-INFO []
Sent: 26 February 2016 13:43
To: Aladdin
Subject: RE: Most disappointed

Dear Mr. Aladdin,

In response to your email, your complaint regarding the service you received from the Canon Care Point has been noted. Your experience has been highlighted to the relevant department for improvement. I sincerely regret the inconveniences you have faced in getting your Camera and lens assessed. Let me assure you that your experience in this instance is not typical of Canon’s level of product reliability and customer service. We continue to be committed to providing you and all of our customers with the highest standards of service in the industry.

Please kindly send the camera Canon Service Center again and let’s us know the repair case number so that we will monitor closely. We truly apologize for this inconvenience caused.

If you would like to receive more information on our products, please contact us via our Canon Call Center so that we can properly respond. You may reach us at +66 2344 9988 (Monday-Friday / 08.15-17.15 hours) or email us at

Thank you and best regards,

Customer Care Department
Canon Marketing (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

From: Aladdin
Sent: Friday, February 26, 2016 10:51 AM
Subject: Most disappointed

I bought a Canon 5D mk III and a 28 - 300mm lens and a 70-200 2,8 lens.

There is a red spot on my pictures, like a laser beam. I went to Canon MBK and they told me to come back the day after. I picked up my camera and they told me it was OK.

Back home and the red spot is still there, so they have not even bothered to check the camera. I had spent 250,000 Baht for this equipment and this is the kind of attitude!!!

I called MBK, and a HOT TIP for Canon!!! Even if I speak English with the staff I understand Thai as I have lived here for a long time and when they talk about me while on hold, MAKE DUCKING SURE THE MICROPHONE IS OFF!!!

I have been to many Canon offices around the world, and in Thailand as well and I have always been very impressed. I have had more Canon cameras than I can remember. At present 5, Nikkon in the future?

Most disappointed

And we can see how concerned Canon are on their reply to my first e-mail. A standard apology and then they top it up with a phone number if I want to know more about their other products. Isn't SPAMthis what we call a SPAM? Well, I will ask them if they can provide me with a number to Nikon so I can inquiry about THEIR products!

I asked the taxi to drop me at Gate #10 at Suvarnabhumi International Airport, that is the far end of the airport and this is Suvarnabhumi International Airportwhere the TAX Refund office is located. I handed them my receipt and tax papers from the shop and I got the stamp. Everything took less than a minutes.

Now I had to walk back to Thai Airways check in, at the other end of Suvarnabhumi International.

I noticed a change at Suvarnabhumi since I was here last time. Now there was self check-in machines Is this a sign of things to come? For sure, I don't hope so. Two of the worst airports I have ever been to regarding check-in is Suvarnabhumi International AirportCopenhagen International and Las Vegas. Machines everywhere and no sign of any staff available for help with the check in.

Convenient to just have to hand them my passport at check in and I have my boarding pass in a jiff. No need to keep track of ticket numbers etc.

Thai Airways check-in was empty and the check-in took a minute. Security and I was alone so this took like 30 seconds and the immigration about the same. It was very Suvarnabhumi International Airportsmooth and I was soon in the escalator going down to Thai Airways Lounge.

Today I got pass word to the WI FI on a paper slip. As I usually does, at least until the last few times here in Thai Airways Lounge. You get a password by scanning your boarding pass. Then they can keep track on you, what you have been doing on the internet while waiting for your flight.

The machine did not work today so I can visit all kinds of web pages without risking anything. Well, I had time to update my web page gate and flight TG 624 to Manila. I stopped at the VAT Refund kiosk and I got the Suvarnabhumi International Airportcash for my tax refund.

Boarding was late, no surprises there. And we had to go by bus, well, I knew this already at check-in, gate E2A is always by bus.

But I was surprised when finally, they started with the boarding. Royal Silk passenger and Star Alliance Gold card holders to board first. The girl saw me in the back and she told the other passengers to move so I could come up to board. She took my boarding pass and she screamed that it was business Suvarnabhumi International Airportclass boarding while holding up my boarding pass.

I was standing there embarrassed, my plan to sneak on board without any one notice me. That plan was down the drain and I grabbed my boarding pass and I went to the bus.

Took us a few minutes to get to the plane, a Boeing 777 plus something else. I had arranged for an empty seat next to me at check-in. The flight was almost full but I had an empty seat next to me and I was in a good mood when we left Bangkok. Actually, I was a sleep when we took off and I was surprised to discover that we were flying high above Thailand when I looked out the window. I thought that we were still on the runway.

Thai Airways flight TG 624
Boarding Thai Airways flight TG 624 to Manila

Thai Airways flight TG 624
Boarding Thai Airways flight TG 624 to Manila

Thai Airways flight TG 624
Boarding Thai Airways flight TG 624 to Manila

Thai Airways flight TG 624

Thai Airways flight TG 624
Approaching Manila

Thai Airways flight TG 624
Approaching Manila

Thai Airways flight TG 624
Approaching Manila

Thai Airways flight TG 624
Flying in circles waiting for landing permission

Thai Airways flight TG 624
Flying in circles waiting for landing permission

Thai Airways flight TG 624
Flying in circles waiting for landing permission

Thai Airways flight TG 624
We have landed at Ninoy Aquino International, terminal 1

Thai Airways flight TG 624
Time to leave the plane

Thai Airways flight TG 624
Leaving the plane behind

I asked for a big cup of tea but as they didn't had any big cups or pots I got a small cup. The Stewardess told me she would refill the cup so I would never notice the cup getting empty. And yes, as you understand I was sceptic.

But she managed to impress me, the cup was full all the way to Manila. I started a movie and after a while they brought dinner. The food was excellent and I was kind of enjoying the flight Ninoy Aquino Internationaland that we were going to arrive 25 minutes ahead of arrival time just made it better.

But we had to circle above Manila for 20 to 30 minutes due to congestion and we landed after scheduled time. But it had been a nice flight.

Immigration was empty and I was through in a jiff and as I didn't had any checked luggage there was no need to wait for any bag.

To get cash was the same routines as last time, only one ATM was working. I need a SIM card to have internet in Donsol so I stopped at one of several booths offering “FREE” SIM cards for Ninoy Aquino Internationaltourists. Of course it was not for free. I bought one SIM card but it was not possible to activate so it turned out to be a waste of time.

Tropicana Suites, we left the airport and I asked the taxi driver if he knew where he was going.
- No

I asked the TAXI staff at the airport if they knew the hotel and I told them to explain for the taxi driver. I have had it with drivers just taking off without knowing where to Robinson Place in Manilago. Of course, they tell you the know and then you end up wasting time in the car going around looking for a place the driver had told me he knew very well.

The driver put the taxi in reverse and I asked where we were going and we were off again and I checked in to Tropicana Suites 30 minutes or so later.

I put the back pack in my room and I was off to look for Tempura Japanese Grill. I walked to Robinson Place, 3 minutes away from the hotel. I went to see if they had big bottles of juice for my e-cigarette. The girl recognised me and I asked her if she could have 20 bottles by Robinson Place in ManilaTuesday when I was back in Manila again.

I bought some clothes at Marks & Spencer that I will pick up on Tuesday as I don't have a space in my bags.

As we know by now the Tempura Japanese Grill is closed at Robinsons Place, but there Tempura Japanese Grill in Manilais one on UN Avenue so I took a taxi.

We turned in to UN Avenue in search for Tempura and we were lucky, we turned in the right direction and I was soon seeing the Tempura Japanese Grill yellow sign.

I paid the taxi and I stepped outside. The guard asked me if I was looking for the, yeah, whatever the name is of this coffee place they have all over the world now. But I said that I was here for Tempura Japanese Grill. I opened the door and it was like getting hit by a train.

The smell from mould was not a pleasant smell. They really need to sanitise or tear down the building. Well, I got used to the smell after a few minutes.

The bacon wrapped beans are no longer in the menu, this was something I noticed already last time at Tempura Japanese Grill. And I'm not happy that they have move from Robinson place as Tempura Japanese Grillthat was a nice restaurant and you could sit alone.

Tempura Japanese Grill at Mall of Asia is almost like a mess hall, not a pleasant experience even though the food was good. But this place was for sure not looking any good.

Never mind, I looked in the menu and I asked for my usual teriyake or whatever they called it. A mango shake and I was sitting at the table waiting. Time passed by and they brought me a glass of water. I told them Mangothat I had ordered a mango juice.

They waved a paper cup at me from the bar. They told me that the mango juice was ready. Paper cup??!! I asked what they were up to, I wanted a glass. They brought a paper bag with my food and I asked what the duck was going on.
- Didn't you order take away?
- No
- Oh! Sorry.

He took the paper bag and he told me that he would be back, they would fix this in the kitchen. WHAT THE DUCK!!!?? He was seriously thinking that I wanted to eat food that they had put in paper bag and then on plates. Needless to say, I just left the place. And I was for sure not going to pay anything.

What a disappointment! The first thing I was thinking when I got the news about daily whale sharks was Tempura Japanese Grill. Going to Manila and of course I take the opportunity to eat at Tempura, a simple restaurant, but the terijaki sauce is the best I have ever had.

I was NOT happy when I took a taxi back to Robinsons Place. Tempura, I had really been looking forward to the Tempura Japanese Grill. I walked around Robinson Place to look for a restaurant. H & MAnd they have opened a H & M shop so they have rebuilt the place and many of the restaurants are gone. Nice restaurants replaced by clothes made by slave labour. Well, they don't call it slave labour anymore, now it is minimum vages and that's a different tune.

Well, I passed a Persian Restaurant and I decided to check it out. Persia, it is the same as Iran and I was thinking Baklava so I went to ask if they had baklava.

Persian food and Turkish food, pretty much the same and I love it. I ordered steamed rice and 2 different kinds of meat. I discovered that they had DILL steamed rice and WOW!!!! This was Araya - Persian Restaurant at Robinsons Place in Manilasomething I had to try! Dill steamed rice, first time ever I have heard a about dill steamed rice.

For sure, I have had enough of menus with side orders like:
• Steamed rice
• Scooby Doo steamed rice
• Worse than Scooby Doo steamed rice

The food was good, the best I have had in long time, and the baklava, 2 orders. One order almond baklava and one order of pistachio baklava.

The only set back was the tea, they didn't had any tea I recognised and I was drinking water. But I will try to steal a tea bag before going there next time so I can enjoy my food with some nice tea. For sure, I will go back when I'm back home from Donsol.

I asked the hotel staff to wake me up tomorrow morning at 6 o'clock. My flight is at 10 o'clock and I need to leave the hotel at 8 o'clock. And if you want to find out if I make it to the airport tomorrow morning in time you just need to click HERE


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