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Norwegian Training Center in Manila

Saturday 1st of February 2014 and I was pleasantly surprised when I woke up. No hangover, OK, I was a wee bit disappointed because I had been looking forward to the NESTLÉ Fruit Selection Yogurt Drink, Mesmerizing Mango flavoured. Well, hangover or not, I opened the bottle of the NESTLÉ Fruit Selection Yogurt Drink, Mesmerizing Mango flavour and I started to check internet for the latest news from Thailand. Good news again.


Yes, 25 years ago when I told them that I didn't needed any plastic bag when shopping they were about to call the police. And for sure, they thought you were stupid and they looked at you like you Honoluluwere an alien in the shop.

But this is Yet another Smiley on hopefully catching on. Same as when I use colourful shoes and socks, same reaction as when asking them not to put my stuff in a plastic bag. Now 25 years later it is all colourful shoes and socks.
Same with the music, I listened to Hip Hop back in the 70's and 80's. I was crazy and this would never catch on. I had the epithet Mr. Hip Hop. Well, better than Porky The Human Balloon.

I knew a DJ back then and every time he got new records he gave me all the Hip Hop records as no one would ever listen to this shit. By the way, this is how I got introduced to Biz Markie the first time. I finished my Mesmerizing Mango flavoured drink and I went for a shower.

Even though I didn't had any hangover I wasn't feeling like meeting people so I had 2 cans of Tuna Paella with a Diet MAX in my room. And what if....

Yes, what if it is thanks to the Tuna Paella Hangover curethat I don't have any hangover. I have not eating anything else the last week. Well, almost not. I might be on to something here. And if I'm right it is far better than the Japanese hangover cure I was introduced to back in Bangkok. That didn't work at all.

Most likely the missing hangover is due to me drinking responsibly. When 20 it might be charming to be dead drunk crawling back home in the gutter. But pushing 100 and it is not very charming anymore. And drinking less most of the time means a less severe hangover.

And thinking of it, was it ever charming to crawling home in the gutter? Well, maybe when 20 and good looking. It was all fun and sitting in the park with a few friends Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stback then, listening to music drinking beer. No problem, beautiful girls passing asking if they could join the party. Today, 70 years and 500 kilo later it is another story. They passing you while you have a good time in the park.
- Don't you have a job?

Charisma Man

I made a quick run to 7 Eleven and I stopped at the bar/ restaurant where I had been this very morning for some San Miguel Light. I had 2 San Miguel Light before going back to my room for another few cans of Tuna Paella preparing for a Saturday night in Manila.

But what to do with my hangover kit? I have not used it today, well, might come in handy tomorrow. And more likely than not. What’s wrong with the San Miguel Light. I opened a bottle and Aladdin's adventure with San Miguel light in ManilaI had a sip. I’m enjoying myself and I turn around for a second sip and the bottle is almost empty. The beer is too good to be good for you!

I crossed the street and I asked for a San Miguel Light at the Bar/ restaurant and the Waitresses were soon starting to dance. Well, seems like this is the thing to do here in Manila. Maybe a kind of a “Good morning PEP” meeting or a group hug before stating. But they were not closing. Like yesterday, I was at a place and I asked where the staff was.
- They are having a prayer
- For what?
- A good evening, smooth operation.

If I tell you that I believe in Santa and that I send him a “wish list” every year you will think I'm crazy. But if I tell you that I believe in God and I go to church Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stevery Sunday to pray for a good life you will think it is normal. What's the difference?

I had a few beer before I crossed the street to get to Cowboy Aladdin's adventure with San Miguel light in ManilaGrill. I wanted to see if they had any good bands there for tonight and maybe, maybe I would be lucky and thye could play some Ted Nugent tunes.

The place was almost empty when I came inside and they were playing music videos. And it was really bad music, top Aladdin's adventure with San Miguel light in Manila10 and R&B, pretty pointless. Well, I had to stay, I had ordered a San Miguel Light and the Waiter told me that the band were going to start playing in 10 minutes or so. I asked the Waiter for pen and a paper.

I wrote down my music request and the Waiter told me that he would give it to the band. I asked Aladdin's adventure with San Miguel light in Manilafor a second San Miguel Light to have something while waiting for the band.

The band came on stage and I knew already after half of the first tune that Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.sthere would not be any Ted Nugent. It was the normal Top 10 and R&B covers.

I finished my beer and I left to look for a taxi and I was soon on my way to the Fort where I had some salmon and hot sake, not at the same place as yesterday. Here they served good sake and I had two plates of Salmon maki.

Most places here at the Fort have a dress code and long pants is a must so I was soon on my way to Melate. I got out of the taxi and straight in to a club. The first thing I see is a counter where they are selling e-cigarettes.

This was a kind of e-cigarette I had never seen before and it looked like a blaze when they blow out the smoke. When we came back from the whale watching in Honolulu the jetty guy taking the mooring rope blew out smoke and it was like coming in to fog. I wanted to ask him what kind of e-cigarette he was smoking, but I never did.

Aladdin's adventure with San Miguel light in Manila
Selling e-cigarettes

Aladdin's adventure with San Miguel light in Manila
Selling e-cigarettes

Aladdin's adventure with San Miguel light in Manila
Now, this is what I call smoke

Aladdin's adventure with San Miguel light in Manila
Now, this is what I call smoke

I was alone when I arrived but the place was soon full, and plenty beautiful girls. I saw one guy smoking cigarettes and the rest smoked e-cigarettes. Maybe this was some vapour club, but Aladdin's adventure with San Miguel light in Manilait was like fog at the place and I went to investigate, I also wanted a “smoker” like that. Of course, I will need to keep my old e-cigarettes. If I fire up this one on the plane I would for sure get kicked off.

I made a mental note to go check out the e-cigarette shop at Robinsons tomorrow. I was soon leaving the club walking towards Melate Circle. I passed a place with anti aircraft search lights outside on my way to the Fort yesterday and I wanted to check it out.

There was a DJ on the street outside playing very good music and this looked like a dream place. I went inside, instant disappointment. It was some kind of casino and I turned around and left.

I went across the street and there was a disco and I went inside. Didn't take long before I had a Aladdin's adventure with San Miguel light in ManilaSan Miguel Light in front of me.

And they had some mango drinks, I never tried because I'm on diet. But they looked very nice. And yet again I'm thinking why they can do everything mango on the Philippines and in Thailand there is nothing mango. Well, they have mango sticky rice and that is very good.

Maybe I should open a Mangomango bar in Bangkok, everything mango, a great success. Just to bring over a few Filipinas to Bangkok and get started.

I order 10 mangoes at Villa Market and I can go watch a movie while they are peeling the mango. I ordered 20 mangoes at Mall of Asia and I expected to have to wait for a day. 10 to 15 minutes later they had peeled and cut all of my mangoes.

Aladdin's adventure with San Miguel light in Manila
Aladdin's adventure with San Miguel light in Manila
Making mango drinks

I had a good time at the disco and I don't know what time I was back in my room, 3 or 4, but I know that I didn't stopped for any pizza. Very good!

Sunday 2nd of February 2014
and election in Thailand. Before I fired up the internet I brought out my hangover kit. Choco milk, Mango juice and Tuna Paella and I felt quite good. Election in full swing, some shooting and voting cancelled in 40 something districts.

And some poll stations closed in Bangkok because they were blocked by Suthep and his friends. Now we just have to wait and see what’s happening, they will have to have another Election Day sp all Thais can vote. And of course, there are forces that want to nullify the whole election.

Some of today's headlines in Bangkok Post
Bangkok Post

Bangkok Post
First we sabotage the election and then we sue the government for the failed election

Bangkok Post

I was watching movies until 7 when I left for Robinsons. I had planned for dinner at Tempura, the Japanese grill and a mango ice cream at Dairy Queen. And of course, I would go to check out the Aladdin's adventure in Manila“smokers” on the third floor at Robinsons. When I came out of the elevator I spotted a lot of paintings in the restaurant.

I went to check it out and they were going to have an art exhibition at the hotel tomorrow. I had a look around and a chat with the people putting up the paintings. Turned out one of them was the Artist.

There was one painting I kind of liked, but there is no more space on my walls in Bangkok.

I left the hotel behind and I took the 3 minutes’ walk to Robinsons and I was soon sitting at Tempura, Japanese grill. I ordered a Ramen Burger. Where do they come up with everything? But it Aladdin's adventure in Manilasounded good. I had a bottle of water and a plate of Salmon sashimi. I decided right there and then to have a plate or two of the salmon sashimi everyday from now on.

Not the maki as I want to avoid rice. But pure salmon is very healthy.

I also ordered some Teriyaki chicken, but I was full and I could not eat the Teriyaki chicken. I also needed some space for my mango ice cream at Dairy Queen.

Aladdin's adventure at Tempura in Manila
Ramen burger

Aladdin's adventure at Tempura in Manila
Salmon sashimi

Aladdin's adventure at Dairy Queen in Manila
Mango ice cream

I went to buy my mango ice cream at Dairy Queen and I was enjoying the ice cream while going to the e-cigarette shop on the third floor. I found a smoker and the darn machine set me back by Aladdin's adventure at Robinsons in Manila3800 Peso. I paid and I wanted to go back to my room. Well, this brand is obviously not as easy to get started at the Ovale. My Ovale has a vaporizer and it is changed in a second or two.

The guy put together my vaporizer and he was soon to discover that it didn't work. Se he had to start all over again.

And yes, I was starting Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stto get a wee bit impatient, I had asked for 2 of them, but I was soon changing it to “only one” smokers. And as I wanted to be polite I told him that I would like to try this one first. I would of course be back tomorrow if I liked the smoker. No need to be rude Aladdin's adventure at Robinsons in Manilaand tell him to “HURRY THE FOOCK UP” I'm about to jump over board!

Or I might risk having to stay here all night long and I wanted to get back to my room. Well, the guy didn't give up and he was going to show me another “EASY” way to make the vaporizer. The easy way didn't look much easier, but finally, it was ready and I could try it. I use the strongest juice in Thailand and I asked the guy for the strongest juice.

I had a puff and I felt to the floor. There was obviously a different between the strongest in Thailand and in Manila. Turned out that the juice was almost double strength here, and in combination with the oil lamp styled vaporizer it turns in to a killer

Aladdin's adventure at Dairy Queen in Manila
Finally, the “smoker” was ready

Aladdin's adventure at the FRAMO course at Norwegian Training Center in Manila

Monday 3rd of February 2014 and the weekend is over and I was dead tired when they called me quarter to 7. I must go have a talk with them about their time, always 15 minutes early. The Aladdin's adventure at the FRAMO course at Norwegian Training Center in Manilarestaurant was full so I had to have my breakfast with all the paintings for the exhibit.

I have been taking many courses at Norwegian Training Center and I have liked all of them. But the FRAMO course, didn't take long before I was disappointed and ended up in an argument with the supposed to be Teacher.

We started by watching a 40 years old video about the FRAMO company, OK, that can be interesting. Then we watched a few movies in such a bad quality that it could have been never mind. We had a look at a cargo seal and I asked the Teacher for the purpose of the jockey pump. I always said that we have to run it to keep a hydraulic pressure to prevent cargo to mix with the hydraulic oil if the seals break down.

Aladdin's adventure at the FRAMO course at Norwegian Training Center in Manila
Seal on a FRAMO pump. Were purging the cofferdam by blowing air through the cofferdam
Then we see if there is any oil coming up. Should be air only, but if we have cargo it is the cargo seal leaking and if we have hydraulic oil it is the other seal leaking. So we understand that it is important with the purging to check the status of the pump

It was impossible to get cargo in to the hydraulic side as there was no pressure. I told him that it would be 2 bars with 20 meter liquid in the tank. He started to scream and banging the wooden pointer on the floor. He tied to convince me that it was impossible. He went on and on and my class mate told him that I was right. Then our Teacher started to scream that it would take gross negligence to make this happened.
- So then it is possible?

Of course, I went down to the Manager and reported the Teacher. It was time for lunch and we had done nothing. Watching the movies and a movie was 5 minutes long, but 20 minutes was spent looking for each file on the computer.
- Don't you prepare your lessons?
- Someone have moved everything around
- This is very very bad! I said. My company pays thousands of dollars and this is what we get?

I took a taxi to the Fort and I went to look for a Japanese restaurant on High Street. I had my Aladdin's adventure at the FRAMO course at Norwegian Training Center in Manilasalmon sashimi with tea and I was back in class after an hour. I had 2 other guys in the class and one of them agreed, this was the worst he had ever experienced. All time spent looking for files and poor movies. The Teacher reading from overhead pictures instead of explaining.

No use trying to ask because I think we knew more than him, experience Chief Officers that have working with FRAMO for 30 years. At 4 o'clock we had learned FOOCK all, or well, as my class mate told the Teacher.
- We know how you look for files

Seems like they only want to hand out the certificate of completion on Friday. I had been looking forward to this course, wanting to learn and ask some questions I have always wanted to know. Well, I'm most likely better off writing to FRAMO and ask. I told the Teacher that this was the worst learning experience I have ever had. Our other call mate asked if I paid my own course.
- No, but we pay for a service and this is what we get
I'm here and I have to work for Maersk's best interest and of course, I'm here to learn, Not to sit off 5 days wasting my time that I could have spent in Bangkok.

Why should Maersk waste money for this? Well, if it doesn’t get better tomorrow I will speak with the management again. Taking money for this is like stealing.

I was at Robinsons at 7 to buy Diet MAX, only 2 bottles as I have given up drinking the Diet MAX. Only 2 bottles that I bring to school with my Tuna Paella. They had filled up their shelves with Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stTuna Paella, but I only bought 20 cans. No cash and my cards were at the hotel. But I made a mental note to come back tomorrow.

20 cans if for remaining school week, well, will most likely have to top up the stores at the end of the week as Tuna Paella is the only thing I eat. Well, I have the daily Salmon Sashimi, but that is more like vitamin pills. I was hungry and I passed a few bakeries, and at one place they had tarts Aladdin's adventure with Steamboy's Storm Rider in Manilaor whatever they call it.
Yet another Smiley on - Hmm, 20 of those would be nice.

But what if they taste like and I will end up with a lot of uneatable tarts.
- Can I have one?
I tested one and it was delicious and I asked for one more. Luckily enough I left just when I was about to ask for a bag of them.

I was soon back in my hotel where I searched for information about my new SteamBoy Storm rider 2.1 tank/ vaporizer. Didn't take me long to realize that the guy selling the e-cigarettes at Robinsons didn't had a clue what he was doing. I found another shop on internet Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stand I will go to check them out tomorrow, and tomorrow I will bring my cards.

I have my 20 cans of Tuna Paella for school, and I have 70 cans in my bag and I will top up the bag with 30 cans so I have 100 to bring back home to Bangkok.

Aladdin's adventure at the FRAMO course at Norwegian Training Center in Manila

Tuesday 4th of February 2014 and they called me quarter to 7 and I was tired, I had been watching a movie until 1 o'clock in the morning. I had a shower and I went for my breakfast. Tea and Tuna Aladdin's adventure at the FRAMO course at Norwegian Training Center in ManilaPaella with chopped onions

I went to get a taxi and I had the normal problem. I stop the taxi and I ask the driver.
- EDSA in Taguig?
- Get in
Down the road they start with the normal BS “Much traffic, TESDA is very far, how much do you pay?”
- By the meter!
They turn over to let me off when I refuse to pay more than the meter.

Now they have to go through all the trouble to get me back to the hotel because I refuse to get out. Well, it just continues until I find someone that can't bother going back and suddenly I found myself totally unexpected on the way to school.

My classmates were disappointed when I arrived. They had been in school for 30 minutes, we were obviously starting at 8 but my schedule said 8 thirty Well, anyway, they were disappointed.
Aladdin's adventure at the FRAMO course at Norwegian Training Center in Manila- What's going on? I asked
- Foock all!
They were about to lose their tempers, nothing happening because our Teacher were looking for files on the computer. He was busy in the class room when we arrived.

We were reading our books and I lost my tempers after an hour.
- This is foocking bad! We pay thousands of dollars to learn about FRAMO and we get exactly FOOCK ALL! You should be ashamed! I said.
- What are you doing here? He asked.
- What the Yet another Smiley on
- I'm sick!! I have not been working here for 3 years, they just called me to teach on this course.
- The you should have said no, we PAY for this

We asked our Teacher questions while he was working with the computer. We had a questionnaire and we took the chance to answer the questions. If we asked the Teacher something.
- Wait until I have found the files then I can answer
- That's bad, very bad! Don't you know the answers to simple questions.
- I will answer as soon as I can find the file!

I went to see the Manager and I explained for him. We're here to learn and we pay a lot of money Aladdin's adventure at the FRAMO course at Norwegian Training Center in Manilaand we're using our holiday for this. I told him about our lessons and he looked worried.

I told him that I would wrote to Maersk about this, they are not interested to pay thousands of dollars for nothing. My other two class mates would complain to their companies as well. Of course, this kind of attention is something Norwegian Training Center can live without.

The Teacher was not exactly baffled that we were complaining. I had complained yesterday and today again. Well, after spending most of the time alone in the class rom we started the class at 10 thirty. At 11:45 our Teacher left and he told us it was lunch. I told him taht it would be enough with 10 minutes so we could go home Aladdin's adventure at the FRAMO course at Norwegian Training Center in Manilaearlier. But my class mates had not had their food delivered yet.

So we decided to have 20 minutes of lunch break and they would have a chance to have their food delivered. I had 2 bottles of Diet MAX Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stand 2 cans of Tuna Paella in my school bag, so I was set to go. Actually, I had already started with one of my cans.

Yes, San Marion's darn Tuna Paella is like a chocolate bar calling on you all the time. Come eat me! Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stAladdin's adventure at the FRAMO course at Norwegian Training Center in ManilaCome eat me! So I ripped open my school bag and I had finished the first can of tuna in a jiff. It went so quick so I was just stopping myself opening the second can in the nick of time. Need to save something for the lunch break.

I cannot sit around drooling while my class mates are feasting on their food orders. Well, their food came 5 minutes before 12 and we were ready to continue class Aladdin's adventure at the FRAMO course at Norwegian Training Center in Manilaat 12, or a few minutes after. No sign off the Teacher and he wasn't back Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stuntil quarter to one. By then we were asleep.

Well, we had done less than 2 hours of study when we continued the class. We were soon having another guy joining us, I didn't realise that it was from the Management coming to check our class until he took a seat. A few minutes later we had a third Teacher joining us, the Management were taking the complains seriously. And of course, they should.

If you buy a TV for 3000 US dollars you would for sure complain if it wasn't working. So why not when you spend 3000 US dollars for a FRAMO course. A full day in school, 3 hours effective learning time. But I was in a good mood when we left school. It had been a good day and when we finally got started we got to learn some interesting things. And tomorrow we will take apart a FRAMO pump so this promise to be fun. Maybe we can get something out of Maersk's money after all. But if we had not complained the week would most likely have ended up with a disappointment. SO COMPLAIN WHEN YOU PAY FOR SOMETHING!

I like to learn and I like to go to school, but I do it for learning, not to get a certificate of completion. And today was, well, all in all a good day at school. And my class mates also looked Aladdin's adventure with Steamboy’s Storm Rider 2.1 in Manilasatisfied when they left

I had tea and 2 cans of Tuna Paella with onion when I was back in my room around 4 thirty. I checked out smoke shops in Malate on the internet while enjoying my snack. There was one shop close to Robinsons so I went there when I had finished my afternoon tea.

I could not find the shop so I went back to Robinsons and I ended up in the shop where I bought my smoker.

I told the guy that he had done it wrong and that I had seen on the internet that they made the wick from the stainless steel mesh. Yes, he Aladdin's adventure with Steamboy’s Storm Rider 2.1 in Manilaknew, but he didn't had any lighter so he could oxidise the mesh. I bought a new smoker and this time I wanted to have a wick out of the stainless steel mesh. And as he didn't had any lighter I went to buy a lighter.

There was a guy buying juice when I came back and we talked about different e-cigarettes while the sales guy started to make the wick. My new friend checked the sales man and gave him pointers.
- Do it properly!
Of course, the sales guy was under stress.
- Do it properly, it is for Aladdin!

He managed to finish the vaporizer and it gave off good smoke. And as I didn't had any money I went to the ATM to get some cash. As soon as I had paid I took off to Tempura the Japanese grill for a double salmon sashimi and a bottle of water.

Aladdin's adventure with Steamboy’s Storm Rider 2.1 in Manila
Aladdin's adventure with Steamboy’s Storm Rider 2.1 in Manila
Gives off a proper amount of smoke
Nothing to be used on an airplane, at least not before having had 5 jars of hot sake

I left Tempura and I walked to Robinsons Supermarket and they had 31 cans of Tuna Paella and I bought all of them. Now I have 101 or 102 cans to bring back to Bangkok. I don't know if I have 71 or 70 cans in my bag. But now it is enough. I went to grab 3 bottles of Diet MAX for school tomorrow. Long day in school and 2 bottles of Diet MAX didn't make me through the day. So it will Aladdin's adventure Robinsons Supermarket in Manilabe 3 bottles for tomorrow.

I have at least giving up drinking them off school time and it might be imagination, but I thought I was sleeping much better last night.

I went to the cashier and I ended up behind a girl that I have bought shampoo in what looked like sample bags. The ones they hand out on the street. She had a soap and cotton wool. And a bottle of Whitening Cream. She cannot afford to buy proper shampoo, but the darn whitening cream she can buy. Of course, I Aladdin's adventure Robinsons Supermarket in Manilaasked her what she was using the
whitening cream for.
- For my face
- How long have you used it?
- For a year
- Yeah you look like a Swedish girl.
I told her that it was stupid and dangerous and when she paid I checked the price, the whitening bull shit was more expensive than the other stuff combined.

I wished her good luck with the whitening stuff when she left. The Cashier started to Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stscan my 31 cans of Tuna Paella and I caught sight of a beautiful girl waiting in queue to the Cashier a few lanes down. I looked at her and she started to look around, I continued to look at her and I forced her to give away a little smile.

Yes, an ordinary Tuesday night at Robinsons Supermarket and Charisma Man is spreading some charisma around the place. Charisma Man decided to check out the tarts, and he stopped to buy Aladdin's adventure Robinsons Supermarket in Manilasushi rolling mats on the way. Maybe Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.sttime to try to make sushi when I'm back home again. Can be interesting and I can fill them with exactly the stuff I like to have in my makis.

My plan was to “only” have a look at the tarts. After the double salmon sashimi I had a taste of “Darn! It would be nice with a tart” in my mouth. So I was well aware of the risk that I would have one tart as yesterday.

But I was unlucky, I asked for 10 of the tarts and the guy put them in a box for me and I paid 225 Peso. I walked back to my hotel room and I asked for a pot of tea and a Aladdin's adventure Robinsons Supermarket in Manilabeer jug in the hotel restaurant before taking the elevator up to my room.

Darn! I was already struck by agony, and that's even before the tea arrived or I had opened the box with the tarts. I read Bangkok Post online while enjoying my tea and tarts and this was the last time buying tarts.

OK, once in a week is OK. Otherwise I'm pretty satisfied with my diet here in Manila. ONLY 3 times at Tempura , and today was for the salmon sashimi only. Not yet any visit to Tony Roma's, but there are still a few days before it is time to go back home to Bangkok. But there is of course a Tony Roma's in Bangkok.

Aladdin's adventure at the FRAMO course at Norwegian Training Center in Manila

Wednesday 5th of February 2014 and I wasn’t turning cartwheels out of bed when they called me quarter to 7. A hot shower helped a bit, but I was still tired when I went for my breakfast in the restaurant. Tuna Paella, onion and tea.

I managed to get a taxi to school after the usual problem, well, it was the third taxi stopping so it was not so bad. But the driver was soon starting with the usual.
- Bad traffic
- My car runs on gasoline
- 50 Peso on top of the meter
- OK?
- OK?
- OK?
- OK? 50 Peso extra?
I just ignored him, but I made a mental note NOT to tip this guy when we arrived to school. I'm tired in the morning and the taxi ride is the last chance for some rest before the onslaught of information in the class room. But this guy just went on and on and instead of getting rest I turned in to a bad mood.

We would take apart one of the FRAMO pumps today and we got started around 9 o'clock and we finished in time for lunch. After lunch, almost 90 minutes we watched a movie. I asked a question and the Teacher told me to ask FRAMO. So I made a mental note to write an e-mail to FRAMO tonight to see if I can get an answer. My class mates were also very interesting in the answer.

Aladdin's adventure at the FRAMO course at Norwegian Training Center in Manila
We're going to take apart a FRAMO pump

Aladdin's adventure at the FRAMO course at Norwegian Training Center in Manila
We're going to take apart a FRAMO pump

Aladdin's adventure at the FRAMO course at Norwegian Training Center in Manila
Bottom of the cofferdam
We can see the cargo seal from the picture I took last Monday

Aladdin's adventure at the FRAMO course at Norwegian Training Center in Manila
Seal on a FRAMO pump. Were purging the cofferdam by blowing air through the cofferdam

Aladdin's adventure at the FRAMO course at Norwegian Training Center in Manila
Coffee Break

Aladdin's adventure at the FRAMO course at Norwegian Training Center in Manila
Putting the pump back together again

Aladdin's adventure at the FRAMO course at Norwegian Training Center in Manila
Putting the pump back together again

We were going to run their FRAMO system after the movie and we finished around 2 thirty. Coffee break again and a computer presentation. Computer presentation means that the project a computer screen on the wall and the Teacher reads from the screen. I think it is English as the text is in Aladdin's adventure at the FRAMO course at Norwegian Training Center in ManilaEnglish. Totally pointless, something a 7 year old can do. We are here to get answers on our questions. And the whole day have been in Talago, I can't find words! All my other courses at Norwegian Training Center have been in English.

I had tea and onion delivered to my room by room service and the guy asked if he could have a cap. I didn't understood what he was talking about.
- They are so colourful
- What?
- The caps, you have so many

I was at Tempura for my daily intake of salmon around 8 o'clock. OK, I had a triple salmon sashimi today and this will be my new thing. Very healthy, and while enjoying my sashimi I came up with a Salmon Sashimigreat idea, and I mean a Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stvery great idea. This was a once in a life time idea.

Yes, I don't hesitate to say it was the idea of a life time. I was thinking about the sushi mats I bought yesterday and what if...?

I will buy the sea weed and smoked salmon and I will make salmon maki without the rice. I will really start to kick ass with my diet.
Yet another Smiley on
Yet another Smiley on
Smoked salmon, maybe they have raw salmon in slices, then I will use this. I will investigate at Tops Market first thing when I'm back home Avocadoin Bangkok. Maybe I try to put some avocado in my sushi “SPECIAL” but I have been unlucky every time buying avocado in Bangkok.

Yes, I will try again so I have a chance to try my avocado machine, I bought Avocadoit in Dublin and so far it has been a complete waste of money. And on top of that, all the avocados that I have thrown in the garbage bag.

Thinking about it, now I can't wait to get back home. A salmon & avocado sushi without the rice. Throw in plenty sesame seeds and sea weed and we have a winner. Yet another Smiley on

Well, it will most likely only be done one time, but at least I will give it a try. Anyway, I paid my bill at tempura, the Japanese grill and I went up on the third floor to buy some wire and stainless steel mesh at the e-cigarette shop.

I was running around Robinson looking for a holster or a pouch for my e-cigarette and I found something that I liked. And it can turn out to be a very nice pouch if Mr. Quickie can modify it a Mr Quickie in Manilawee bit. There are room for a spare battery and a spare bottle of juice. Perfect, only a wee bit of modification at Mr Quickie.

I stopped at Robinsons Supermarket, I bought 3 bottles of Diet MAX for school tomorrow and a bottle of water. And as I bought the last Tuna Paella yesterday they were out of Tuna Paella. So I will have to come back tomorrow or I will not have any Tuna Paella on Friday.

I stopped at Mr Quickie, and I gave them one pouch. I had bought 2 and if Mr Quickie manage to fix this one I will return with my other e-cigarette pouch. And they charged 100 Pesos for the job so it is not like I will have to sleep under a bridge.

I was soon back home in bed watching movies. The internet is very slow so I have not even tried to watch the Learn Thai with Mod and the Alif Silpachai videos online.

And yes, I got answer from FRAMO and it was very clear, and needless to say, our supposed to be Teacher didn’t had a clue what he was talking about.
Well, Yet another Smiley on hmm, he actually was when he told me that I had to ask FRAMO about this.

Aladdin's adventure at the FRAMO course at Norwegian Training Center in Manila

Thursday 6th of February 2014 and I stepped in to the class room at 8 thirty. My class mates Aladdin's adventure at the FRAMO course at Norwegian Training Center in Manilawere already there. They are obviously starting at 8 o'clock, but it say 8 thirty in my schedule. Well, no chance I go up earlier missing sleep to sit around here doing nothing.

At 9 thirty we had a coffee break and I went to print the e-mail from FRAMO. I handed the e-mail to my class mate and he studied the drawings in the book and the e-mail during the lesson.

I was reading a magazine and our other class mate was plying Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stwith his phone. Our Teacher was upfront reading out loud from the computer screen. No one understood what he was saying. Well, anyway, the course is soon completed, by the time we're getting ready, I have read the only magazine I had found 6 times by now.

The class mate has the e-mail from FRAMO now so he can enjoy himself. Before I was sleeping and our other Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stfriend has his phone to kill time with. Because killing time is what this course Aladdin's adventure at the FRAMO course at Norwegian Training Center in Manilais all about. And it drives me crazy just to sit here doing nothing

So my new friends were playing with their phone and one of them studied the e-mail from FRAMO. And he was really grateful, he also understood how it was working by now. A few lines on the e-mail and this are what our, whatever he is didn't know. Well, anyway, my new friends were busy and I had read the only magazine 6 times by now so I was just glancing through the magazine.

Our whatever he is was up front reading out loud from the computer screen. He opened a random FRAMO document and started to read. He didn't have a clue what he was reading and when he started to read the part numbers of the cargo seal for different FRAMO pumps I looked up. I just shake my head and I continued with the magazine.

It is different cargo seals (and each seal is of course having a different part number) on the different FRAMO pump models and they were listed in this specific document he was busy with now. He read pump model and part number, all of them. Yes, it is hard to believe but you can't make up things like this. And it was getting worse.

Next random FRAMO bulletin, and it was from 1993, and when he came to the end he read the FAX number and phone number, and just to make sure he was reading the “after hour” number as well. What the Yet another Smiley on I could not help myself and I asked for the FAX number again. FAX, it is 2014. And who cares about fax number and phone number. No one, but he was reading and reading and he didn't know what he was reading. He just stopped when he came to the blank.

Me and my class mates asked a few questions and the class room turned in to HIGH CHAPARAL. Our Teacher was screaming and shouting.
- You have to ask FRAMO
- I don't know

At 11:10 and it was time for a break, until 12 o'clock when the lunch break started. So my class mate and I went to High Street to have some Salmon Sushi. My class mate and I had given up trying to learn anything at the course and we were just laughing. My class mate told me that he had to respect the Teacher because he was old.
- RESPECT!!?? Are you foocking joking?

I told him that our Teacher should respect us for putting food on his table. We pay him and we know more than this joke. If it had not been for the FRAMO guy in Norway we would have known Aladdin's adventure at the FRAMO course at Norwegian Training Center in Manilanothing more than when we started class. Actually, we would know less, because the 2 questions I have asked his answers had been so far off that it would actually have been dangerous to use his knowledge.

We enjoyed our salmon and we were back at school 20 minutes before 1 o'clock. We went over to have a chat with the girl taking the food orders at school. Our other class mate was also sitting in the hut. We left for class at 1 o'clock after having killed 1 hour 50 minutes of lunch break. Yes, killing time is the deal here. I thought it was to learn but regulations say that the course have to be 5 days so coffee and lunch breaks it is.

Trouble with the computer, well, our Teacher could not read the text as he had forgot his glasses. So he left and he came back without his glasses. But there was soon coming and IT guy to class Aladdin's adventure at the FRAMO course at Norwegian Training Center in Manilaroom and now everyone was screaming at each other for 15 minutes before class could start.

We signed the attendance record and 3 minutes after handing it back to the Teacher he had lost it. Time was spent with this and suddenly it was 2 thirty in the afternoon and we left.

Our class mate was going to his office in Malate and we got a ride with him. We were going down the high way when a fire truck passed us. 2 half naked guys on top trying to wave away the cars and that's even though they had both light and sound. We could see the smoke on the other side of the fly over and we were soon over taken by another fire truck.

Fire truck in Manila
Fire fighters on the way

Fire truck in Manila
Fire fighters stuck in the traffic

Fire truck in Manila
Fire fighters on the way

Fire truck in Manila
Light and sound is not enough - They have to use their arms as well

Fire truck in Manila
Pasay Volunteers Fire Brigade on the way
These people risking their life for free while the Politician are robbing and stealing like there are no tomorrow
Of course, these Politicians are at the expensive clubs and restaurants at the Fort.
Showing noting but contempt for these “poor, ugly, stupid and brown skinned” people

Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stRESPECT!
No, not to the “poor, ugly, stupid and brown skinned” but to the Politicians

Fire truck in Manila
I never seen so many fire trucks before

Fire truck in Manila
I never seen so many fire trucks before

Fire truck in Manila
I never seen so many fire trucks before

We passed the fire and it was in a slum area. I have never seen so many fire trucks before, must have been 25 to 30 fire trucks, and we met more of them on the way to the fire. Well, maybe someone needs the land for an office building. Just hire someone to put fire to it. There was a big blaze in one of the slum areas when I was in Manila last time.

My new friend dropped me outside my hotel and I bought 4 cans of Diet MAX before I went in to the hotel. I asked for a pot of tea and onions in the restaurant and the room service will bring it to my room. I was almost missing Robinsons and my second serving of Salmon Sashimi. It was past 8 Tempura Japanese Grillwhen I left my room.

I went straight to Tempura, the Japanese Grill. I passed a guy handing out free samples of pretzels outside Aunt whatever. I tried one piece of almond pretzel and it was very good. I was pondering the idea to buy a bag, but I gave up the idea as I'm on diet.

I had 3 servings of Salmon Sashimi on one plate. And when I was ready they brought some Terioki Teriyake, skewers I think they call it. I added this extra snack as a bonus as I will most likely never come back to Manila again. The FRAMO course experience had made me, well, there are other places to take courses.

I passed the pretzel place again and I stopped to buy one, 60 Peso. The girl grabbed 3 and I asked what she did. The sample Mr Quickie in Manilaguy told me that it was 170 Peso ONLY if I bought 3 almond pretzels.
- So I save 10 Peso? That's exactly nothing!

I munched on my almond pretzel on my way to Robinsons Supermarket. I was lucky, they had refilled the shelves Mr Quickie in Manilawith the Tuna Paella and I bought 10 cans. Enough to get me through my remaining days here in Manila. I didn't buy any Diet MAX as I had 2 cans and a bottle in my room for the Mr Quickie in Manilaschool tomorrow.

I walked back to the hotel and I asked for my 07:00 wake-up call tomorrow morning. I left for the elevator and I left the hotel through the other door. I crossed the street and I bought 2 cans of Diet MAX before I returned to my hotel.

Last day in school tomorrow and it will be very nice. Friday and weekend again. My plan is to stay in my room Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.sttomorrow night to avoid the San Miguel Light. And I have most likely have had my last beer last weekend. From now on it will be a healthy lifestyle. No more party!

OK, well, we will see about that. I can't think of anything else to do tomorrow night. Yet another Smiley on

Friday 6th of February 2014 and I was in school at 8 thirty. One guy came to discuss a few FRAMO things with us, he had my e-mail from FRAMO with him. We were busy for 10 minutes and then we waited until 9 thirty when it was time for the coffee break.

At 10 it was time for the test and I was ready in 15 minutes and now I had to wait until 12 before I could go home. We could actually have done the test last Monday. And for sure, I could have Thai Airwaysmade it to Thai Airways flight back to Bangkok at 13:25. Now I will have to stay one extra day, extra hotel and salary cost for Maersk.
- So why are you complaining?
- What?
- One extra day in Manila with salary! Sounds like a dream!
- No, I would prefer to be back home!

Well, we were waiting for a paper before we could leave and as my class mate said “we have learnt all about waiting” They needed a signature on the papers and we were waiting and 10 minutes before 12 I got feed up. So we went in to the office and it turned out that the guy that was to sign the papers were at a meeting somewhere in the town.
- We don't know when he come back, can take all day!
Yet another Smiley on What the Yet another Smiley on

I demanded a signature and they sent the documents to some other guy for signing and I could Aladdin's adventure at the FRAMO course at Norwegian Training Center in Manilaleave. If I had not said anything we would have been sitting there all day long waiting. Well, it was very nice to leave Norwegian Training Center behind and I was back at the hotel at 1 o'clock. A quick stop to buy 2 cans of Diet MAX before I ordered tea and onion from the room service.

I had a afternoon power nap before I went to Robinsons for some Salmon Sashimi at Tempura. I decided not to have any beer today. A night on town means 30 bottles of beer MINIMUM and that's enough calories to last a week. And on top of that there is the Hangover Kit. Mango drinks, Chocolate milk etc and that's even more calories than in Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stthe beer. So one night on town is enough calories to last me for 2 weeks. So no wonder my diet has been down the drain.

So now, no more party until I go to Las Vegas. The original plan for January was to go for 1 week in Hawaii and 1 week in Las Vegas. But when I checked internet I discovered that the temperature in Las Vegas was 7°C and I cancelled the Las Vegas plans. But I will go to Las Vegas in June and until then no more beer or any other alcoholic drinks.

I bought some chocolate before I left, OK, not good but still better than all the beer and the Hangover Kit. I enjoyed the chocolate with a pot of tea when I was back on my room.

Saturday 8th of February 2014
and I should have been going to Bangkok today to see me friend's fight at Lumpini Stadium. But I'm stuck here in Manila until tomorrow. Well, as I have started my new life I woke up without even a hint of a hangover. The death of the Obnoxious Man?

Charisma Man

I kick started my day with Tuna Paella and Diet MAX in my room, really didn't feel like going down to the restaurant. So one day to spend in Manila and I will go down to the reception and ask for tip on what to do in Manila. But my guess is that the “Manila Tourist Guide” is a very slim one, unless, Tony Roma's in Manilaof course, you're drinking San Miguel Light. But those times are behind me.

I decided to go for a snack at Tony Roma's at the Fort. We were soon stuck in the traffic and it took us about 1 hour to get to Tony Roma's. I asked for a full baby back and a baked potato soup even before I took my seat.

I was a wee bit surprised that they brought the baked potato soup after just 3 minutes. But the soup tasted good and they were soon bringing the ribs. IT was OK and I was ready about 20 minutes after I had arrived. My plan was to go to the SM Shopping Mall at the fort and I went out to get a taxi.

SM Aura or whatever the name was should be so foocking special according to all people. I thought it was pretty boring, not even a place to buy ice cream or a shake. There was some kind of park on the top floor so I went up to have a look. There was a girl in the escalator and she told me I had a nice shirt and a matching cap.
- Everyone is looking at your shirt and cap, she said
I looked around
- No one is looking
- Yes they do, and they like your shirt and cap

I followed her to her work, she was a Waitress at a restaurant on top of SM Aura, but as they SM Aura in Maniladidn't had any milk shakes I left.

I went to have a look at the view and I came around the corner and I stepped on the lawn. I had a security guy coming rushing towards me.

He was screaming that I wasn't allowed to walk on the grass. There wasn't much of an option, but I gave it my best. And I had the security guard following me all the time while talking on his radio.

I made his day, yes, imagine working there as a security guard and foock all is happening. Day out and day in, month after month.
And suddenly Charisma Man is in town and there is action from the first second.
Yet another Smiley on HE IS STEPPING ON THE GRASS!!!!

And yes, we can imagine him coming home to his family tonight. Maybe, and I say maybe, with a piece of chocolate or sweets for his children
- Guess what happened today?
- There was a guy walking on the grass

I had a few pictures before I left to look for a taxi to take me back to Malate. My plan was to have a mango ice cream before going back to the hotel to pack my bag.

SM Aura in Manila
Manila from SM Aura

SM Aura in Manila
Manila from SM Aura

SM Aura in Manila
Manila from SM Aura

I got out of the taxi at Robinsons Place in Malate and I went to buy a mango ice cream at Dairy Queen first thing. I had a quick stop at Aunt something to buy a pretzel on my way to Dairy Dairy Queen in ManilaQueen. I had 1900 Peso left and I needed to spend it.

So I went to buy juice for my e-cigarette and I kept 200 Peso for Tuna Paella and Diet MAX The Tuna Paella is finished and I need some for tomorrow morning. I got the juice and I went to Robinsons Supermarket.

No Tuna Paella and I were disappointed. But when I had got my Diet MAX I returned to the tuna shelf to have another look.

I found one can of San Marino Tuna Paella on the top shelf, on top of all the other tuna cans. So I San Marino Tuna Paella at Robinsons Supermarket in Manilatook the can and I was off to see the cashier.

I had 183 Peso remaining when I had paid. What to do? The juice is 250 Peso, and I got one bottle for 200 Peso. Maybe I can get one for 183. I went back to the e-cig shop.

I got a bottle for 183 Peso and I went back to my hotel. I asked for a wake-up call at 9 o'clock tomorrow morning and I went to pack my bag. Will be very nice to leave Manila.

I took pictures of the high risers when we left the Fort and Mekati behind, but they turned out to be shit. I'm in the autumn of my life, late autumn and I know I will never come back here again. At least not by free will and I thought that it would be nice with a few pictures. Never mind, next time I will do the training somewhere else. After the FRAMO course Norwegian Training Center was nothing but a disappointment.

As I told the management:
- The FRAMO course was a disgrace for Norwegian Training Center, and then I'm very very polite

Sunday 9th of February 2014
and it was just past 8 thirty when I received my 9 o'clock wake-up call. I was not tired so it was OK, a hot shower and I checked the latest news from Thailand Citystate Tower hotel in Manilabefore I went to check out from the hotel. I had to carry the bag with tuna, when I came it was empty. Citystate Tower hotel in ManilaNow it contains 100 cans of Tuna Paella.

When I got out of the elevator there was a porter and he took care of the bag with the Tuna Paella while I went to the front desk to check out.

One of the girls asked if she could get a picture of me.
- You will have to pay me 1 Peso.
- No! Please
- 1 Peso
She found a 5 Peso coin but I told her that I didn't have any change. She continued her search for a 1 Peso coin and she was very happy when she finally found the coin.

Citystate Tower hotel in Manila
She got her picture

We completed all the photo taking business and we could continue with the check-out procedures. And the girl got her picture and I thought that she was going to be happy. But she started to cry.
Yet another Smiley on What the Yet another Smiley on

I could not believe my eyes, OK, it is not everyday Charisma Man is in town, but crying? Well, my NO PESO plan back fired, I had left a 1000Peso deposit when checking in and my plan was to pay for room service and have remaining 600 Peso for the hotel transportation to the airport. The bill was 553 Peso so I had to pay with the card. And suddenly I found myself with 400 Peso. Well, actually 401 Peso, but the one Peso coin will be a souvenir from my last ever visit to Manila.

It didn't take long to get to the airport in a light Sunday morning traffic. I gave the driver 100 Peso tip and now I have 301 Peso remaining to spend.

Manila International Airport
Manila from the Manila airport

Manila International Airport
Manila from the Manila airport

I passed through the security to enter the departure hall. And as no surprise I saw the girl in the Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stsecurity asking around “who's bag it was” while pointing at my bag. I was to get a trolley and I rushed back and I told her it was my bag.

- What's in the bag?
- Tuna
She wanted me to open the bag and I did. She looked through the bag.
- Don't you have San Mario in your country?
- No
I took my bag and I left for Thai Airways check-in counter. Passing Immigration and airport security was pretty quick and I was soon on my way to Thai Airways lounge. I stopped to spend my last peso on a piece of chocolate
- Sör Sör! Your change!
- Keep it!
I spent exactly 23 seconds in the Thai long, it was terrible. And I realise that it is Sunday and I have had no San Miguel Light. On all previous occasions I have returned to Bangkok on a Friday and Thai Airways lounge on Manila InternationalI have had a few San Miguel Light. So it is a beautiful airport when you're a wee bit tipsy.

Last time it was leaking in to Thai Airways lounge when it was raining. I had a Thai couple next to me and they were collecting water in glasses. It was OK, but it became worse and everyone left the lounge, except me. I had had a few San Miguel Lights and it was like “NO WORRIES”

Raining or not, I have had a Diet MAX only and no San Miguel Light so I left the lounge. There are no restaurants at Manila Airport, there is no nothing and I had 2 hours to kill.

I went in to the lounge next to Thai Airways and I asked how much to enter
- This is a NO PAY lounge, but try Thai next door.
- I just came from there, a terrible place
- Go get a transfer from them
I went back to Thai airways and I got my transfer and I could enter the other lounge. Much better Manila International Airportplace. But i was very happy that I would most likely never come back to Manila. I already made up m mind. This airport is like the Indian Airports were back in the 80's and same standard as both of the Bangladeshi airport s I visited 1 month ago.

Actually, Manila Airport looked better when I was here back in the 80's.

On top of everything the AC is not working so it is very hot. But the girls at the lounge brought me a fan so the service was good. And the fan made it bearable. Yes, never too old to learn. I Manila International Airporthad no clue that I could ask Thai for a transfer to another lounge.

Thanks to the girls next door I could enjoy my time waiting for the flight. But please, don't tell anyone about lounge transfer trick.

Then Thai airways lounge in Manila will be empty and it will be full next door. I have no intentions to, but I might be back here and then this lounge will be full. Well, time to board the aircraft back home and I'm out of here.

Thai Airways lounge on Manila International
Thai Airways lounge, like sitting on along sofa and the comfort leaves much to wish for
Of course, a few San Miguel Lights makes wonders for the comfort

Back home to change my web hotel. I haven't had access to e-mail the last couple of days. Very bad performance from Surftown and now I had it after 10 years with them. I have found a new web hotel that I would like to try.

We boarded the flight and the Stewardess asked if I wanted to have something to eat. I said no thanks as I'm Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.ston diet. When they asked for the tenth time I said yes. A starter and then some meat with spinach, very good. And I was drinking tea with the food. I finished the meal with cheese and fruit and at the end they brought tea and cake, and the cake at Thai Airways is always good.

We arrived to Suvarnabhumi and we had to go by bus to the terminal. My bags were among the first ones to arrive on the belt and I was soon out of there looking for my friend that was coming to pick me up. And Suvarnabhumi Airportas there was no sign off him I went 7 Elevento book a taxi and when we were on the way to 7 Eleven my friend attached us. He had been waiting for 2 hours but not at the exit.

He was waiting at exit #3 and he was lucky that I was on the way to 7 Eleven. Or I would have missed him, he went back to AOT to get my money back while I was at 7 Eleven. I got my 1100 Baht and we left for his car.

We were soon on the way to Sukhumvit Soi 23 and the traffic was light on the Sunday afternoon so we were soon back home.

We were going to eat at the Italian Restaurant Via Vai on Sukhumvit Soi 8, but first we had to unload all the Tuna Paella. There was not enough room in my tuna drawer. My friend looked at me Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNlike I was crazy.

He asked why I had bought all the tuna in Manila.
- Is it cheaper than in Bangkok?
Yes, it is cheaper, but I'm not carrying around 22 kilo (according to the check-in scale in Manila) of tuna to save a few dollars.

Maybe a can is 25 Baht comparing to 30 Baht here in Bangkok. But they don't have the San Marino Tuna here in Bangkok.
I told him that the tuna was delicious and I handed him a can. He was not all that impressed.
- It is not spicy
- No, this is a tuna you can eat and enjoy! No need to burn yourself to death!

Well, he finished the can, but he never asked for a second can. We took off towards Sukhumvit Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNSoi 8 and as Asoke / Sukhumvit intersection is still closed by the People's Democratic Reform Committee, People's Democratic Reform CommitteePDRC and Suthep Thaugsuban. Yes, the Shut down Bangkok and the Whistle revolution is still in full swing. So we had to go via Soi 19.

We turned in to Soi 8 and my friend asked if we were going to eat Scandinavian food.
- No Italian, salmon spaghetti and vodka sauce. But do you want Scandinavian? I asked
- Up to you!
- No, you decide, I said
He wanted to eat Scandinavian food so we continued to The Stable lodge. I had my last dinner? Ever? Well, we had a few Smørrebrød and I had a hakkebøff and my friend had a schnitzel. I was drinking tea and my friend was drinking water.
Drinking water only, but that didn't prevent him from break into a song.

I walked back home and I stopped on Tops Market and I bought fresh chilli, to speed up the metabolism. Carrots, Apples, onions and other fruit and this will be it from now on!

I walked back home and I passed through the protest site at the Asoke/ Sukhumvit intersection. Not many people and I wonder who it is backing up the People's Democratic Reform Committee, PDRC and Suthep Thaugsuban as the Government doesn’t dare to break this up.

I think 95% or more would run for the hills if the riot police would show up and the remaining few, well, it would not take many trained riot police to open up the intersection.

People's Democratic Reform Committee
Asoke/ Sukhumvit Intersection

Well, we're off to Ban Chang outside Rayong next weekend for a monk ordination. And as I have no clue how a monk ordination works in Thailand. Well, I don't know anything about monk ordination in any country. But I have a few days to find out and I will start by asking my Thai Teacher when I go to class on Monday. Would not be very fun to watch a monk ordination if I don't have a clue what's going on. So hang on, maybe we can learn something about monk ordination in Thailand


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