Aladdin's adventure onboard Jet Airways flight 9W 0836 from Chennai to Delhi

Aladdin's adventure in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkok

Friday 30th of November 2012 and I took my seat at 12D and this time there wasn't anyone coming Aladdin's adventure onboard Jet Airways flight 9W 0836 from Chennai to Delhito take me off the plane. And I was watching the girl doing the safety demonstration while taxing to the runway.

We took off and I was yet again happy that we managed to get airborne without any accidents. I was sleeping most of the time.

Sleeping, it was more like being half asleep, half awake during the flight. I must have got some rest out of it, but the time turned quite quick. I had seen the Aladdin's adventure onboard Jet Airways flight 9W 0836 from Chennai to DelhiStewardess carrying a bottle of Diet Pepsi when they served the food so I went back to the galley to ask for some Diet Pepsi.

The Stewardess would bring me some Diet Pepsi and when I came back to my seat I discovered a paper cup with Diet Pepsi. Not what I have had in mind. I wanted a bottle and I could enjoy the bottle while waiting at New Delhi International. I'm not sure if they would have any Diet drinks at the airport.

So I went back and I asked for a whole bottle.
- OH! They are very big, 500ml
- That is a normal size
- OK, I bring you a bottle
Aladdin's adventure onboard Jet Airways flight 9W 0836 from Chennai to Delhi
Arrival to New Delhi Domestic Airport

Aladdin's adventure onboard Jet Airways flight 9W 0836 from Chennai to Delhi
Arrival to New Delhi Domestic Airport

I finished half the bottle and I would save the other half for Delhi airport. And it was very nice to get off the plane. There is really not much space on Jet Airways air planes. Would be OK for an Aladdin's adventure at New Delhi, Indira Gandhi International airporthour or so, but not longer.

I got on the bus and we were soon in the domestic arrival hall. I decided to leave the terminal for a few coffin nails with the last of my Diet Pepsi. So I skipped the International Transfers entrance and I left the building.

I enjoyed a few fags before taking the elevator to the departure level and I walked to the International departure. I was soon to realise that it had been a mistake to leave the terminal. But it would have been impossible to pass the security Aladdin's adventure at New Delhi, Indria Ghandi International airportbetween the domestic and international terminals with my Diet Pepsi.

I ended up in a non moving queue for the immigration. And I could yet again confirm my decision not to come back to India. What a bunch of assholes. It was OK for me as a foreigner, but if I would have treated the Indians like the Indians do I would have been called a Nazi and I would have ended up in jail. And yet again, racism isn't something they invented in Europe and it has been around since the dawn of the humanity.

But in this part of the world it is racism against a darker shade of their own skin colour and the most common, their economical status. And these assholes in the immigration was the worst I have ever seen. Screaming and shouting, and when there was a foreigner (Caucasian)it was all smiles and Aladdin's adventure at New Delhi, Indira Gandhi International airportlaughs. A Caucasian girl and they spend a motherfoocking half an hour laughing and blah-blah-bla.

I was jumping up and down, boarding of my flight started when I had been in the queue for an hour. I called one of the guys that looked like he was a Manager or something. He just ignored me and I started to half scream to the immigration guys from the queue.

I saw a few things that I had never seen before. The Indians passed with plenty paper work and one of the immigration ass holes ripped one guy's papers to millions of pieces and then he threw it back at the guy. It looked like he was standing in a snow storm.

They should have different immigration for Indians and foreigners so they could abuse the Indians without we having to see it. One guy coming up to the immigration got scolded because he had not signed his departure form. Turned out that he could not write. These people must have been the worst immigration people I have ever met. Screaming at all the Indians leaving the country, Aladdin's adventure at New Delhi, Indria Ghandi International airportof course, there was no screaming at the Indians looking like they had money. Then it was all smile.

The immigration guy dropped a giant inkpad in front of him and he had to put his finger print. I had 20 minutes before departure when I was finally through immigration and security. I made a quick stop at the tax free for some Indian snacks for my friends in Bangkok. And Indria Ghandi International was very different from when I was here 25 years ago. Back then it looked like the place was going to fall apart and now it was a huge terminal looking very good. But “very” big and I was trotting towards gate 9B with all my bags with snacks.

I was on my way down the terminal and gate 9B was very far away and I got desperate, Aladdin's adventure at New Delhi, Indira Gandhi International airportsoon departure and I really don't want to miss my flight.

One of those trucks you see transporting people around the airport was approaching and I stopped the truck.
- Gate 9B on the double!!
- Hop onboard!
We took off towards Gate 9B and we reached the gate and there was only one guy left to board the air craft. He came running towards me with his hand pointing towards me.
- How are you? He said shaking my hand
- How did you recognise me?
- Very easy to recognise you.

I thought that it was just another guy that was going to ask for money. I didn't have a clue who it was.
- How do you know me?
- I relieved you on Cassandra

He was going on the same flight as me to join Rita Maersk in Thailand. So now I know for sure that they don't like me at Maersk. I have tried to get on Rita since I joined Maersk and they Aladdin's adventure onboard Jet Airways flight 9W 0086 from Delhi to Suvarnabhumionly send people that don't want to join Rita.

There were plenty of empty seats on the flight so after take-off I went back to see my friend. He was sitting in his own row and I joined him.

And I knew from my flight to Bombay from Bangkok 2 weeks ago (even though I only had water) that they had Tiger beer onboard Jet Airways. So I asked for a can of Tiger when the Stewardess passed our row. Nice to have company on the flight and time turned very quick.
Aladdin's adventure onboard Jet Airways flight 9W 0086 from Delhi to Suvarnabhumi
Aladdin's adventure onboard Jet Airways flight 9W 0086 from Delhi to Suvarnabhumi
Returning empty cans and I get full cans in return

And of course, the Tiger beer helped to pass the time. But never mind the beer and company, it was very nice when the Pilot told us that we were approaching Suvarnabhumi Airport. I returned to Aladdin's adventure onboard Jet Airways flight 9W 0086 from Delhi to Suvarnabhumimy original seat, 10 D. And I could not help it, but I got a tiny bit upset when I saw the business class. Half full and they told me it was full in Chennai. Well, maybe they meant the Chennai to Delhi leg.

My friend didn't knew where he was going to stay, if he was going to spend the night in Bangkok he would come over to my place. Rita Maersk will not come in until tomorrow so he will have a night at a hotel, but where?

We will aske the Agent that will pick him up at the airport. And the Agent was at the gate and he would take my friend to a city outside Bangkok. I don't remember where it was, but the ship will Aladdin's adventure at Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkokarrive there tomorrow. We said good bye and I went to the immigration. What a difference from India, nice people and no one screaming and throwing papers at the passengers.

I booked a taxi while waiting for my luggage. They didn't have any TENAs so I had to go in a BMW. I don't like the BMW because of the armrest in the back. Last time I was riding a BMW I said never again. Very uncomfortable, with one buttock over the arm rest. But I had obviously lost some weight because now it was very comfortable. And I had bought 2 cans of Heineken for the ride.

I was of course looking for a San Miguel Light but 7 Eleven and Family Mart were closed due to Aladdin's adventure at 7 Eleven in Bangkoksome construction work at the airport.

I finished one can before we left the airport. I had booked a Nissan TENA but there were no Nissan TENA available so we had to take a BMW and while I waited for the paper work I had finished one of the beers.

And the second beer didn't lasted very long and I asked the driver to stop at 7 Eleven. And here they had San Miguel Light and things were back to normal in the back seat. Good music and Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNSan Miguel Light and I were in a good mood when we were approaching Bangkok. Asoke and then we were on Sukhumvit Soi 23 and my condo.

The security guard came running to help me with my bags, tax free bags and paper boxes and I was soon in my kitchen. And of course, there was a chip missing from my big elephant and the Ganesha had turned from the coolest thing in Bangkok to garbage. But my two brass Ganesha Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNwere OK. But I was disappointed with the big Ganesha. Very disappointed, I had really been looking forward to put this in my guestroom.

I unpacked my stuff and I grabbed a can of San Miguel Light and I was off to take a taxi to RCA. I have not been at RCA for a very long time and I had decided to go check out the place. There are always new placed open up and many places closing down so it is not recommended to open up a place at RCA, unless you have something very special.

I got out of my taxi and I walked down RCA and there was some reggae even at one of the places I Aladdin's adventure at RCA in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNused to go to. Redecorated so it was most likely new owners. I asked for a San Miguel Light and I have a chat with a Thai guy drinking beer in the bar.
Aladdin's adventure at RCA in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN

I had a bunch of San Miguel Light before I left the place and I walked to Route 66, but I left after 3 minutes, this place was packed with people and I crossed the street.

Block B or something like that, a place I had never seen before and I wanted to check it out. Turned out to be the last day they were open, the owner told me that he was closing down, he had spent a lot of money on the place and he was only losing money by the day.

Of course, he only had Singha beer. It was kind of OK with ice from a wine glass. So it will be interesting to see what they open here next. A new bar for a few months?
Aladdin's adventure at RCA in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN
No one is sitting down when we have Roffe Ruff blasting high

It was pretty late when I left RCA for Brick Bar on Khaosan Road a 20 to 30 minutes ride including Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNa stop at 7 Eleven for San Miguel San Miguel Light in BangkokLight.

Roffe Ruff on full blast while enjoying my San Miguel Light and time turned really quick and I was soon having a beer in front of me at The Brick Bar on Khaosan Road.

I think I had to drink Heineken, back in the days they had Tiger beer, but now I have to drink Heineken. Never mind, by now I would not have been able to taste the difference.

And I had just ordered the first beer when a guy started to scream ALADDIN. It was they guy I Aladdin's adventure at Brick Bar in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNhad met here a few months ago and I showed him the ZIPPO lighter Aladdin's adventure at Brick Bar in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNtrick. And now he came towards me with his lighter.

The Brick Bar was soon closing and the lighter guy was asking where to go. I told him about the place further down the road that was open all night and we went over there for a few beers. And of course, I don't know what time I was back home. But I know that Aladdin's adventure at 7 Eleven in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNI stopped at my local 7 Eleven on my way home. I don't have any hangover kit at home so I need to buy some stuff at 7 Eleven.

Strawberry milk and orange flavoured drinking yogurt will come in handy when I wake up tomorrow. So I Pringlesbought a big bag of dairy products and I walked back home.

And the set back, I found 4 tubes of Pringles when I came back home. I have no idea where the Pringles came from, but I'm pretty sure that the Month of December 2012 will start with a hangover. But let's SWING over to December 2012!

Jet Airways, never again! And at the end of 2013 U.S. FAA downgrades India aviation rating; Air India, Jet hit. So as I suspected already back in 2012, avoid Indian Airlines. Well, should realise this after just 15 minutes on a ordinary road in India. It the link to read one of many articles about the down grade of the Indian Aviation Industry.


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