January 2011

Saturday 1st of January 2011 and I woke up at 10 o'clock. And 2011 didn't start as I had been hoping for, I had a severe hangover.
Hangover, yes, what a surprise. I stayed in bed watching DVDs until 5 o'clock in the afternoon.
Hangover DVD in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN
My EX Teacher came over and we took off to Sukhumvit Soi 24 to have our dinner, Japanese food. Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNThere is a house next to Emporium department store and there is Japanese restaurants on every floor of the 4 or 5 floor.

And sadly enough no one of them are Yammy kitchen with Miss “Most beautiful in the world #1”

According to my friend the best restaurant is on the Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN3rd floor. But the restaurant turned out to be closed so we had to go look for another restaurant. After a wee bit of walking around we found a place. I asked if they had avocado and the waitress said no. So I Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNordered salmon sushi and I asked them to add sesame seeds.

By now my hangover had turned in to a full force 9,7 and I asked the waitress for hot sake. She came back a few minutes later.
- We don't have hot sake.
I decided to order a bottle of cold sake and what a disappointment, the hot sake is much better. But after 2 bottles of hot sake I felt better. The hangover was almost a goner.

We walked back towards Emporium because my friend wanted to see the Christmas decoration outside Emporium.
Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN
When we were at Emporium we decided to go watch a movie so the day pretty much ended as it started, watching a movie. Well, now it will be 3 or 4 weeks without any party, they will start decorate my bathroom next week so I need to keep an eye on things.

Sunday 2nd of January 2011
and I woke up at 12 o'clock. Nice, I needed a long sleep. I left for Foodland in the evening to buy Earl Grey tea, I have had drink Lipton Yellow Label the last few days and this is not what I call a good tasting tea.

When I came home I put my new tea in a jar and I left for my constitutional. Walking down Soi 23 and I heard someone calling Aladdin. It was one of the handymen at my condo drinking whiskey with my Electrician. I walked over and they offered me a whiskey soda and they would not take no for an answer. So I took a glass of soda with a few drops of whiskey, I really don't like whiskey.

The Electrician had done all the electric work in my condo when I redecorated it and he also use to come to change the filters in my drinking water tap. I asked if he had time to change my filters and he told me that he would come by my place tomorrow even though it is a holiday tomorrow.

I left for Ekkamai with a quick stop at Bei Otto to see if they had STROH rum, well, that turned out to be a disappointment. Well, something is going on in Bangkok again. I ran in to several RIOT CONTROL Polices along Sukhumvit.

Monday 3rd of January 2011
and this is the last day of holiday, nice, I can go back to school again and I hope that it will take a very long time before I will have to experience a Christmas and New Year holiday again.

Tuesday 4th of January 2011
and I was out of bed 20 minutes after 7 o'clock. I had my morning tea and tuna and I felt asleep again. When I finally made it to school they told me that they would not open until Monday the 10th of January.
Well, I got a constitutional out of my day at school when walking back to Foodland
Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN
Walking back and I passed a few beautiful girls taking pictures of each others at the Christmas tree. The trees will soon be gone, they have already started to remove the Christmas decoration. Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNGood, in Sweden it's hanging around until April.

Coming back home and I discovered that I had to go back to Home Pro at Ploen Chit to buy water hoses to my kitchen. I bought two hoses and one new water filter, I have a guy coming to change the 5 filters for my drinking water, but there is one more filter and I will change this by myself when changing the water hose.

I had just fixed the water hoses and the water filter and it was time to leave for my daily constitutional to Ekkamai. But first my Thai studies, I really have a hard time to find time for all this. And my phone rang when it was time to leave.

Well, I brought my mobile when I left and we talked all the way to Emporium department store. He was complaining about my web page.
- It's so hard to find my way around your page!
- What the are you saying?
I have an excellent easy to search folder on the left hand side, and additional to this there is an “Search my web page” on the right hand side at the bottom of each page. He tried while I was on the phone.
- No it is not working!
- What web browser are you using?
- Google Chrome.
OK, so when I came home I investigated and there is a very easy solution to the problem with Firefox and Chrome. I downloaded the adds-on IE Tab. In Chrome they call it an extension.

If we start with Firefox. Down load the adds-on IE-Tab and the IE-Tab icon should be visible in the
upper right corner of your Firefox web browser. Click on this icon and “Switch rendering engine” and all the folders and music should be working as I had planned for. You can always click on the icon here and you will get straight to the Firefox downloading page and you will have the IE-Tab adds-on in a jiff and my page will soon work as planned.

Chrome, pretty much the same thing. Icon placed in the upper right hand corner and it says “Click to see this page in an IE based tab” and now the Chrome users is able to use my folder search system and they will also be able to listen to some FUNKY music while browsing.
Same with here, if you are using Chrome click on the icon on the left hand side and you will get straight to Chrom's downloading page and you will have the IE-Tab extension in a jiff and my page will soon work as planned.

Luang and Leonardo, now I hope you get it right. As it is now it is only Marcus that gets it right and can stay updated with the latest German Hip Hop.

Well, 01:30 again and soon time to go to school so I have to dash off to bed.

And the 4th of January 2011 will go down the history books as the day P3 Hip Hop sent their last show after 10 years.
First show was broadcasted on the 7th of January 2001 and I have followed them since the start.

Wednesday 5th of January 2011
and I didn't got out of bed when my alarm went off at 8. I just turned off the alarm and I felt asleep again. I didn't fell asleep until 5 o'clock in the morning. Hmm, maybe not that wise to drink a big pot of tea at 10 o'clock in the evening when I'm coming home from my constitutional. OK, as you understand I missed my morning class, didn't get out of bed until 20 minutes past 10.

Well, I had plenty tea for my morning tea and tune before it was time to leave for my afternoon class. I made it to school a few minutes late, but I didn't disturb anyone coming in to the class room. I was alone and it was a pretty good day at school.

I got an e-mail from my friend, he had signed off his ship and he would get straight on the STROH rum in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNtask to get pictures of Miss “Most beautiful in the world #1” at Yammy Kitchen on 2a Långgatan in Göteborg/ Go:teborg. Well, I'm looking forward to this.
kom fan i mig inte dragandes med några 75or. 1 liters flaskor ska det vara eller i värsta fall 16st 75or!

But most important, he would buy STROH rum for me. 12 bottles of 60 or 80% STROH rum, well, he already told me that he had arranged the bottles so I was a wee bit flabbergasted when he wrote that he was going to Denmark to look for the STROH rum.
- What the , you told me that you already had the bottles!

Well, my French class mate called and asked if I wanted to go for a few drinks. But as I have people coming to look at my kitchen early tomorrow morning I said no. No party for the next few weeks, they will hopefully start with my bathroom on Monday. But I'm better off and I took my daily constitutional to Ekkamai. By now the people recognize me along my route.

Thursday 6th of January 2011
and as AUA doesn't opens until Monday I have a day off. Well, they will come and have a look at my Kitchen at 10 o'clock so I could not have left for school even though I was out of bed at 7 thirty. But it feels like I'm getting a cold so I'm better off staying home and I will hopefully feel good tomorrow.

They came 30 minutes early to look at my kitchen, yes, they never cease to surprise me in Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNThailand. When they were ready in my kitchen I went to my local 7 Eleven to buy some Tiffy cold relieves. Well, they only had paracetamol so I skipped Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNthe medicine. I can ask if they have Tiffy at the office back at the condo.

On my way back home I ran in to an old class mate, well, it was more like he was running in to me. I heard someone saying “Aladdin” just as I was turning off to my condo. I turned around and it was my Aladdin's adventure at Srinakharinwirot University in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNEX class mate. We had a chat before I left for the Management office in my condo to ask for Tiffy.

They didn't have any Tiffy at the office, but they had Decolgen and I popped two pills first thing and now I'm just waiting for my cold to disappear.

I was on my bed half asleep when my EX Teacher called. She asked if I wanted to come with her to the Srinakharinwirot University. Just close to my condo on Sukhumvit Soi 23. We decided to meet at Big Mama Italian Restaurant in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNSino Thai tower in 15 minutes. I didn't felt like leaving my bed due to my cold, but I can't loll around in bed all day long. And maybe it would do me good to come outside.
For sure, it would alleviate my boredom.

We took a walk to Srinakharinwirot University 5 minutes' away and we Big Mama Pizzeria in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNhad to go to two different offices before they managed to direct us to the right place. My EX Teacher is going to take her Master degree and I think it's the last week to apply.

To follow her to the university turned out to be a stupid idea. It was nice to come out and it was nice to meet my EX Teacher, but I felt like shit and I was not in my best mood.
And to make things worse, much worse, we went to Big Mama Pizzeria on Asok Road. F@ck f@ck f@ck!! My diet down the drain (AGAIN). Darn!
We were hungry and we decided to go home to me and arrange everything with the contractors coming on Monday to start with my bathroom before going for a pizza. And when I came home I suffered both from my cold and the agony of having eating a full salmon pizza. (+ cheese salmon bread and hot chocolate cake with ice cream) Impossible for this day to get any worse!

Hmm, the only good thing coming out from eating the salmon pizza was that I decided not to go buy salmon at SCAN DELI. SCAN DELI's salmon is so very good so I would have been eating a kilo of SCAN DELI's salmon every day. No, back to the tuna and onion diet!

Friday 7th of January 2011
and I was out of bed quarter of 8. My cold was much better so I decided to go to morning class today. I checked my e-mail while waiting for my tea. Lisen promised
Good morning e-mail
Nu har jag uppdaterat mej lite och det var bra att veta att du lever och att allt är som vanligt!

Jag använder Internet Explorer och jag har ALDRIG någonsin haft problem med att ladda ner eller hitta på din hemsida! Bara så att duvet de`!

Jag får tacka oxå för all reklam mina raggsockor har fått!!

Ska åtgälda det hela med ett besök på Yammy Kitchen snarast och fota nr1 åt dej! ska nog luska ut lite information om henne oxå!
me that
tänk om du hadde haft samma entusiasm och jäklar anamma
she would go to Yammy Kitchen to get me a few pictures and some info. Well, what can I say? I'm looking forward to pictures, info and the latest gossip from Yammy Kitchen. And when two girls comes together, who knows' how it will end?

Maybe they come up with the conclusion that Aladdin is the most handsome guy ever to have sat foot at Yammy kitchen in Göteborg.
- Hmm, maybe I'm better off to get a stand-by ticket to Go:teborg.

I was alone in morning class and class was mostly mischief and larking and I left 30 minutes earlier to get back home for my lunch tea and carrot.

I went back to school for my afternoon class. I discovered that I was alone with the Teacher for the afternoon class, but my class mates arrived half an hour later. Then our Teacher started all over again from where we had started at 1 o'clock and I got pissed off.

What the is this? I'm in time for the class and now I have to sit and listen to all this again. I left and I told them that they should not even think about charging me for the afternoon hours.

I went to Topz and I bought milk (non fat), carrots and onions and I went home for my tea and TUNA & ONION SURPRISE ®. I read my Thai books for a while before I left for my daily Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN(well, nightly) constitutional to Ekkamai.

I passed an accident on my way back from Ekkamai, one car had hit another car and the blocked 2 lanes on Sukhumvit while they called insurance companies. Correct me if I'm wrong, it might be my imagination. But I will remember seeing many more accidents a few years back. On Sukhumvit it was on a daily basis and back then no one stopped to call insurance companies. It was all “junkers” on the roads and no one cared if they got an additional dent on the car. They just waved at each other to Aladdin's adventure on Sukhumvit Road Soi 23 in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN“continue” on. But as the fleet of cars grew newer and more expensive they need someone to pay for the repairs.

Well, as I said, it might be my imagination. I stopped at 7 Eleven on my way home and I bought 2 bottles of diet drinks. Friday night and as I'm not wasting my time at a disco I can indulge on a diet drink. And I will wake up without any hangover tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it!

I was passing the roadside restaurant and I could hear someone calling “Aladdin”. It was the staff from my condo having a Friday night beer and they asked me to join them.
Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNAnd was I glad that I had bought my diet drinks? I could say no thanks while showing my diet drinks.
“I'm on diet” But I stayed for a chat before I continued back home.

I know that there are garbage collectors in Bangkok. Not making big money, but making money. They collect paper, plastic, metal and stuff. But I have never seen any recycling station so they have to go through the garbage and sort out the stuff. A grim job! I always sorted my Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNempty beer cans in bags by them self so it was easy for them to take the cans. I think they get 25 satang per can.

Yes, I even got lift with garbage collectors when we were going to Glow back in April 2010. What a waste, children collecting garbage instead of doing home work. And instead of growing up to future tax payers they will grow up to become hoodlums and prostitutes.
Well, anyway, when I came home there was a pick up outside my condo. They were collecting garbage sorting out plastic, glass and metal on the road side.

Right there and then I decided to start my own sorting station in my kitchen. Not only beer cans, I will have one bag for empty tuna and corn cans, plenty. One for plastic bottles. OK, I'm not really sure how they sort the garbage and I will have to ask at the condo office on Monday. Hopefully they know what kind of garbage they collect and how it works.

If I can find out what kind of stuff they want I will try to have all my garbage sorted out when the garbage leaves my apartment and the guys collecting the garbage don't have to crawl through the shit to find my empty tuna cans. Yes, we remember Aladdin's adventure in Greenpeace when he was saving the world onboard Rainbow Warrior back in 2006.

Saturday 8th of January 2011
and I spent my day in my condo. Yes, feeling great yesterday, Al Jazeerabut today my cold was sneaking back up on me. So I'm a wee bit worried about my evening constitutional.

So most of the day was spent in bed, well, I rewrote my page about
BBC World NewsM/T Tärnhav and I was back to bed. What to do? I checked my TV and I discovered that I had Al Jazeera. This was good news! When I bought my condo I checked if they had BBC CNNWorld. We had both BBC and CNN and back then I found myself liking BBC World the most. I didn't liked CNN, but now it is the opposite, BBC World, I have not liked them for several years now. Always the same “how to get BBC World news to you mobile phone” and bullshit. So I'm only watching CNN.

Well, I only watch TV when I have a hangover or as today when I'm having a cold so I watch CNN Aladdin's adventure with Al Jazeera in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNonce or twice a week. But today I discovered that we had Al Jazeera and they are better than CNN. Well, a combination of all 3 will take me a long way. But I get most of my news from radio or on line news papers.

Well, anyway, I saw a report at Al Jazeera from Bangkok and strangely enough, it was about a garbage collector. The day after me mentioned garbage collectors on my web page.

My friend called me at 5 o'clock, he was drinking beer and obviously he was hoping for me to join him. I don't know how we ended up talking about salmon, but when I hanged Aladdin's adventure at SCAN DELI in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNtaxi to SCAN DELI on Sukhumvit Soi 18 for some salmon.

I ordered a bottle of water and a plate of salmon at SCAN DELI. And the salmon was as usual very good.
But the salmon gravy didn't tasted as good as last time, but it might have been my cold.
Aladdin's adventure at SCAN DELI in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN

I don't know what happened, must have been a mistake. But I got a plate of what they call potato Aladdin's adventure at SCAN DELI in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNpancakes. In Skåne Flag of Skånewe call it Raggmunk and the Raggmunks disappeared like an aspirin. Delicious and hopefully I will be able to stay well clear of SCAN DELI in the future.

Short intervals between my setbacks now, the other day BIG Aladdin is eating TIFFY in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNMAMA Pizzeria and today SCAN DELI. But I haven't been at any disco drinking beer so I think I have managed to keep my diet on the right track this weekend.

When I was ready with my salmon and Raggmunk at SCAN DELI I walked Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNback home with a stop at the drug store to by TIFFY. And I stopped at my local 7 Eleven for some diet drinks before I went back home to my bed. I really didn't want to go for my evening constitutional. But as soon as my TIFFY kicked in I left for Ekkamai.

When I walked back up Sukhumvit Soi 23 two hours later I heard the Technician and my Electrician calling “Aladdin” and I crossed the street and I sat down at their table. They asked if I wanted whiskey but I said no thanks.
- I'm on diet.
I ordered a soda water and God, was I thirsty after my constitutional?

Sunday 9th of January 2011
and I woke up at 13:30. Darn! Sunday down the drain, and my cold didn't do much to improve my mood. The cold was better, but I could still feel that I wasn't 100% Aladdin. My water girl came to take care of my flowers and she looked at me.
- Are you sick?
- A wee bit.

I took a TIFFY and I felt better, I felt so good so I left for TOPS to buy some olive oil and oregano. Sunday and I was surprised to see that the Manager was at the office when I passed on my way to TOPS.

I decided to go inside to see if I could get some info about the garbage. They sell cardboard, metal and plastic. The truck comes every Friday to buy the garbage. Well, this was the truck I saw coming home from my constitutional Friday night. I'm not sure if they sort bottles and plastic bags in the same bag, but I will put all plastic in one bag.
- So I will put plastic, metal in separate bags? I asked
- Do you want to sell your garbage? The Manager asked.
- No no, but I want to sort my garbage in order to help the garbage people.

Well, I'm not sure that I got it right, I will ask again tomorrow. I left for TOPS and it was red light when I reached the zebra crossing at ASOK, 117 seconds to go. Waiting, well, I decided to go check out the dentist next to 7 Eleven in the Asok/ Soi 23 intersection. Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNBangkok smile, the place where the French couple went to make their tooth and they were happy with the place.

OK, the name Bangkok smile made me a wee bit hesitant about the place, sounds like they are qvacks. Well, I stepped in to the dentist and I booked a time for a check up and cleaning.

Well, did I come up with a master plan or not? I booked I time for Tuesday afternoon, but when I came back from TOPS I changed it to Saturday. Good, I have to stay home Friday night because I don't want to miss my dentist appointment. I left the dentist happy with my smart move and when I came around the last corner on the road to my condo I saw a
Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNpick up loaded with garbage. I got a wee bit puzzled, didn't they told me that they came on Fridays?

And as I didn't get out of bed until 13:30 the day passed very quickly and it was soon time to take my evening constitutional. I stopped at Villa Market to buy oregano, they only had small packs of oregano at TOPS and as I use plenty for my TUNA & ONION SURPRISE ® I need a JUMBO pack.

When I came to Ekkamai I remembered that I needed 23,000 Baht for the contractor when he comes tomorrow morning. But I had forgotten my VISA card. They won't start work until I have paid the first payment off 23,000 Baht. I already paid for the tiles and I need to pay 46,000 for the work. Started Friday night, I forgot my card. No problem, I can withdraw the Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNmoney tomorrow. Saturday comes and yet again I forgot to bring my card. No problem, I can withdraw the money tomorrow. And here I am in Ekkamai without my card. Well, I have to arrange for the cash when I'm back home.

7 ElevenI stopped at 7 Eleven for a bottle of water on my way home. When I came out I heard music on full blast. I looked over Sukhumvit and I saw Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNtrucks and pickups with home bound red shirts. There had been a protest during the day. (When I came home I heard on the radio that there had been 30,000 red shirts protesting)

I brought my VISA card and I went to the ATM at our local 7 Eleven. Motherf@cker! Only 100 Baht bills and I had to go to Siam Commercial at Asok. 5 minutes' walk, but I was wearing my flip flops and this is nothing I want to walk around town in. And they are not very comfy and people might think that I'm coming from a Beach guard convention. Yeah, exactly what I want!

I withdrew 20,000 Baht and they charge me 150 Baht for each withdraws. I heard the ATM goes prr prr and I thought that this was a quick machine. But I only got 2000 Baht so obviously I had forgot a 0 on the 20k. Darn! 150 Baht down the drain, enough to keep me going for one day with TUNA & ONION SURPRISE ®.
So I had to make an additional withdraw and this time I made sure I entered 4 zeros and I could return home prepared for the contractor tomorrow morning.

My brother is in America and I had asked him to buy the book “Don't Tell Mom I Work on the Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNRigs: She Thinks I'm a Piano Player in a Whorehouse” for me. It was recommended to me in Manila and I had no luck to find the book neither in Manila nor in FUNKY TOWN. Well, anyway, my brother sent me an e-mail with amazonthe link to amazon.com. “You can order from amazon, or do you want me to order the book for you?”

I decided to try amazon and 2 minutes later I got an confirmation e-mail that I had ordered the book “Don't Tell Mom I Work on the Rigs: She Thinks I'm a Piano Player in a Whorehouse”

OK, now we have to see if they manage to get the book to me, should not be any problem if they just stay well clear of DHL. My parcel from DHL is a never ending story.

Monday 10th of January 2011
and I was out of bed at 8 o'clock. A shower and I went to have my Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNmorning tea and TUNA & ONION SURPRISE ® while waiting for the people to come start work with my bathroom.

They arrived around 10 o'clock and the guy told me that the Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNcondo Manager wanted to talk with me before his worker was allowed up to my condo.

Darn! I was not in a very good mood. SET plunged when they opened at 10 o'clock so when they knocked on my door 2 minutes later I was a wee bit irritated. We went down to the office and I needed permission to redecorate my condo. It would take 3 days to get the permission and my mood went from bad to very bad.
Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN - What the
I got my permission in 2 seconds. They wanted 30,000 Baht as a security in case something got destroyed on the building. But the Manager told me Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNthat we were good friends so I didn't needed to pay the 30,000.

She was afraid that I wouldn't get my money back because the committee had started to complain about my balconies. They want me to remove my wooden doors and tiles and I told the Manager that I got permission for this when I Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNbought the condominium. She told me that she knew and I told her to tell the committee to “f@ck off”.

She agreed with me and I returned to my condo. I could hear them knocking down stones in my bathroom all the way down to the parking lot.

Well, suddenly the clock was quarter to 1 and I decided to go to school for a few hours while they were working in my bathroom. I had cleaned my other bathroom yesterday night so the bathroom was ready for me to take a shower.
And of course, when I left for school I brought my garbage to the garbage room.

And today will go down my history book as the first day a bag of sorted garbage left my condo. OK, I have had several bags of beer cans leaving my apartment. But that was because I handed over the bags to the staff. But now it's a different story. A dawn of a new garbage handling era with me sorting my garbage, what about you?

Hmm, they will make more money the more beer I drink and the more tuna I eat. I can drink beer and feel good about it, but does it help to alleviate my hangover? I don't know, but I might be on to something here.

So maybe, I say maybe, I was making a tit out of myself when I was in Istanbul with Greenpeace. Aladdin's adventure onboard Rainbow WarriorWe had a couple of good days in Istanbul with parties and on the last night they were sitting drinking beer on the jetty.

I was surprised to discover how many aluminium beer cans they used when I joined Greenpeace's Rainbow Warrior in Singapore. Well, anyway, last night in Istanbul and the jetty were full of empty beer cans. I told them that I thought this Aladdin's adventure onboard Rainbow Warriorwas what Greenpeace wanted to stop. I asked why they didn't recycled all the beer cans they had been used.
- No problem, the homeless people living in the park will be grateful when they discover all the empty cans.
- So we can feel good about ourselves? I asked.

Well, no matter what we do (almost), there is always a way to Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN“BUY” a clear conscience. Literally, shit turns to gold.

And I see more and more garbage collectors on the streets of Bangkok. I can't remember ever seen so many collectors before. Maybe due to that I never thought about it before. But my guess is that the garbage has turned expensive, 10 years ago no one gave a shit. But as they pay more and more for the garbage more people are starting to collect it. Good!

I spent 2 hours in school, I skipped last hour. When I came Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNback home they had almost removed all the stones from my bathroom and I hope they will be ready tomorrow so we can get started with putting up the new tiles.

At 5 o'clock the guy came to change my water filters and when he left I made my evening tea and tuna.

I don't understand where the days disappear. When I finished my tea and tuna it was time for my evening constitutional. Well, I read a little Thai first. But this day disappeared very quickly and that's even though I got out of bed 8 o'clock this morning.
They will start work at 9 o'clock tomorrow morning and that means any time between 9 and 11. But I will have to get out of bed at 8.

Tuesday 11th of January 2011
and I woke up 23 minutes past 6 o'clock even though I didn't felt a Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNsleep until 3 o'clock. So I had plenty time for my tea and tuna before the contractor is coming.

I went for a shower at 9 and though I have to use my other bathroom I passed my entrance door. I could hear voices outside and I looked through my spy hole.
The workers were sitting outside my door.

Impressive, for sure a bit difference from the people I had to work in my condo 10 years ago. I opened the door and I showed them my door bell. And they told me that they had already used the door bell.
- Hmm, maybe my music had been a wee bit high during the early morning hours.

They had removed all my old stones in time for lunch and they will spend the afternoon filling out Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNall the holes and smoothing out the walls during the afternoon.

Boonthavorn told me that the new tiles would have been delivered yesterday, but no signs of the tiles. The contractor told me that they would deliver them in 7 days.
- What the
I called the girl at Boonthavorn and she didn't spoke a word of English. I was talking with I don't know how many girls and the trick seems to be to talk as quick and loud you can. I only understood Aladdin. Yeah, I must have made an impression when I bought my tiles because they remembered my name.
- Aladdin, mii phaanhaa
I told her that I didn't want to hear a word about problem. My bathroom needs to be ready next week so I can't wait for my tiles.
- Prung nii, thoon chau
OK, that's the spirit. Tomorrow morning and the contractor told me that they would be ready in 5 days. Hopefully!
The workers are very good and I can recommend Boonthavorn if you need to do some work including tiles. They were the ones putting in my marble floor in my bathroom a few years ago. I will keep the marble floor, but I will change to stones for tiles. Easier to clean and as it was natural stone it was impossible to wash of the grey stuff. They told me it was something growing in the stone.

And is the stuff growing in the stones something I'm allergic to? I always fill up a hanky or two with stuff coming out of my nose and eyes in my bed room. Only in my bed room, but yesterday there was no problem and as they had removed most of the stones I think that this is what have caused to problem.

I remember Sue, she dragged me to Bumrungrad hospital to make an allergy test on me. I was always sneezing in the bedroom, and this was the only place so something was wrong. They stuck me with hundred different needles with different stuff on them. The Doctor told me that I was allergic to mites. Well, I doubt it, my nose is only running in my bed room.

Well, except last time coming to Subic Bay. I opened the door to my hotel room and it was like walking in to a wall. My nose and eyes were running like never before, I could not even see and I had to leave the room.

Redecoration and I have to sit home. OK, I can dash of for school for an hour or two. But even though it good guys working in my bathroom I need to keep an eye on things. They were bringing
du känner ju till vagnen mycket väl!
100 kg of cement on a small cart and if I hadn't been home stopping Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNthem they would have rolled the cement on the cart, all the way through my apartment destroying the wood floor from the entrance door to my bathroom.
Yes, I can imagine how happy I would have been coming home discovering this.

The work in my bathroom proceeds according to plan, at Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNleast I think so. I'm checking up on them every now and then.

Otherwise there is nothing much for me to kill my days with. I'm staying in my computer room “ office ” trying to keep myself busy with very important stuff. Checking for music and reading the news. I also rewrite my old Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNweb pages. And of course, sorting my garbage and cleaning empty tuna and corn cans and stuff.

Yes, my life has really turned in to one big ADVENTURE since they started the work in my bathroom.

When the workers left I started to study my Thai and when I had done half of it I took a brisk walk to TOPS on Soi 19 to buy tuna and milk (non fat)

Takes me a few minutes' to walk over there and I grabbed a big bottle of milk (non fat) first thing when I came to TOPS.

I was looking for the tuna and when I found the aisle SEALECT tunaI started to look for my favourite tuna, SEALECT tuna sandwich in brine.
Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN - And what the ??!!
They had placed Snickers among the tuna cans. Who come up with something like that? Luckily enough I have self discipline or I would have bought a few Snickers bars.

I found the pink can and I was just about to grab a bunch when I discovered TOPS own brand. TOPS tuna in brine at 32 Baht per can
Dear Madame/ Sir
I'm on diet and I only eat tuna, 4 to 5 can per day. Your Tuna Sandwich in brine is my choice. Excellent tuna and I pay 29 baht per can.

I'm just back from TOPS after buying my daily tuna and this time I didn't bought your brand. I found that TOPS have a tuna in brine for 32 baht per can. The difference except the hefty price tag on the TOPS can is that TOPS neither have a plastic cover nor any paper cover on their can.

And as I'm thinking about our future, maybe you have children or grand children so it might be advisable for you to do the same in order to avoid questions from future grand children. "Grandma & Grandpa! How could the humans destroy our planet by wasting so much of our natural resource on straws, flashing Father Christmas caps and extra paper and plastic wrappings on the tuna cans?

I wish you could give up the plastic and paper cover on your tuna cans so I can go back to buy my favourite tuna, your SEALECT tuna in brine.

I will save approx 12 to 15 Baht per day and you will save even more.

Best regards
instead of SEALECT's tuna for 29 Baht per can.

Of course, I bought TOPS own brand. SEALECT has a plastic cover and then yet another paper cover on their can and this is too much extra garbage for me so if TOPS don't have all the extra plastic and papers on their cans I will buy their cans from now on.

And of course, since I don't have very much else to do I sent the Thai Union Group a message via their web page when I came back home. Would be nice if you could do the same and send Thai union group a message from their web page. And maybe, I say MAYBE, we can get Thai Union Group to stop with the stupid extra paper and plastic.
My next project is to get a worldwide ban on straws, millions of plastic straws wasted for nothing, everyday. Jaja Jesus, där kom dom gamla sugrören med på ett hörn!
Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN
Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN
Well, 3 baht is a cheap price to pay if we can prevent this paper and plastic to end up in Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNmother nature. Well, when I was finished with my message to the Thai Union Group I returned to my bed and I read the last half of my Thai book before I left for my evening constitutional.

7 Eleven in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNI stopped at 7 Eleven when I came back to Soi 23 from Ekkamai. I bought 4 diet drinks and of course they tried to give me straws.
Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN - Hmm, I wonder how many straws 7 Eleven hands out in one day.
Of course, I told her to keep the straws. There were 4 people selling lottery tickets outside 7 Eleven and my friend and I had been talking about the lottery before I left for my constitutional.

He told me that he used to play on the lottery.
- It's very fun, you should try it!
- I never have any luck.

OK, what are they using to say? Unlucky at cards, lucky in love. So hmm, unlucky in love, lucky in cards. Well, that would mean that all the ugly people (unlucky in love) would be lottery millionaires. Right?

Well, anyway, my friend is serious with his lottery. He spent time with a fortune-teller to find out the lucky numbers. Yes, they are Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNcrazy about their fortune-tellers here in Thailand. He told me that he had bought 4 lottery tickets and the vendor had told him that he had picked VERY lucky numbers.
- Where the do they come up with this crap?

When I spotted the lottery ticket vendors I decided to buy a few tickets. But I didn't have any money, but luckily enough there was an ATM at 7 Eleven. 4 vendors so I decided to buy 4 lottery tickets, one ticket from each one of them.

I told them that I wanted 4 lottery tickets, one from each one of them. They looked puzzled.
- What number do you want?
- Never mind?
They just gaped at me. Obviously this was not the way to play lottery around here. I guess they Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNare used to people taking hours to select the lucky number, feeling on the ticket and consulting the by now well known fortune-teller.

Well, I told them that it was never mind what number they gave me.
- Just hurry up! I'm in a hurry!

Yeah, maybe they were screaming of laughter when I left.
- Look at the twat! He will never win on those numbers.

I took my lottery tickets and I walked the last few hundred meters back home. I did my laundry and I wrote a few words on my web page while I was waiting for the laundry.
I need to take a shower and get to bed. They will continue with my bathroom tomorrow morning and I need to be full of vim. Another day just sitting home, boring. I will hopefully be able to sneak away to school for a few hours.

Wednesday 12th of January 2011
and my alarm went off at 8 but I didn't get out of bed until 30 minutes later. The workers arrived 5 minutes before 9 o'clock and they got right on the work. Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNWe're still waiting for the tiles. Should have been here at 9 but didn't arrived until 9 thirty. Very good for being Thailand, and honestly, they might have been here at 9 and it took them 30 minutes to get the tiles to my apartment.

Well, they delivered three out of the 4 different tiles that I had ordered. But they would deliver the other tiles ASAP. But the missing tiles are important and there are only 2 walls that can be completed without them.
They will call from Boonthavorn when the other tiles are ready. OK, they missed some tiles. If this would have been 10 years ago I would have been worried. Yes, you should have seen some of the people working in my condo back then.

This people seems to be professional, of course, if you work for Boonthavorn you need to know your Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNway around a bathroom.

It was a different story 10 years ago. Took me 4 or 5 years before I could move in to my condo and I had had 11 or 12 different contractors. Yes, I still wake up in the middle of the night in cold sweat thinking of it.

I had asked my first contractor, several times, to get the door to my computer room in place so I could but my stuff in there. Yes, several things went missing and I wanted to be able to have a door that I could lock. I was nagging about the door and one day the boss came to me.
- Aladdin! Aladdin! Come her look!
Yes, I will never forget this day. I had spent a lot of money buying all the stuff for my condo in Sweden and, well, stupid me, I had expected European standard on the job. This was the reason for me to hire a guy from Finland to do the job. A big mistake.

Well, the boss had proud in is voice when he called me so I followed him. He and a carpenter Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNpointed at the door to my computer room. They looked very proud when they said that the door was ready.

I looked at the door and I looked at these two useless motherf@ckers and I just lost it. I felt on the floor crying of laughter.
- What the is that?
Well, anyway, right there and then I decided not to spend any extra cent on my condo. I bought handmade light switches from Skåne and Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNthey were between 4000 and 5000 baht each. I could as well have Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNbought switches for 20 Baht at HomePro.

The wood work was, well, what to say. We did better carpentry back in school when we were 10 years old.

Motherf@cker, what a bunch of useless nitwits. Anyone would be able to their job better, just to put up the wood skirting and fill it up Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNwith putty. I learnt one thing, if you ever going to do a job, hire a Thai company. I was lucky to find two good Thai contractors and they could finish the job for me. No more foreigners and Pattaya beach boys and I could finish my condo.

I remember this time in horror and I was really in a bad mood all the time back then. I even had to leave Thailand, I just could not stand it for more than a month or so. I put my friend in charge and he called me in Sweden after just a few days.
- I can't sleep! They are f@cking useless!
- OK, kick them out of the condo and we try to find another contractor.

I had one guy, he told me that he would finish my bathroom in 2 weeks. He would also install one door. It took him 2 weeks to install the door, I could not believe my eyes.
- When are you going to start with the bathroom?
- We have plenty time.
Of course, 2 guys sitting and drinking beer and smoking so they managed to install the door in 2 weeks then I asked them to f@ck off. Nothing ever happened in the bathroom even though I asked him every day when I was going to start.
- You know, we're running out of time if you should finish in 2 weeks!
Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN- No problem, we have plenty time!

So it is very nice to see the professionals from Boonthavorn in action. And my mood improved when I saw my new tiles. Yes, COTTO tiles at ASOK really destroyed my dream of a nice bathroom. After a few weeks they told me that my tiles were not available. My EX Teacher told me that it was because they were too expensive and no one bought them and they are not making them anymore.

So as I already had had the guy to measure my bathroom I could only order new tiles in the same size so I was at least to say limited. But when they started to put up Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNthe tiles I really grew to like them.

Well, home improvements is really like when I was sick back in the days and I had to stay home from school. Really boring, but my EX Teacher called and she asked if she could come visit me tomorrow.
- You are very welcome!

If I only had had some pictures from Yammy kitchen in Go:teborg to look at. I had expected pictures to start arriving by e-mail by now. But so far ZIP, what a disappointment.

Monday 14th of September 2009 and when I came home from school there was a parcel for me at the office.
- It was too big to put in your post box, the girl at the office told me.

It was a shopping bag from Bangkok Bank and Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNwhen a bank gives away something you know they have over charged you for something. Well, anyway, I always use the bag when I go shopping, but now I can't find it.

When I came back home from school, yes, I managed to Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNget away for almost 2 hours during the afternoon.

Well, anyway, there was a parcel for me on my livingroom table. A Christmas gift? Well, I ripped open the gift and what a pleasant surprise.

A shopping bag! Just what I have been looking for. I can't
Det var ju en hygglig överraskning. Den ska invigas å d snaraste!
find my Bangkok Bank bag and I have looked for a new shopping bag the last few weeks.
Where to find a new shopping bag in Bangkok, I have no clue. I have not found any at Foodland.
But now there is no need to look any more.
Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN
Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN
When I had put the bag at my entrance door, (making sure I don't forget it when I go shopping)
Dear Mr. Aladdin,
Thank you for your suggestion.
Give up to use the plastic caps and the papers cover on cans, it would be another way to reduce waste on Earth. We think that a good idea which safe our earth and save packaging cost too. we are very agree with you.

However, in Thailand market is difference from Western market. Thai people consume tuna less than Western people. Most of them use tuna to cook or prepare meal one can in 2 -3 times and the plastic cap cover on can will help them to protect and keep the exits tuna to use in the next time. But Thai people usually consume mackerel and sardine a can/time. So we needn't use plastic cap or paper cover on canned sardine and canned mackerel as canned tuna.

Moreover, plastic cap also can help anti-dust on cap when the products are placed in stores. It helps the products to be more safety and more clean than the products without plastic cap.

We hope that you would understand our reasons and "Sealect tuna" is still the best choice for you with good quality and good price.

If you have any inquiries, please kindly do not hesitate to let us know.

Respectfully yours,
T. Alisa
Brand Manager of Sealect tuna
T-holding Co., Ltd.
I checked my e-mail. I had received an reply from SEALECT. And it was not the good news that I had been hoping for.

I can't understand the reason that the plastic and paper cover “help anti-dust on cap when the products are placed in stores. It helps the products to be more safety and more clean than the products without plastic cap”. Does the can leak so the dust and whatever they are afraid of that can enter the can?

Well, according to all the latest sciences my choice of lifestyle should have killed me a long time ago and I'm already living on overtime. So I will take my chance with TOPS tuna in brine without all the extra (protective) plastic and papers. And to inspire you all I will tell you a story from Sweden. It is hard with the time, was it 15 years ago? Or was it 20 years ago?

I don't know, but back then the tube of toothpaste was in a cardboard container. A container to Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNstore a container, what a waste! So the consumers started to take out the toothpaste tube from the cardboard container leaving the container behind on the shelf.

Didn't take long before they stopped with the cardboard containers. And I think it is forbidden with excessive packing in Europe by now and I'm recalling, I think it was M&S in Britain that was fined for using too much packing not long ago.

And as they wrote from SEALECT, in Thailand market is difference from Western market. Yes, I know and every time I pass a canal in Bangkok or when I go to the country Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNside I'm reminded of where the plastic cap and the extra paper top ends up.

The workers left me all by lonesome at 5 o'clock and I could start reading my Thai. Nice to have finished the Thai studies before going for my evening constitutional.

Otherwise I have to do it when I'm back home from my constitutional at 10 o'clock. But at 10 o'clock in the evening after 2 hours of “kick ass” constitutional I just want to relax with a diet drink, without the agony of having to read my Thai book before going to sleep. Better to relax and enjoy the last hour of the day before falling asleep.

When I started to read my book I remembered that I had not been eating since breakfast and Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNI was hungry. I put down my book and I dashed off to the kitchen and made tea and a TUNA & ONION SURPRISE ®. I finished my evening tea and I dashed off back to my bed and Thai book.

I finished reading my Thai book and I took off to Ekkamai by foot. Walking Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNevery night and I will hopefully soon look good.

I stopped at 7 Eleven on the way back home. I bought 2 diet drinks and as I had planned to give up the diet drinks I never brought my new shopping bag. Well, a last minute change and I had to carry the bottles in my hand.

I have not been sleeping many hours the last few nights so I took a shower and got right to bed when I came home. The workers will knock on my door early tomorrow morning.

Thursday 13th of January 2011
and I was dead tired when my alarm went of at 8 o'clock. Third night with no sleep. I didn't felt a sleep until 4 o'clock in the morning.

I will have to stop drinking the diet drinks when I'm coming back home from my constitutional. Must be all the caffeine keeping me awake for hours. I go to bed and I read my Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNbook for a while, turn off the light and try to sleep. Reading again and so it went on until 4 or 5 o'clock in the morning. So when my alarm goes off at 8 I'm dead tired.

The workers arrived 10 minutes before 9 o'clock, in the middle of my morning tea. Yes, this is a totally new experience for me in Thailand. They started the work and I took off to my local 7 Eleven for some diet drinks.

I brought two bags of garbage to the garbage room and the Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNStaff was very happy that I had sorted the plastic for them. No need for them to go through my garbage.

I'm looking forward to yet another day sitting home doing nothing but watching the progress in my bathroom. It's nice to see professionals in work. A spirit level, can't remember ever seen that tool in use around here. Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNYes, we have my door as an example of what's happening when not using to proper tools.

- Hmm, thinking of it, back in the days the Pattaya beach boy sent one guy looking like a professional.

I was in shock when I saw him. A guy wearing a tool belt! We're going to kick ass today! They were installing 3 doors, solid Teak and they represented a little bit of value. Mr. “Tool Belt” started right away preparing the doors for the hinges.

I came back after a while and I was almost soiling myself when I saw the guy in work, he had destroyed the first door and when he was finished destroying the second door he said:
- Gin Khao!
And he left for lunch. I couldn't believe my eyes. It had taken him several hours to f@ck up 2 Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNdoors instead of what would have been a 1 hour job to prepare the doors properly. The owner came to check on the progress during the lunch break.
- You are not making any money from this job. You must be losing money?
- Why?
I showed him the doors and he got angry. He removed the doors and he had to order new teak doors. I never saw Mr. “Tool Belt” again.

My EX Teacher arrived in the afternoon, just stepped right in. Not using the door bell or knocking. Yes, if it wasn't for the workers going in and out I would have had the door locked.

She asked if I wanted to join them for lunch tomorrow. I told her that I didn't know because of the work in my bathroom. I asked why they were going to eat lunch tomorrow.
- It is my birth day
I knew she has her birthday the 14th of January, but I had no idea that it was tomorrow. It was like it was New Year's Eve yesterday, time is for sure running quick. I made mental note to buy a birthday gift when I'm on my constitutional.

I had a new idea for my bath room design and I asked my EX Teacher what she thought. She agreed with me so I had the boss of the workers to calculate how Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNmany tiles I needed to order to get the new design. We called Boonthavorn girl in charge for my tiles had her day off. So when the workers went home at 5 I took a taxi to Boonthavorn to order the tiles. We need to make sure we have them within a few days or it will be too late.

There was another girl working today, I didn't recognise her, but she knew me.
- Aladdin, are you here to ask about your tiles?

She told me that the tiles I wanted were on a waiting Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNlist. One week, but she told me that she would try to arrange them for Wednesday. She will call me tomorrow morning and we will talk with the workers and if it is too late I had some back up tiles that I would order instead. So I was in a good mood when I took a taxi back home.

It was almost 8 o'clock when I came back home, late for my constitutional so I skipped my Thai books and I grabbed my new shopping bag and I took off.

I made a stop at Emporium to buy a birth day gift, but what Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNto buy? I was walking around when I saw a beautiful girl. I followed her and it turned out that she was looking for a gift as well. So of course, I had her to give me tip on what to bay. They thought it was a wee bit strange when I was taking pictures of my new shopping bag all the time.

The sales girl asked me if I took pictures of the bag or of her.
- I take pictures of the bag
- If you take pictures of me you have to tell me so I can smile!

I bought my gift and I left for Ekkamai. Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNAnd of course, when I reached Ekkamai I took a picture of the shopping bag. People passing me on the street looked strangely at me. But who cares?

At Ekkamai I turned around and I walked back home again. I Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNstopped for 2 diet drinks at 7 Eleven even though I had given up drinking diet drinks.

Two bottles of diet drinks and I returned home to a shower. And even though I had 2 diet drinks I hope I can fall asleep tonight. Tomorrow will be a busy day with lunch and we have to arrange for the new tiles.

And hopefully I will have the time to go to school for an hour or two. Friday again and this week disappeared very quick and I really wish for the next week to be as quick and that they guys will finish my bathroom on Thursday next week so life can go back to normal around here.

Friday 14th of January 2011
and I managed to feel asleep at 2 o'clock (only 1 and a half bottle of diet drink after my constitutional) so I had 6 hours of sleep when my alarm went off. Not enough Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNsleep, but better than 4 hours.

Well, after my GOOD MORNING tuna and tea I felt full of vim and I was ready to take on the day. My workers arrived at 9 o'clock and my EX Teacher arrived 30 minutes' later. My EX Teacher helped me arranging the new tiles and as it looks we can get them on Monday.

They had found tiles for us in Rangsit and my workers would buy the tiles for me tonight. Good, now I don't have to think about tiles anymore and I can relax with the bath room stuff.

Friday night and party? No, I have an appointment with my Dentist tomorrow so I will stay home tonight making sure I'm not missing the Dentist tomorrow. OK, it is Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNnot until 13:30, but I can imagine coming there with a rampant hangover.

We took off to Robinsons to meet our friends for the lunch. My EX Teacher had booked a table at the Japanese restaurant on Soi 19. Yes, last time I was there me and my Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNfriend spent 5000 Baht drinking hot sake not too long ago so I was not very comfortable to go there again.

Of course, as this is Thailand everyone was late. Actually only one guy came to meet us at Robinson and we left for the Japanese restaurant and the other would come there. I explained for them how to get there, walk up Soi 19 for hundred meters. You will pass a Family Mart on you left hand side and the Japanese restaurant is next to the Family Mart.

We ordered our food and the first girl arrived and a few minutes later the Indonesian Doctor called. She asked for the way and I tried to explain. I never Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNliked talking on mobile phone and there was echoes and noise on the line so she was not 100% sure where the place was.
- It's better if you stand outside the restaurant when I'm coming.

She parked her car at Robinson and she came walking up Soi 19 and obviously I must be much bigger than her. She spotted me from quite a distance and she started to run towards me while waving her hands. OK, I had forgotten my glasses, so I didn't recognise her until she smacked a kiss on my cheek
Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN
We had a good time and it was nice to meet my old class mates from school. I had not seen them for quite a while. And of course, my EX Teacher told them about the Christmas party. And I was blamed for everything that went wrong.

One of the Teachers ended up spending the night on the hospital. And who got blamed for that? Aladdin! I had a bottle of vodka and I poured her glass and said cheers. For a few times and she got the concrete hat on and had to spend the night under OBSERVATION at the hospital. My fault? I don't think so, she is well over 18.

The Staff had called one of my Teachers 4 o'clock in the morning. They didn't manage to wake Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNme up and they found her number in my phone.
- Do you know Aladdin?
- Yes
- He is sleeping and we're closing now.
- Put him in a taxi.

They did and as you understand the taxi driver didn't knew where I lived. So she had to guide the taxi driver to my condo. And as my friend said during the lunch:
- Then he had to drive the taxi in to the elevator and up to Aladdin's condo and pour him out on the floor.

Well, we finished lunch and I returned home to check on the progress in my bathroom. They had started with the black mosaic and I was quite happy with the result. Can't wait until Monday when the other tiles arrive. They are Johnny Walker Black Label in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNout of stock so they had to take my tiles from an order that was going for export.

When the workers left I gave them a bottle of Johnny Walker Black Label and I told them to enjoy the weekend. When the workers had left I enjoyed Lord Finesse (The Funky Technician) on full blast and my friend called a few minutes' later.
Marcus, a little Funky Technician for you while you're rolling around on a roaring Atlantic Ocean on the way back to FUNKY TOWN
Remember! It has to be on full blast

- Come have a beer!
- No, I'm going to the Dentist tomorrow
- Not very smart to book the Dentist on a Saturday
- Why do you think I booked time for Saturday?
- Who is the man now?

Yes, Friday night was spent walking to Ekkamai, good, I will feel good at the Dentist tomorrow. But I was not pleased with the e-mail from Lisen. She had been at Yammy Kitchen trying to get pictures and information for me. But Miss “Most beautiful in the world #1” was not working. She would give it another try.

That's the spirit, Lisen!
OK, we have managed to blow yet another page out of proportion and we need to change to PART 2 of January 2011 so hang on!


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