November 2010

Thursday 25th of November 2010 and I entered Thai Airways lounge.
Thai lounge in Manila- You're back!
- What!?
- Yeah, we remember you from last time
- Why?
I mean, it was 6 or 7 months ago and here must have been Thai lounge in Manilathousands of passengers passing through this lounge since I was here back in April. Well, at least it is not raining in today. Last time people had to leave the lounge because of the rain. Hmm, maybe a shower would do me good. It's a very small lounge and it is getting crowded. But the girl in the check in blocked the seat next to me so I will have 2 seats by myself. Of course, if business gets full I will have someone next to me.

But by then I will be slightly tipsy so never mind. I'm in the lounge drinking San Miguel Light Heineken with ice on Thai Airways flight TG 625like there is no tomorrow, never now when I will get a San Mig Light (The original) next time.

The Filipino Superstar came in to the lounge a few minutes after me. And of course, she wanted to sit close to me and she was eyeballing me all the time (By then I was a wee bit tipsy so it might have been my imagination)

Well, must have been a big relief for here to get in to the lounge, no one knew her and she was left alone. Now I only wished that she could leave me alone.

Must have been a hell out there in the departure hall, all the Filipinos wanting a picture together with her and an autograph. They didn't leave her alone and I can imagine being in her shoes. And then with a hangover and I would have preferred to jump in front of a jeepney.

The flight was OK, if it hadn't been for the Filipino superstar eyeballing me, undressing me Arriving to Bangkok International Suvarnabhumi Airportwith here glimpses during the flight.

OK, might have been my imagination. By now I was a little more than tipsy, of course, they didn't have any San Miguel light on the flight.
- We have Heineken, Singha and Beer Chang.
- Can I please have a Heineken with ice.
- No problem.

When we arrived to Bangkok International Suvarnabhumi Airport we had to take a bus from the aircraft to the terminal.
- What the
Yes, buses on the airport are the worst, hmm, maybe not at Bangkok International Suvarnabhumi Airport. Arriving with the bus and they drop you at the Immigration and as it is a big airport you have to trot for hours when arriving to a gate. But not as bad as Brussels airport. At Brussels airport it's like you are checking Arriving to Bangkok International Suvarnabhumi Airport and plenty people at the immigrationin at one side of the city and then you have to walk through a tunnel to the other side of the city.

Immigration, millions of people and of course, the Pilipino superstar chose to wait behind me. Is it love?

I got my bag and I booked a car to Sukhumvit Soi 23. We stopped at 7 Eleven for some hangover milk and we took off leaving the airport behind.

I left my bags in my apartment while the driver was waiting and we took off Thonglor Soi 10towards Thonglor after 10 minutes.

We passed MUSE, where we had been thrown out last time. Well, we decided never to go there again. I was heading for FUNKY VILLA and I could not see the place from the street. They had built a big Japanese restaurant in front of the parking place. You leave town for a while and it's impossible to recognise the place when you come back.

They asked for ID when I entered FUNKY VILLA and then one of the security guys recognised me. Yes, I have been here more than one time.
- YO!
Yes, they still remembers me from when I was here with my sleeping friend a year or two ago. They were always coming to look for me.
- Khun Aladdin, your friend...
And they were always happy when I came to help them with my friend so it has been VIP treatment ever since.
- Hmm, who could ever think that my misbehaving friend should turn out to be an assistance.

I had to pay the 100 Baht and they told me to get Federbräu beers at the outdoor bar.
MTV Federventure Party- Included in the entrance fee
- Federbräu? Then I prefer to throw myself in front of a bus
I went inside and it turned out to be a MTV Federventure Party and they only had Federbräu beers.

Federbräu beer is, well, how to say it? Coming from Manila and San Miguel Light and now this. OK, I asked for buckets of ice to my beers. And the fact that MTV was at the place filming and interviewing people didn't make the beer taste any better. I was busy avoiding the camera all the time. But darn! There were beautiful women at the place. But they didn't give a rat's ass about me, only about my baseball cap. But at least my glasses were left alone.

Friday 26th of November 2010
and I didn't got out of bed until almost 6 o'clock (In the evening). I The Face, Bangkokwas going to meet my friend at The Face at eighteen thirty for dinner.

I left at 6 o'clock and not a taxi around. I was waiting at the intersection for 5 minutes when I decided to walk down towards Sukhumvit looking for a taxi. Typical, I need a taxi and there is not a taxi around.

I was almost at Sukhumvit when I found a taxi and luckily enough the Friday evening traffic was not as bad as I had expected so I arrived just a few minutes after 18:30. And that's even though I almost The Face, Bangkokmissed the place. I was looking for The Face and we passed the place because I could hardly see the name on the wall when we passed. But there were 2 yellow flags outside the restaurant.

My friend had called me when I was in the taxi
- I'm on my way!
- It's 200 meters down the soi and there are yellow flags outside the restaurants.
So thanks to this I found the place. I told the driver to stop when The Face, Bangkokwe had passed the place just because I discovered the yellow flags when I was looking back. I walked back and it turned out to be the right place. My friend was waiting and he had ordered food for us. Of course, I topped up the order with avocado sushi.

I was suffering from a slight hangover and Bangkok sidewalksI needed water and I had had 10 bottles of water before soon.
- Can you please bring a bottle of water.
- You have one on the table
- The bottle will be empty before you returning with the next bottle
- OK, I will be back on the double!
- Please, make it 2 bottles

We finished our dinner and we walked back to Emporium on Soi 24. And when walking in Bangkok I prefer to walk on the streets, the sidewalks are more like a steeplechase course. Potted plants, poles, ads and potholes. We ran in to an advertisement and my friend asked me to take a picture.
- For the internet!
I'm 50 cm longer than my friend so I had to pass the obstruction limbo game style.

We took a taxi from Emporium and my friend dropped me at home and I went to bed watching a movie before falling asleep. Still jet lagged from Manila.

Saturday 27th of November 2010
and I was out of bed at 7 thirty. A SATURDAY WAKING UP WITHOUT A HANGOVER! Good, I started the day with tea and salmon. I have plenty salmon in my Baan Khanitha on Sukhumvit Soi 23 in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNfridge from Friday morning.
When I left Thong Lo at 4 o'clock in the morning I stopped at Foodland on my way home. I bought salmon Baan Khanitha on Sukhumvit Soi 23 in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNand dill for 4000 baht so it will last me, hmm, at least until tonight.

And I'm going to meet my Teacher in the evening so it is not advisable to show up like a wreck after a long night out.

I had expected to meet them on town but when they called Baan Khanitha on Sukhumvit Soi 23 in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNwe decided to go to a Thai restaurant just around the corner from my place. And they were chocked when I opened my door in my glasses. Yes, I left FUNKY TOWN without glasses and I returned from Manila wearing glasses.
Oh! You look like a Doctor!

And of course, it didn't take them long to disagree on the restaurant we were going to. Japanese, Korean and even Pizza. When Pizza was coming up I had to put down my feet.
- Hey, have you forgotten that I'm on diet?
Baan Khanitha on Sukhumvit Soi 23 in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN
Baan Khanitha on Sukhumvit Soi 23 in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN
Baan Khanitha on Sukhumvit Soi 23 in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN
Well, we ended up at Baan Khanitha and my Teacher's daughter was disappointed. She wanted to eat Baan Khanitha on Sukhumvit Soi 23 in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNJapanese food. I wouldn't have minded some sushi and hot sake. But we wanted to go to different places so I took a quick decision and we ended up at Baan Khanitha.

And they have a very good chicken curry at the place, my Sukhumvit Soi 23 in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNstandard order at Baan Khanitha. And I ordered Heineken with ice, plenty ice.

We got the usual snacks, I don't remember the name. But there is different stuff to put in a leaf. Very good if I avoid the chilli.

The first filled leaf was OK, I kept an eye on things when they prepared my leaf. Yes, it's an Asian thing that the girls should serve you. I don't like it, I prefer to do stuff myself. But I had other things on my mind after a few Heinekens so I got one of the filled leafs and now there was chilli in the mix. MOTHERF@CKERS!! It was hot.

Sukhumvit Soi 23 in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN
Sukhumvit Soi 23 in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN
Sukhumvit Soi 23 in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN
When we finished dinner we returned to my apartment to leave a bag before we left for town. Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNThey wanted to see Narz so we stopped at the place and it was no fun. I never had had any fun at Narz so I pretty much knew that we only would have one drink at the place.

We decided to go to Ratchadapisek with a quick stop at my apartment so I could get my glasses. I had Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNforgot my glasses when we left and as I'm half blind without them