Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyo - July 2014

Wednesday 2nd of July 2014 and I paid my bill at the restaurant. The Waitress was happy about the tip. But she really went through the trouble to find me a real glass to have my breakfast tea from. Highly appreciated by Aladdin.

I went to gate 55 for my flight UA 5235 from McCarran International Airport to Los Angeles, LAX. I was waiting at gate 55 and it showed San Francisco 09:08. By now it was 25 minutes past 9 United Express UA 5235 from McCarran International to LAXand I thought the passengers at the gate was waiting for the UA 5235 to Los Angeles. And man, was I close to miss my flight.

I saw that the new departure time to San Francisco was 10:08 and my flight is departing at 09:56. By now it was 20 minutes before 10 and where the foock is my flight leaving from? Turned out that flight UA 5235 is departing from gate D59

United Airlines, when I came through the gate I discovered that it said United Express on the airplane. If you ever see the words Express, City or commuter etc. after the airline name you know United Express UA 5235 from McCarran International to LAXyou're in for an uncomfortable flight in a small airplane.

But it is just a wee bit more than an hour flight between McCarran and LAX so I will survive. And as I have been quite healthy while in Las Vegas I didn't need ta ask for an extension for my safety belt.

The flight was full, and I was surprised, I was actually sitting quite comfortable. For an hours flight that is, a Trans Hara-kiriPacific flight in this seat would have made me commit a hara-kiri not long after United Express UA 5235 from McCarran International to LAXan hour in the seat.

And luckily enough, they didn't serve anything on this flight. Coming to Las Vegas they were running down the aisle with a cart serving drinks. It is a one hour flight and they filled up a huge plastic bag with garbage.

Paper cups and empty soda cans. And every one wanted to have a plastic cup with a mouth full of soda. Why the foock do they bother? Yes, it is for free! Same all over the world, humans are the same, if it is for free no one wants to miss it. A free mouth full of soda, who the hell wants to go through all the trouble for a mouth full of soda? Free or not.

In Bangkok they handed out a lot of free stuff, and if you buy something they give you a free umbrella or something like that.
- No thanks
- It is for free
- I don't want it even if you give me 10 Dollars to take it

And all the garbage, well, here we're lucky to be in USA. They believe that God created the world and that it is IMPOSSIBLE for the humans to destroy the world. Only God can destroy the world. United Express UA 5235 from McCarran International to LAXWell, as I use to say, God created the humans to destroy his creation.

It was fun at the Hoover Dam. I asked how they would run the thing when the global warming kicked in full force. I told them that there is mountains in Africa and Himalaya that they can see now, never seen before because the snow has melted and rivers are drying.
- The Dam is driven by water, not snow
Yet another Smiley on - OK, well...
There wasn't really anything to say to that. Well, anyway, we were soon approaching Los Angeles and we arrived to Terminal 7, United Domestic terminal and I walked to Tom Bradley International. First gate was All Nippon Airway and I went to look for LAX - Tom Bradley Internationalsomething to drink.

No sign off any kiosk and I went to ANA's check-in to ask for a premium lane ticket through security. They gave me a new boarding pass and the flipped through my passport looking for a visa to Thailand.

Mu passport is full, one page remaining plus one empty page where I have ripped out an old Cambodian visa. Pretty Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stsmart, I ripped off an old Cambodian visa and I got an extra page in my pass port! Yeah, a foocking great idea.

Immigration Officers flipping through my passport
- Where do you want us to put the stamp, the pass port is full!
- Page 8 is good, I suggest Yet another Smiley on
- We cannot put the stamp there as you have ripped out a visa! Yet another Smiley on

Yet another good idea going South. Well, anyway, the ANA staff flipped through my passport looking for a Thai visa. They told me that they would let me on board, but I would have to go LAX - Tom Bradley Internationalthrough this problem when leaving Tokyo.
- No worries, I have done it plenty times before!

I went to buy a mango/ peach drink and I had two quick fags before going to Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stthe security. Security was pretty quick and I was soon sitting in the Star Alliance lounge drinking tea. Tom Bradley International, the terminal is new and I was impressed. A very nice airport, what a difference from last time flying from Los Angeles.

LAX - Tom Bradley International
Classic departure screen
Must be from the 50's and I hope they keep it even after being ready with the new airport

I took a picture of the huge departure board before going to the security. This one must be as old as the airport and even though Los Angeles airport was a shitty airport. Well, I'm sure it was state LAX - Tom Bradley Internationalof the art hundred years ago. But they have made a very well needed face lift. But I really hope they keep this departure board. A very beautiful departure board.

I left the Star Alliance lounge and I remembered that I had forgot my juice for my e-cigarette and I turned and walked back to the tax free area. But it was impossible to find any juice for my e- bazooka.

I was disappointed when I walked back to gate 156. The sign said Gates 150 - 159. And under the gate numbers it said Shopping and dining. Dining, well, LAX - Tom Bradley Internationalthat was some fast food and shopping was a kiosk. But I gave it a try, they didn't had any juice, but they had disposable e-cigarettes, 400 puffs and I bought 2 of them. Never know what's happening on the flight, and 1 jar of sake is about 400 puffs on the e-cigarette

They just started boarding when I came to the gate and I was soon on board in my seat 8K. I asked for a bottle of water and I found my sleeping pills. I popped 1 and a half sleeping pill. Yet another Smiley on

I looked at California disappearing behind us while waiting for the sleeping pills to kick in.. The Stewardess and brought me 4 pillows and I will Yet another Smiley on hopefully be able to have a nice sleep.

Thursday 3rd of July 2005
and we had passed the International Date Line when I woke up. And I woke up at All Nippon Airways flight 5 from LAX to Narita International Airportabout the same time we had left Los Angeles, but one day later.

I had 2 bottles of water next to me and I managed to find some chocolate and I was soon full of vim. I st up my computer and I could start to update the latest drivel to my web page.

And I had Skånsk Hip Hop blasting high in my headphones and I was pondering the idea to ask for a jar of sake “hotto”. But I asked for tea, and as they only have small cups they brought me 2 cups at the time

All Nippon Airways flight 5 from LAX to Narita International Airport
Tea and plenty space to work with my computer

All Nippon Airways flight 5 from LAX to Narita International Airport
Soon time for some sake “hotto”

Approaching Japan and I could not help but thinking about World War II. We have all heard about Aladdin's adventure in Tokyo - July 2014Japanese soldiers found in the jungle on the Philippines and around SE Asia 40 to 50 years after the war had come to an end.

So what if there are still some of these old Pilots flying around Japan defending the country from any air strikes?

For sure I can think of more fun stuff than having and old ZERO flying around attacking us on our final approach to Tokyo.

They were soon serving food and I can't say that I was hungry even though I had not been eating since at the Star Alliance lounge in Los Angeles. I had some chocolate when waking up but vitamins are always welcome.

All Nippon Airways flight 5 from LAX to Narita International Airport
She brings tea for my snack

All Nippon Airways flight 5 from LAX to Narita International Airport
Snacks and tea on board All Nippon Airways
And I'm soon ready to take on Tokyo's night life

I got 2 cups of tea and some very delicious food. ANA is growing to be a real favourite Airline. The food was excellent and I was in a good mood. So far no sight of any stray ZERO fighters and All Nippon Airways flight 5 from LAX to Narita International AirportI had Skånsk Hip Hop blasting high.

Sake “hotto” and Skåsk Hip Hop, how will this Hangover Heaven in Las Vegasend? And no Hangover Heaven, at least not what I have heard of in Tokyo.

Well, I guess this is a one I will have to live through. And I can imagine the flight to Bangkok on Sunday if I manage to stay out partying for 3 days in Tokyo.
Aladdin's adventure in Tokyo
I was soon having them to bring a second jar of sake. I asked for WI FI so I could upload the latest adventures. But this was obviously the only flight with no WI FI. Well, never mind, I can do it at the hotel.

A shower, up load my web page and I'm of to explore Tokyo's night life, and as usually, I wont be disappointed.

Om jag åker tunnelbana i Tokyo e jag då en Japan

Maybe I should take the time to find a CD and burn a taxi CD. We remember last time in Tokyo, You Tubethe TAXI CD turned out to be a huge success. But maybe I'm too old to run around with a CD by now. But music is important, well, I can always find the TAXI CD on You Tube

I still haven't found out why the foock my camera makes a video when I take pictures

All Nippon Airways flight 5 from LAX to Narita International Airport
Waiting for them to open the door

All Nippon Airways flight 5 from LAX to Narita International Airport
The door opens

All Nippon Airways flight 5 from LAX to Narita International Airport
The door is open and we can get off

We got off the plane and we had to trot for several kilometres to the luggage claim area. Waiting for the luggage took quite some time and I felt like I had a hangover starting to kick in. I had had Narita International Airport3 or 4 jars of the hot sake on the flight, so I was not drunk, not even tipsy. But something was coming on and it felt like a hangover and I was in a hurry to get a beer.

I started by finding an ATM and I think it was the very same ATM I used last time. Well, I Narita International Airportused the ATM next to the ATM I used last time as I used 7 Eleven bank last time.

Yes, I know, 7 Eleven Japan is not involved in slavery (Yet another Smiley on Hopefully) I have sent 7 Eleven in Thailand a few e-mails and no answers. I wrote on their Facebook and finally an answer. They provided a link:

7 Eleven and slavery

So I will wait to see how this turns out before using 7 Eleven again and I can as well get used to walk pass any 7 Eleven until I'm completely satisfied. Well, anyway, I withdrew 200,000¥, about Narita International Airport2000 US Dollars and I went to buy a ticket with the Airport Limousine.

Limousine is a bus here in Japan, I bought my ticket and then I went to buy 3 cans of Kirin beer for the ride to town.

I was shocked, I withdrew 2000 US Dollars, 200,000¥ and I remembered Tokyo as much more expensive. 3 kirin beer was less than 1000¥ so how the foock will I be able to finish 200,000¥? That's like, well, let me Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stcalculate... millions of beers over the weekend!

Well, it is better to have a yen too much than a yen too little! I waited for the bus for a few minutes and I got on board. This airport limousine service is very good, Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyosecond stop is right at my hotel.

There is a toilet on the bus, but don't bother to use the darn thing. I don't even think the smallest Japanese can get in to use the lavatory.
Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyo

We were about 5 passengers joining the bus and we stopped to pick up 2 other passengers at Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyothe next terminal. Before we took off to town the driver walked down the aisle with a big sign saying that we should buckle up.

Well, no chance in hell that this safety belt came around me. I was happy that the driver turned around before he checked me and my belt. Took just over an hour and I was at my hotel and Charisma Man's adventure in TokyoI was soon in my room.

I had a shower and I changed my shirt and I went out to explore the area. I was at a place and I asked for hot sake and they served me a glass, it was hot, but not what I had expected.

And the sake didn't taste very good from a glass. Could as well have been drinking vodka.

Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyo
I said it before and I say it again: Tokyo is like walking in a small village

I was very tired and I was back at my room at midnight, not drunk and not sober. Yeah, Charisma Man is drinking responsibly now a days. Let's see if we can drink responsibly tomorrow again.

Friday 4th of July 2005
and I woke up at 9 thirty, very good, I had got enough sleep. I went to the 25th floor to have breakfast. I live on the 24th floor so it is just 1 floor up to the restaurant. And according to the posters around the hotel it should be a “FANTASTIC” western breakfast buffet. So of course, I wanted to check out this “FANTASTIC” buffet

Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyo
Breakfast restaurant
Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyo
Tokyo from the restaurant
Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyo
Tokyo from the restaurant
Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyo
Tokyo from the restaurant

Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyo
Tokyo from the restaurant

Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyo
Tokyo from the restaurant

Well, I will not come back for any more buffet here. OK, I got a pot of tea and that was good. Well, how can you fail with tea? Buffet, Caesars Palace, and I was afraid to go to the buffet as I Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stwould have been eating myself out of all proportions. But this buffet, OK, the tea was good and the lasagne was Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyogood. Otherwise there wasn't much I fancied.

Good, at least good for my diet. I left and I was going to buy a “hangover kit” before going back to update my web page. I was walking through a Shibuya that was coming to life. Restaurants were opening up and it was quite nice Family Martwalking around looking for a Family Mart.

Summer time and the temperature is very comfortable, but there have been an annoying drizzle since I arrived to Tokyo yesterday.

I found the Family Mart and I bought my “hangover kit”

Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyo

Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyo
Family Mart in Shibuya

ON my way back to the hotel I decided to go have a look at Hachikō, the famous dog. The Hachikō Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyo - Hachikōstatue is just across the street from Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu where I live.

So I crossed the street and there were plenty people taking pictures of the Hachikō statue. Yeah, Hachikō, wått's dö madderfakking diil? It was a dog and now it is a statue.

Plenty people everywhere and I don't think I have ever seen so many beautiful girls as in Tokyo. Well, maybe in Seoul, but according to rumours it is all plastic surgery. When I was in Nose jobKorea the first time, 15 to 20 years ago I saw 1 beautiful girl.

Last time in Seoul and all the girls were very beautiful and they told me it was plastic surgery. They also told me that everyone looked the same in the beginning as they only had skills to make one face.

But today South Korea is the destination for plastic surgery. I have heard that they are going to South Korea from all over Asia. At least the people with money. Of course, there are still the Nose jobcheap clinics in back alleys for people with not so much money. Not a place I would recommend though.

You can see some horrid nose jobs in Thailand. Something had gone terribly wrong and I can’t help to feel sorry for those going through those operations. And even if it is and success full operation you can spot the nose jobs in most of the cases. They like to make the North Eastern noses in to European noses and, well, it does not look good.

I stopped at the Hachikō and this time I will remember that I had seen the Hachikō statue. I have seen it before bit I have no memory of it.

Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyo - Hachikō
Hachikō statue 2012

Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyo - Hachikō
Hachikō statue 2014

Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyo
In the elevator at Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu

Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu is located at top of a department store so I walked through the department store back to my hotel. I put my “hangover kit” in the fridge. I uploaded Charisma Man's latest pictures to the internet before going to explore Tokyo.

My hotel is in a very good location, walk outside the door and you're smack in the middle of Shibuya. A very good price, around 200 Dollars per night. Of course, it is not anything like Caesars Palace. But it is an excellent hotel and I like it. The room is not big, but there is what I need.

Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyo - Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu
My room at Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu - It is no Caesars Palace but it is very good

Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyo - Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu
My room at Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu - It is no Caesars Palace but it is very good

I had realised that it wouldn't be possible to spend my 200,000¥, of course, a few years ago it would have been possible, but as I'm a responsible drinker now a days it will be impossible. So how Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyo - BIC Camerato finish the Japanese money?

I decided to buy a lens for my Canon camera. I have had my eyes on a 10 - 18mm lens and I asked a beautiful girl at the information at the Tokyu department store where there was a camera shop. She directed me to BIC Camera across the street and I went to look for the shop.

A guy showed me the lens and the price tag showed 39,000¥
- Very cheap!
- Why? No good? I asked
- Yeah, very good
Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyo - Canon 10-18mm lens - So why cheap? I asked

I think he got confused and he went to get a girl that spoke a wee bit of English. We looked for a strap for my new Canon IXY that I bought at the airport on the way to Las Vegas. And it took us quite some time before we found a “Made in Japan” strap. I told the girl that I didn't wanted anything China shit and she understood.

When it was time to pay she sked if I had any passport. Of course I have a passport but it is in my hotel. I showed my driving licence and now it was a totally different price tag. If I wanted the 39,000¥ tax free price I needed a passport. So I told them that I would be back Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyo - Canon 10-18mm lenstomorrow or on Sunday. Well, I changed my mind and I went back to my hotel to get the passport, it was just around the corner.

I went back to BIC Camera to pick up my Canon 10-18mm lens and I returned to my hotel with the lens. By now they must wonder what I'm up to in the reception, going up and down the elevator like there is no tomorrow. I left again and I was looking for a sushi restaurant.

I have noticed many changes in Tokyo since I was here last time back in 2012:
• There are so many foreigners roaming around. And I think it is because the Japanese have tried to attract tourists to help them out of the recession. MENU IN ENGLISH outside many restaurants

• The size of the sake cups. Before you got a jar and a small egg cup to drink from. Now they Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyo - Standing Sushi Barhave served me sake from a barrel every time I ask for sake hotto. I hope they don't Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyo - Standing Sushi Bartake after this at the Japanese restaurants in Bangkok

• Standing sushi bars. I have never seen any sushi restaurants where you stand up eating before and now I see them everywhere. I hope they don't take after this at the Japanese restaurants in Bangkok

I passed a “Standing Sushi bar” and I was hungry or I wouldn't have stopped there. I asked for salmon and sake hotto.

Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyo - Standing Sushi Bar
Standing Sushi Bar in Shibuya, Tokyo

Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyo - Standing Sushi Bar
Street in Shibuya, Tokyo

Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyo - Standing Sushi Bar
Salmon and avocado and a barrel of hot sake

They spoke foock all English at the Standing Sushi Bar and we had to use me home made Japanese Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyo - Standing Sushi Barwhen speaking. But I managed to get salmon and avocado. I got the hot sake from a giant mug, but I used one of the cups used to mix the soy sauce and Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyo - Standing Sushi Barthe green stuff in as a drinking vessel for the sake.

We didn't understand each other but I managed to get them to make my dream MAKI. I have tried to have them to do this MAKI millions of times in Bangkok, but I have always been disappointed with the stuff they have filled my MAKI with.

But here they managed to get it exactly as I had dreamed of, rolling avocado and salmon in seaweed. I stayed at the Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyo - Standing Sushi BarStanding Sushi Bar drinking sake hotto until I had finished all their avocado.

I was a wee bit tipsy when I left and I walked up the road until I passed a place where they played some jazz hop and I went inside.

2 girls sitting at the table and one of them left for what I thought was the kitchen when I entered so I thought it was the staff. I sat down in the bar and I asked for a bottle of beer. They only had draft beer so I asked for a wine glass with ice.

Charisma Man

Yeah, a hungry Aladdin entered the Standing Sushi Bar and Charisma Man left the Standing Sushi Bar. The girls sitting at the table next to me was not part of the staff. They were drinking a Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyobottle of wine. I went out for a quick fag and when I came back inside the bartender told me that they girls thought I was cool.

Well, I started to talk with the girls but they spoke exactly foock all English. Lucky to have the bartender that could translate for us.

The girls had finished their bottle of wine and they ordered beer and Gin. The bartender told me that they were “strong drinkers” Turned out that the girls were from Yokohama and they were in Tokyo to see a concert. Some R&B music with a half Japanese half Charisma Man's adventure in TokyoNew Zeeland artist. The girls were quite drunk and they asked if I wanted to join them for the concert. Well, R&B is not my kind of music so I said no thanks.

The concert started at 7 and we decided to meet at Vision at 9 o'clock. 9 o'clock, well, I have an ETA of around 9 o'clock to a heavy fog patch so we will see how this turns out.

The girl next to me Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyolooked at me like she was going to eat me. She wanted to pinch me and she said the only English word she knew.
- Very good! Very good!

OK, the girls were drunk. But if you fails being handsome in Thailand you can move to the Charisma Man's adventure in TokyoPhilippines. And if you fail to be handsome in the Philippines you can always move to Japan, almost fail safe.

I knew the word “kampai” in Japanese. Cheers, but the girls complained about my “kampai” and they had a long discussion with the bartended. He turned to me and he told me that when I said “kampai” we had to touch each other’s glasses with a CLINK.

OK, se we did a few practice “kampai” and I went out for yet another fag. Yet another Smiley on When I was back in the Bartender asked me which of the girl I loved. The girls had asked Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyohim to ask me.
Yet another Smiley on - Say what?

And older couple had come in and they were sitting at a table next to the bar. The guy understood English and he translated for his wife and she felt on the floor laughing.

I think something had gone wrong with the Bartenders translation. Who do you love, the girls want to know. Well, what to answer to that. I told him that I didn't Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stknew any of them. But I loved both of them. Yes, always diplomatic and the couple next to us were screaming of laughter.

The girls left for the concert and we would meet at Vision at 9 o'clock. I had a few more beers before I Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyoleft.

The bathroom, I discovered one more new thing in Tokyo. Maybe because of all the tourists they try to attract to come to town. A normal flush button on the toilet.

I have spent many hours at the toilet in Japan trying to figure out how to flush. Music, showers and everything except flushing
- What is he doing at the toilet, did he die in there?

I walked further up the road and I ended up in a basement with live music. I had a few beers, well, Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyo2 beers before I left. The music left a whole lot to wish for. The girl in the bar showed me the name of the band on my ticket. And as that told me nothing she wrote down the name in English for me. Irotigai, still didn't mean anything to me. But the beer tasted good

No Kirin beer, they Had Heineken and a Japanese brand that I had never heard of before. And as Heineken is, well, not any good beer I decided to try the Japanese beer. And I was pleasantly surprised and I had 2 of them before I left the place.

Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyo
Listening to live music

Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyo
I pass a Fugu place

Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyo
A street with “Short time” hotels

I passed a street with “Short time” hotels. You see them everywhere and someone explained that the Japanese apartments were very small and they lived with their parents. So young couples have to use the short time hotels. Well, I ended up at a place called Sound bar and we were soon having the TAXI CD on the You tube blasting high on the Richter scale.

Avsnitt 76 - Samlade cyphers - Kärleksattacken's 5 årskalas
Shazaam kickar arse - The rest are cut out and that's even though we had Nomaden from Skåne participating

Of course, the TAXI CD playlist on You tube are updated with the video “Shazaam kicking arse” Well, pretty much thanks to Mimmi that we could enjoy some good music. We were at a place in Singapore and the music was really bad. We turned on PAP on You tube and she suggested that I should make a playlist
- Playlist??!!

I had not a foocking clue what she was talking about, but now the TAXI CD is available online!

Saturday 5th of July 2014
and I woke up at 8 o'clock. My first thought was never again. I will spend the day in my room. But after half the “Hangover kit” I thought it would be a waste of time to stay in bed all day long. I went for breakfast in the shopping mall. The restaurant at the hotel was full and they asked me to wait for 10 minutes.

I had not been to impressed yesterday and I left to look for another place. I had tea and salmon and avocado baguettes at a coffee shop in the mall. I walked around Shibuya for a while and I Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyo - Kiddy Landdecided to go to Kiddy Land

Well, I didn't knew about Kiddy Land but I went back to my room to check out if there was any Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyo - Kiddy Landtoy stores in Shibuya. One of my nephews have his birthday 10th of August. And of course, I need to buy 2 gifts. If only one gets a gift it will be trouble. So 2 nephews equals to two birthdays and that equals to 4 gifts.

And that is 4 gifts that can be stolen at the postal service. I took a taxi to Kiddy Land and there was so much people I almost turned around.

It was not easy to find any toys I liked. What have happened with the toys we used to play with when I was a child? Now everything is made out of plastic and must have a battery to operate. Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyo - Kiddy LandAnd Mummin trollet is really popular here in Japan. I remember Mummin trollet from back when I was a child. I also remember Drutten from TV hundred years ago. And here I saw a Drutten doll, but I could not find Jena.

Drutten & Jena was Swedish dolls that they sent in TV back in the 70's. From Sovietunion 1966 where Drutten was called Tjeburasjka" (Чебурашка) and the Crocodile "Crocdile Gena" (крокодил Гена) So I was surprised to find Drutten here at Kiddy Land 2014.

Drutten and Jena
Drutten och Jena back in the 70's - They lived in a bookshelf

I found the gifts for my nephews and for my friend's son. I paid and they wanted to give me a stupid gift at Kiddy Land.
- No thanks
- It is for free
- Never mind if you give me 10 Dollars to take the gift, I don't want the gift

I felt bad enough to buy all the battery driven plastic that will kill us all one day. And I buy it for Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyo - Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyuchildren that will inherit all the garbage we produce in a near future. I walked back to my hotel and I was hungry and when I walked down one street and I could smell curry.

I had a plate of curry before returning to my hotel. I want to send my parcel and I will ask them if the post office is open today. They didn't thought so, but they had EMS service at the hotel so we prepared a parcel.

I really like this hotel, I don't think you can find a better location in Tokyo and the staff are very Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyo - Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyuhelpful. We were soon ready with my parcel and they think it will take a week to get it to Sweden. Well, let’s see about that.

I went to have a look at Shibuya 109 across the street from my hotel. I had passed Shibuya 109 on my way back from Kiddy Land and there had been a terrible noise inside and I went to check it out.

It was 8 or 9 floors of small shops selling clothes and outside every one of them were at least one girl or boy screaming out the latest offers. It was a terrible noise, but it was also very fun to watch them.

Of course, now my stupid camera came in handy, making a video while taking pictures. So enjoy all the noise at Shibuya 109

Saturday afternoon at Shibuya 109

Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyo
Shibuya 109

Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyo
Believe it or not, these things are the latest to have hanging from you mobile phone
I saw one girl with 3 Teddy bears hanging from her phone. So this will soon spread all over Asia and I bought one for my friend's wife

Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyo
Charisma Man is in town and the girls come up to have a chat
Yet another Smiley on Better off drinking responsible, not so sexy crawling around in the gutter dead drunk Yet another Smiley on

Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyo
My hotel from Shibuya 109

Now I have bought my gifts and I returned to my hotel to charge the battery in my camera, and I Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyo - Standing Sushi Bartook the opportunity to have two beers at my Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.sthotel while charging the battery.

The Standing Sushi Bar was full when I arrived and they recognised me. They were screaming and laughing and I was soon having the first plate of avocado & Salmon surprises in front of me.

And of course, a mug of hot sake. I mixed the green stuff and soy sauce and the first plate of avocado & Salmon surprises were soon empty. The Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stguy next to me pinched his nose and made the internationally recognised sign for “crying ”

Do I smell? No, impossible, I'm fresh out of the shower and it was a 40 seconds walk to get to the Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyo - Standing Sushi BarStanding Sushi Bar. But he pointed at my mix with the green stuff and soy sauce. I looked around, all the guests only had a wee bit of the green stuff and their mixes were black. My mix was almost green.

They were impressed and I was soon finding myself having to drink with all of them. It was Kampai this and that. And drinking my sake from the mixing bowl impressed them even more.
Samurai style as they called it.

I was a wee bit tipsy when I left the Standing Sushi Bar and I walked up the street looking for a place with music. I passed a place with 2 of the most beautiful girl I had ever seen outside. Charisma Man's adventure in TokyoThey looked like they were looking for a good place as well. I went down in the basement and I was soon back up again.

I told the girl that the place was no good and I went in to a pub next door. The girls followed me inside and they took a seat at a table behind me. I say maybe, but I'm maybe the ugliest guy in the world and in Tokyo I'm under constant attack.

If I try to talk with a girl in Thailand they are calling the Police, same on the Philippines, I start to talk with a girl Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stand the Police are soon coming around the corner with the blue light on.

I was walking down a street and when I passed an intersection there were 5 girls coming Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyoup from some stairs. And they were drunk, so drunk they could not walk. There were crawling along the street and I went to check out the place they came from. The stairs were full of girls that could not walk and there were a constant flow of girls coming out from the pub. And they were all so drunk they could hardly walk.

The staff were busy cleaning up the place after the girls when I entered the pub. All the girls left and I was alone.

Well, for 10 minutes and the place was full again. I asked the bartender what happened.
- The place was full of girls and when I come it is empty
- Soon full again
They were playing music from the internet and we were soon having the TAXI CD on full blast. And Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyoas we're used to see in Japan, some people were so drunk so they were sleeping but no one minded.

I don't know if this is a religious thing in Japan, but what you do when you're drunk have never happened. A good religion.

We were soon playing a stupid game and the looser had to drink tequila. And tequila must be something of the worst there is to drink.

I should never have got involved in the stupid game. Or maybe it was good with the tequila as I staggered back to my hotel in a good time. Well, at least I think so. Or did I take a taxi? I don't know. But I know this was my last time drinking. As I had said already back when I gave up partying. Las Vegas and that’s it.

Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyo

Sunday 6th of July 2014
and I slept until 10 thirty and I was surprised, no hangover. Well, I could feel that I had been drinking beer yesterday. But now I had been drinking for three days and the hangovers used to be real killers after 3 days. But of course, now a days I drink responsible. 20 beers, not like back in the days, 50 beers.

So I was pleasantly surprised. But just to stay safe I spent an hour extra in bed and I was down to check out quarter to 12. Then I would made it with the 12 o'clock bus to Narita. (people Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyowaiting for the bus and I went back to the reception. I wanted to change to the 1 o'clock bus. The girl in the reception told me that that bus was almost full, but 13 thirty or 2 o'clock was almost empty.

No hangover to talk about, but I didn't Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stfeel like sitting with a lot of people on a bus.

I left my bags at the hotel and they would bring out the bags to the bus 15 minutes before departure. Tokyo Airport Limousine service, second to none, at least I have never experienced any better airport transportation. Well, they took my luggage in the reception and I had one and a half hour to go explore the Shibuya area.
Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyo - Friendly Airport Limousine

I had have several blueberry and mango drinking yogurts when I woke up. I had obviously stopped to buy a hangover pack and they came in handy. But I was a wee bit hungry and I decided to go Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyo - CoCo Curry Househave breakfast/ lunch at CoCo Curry house where I had had my curry yesterday.

They have some really good curry at CoCo and I had enough time to go there. I have really manage to surprise myself this time. When I left Bangkok I was worried about my diet. No fresh fruit and smoked salmon and I was afraid that things would get out of hand in Las Vegas.

Then I was worried that I had got cancer, I'm not eating. Only the Chinese Chicken Salad and that was almost the only thing I ate in Las Vegas. Not one single milk shake or any sweets at all. So I was worried that I had got cancer. Why don't I eat? And more worrisome was that I really didn't felt peckish at all.

They recognised me at CoCo and I asked for the very same curry I had yesterday and it was a tasty as I remembered it to be. And I had one hour to kill when I was ready and I walked around the area Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyoto kill time. Plenty people out shopping.

Well, there are bad things with Tokyo as well, there are no trash cans in the city and I have Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stto walk around with the trash in my hand.

Well, the nuclear power plants are on fire leaking all kinds of shit so why worry about a cigarette but?

No trash bins, but the city is very clean, not like Bangkok with the garbage flying around. And that's even though the cigarette police are busy along the Sukhumvit. Well, they are only scamming foreigners for money. It would be great if they were there to keep the streets clean, but they have no interest in the garbage, they are just interested in foreigners and their money. And it is obviously when you see them operate.

Yes, I can imagine how proude these guys are coming home to their children in the evening
- It is hard with this important work! This is a job requiring special skills

Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyo

Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyo

Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyo

Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyo - Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu
Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu - Waiting for the Friendly Airport Limousine

I was back at the hotel 10 minutes past 1 and they were in progress to bring out my bags to the bus stop. I was waiting and enjoying the weather. I was wondering why people are going to Charisma Man's adventure in TokyoSingapore for VISA runs, it is more fun in Tokyo.

OK, maybe I have been too many times in Singapore, but I find it a wee bit boring comparing to Tokyo. And the price, cheaper to drink beer in Tokyo and Tokyo is so much more fun. 2 nights in Singapore and you know all the places.

Well, of course, it is 6 hours on the plane to Tokyo so this can be a wee bit boring. OK, I was about to say that my next visa run would be to Tokyo, Japan and you can only come here a few Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyomonths per year. The winter is not all that exciting, but it is OK between May and september.

It was only me and one girl from the Philippines on the bus and we had a Japanese girl joining us when we made a stop at another hotel. And the Driver was very good, kept it slow.

Educated and with an ability to make a consequence analysis. I don't go by bus in Thailand, crazy drivers and totally uneducated with an ability for consequence analysis as a 2 years old. Last time I was on a bus in Thailand I was scared all the way to Cambodia and back.

So I was enjoying the ride to the airport and we arrived to the security point at Narita airport after an hour and 20 minutes and I got off at Terminal 1 South Wing

Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyo
On the way to Narita

Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyo
Leaving Tokyo behind on the way to Narita

Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyo
Leaving Tokyo behind on the way to Narita

Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyo
Arriving to the security point at Narita

Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyo
Arriving to the security point at Narita

Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyo
Arriving to the security point at Narita

It looks kind of fun when the buses arrive and depart, 2 guys come running to bow for the bus and passengers when they are arriving/ departing. Check-in at ANA and I was off to find a restaurant. Narita Airport is great, a huge dining and shopping area before passing security and Immigration. And even though I like ANA their lounge isn't offering very much “fine” dining. Well, not many Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyolounges do, Yet another Smiley on hmm, Emirates in Dubai had an excellent lounge.

But I avoid all those Mideast Airlines. Turkish Airways lounge in Istanbul is maybe the best lounge I have been to and their food is the best. ANA's ANA flight NH 805lounge at Narita and I'm better of visit a restaurant before passing security and immigration.

We took off from Narita and I had a meal and I watched a movie. I could for sure feel that I had been running around Tokyo drinking for 3 days. I managed to get some sleep and when we approached Bangkok they warned for turbulence. I must have dozed off and I almost shat my pants when we hit the turbulence, well, turned out we were touching down at Suvarnabhumi International and I woke up thinking we were hitting turbulence.

Fast track and I was soon at the luggage claim. I got my bag and I went to gate #3 to meet my friend. He is here to pick me up. Always nice coming back home when someone pick me up at the airport. J and Mr. B was very good at this in Sweden, always at the airport picking me up.

I have long life milk at home so no need to buy milk. We have been through flooding and “SHUT Family MartDOWN” Bangkok and I have learn to always have long life milk and tuna at home. But they have a Family Mart here at Suvarnabhumi. Next to 7 Eleven and as I don't shop at 7 Eleven anymore we took the opportunity to stop for milk at Family Mart.

Family Mart at Suvarnabhumi International Airport
I came under attack in the Family Mart

I grabbed a big bottle of milk and I went to the cashier. She caught sight of me and screamed Family Mart at Suvarnabhumi International Airportthat she wanted a picture. She grabbed her phone and she ran around the counter to have the other Cashier to take the picture.

Happen in Thailand only!

My friend was sullen, no girl came to hug him. Well, Family Mart might grow to be a favourite. Now I don't want to find out that they are involved in any slavery. But there is no Family Mart on Sukhumvit Soi 23 and I might send them and e-mail to suggest a shop on Sukhumvit Soi 23.

We went to the parking house and I could Hello Kittysee that my friends car had pink seat covers with Hello Kitty! all over them. I could spot them from 20 meters away.
- What have you done?
- It is my wife, she is crazy
- Looking good, better than the black leather! I said

Nice to be back home again even if it had been a very nice trip, soon time to join a ship again. I was
General elections

to the Riksdag, the municipal assemblies and the county council assemblies are held on the same day, and always on the second Sunday of September every four years
home for the EU election and I could vote at the SverigedemokraternaEmbassy in Bangkok. But there is a national election in September and then I wont be home. I hope we all take our responsibility to vote and if we live Sverigedemokraterna TVabroad we can vote at the Swedish Embassy. We can also vote via mail as I have to do as I'm not home at the election.

You can obtain everything you need to vote by sending an e-mail to the Election Authority. More information at

Riksdags valet September 2014

Holiday on Saturday and my friend's wife have her day off. So we decided to go spend the Weekend at Cha-am. We're doing boxing everyday and that's even though I was sick Monday and Tuesday. I felt better on Wednesday and I went for dinner at my friend's house. He had to go to buy groceries and he was waiting for me at a gas stop. My friend wanted to go shopping at Tesco The GuardianLotus. I told him that we could go to Big C instead. I really hope that we're not going to find out that Big C is involved in any slavery.

I avoid Tesco Lotus since I read that they are continuing to buy prawns from Thailand. They will change the industry “if we use the market we have the opportunity to help make it better” Yeah, this have been known for a long time and how have they changed the industry for the better?

Kevin Grace at Tesco Lotus continues “This is not a question just of choosing different suppliers. Fishmeal use is standard in prawn farming, and some fish within it originates from the same, largely un-regulated Thai fleet” I read this as the food to all the farms are coming from vessel with slave labour. So no use to boycott one supplier as all the other suppliers use the same source.

Well, then they should stop buying the prawns and other fish from Thailand. You can read Kevin Grace's article at Tesco Lotus web page “Talking Shop” HERE.

And HERE is a link to The Guardian's article on how some other retailers are handling the problem

From Guardian:
CP Foods has said that it believed the right thing is to use its commercial weight to try to influence the Thai government to act rather than walk away from the Thai fishing industry, although it is The Guardianputting in place plans to use alternative proteins in its feed so that it can eliminate Thai fishmeal by 2021 if necessary.

Well, if the Thai fishing industry are run by slave owners and sadists they should turn their back on them years ago already. CP Food have made a statement on their web page. Read it HERE!

So things are in progress and I hope Yet another Smiley on we can see a change. Much thanks’ to The Guardian but maybe most thanks’ to USA that have downgraded Thailand to Tier 3. Lowest possible regarding slavery and human trafficking.

And believe me, I have heard a lot of shit about the Guardian and USA, but thanks to this, and of course Carrefour’s and others boycotts actions might be taken. Now I hope that we never have to Big C in Bangkokhear about appalling stuff like this again.

Well, I know we will hear a lot of stories like this from around the world. Well, anyway, I really hope they don't forget to make major improvements even though attention are moved to newer and more interesting stories to keep the sensation/ catastrophe hungry news papers happy. And maybe it will be possible for me to proudly enter my local 7 Eleven shop again. I will keep an eye out on the progress.

There are of course much more about this, different views and interesting reading. AltThaiNews have an article HERE Andrew Drummond have one blog mention the problem HERE Both of them worth reading.


Andrew Drummond
Well, anyway, we drove to the Big C for our shopping. We were at the ”Butcher's” corner looking for beef. A CP Food girl came up to us with a sample to taste. I told her that we were looking for another brand.

But slavery or not, always “question your shrimp” but who am I to talk, Norwegian farmed salmon is Norwegian Salmonas bad as the farmed shrimp.

There is no slave labour working at the fish farms in Norway at least to my Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stknowledge. And the smoked salmon is so much better tasting.

It will be nice to get out of Bangkok for a few days. Asahna Bucha Day on Friday and people are off on Saturday, long weekend and we take off to Cha-am one and a half Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stto two hours South of Bangkok.

So hang on, this might be fun so click HERE and you will soon find yourself in the middle of the adventure


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