Aladdin's adventure in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkok

Aladdin's adventure with Godzilla in TOKYO

Thursday 19th of April 2012 and had popped one Robin Hood at the Thai lounge before leaving for the gate and I was hoping for it to kick in as soon as I had taken my seat onboard Thai Airways Aladdin's adventure onboard Thai Airway's flight TG 642 to Tokyoflight TG 642 to Tokyo.

I had been afraid that the sleeping pill would kick in on the way from the lounge to the gate and it might have been my imagination, but it felt like I was staggering a wee bit.

But as soon as I hit my seat I was wide awake and it was very hard to fall asleep even though I was tired I was very tired and I was almost falling asleep in the taxi to the airport. I was tossin' and turnin' in my seat Aladdin's adventure onboard Thai Airway's flight TG 642 to Tokyoand I must obviously have managed to fall asleep because when I Aladdin's adventure onboard Thai Airway's flight TG 642 to Tokyowoke up they served breakfast.

Tea and fruit to start with and then they brought me an omelette with potato (I think) and bacon. I had 2 cups of tea and I tried to sleep again.

When I took my sleeping pill I was hoping for them to be delayed for an hour or two, either on the runway in Bangkok or due to congestion at Narita.

But we were soon descending to Narita and they asked me to put my seat in upright position. Arrival time 10 minutes past 8 and now it was only just past 7 in the morning. Well, I will hopefully be able to catch a few hours of sleep at my hotel before I go to explore the exciting night life in Tokyo.

Aladdin's adventure onboard Thai Airway's flight TG 642 to Tokyo

Aladdin's adventure onboard Thai Airway's flight TG 642 to Tokyo

Aladdin's adventure onboard Thai Airway's flight TG 642 to Tokyo
Bangkok from above

Aladdin's adventure onboard Thai Airway's flight TG 642 to Tokyo
Bangkok from above

Aladdin's adventure onboard Thai Airway's flight TG 642 to Tokyo
Coming in over Japan approaching Narita
Aladdin's adventure onboard Thai Airway's flight TG 642 to Tokyo
Approaching Narita
Aladdin's adventure onboard Thai Airway's flight TG 642 to Tokyo
Aladdin's adventure onboard Thai Airway's flight TG 642 to Tokyo

We reached Japan and I saw the sand beach when we left the Indian Ocean behind us. And I was disappointed, I had expected sunshine and nice weather. Everything looked gloomy and grey and here they are talking about the world famous cherry blossom. It looked like a really bad day in Aladdin's adventure in TokyoSweden during late autumn. Cherry blossom, we have it every year in Sweden and by the time I was always wearing shorts.

And shorts are the only thing I brought, maybe I should have waited for a few more weeks before going to Japan. But according to CNN it should be 19°C in Tokyo.

We got off the flight and I trotted for 20 minutes before I reached Immigration and there was like millions of people and it took me 20 to 30 minutes to get trough.
- Where the is the FAST TRACK?

And they stopped me at the custom to check my bags. The first thing the Custom Officer sees in my computer bag is a roll of snus. I pointed at my lips when he asked what it was. He opened my weekend bag and he discovered yet another roll. Now he wanted to open a can to see what it was.
- Tobacco?
I pointed at my lip and he said OK. Then he asked if I lived in Bangkok
- How do you know?

I have exactly 0 cash and I needed an ATM and I had expected millions of ATMs in the arrival hall. But it took me 20 minutes to find a ATM and then it turned out to be a 7 Eleven bank. I was in New York when a Japanese company bought 7 Eleven and the Americans was not happy about it. I was in a bar when they broke the news on TV. And this was the talk of the town for a long time.
- Is Japan take over the US of A?

I don't know about today, but back then in the beginning of the 90's Aladdin's adventure in TokyoHolland was the biggest investors in USA and no one was afraid of the Dutch taking over. Racism? I don't know, but I like 7 Eleven and if they run a bank in Japan, good for them!

I found an airport limousine desk and I told them that I wanted to go to Roppongi. I bought a ticket and it turned out that the airport limousine was a bus.

Well, it was OK and the bus took me to Shinjuku station and i had to take a taxi from there. I entered the bus after check-in in my weekend bag. They told me that it would take 90 minutes to get to Shinjuku station and from there it was 15 minutes with taxi. Wise from my previous visit to Tokyo I asked if the taxi knew how to get to Roppongi.
- Very good
- Last time the taxi driver only knew the addresses in the vicinity of their operation area!
Aladdin's adventure in Tokyo- Very good
- So the taxi driver can find my hotel?
- Very good
- OK thank you!

We arrived to Shinjuku station and I asked for a taxi. The airport limousine staff pointed at a taxi stand in front of the bus stop. I was afraid to get in to a taxi, last time I had started the journey with a valet thick like a brick and after having to change taxi several times we had to stop at a bank to get more cash. But they told me that it would not be any problem for the taxi driver to find Roppongi. Yes I was doubtful but I walked towards the taxi stand and there was one taxi waiting. The driver told me that it was no problem to find my hotel so I put my computer and Aladdin's adventure in Tokyoweekend bag in his car.

I gave him the address for my hotel and he started to program his GPS.
- GPS!!
Of course, when I was in Tokyo last time there wasn't anything called GPS. Now the taxi drivers are able to find everything. The driver programmed his GPS and we took off.

It didn't take long before I realised that the driver was in trouble. I saw the track in the GPS and it was a circle. We had to stop 2 times before he found the hotel. And of course, he had forgotten to turn on the taximeter so I asked him what he usually charged for a trip like this.
- 1800¥
- OK, here is 2000¥, keep the change!
He was very happy and he was so sorry that he had not been able to find the hotel straight away. And when I told him that it was no Aladdin's adventure in Tokyoproblem he was so happy I thought he was going to give me a hug.

At the hotel they told me that it was check-in at 3 o'clock.
- What the
I needed a shower and some sleep and my mood was instantly turning to bad. I asked if the restaurant was open and they told me that they opened at 11 thirty. I left the bag in the reception and I started to walk around the area to see if I could find anything exciting.

When I returned the restaurant was open but they didn't had any tea. And nothing to drink unless you had lunch. And I had stopped for spaghetti while walking around exploring the area. And the set lunch at the hotel restaurant didn't look like it would be yummy.
Aladdin's adventure with Godzilla in TOKYO

Now I was starting to get in a real bad mood. And nowhere to sit in the reception with a table so I Aladdin's adventure in Tokyocould update my web page while waiting for my room.
- There is a coffee shop behind the hotel
- OK, I go have a look

All the walking around and I needed a bathroom and I borrowed the toilet at the hotel and they must have thought that I had dropped dead in there. Took me 10 minutes to find out how to flush the darn thing. I pushed all the buttons before the darn thing finally flushed. It was quite nice to walk around the area and I had been lucky. I wanted to see the cherry blossom and I Aladdin's adventure in Tokyospotted a cherry tree on my tour of the area. So now it is only the Kobe beef and FUGU fish left to do.

I found the coffee shop and I went inside. And they had tea so I had 3 cans of tea while updating my web page.

When I ordered the third can the Waitress brought the menu. She pointed at 750¥ for a pot and asked if it was OK.
- Yes, it is OK
So at least they don't think I'm a Cheap Charlie sitting at their coffee shop with my computer without buying anything.
Aladdin's adventure in Tokyo
Aladdin's adventure in Tokyo
The area around my hotel

Lunch time and suddenly there are 8 girls, most likely from a nearby office came in for their lunch. Aladdin's adventure in TokyoGod, they were beautiful and the most beautiful was looking at me all the time. If I only have had a few beers...

I spent 2 hours at the coffee shop before I returned to my hotel and I will hopefully be able to get some sleep or the concrete hat will come on early tonight and Charisma Man will transform in to the Obnoxious Man.

And the Obnoxious Man is nothing we want to expose the Japanese girls to, they have a lot of problem with radiation and stuff already.

Well, I finished the updates at the coffee shop and I returned to my hotel next door. I told them to wake me up at 4, I had not had any sleep and I needed a short power nap if I should be able to make it through the night. I was dead tired but I didn't
Hachikō ハチ公

One of the most well-known stories concerning Shibuya is the story of Hachikō, a dog who waited on his late master at Shibuya Station every day from 1923 to 1935, eventually becoming a national celebrity for his loyalty. A statue of Hachikō was built adjacent to the station, and the surrounding Hachikō Square is now the most popular meeting point in the area.

Hachikō: November 10, 1923 – March 8, 1935), known in Japanese as chūken Hachikō (忠犬ハチ公 "faithful dog Hachikō" ['hachi' meaning 'eight', a number referring to the dog's birth order in the litter, and 'kō', meaning prince or duke]), was an Akita dog born on a farm near the city of Ōdate, Akita Prefecture, remembered for his remarkable loyalty to his owner, even many years after his owner's death.

From Wikipedia
manage to fall asleep. Maybe for a few minutes, but I was awake when they called at 4.

I asked the Reception for a FUGU restaurant before I left.
- OH very close, just to the left and the right hand side. There is a monument
- Good, thanks!
I asked about the famous dog at Shibuya and the guy looked pussled
- Dog??
Same story every time I ask about the famous dog. The look at me like I'm crazy. Maybe they think I'm here to eat their dogs. But the guy in the reception gave me a tablet or whatever they Aladdin's adventure in Tokyocall it and I entered Shibuya and dog and there was a picture of the statue coming up. The guy in the reception screamed.
- HACHIKO!! Very famous dog
- So why is everyone looking at me as I'm crazy when I ask for the dog?

He wrote down the name for me in Japanese and I left to look for the Fugu restaurant. Out from the reception, turn left and on the right side. An aquarium and a monument. I walked to the end of the foocking road and no monument and I walked back to the hotel.
- Where the foock is the monument?

Of course, I was walking au and down the street for almost an hour looking for a monument. I don't know what I was looking for in the sky, but suddenly I discovered a huge Fugu fish on one of the houses. And yes, there was an aquarium at the entrance and I discover that we were just opposite of my hotel. I stepped inside and they told me that they didn't open until 5. It was a few minutes before 5 so I crossed the street to a pub Aladdin's adventure in Tokyoto have a beer while waiting.

There were two guys sitting outside the pub looking at me with eyes wide open.
- They are not open until 5, I said.
- Join us
I thought it was the owner but it turned out to be a software Engineer from Finland that lived in Tokyo. He Aladdin's adventure in Tokyohad a British guy with him and I had a beer with them. One beer became 4 or 5 and I was getting tipsy and there were several alarm bells and lights going off. I had to be sober while eating the Fugu or I could as well have a fish finger so I left them. I crossed the street and I was back at the Fugu restaurant

I got a table on the second floor and they brought me a English menu. Big change from last time in Tokyo, now people could speak English. Well, speak is maybe a wee bit too much to say. But you could say left Aladdin's adventure in Tokyoand right to the taxi drivers so there was a kind of communication with the Waitress.

She had 3 different Fugu sets all of them required cooking at the table. But there was 2 items that I could have without any cooking at the table. Fried Fugu and Fugu sashimi.

The Fugu sashimi tasted exactly nothing just as the guy from Finland had told me. And the fried Fugu tasted exactly as the fish coming with Fish'n Aladdin's adventure in TokyoChips, exactly as they guy from Finland had told me. Only more bones, well, almost only bones. I had hot sake to drink with my fish. I did the internationally recognised sign for drinking.

• Then I did the internationally recognised sign for a jar filled with sake
• Then I did the internationally recognised sign for opening a microwave door
• Then I did the internationally recognised sign for programming the microwave
• Then I did the internationally recognised sign for PLING
• Then I did the internationally recognised sign for opening the door to the microwave
• Then I did the internationally recognised sign for burning the fingers while trying to take something Aladdin's adventure in Tokyoout from the microwave

And of course, I threw in the word sake with every internationally recognised sign and the Waitress smiled and said SAKE HOTTO. She brought me 2 or 3 jars of sake and I discovered that they had Fugu sake as well.
Aladdin's adventure in Tokyo
Aladdin's adventure in Tokyo
Aladdin's adventure in Tokyo
Drinking Fugu sake
Of course, I wanted the Fugu sake to be hot and the Waitress brought matches. Now I have eaten and drinking Fugu and I will never do it again. As the guy from Finland said:
Aladdin's adventure in Tokyo- There is nothing to it
- Yeah, salmon is much better
- It is just that you have survived

I paid my bill and I stopped a taxi and I gave the driver the paper with the dog's name on it and we took off towards Shibuya. But I got off in Roppongi and I ended up drinking beer in a tram. And then I ended up on the second floor in a hose and we were drinking more beer while listening to Danish Hip Hop. Yes, I discovered my TAXI CD in my weekend bag.

And from Roppongi I must have got in to taxi to go see the darn dog. I had finished the Fugu and now I wanted to do the dog and I can put 2 more items on my list of things that “I will never have to do in my life again”
1) Buy shaving soap
2) Buy socks
3) Buy a shaving kit
4) Eat Fugu fish (new item)
5) See the darn Hachikō ハチ公 dog statue (new item)

Aladdin's adventure in Tokyo
Hachikō ハチ公 - Wått's dö madderfakking diil?

Aladdin's adventure in Tokyo
Our Hero givs the internationally recognised sign for ....

I remember the darn dog but I don't remember who took my picture. Maybe the Darn Fugu fish kicking in. And I remember a girl asking me where I stayed. I don't know because I don't know Aladdin's adventure in Tokyowhere I am I answered her. I don't think this was the answer she was looking for because she got angry and she left with her friends. But seriously, I didn't have a clue where I was. And I didn't know the name of the area or street name Aladdin's adventure in Tokyowhere my hotel was.

But I had not expected to end up in a middle of the night interrogation.

I remember eating some sausage while talking to the girls and they also served some BBQ minced meat stick that was very good. So I ordered a few more of those stick that I finished before leaving. I ended up at a place eating avocado/ salmon sushi and there was a guy sleeping further down from me.

Maybe I should move to Tokyo, if you're tired and fall asleep no one cares. If I by accident Aladdin's adventure in Tokyostaggering at a pub in Bangkok I will have to hear about this for years to come.
- No, I suffered from motion sickness
- No, I suffered from jetlag

Japan has a more relaxed attitude towards jetlagged people. Well, I ended up in a convenient store buying water and Snickers before returning to my hotel for some rest. There are 2 small bottles of water in my room and this is for sure not enough waking up with a force 9,7 hangover.

Friday 20th of April 2012
and buying Snickers before going home this morning. What a great idea, one of my best in a long time. Now it looks like I have shitted in my bed.

Exactly what I need whit a ragging hangover and when they called me at 3 to ask if they Aladdin's adventure in Tokyocould come to clean my room I said tomorrow. Yeah, exactly as the good ol' days at Hotel 27 in Bangkok. It was tomorrow every day, like tomorrow will be any better. I put my money on that the tomorrow will be worse.

I ripped open a bottle of Baileys hazelnut and well, can't say that it was any better than the original. Quite a disappointment actually. So I think I will stick with the original from now on. But when I finished the bottle I dared to have a look in my valet. I didn't want to look whit an hangover to avoid the agony. But I was in a good mood and tipsy when I had finished the Baileys.

I opened my valet and I had 20000¥ remaining in my valet. 50000¥ in one night, this is for sure not going to be a cheap weekend. OK, I will have to bring my credit card tonight so I can get some fresh cash from the ATM. 20000¥ is not going to last very long.

And of course, after a bottle of Baileys our hero was ready to hit Tokyo again, and now as the Charisma Man. And before Charisma Man left he came up with one of the greatest ideas ever. To put one of the Snickers wrappings in the bed, It will still look like our Hero shat in the bed. But anyone coming in to the room will think that Aladdin San had an accident while enjoying his Snicker.

Charisma Man
I needed cash and I went to look for an ATM but this was not as easy as I thought it should be. I asked a girl for an ATM and she told me that there was an ATM at the convenient store further up the street.
- Thank you!

I went in to the convenient store and they had the AMEX sign and inserted my card. The machine spitted out the card again.
- What the
I went over to the Cashier to ask if there was something wrong with the ATM. There was a beautiful girl leaving and she came to help me. 2 times and we tried both English and Japanese language. The machine spitted out my card. I swear to God, the girl almost cried.
- Sorry sorry sorry sorry
- No problem
- Sorry sorry sorry sorry
we left the convenient store and she told me that there was another ATM up the street and we walked together up the street while talking about the good ol' days. I tried several ATM and it was the same story everywhere. I came up with an idea, let's go look for a 7 Eleven.

I walked around for a while and I found a 7 Eleven and I went inside to use the 7 Eleven ATM. I inserted my card and thanks to 7 Eleven I could get cash.
Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyo
Cash in my valet and I was ready to start exploring the night life. I stopped at a place where they Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyoplayed music. Didn't take long before I had a sake hotto in front Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyoof me and we had Roffe Ruff playing loud on the loudspeakers.

I don't know what hot is in Japanese, but they always say sake hotto so it might be the same in Japanese, but I doubt it. Never mind, as long as they understand Sake hotto I don't care.

I had 2 or 3 jars of sake hotto before I left. I passed the place where I meet the girls yesterday, 50 meters from my hotel so I had been very close to my hotel even though I didn't knew it.

I stepped inside and they recognised me and I ordered a sake hotto. By now I was tipsy and in a Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyogood mood, no way I would have gone in to the restaurant with a hangover.

But now it was no problem. It looked like they were about to fire up the BBQ and I'm not sure, but I think I ordered some of the excellent BBQ minced meat stick.

I don't know if it was due to misunderstanding, but I never got my minced meat stick and I didn't bother hanging around waiting for the stick. I Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyohad had my sake hotto and I left to look for salmon/ avocado sushi. And I ended up where I had my avocado/ salmon sushi yesterday, well, more like earlier this morning.

The sushi was excellent and I had 2 plates before I decided to take a Charisma Man's adventure in Tokyotaxi to Shibuya without any stop in Roppongi.

It was dark when I arrived to Shibuya and it was crowded on the streets. Looked like people were going back home from their jobs.

The area was like on top of a hill so it was walking up all the time. And as soon as I had left the big street behind it was like walking around in a small village. Tokyo really has a small village feeling, an amazing city. One of the biggest in the world and at the same time it is like walking around in a small village. Look at the restaurant picture above, looks like a small house in the middle of a village.
Aladdin's adventure in Tokyo
Aladdin's adventure in Tokyo

I walked around until I passed a place where they played music. I went inside to have a beer. The place was empty, just me and the bar tender. The bar tender told me that the people started to Aladdin's adventure in Tokyocome around 11 o'clock.
- They are home eating now

They only had Corona beer and that is not one of my favourites. But it was OK with ice and from a wine glass. And of course, it helped that I was a wee bit tipsy. Otherwise it would have been impossible to drink the darn beer.

There was another guy arriving and after an hour or so a girl came by, but she was working as a bartender so we were only 2 customers. I don't know how many beers I had before I left.

If I know myself I didn't walked too long before my next stop. I ended up at a place where you had to order and pay your food at the entrance. Select the food and pay in a machine and then they would bring the food to your table.
Aladdin's adventure in Tokyo
Aladdin's adventure in Tokyo
Waitress machine

I remember ending up at a club and I had a beer before leaving, I was way too early and there were only a few people. I don't know how I found the next place, it was in the basement and the Aladdin's adventure in Tokyoplace was smaller than my bed room. Well, a lot of places around here is very small. But that is OK, a bar and a few seats with good music is enough.

There were maybe 15 people at the place and it was full. They were only playing 70's disco music and it was blasting.

A very friendly crowd, except for the girl that tried to rape me. I really like the Japanese, if you happen to stagger on your way to the bar it is no problem. If I do this in Bangkok I have to turn off my Aladdin's adventure in Tokyotelephone. They will call for weeks telling me how drunk I was.

It was a very fun place and it was 3 or 4 in the morning before I left to look for a taxi to get back to my hotel. Yes, Uncle Aladdin San was getting a wee bit tired.

When I came back to the hotel there were 2 beautiful girls getting their key and they lived on the same floor as I did. They looked scared when I burst in to the elevator, but they were soon laughing when we cracked jokes with each others.

Saturday 21st of April 2012
and I really wished that I had woke up in my own bed. Please, take me Aladdin's adventure in Tokyoback to Bangkok. Saturday and I really didn't felt like getting out of bed. I wanted to change my ticket, but I just knew that I would not be able to muster the energy required.

I have one more bottle of Baileys and I went out of bed at 3 thirty. I had a shower while everything was spinning in front of me. These hangovers just get worse by the year.

Well, now I have paid for this darn trip so I can as well try to get as much as possible out of it. So I ripped open the last Baileys when I got out from the shower.

Well, it worked again, I finished the bottle and I was ready to take on Tokyo's night life again. But Aladdin's adventure in Tokyoyet again, I will have to start the day by a visit to the ATM.

I walked to 7 Eleven and the ATM and then I went down to the bar at the corner for a sake. They recognised me from yesterday and they Aladdin's adventure in Tokyoasked if I had my CD. I gave him the CD and I told him to keep it as a souvenir from Sweden and the guy started to cry.
- Thank you! Thank you!

They showed me to the same seat I had yesterday. It was crowded and only girls, well, 2 or 3 guys and the rest was girls. There was 4 Ladies yesterday and they were at the place as well, and they recognised me. They we still going on with Aladdin's adventure in Tokyothe Waiter, I think, well, I'm pretty sure one of them was in love with the guy. She was all over him yesterday and it wasn't any better today.

I don't know what was going on, they sold flowers that you could hang around the neck of the Waiter. Maybe a gigolo bar, nah, I don't think so. There were plenty beautiful girls in the bar. The Japanese girls are very beautiful, must have the cutest noses in the world. But MAN! When they open their mouths it looks like they have had an explosion and fire in the mouth. Black teeth pointing in all directions.

Well, it will soon be the same in Sweden, when I was young the Police came to pick you up if you Aladdin's adventure in Tokyomissed the free Dentist appointment. But today it is a different story and it is going downhill fast for Sweden.

But the Politicians call it improvements every time they save money on education and health care. And the worst thing is that they really believe that we, the voters really think that it Aladdin's adventure in Tokyois an improvement when they are going to save a few billions.

I walked back to my hotel after my fifth Aladdin's adventure in Tokyojar of sake and I decided to make a stop at my other sake place. They guy recognised me and when I came in he pointed at my shirt while saying “good fashion” I asked for a sake and I was in an excellent mood when I finished the jar. So I decided to return my ATM card to my hotel room and then I would take a taxi to Shibuya.

I was not 100% sure that I would make it when I left my room Aladdin's adventure in Tokyoearlier because of my hangover. But now I was pretty confident that I would make it through the night.

I took a taxi to Shibuya and I was soon having sake in front of me. There were 2 guys sitting next to me and I asked abou