Rewritten onboard M/T Ternvik May 2011

Aladdin's Christmas adventure in Göteborg

Tuesday 3rd of December 2002
and there was the Christmas spirit in the air. Well, there had been
or Smörgåsbord is a type of Scandinavian meal served buffet-style with multiple dishes of various foods on a table, originating in Sweden. In Norway it is called koldtbord, in Denmark it is called kolde bord, in Finland seisova pöytä and in Estonia rootsi laud. Smörgåsbord became internationally known as Smorgasbord at the 1939 New York World's Fair when it was offered at the Swedish Pavilion's "Three Crowns Restaurant." It is typically a celebratory meal and guests can help themselves from a range of dishes laid out for their choice. In a restaurant, the term refers to a buffet-style table laid out with many small dishes from which, for a fixed amount of money, one is allowed to choose as many as one wishes.

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the Christmas spirit since sometime in November. Well, I was leaving for my ship and we were going to have a Christmas dinner before I left.

So we decided to go eat Julbord. Originally there should be the Aladdin's Christmas dinner adventure at Hotel Heden in Göteborgthree of us. But as J doesn't like to eat in public it was only the 2 of us. Well, we went to Hotel Heden in cental Göteborg. I think this was the only hotel that had table available.

Of course, I had to wait for an hour before he arrived and then he came up with an unbelievable story why he was late. I was just about to leave when he came. I Aladdin's Christmas dinner adventure at Hotel Heden in Göteborghad booked a table for 3 so it was quite embarrassing.

We had 2 or 3 plates of the Christmas food before we were full. The food was excellent and I can really recommend Hotel Heden's Julbord.

Wednesday 4th of December 2002 and the Christmas sprit grew worse by the day and I was
at Postgatan in the very city centre is Göteborg's oldest secular building, built 1643-55.

A former military warehouse, today a popular handicraft centre worth a visit. Around Kronhuset, which is the old city hall, are buildings collectively known as Kronhusbodarna, housing shops and workshops. The west wing was used as storage and was built in around 1750 after the earlier wooden buildings around Kronhuset had burnt down. The east wing was built in 1759 for the artillery's smithy, lathe and saddle makers.

At the time, Sweden was gearing up to war against Denmark and therefore a magazine was greatly needed in Göteborg. Kronhuset was built in the Dutch style with brick walls and a wooden roof. It is six storeys high and there are no support pillars on the ground floor to enable moving canons and vehicles around without any hindrance. When the parliament met in Göteborg, Kronhuset was also used for that purpose. After that, it was used as a garrison church until 1989.

Now, the area is a living crafts centre. The small shops house a glassworks, chocolate and toffee shop, café and bakery, an interior decoration shop, a watchmaker's shop, a pottery workshop and a concert venue.
quite happy that I would leave for the ship.

My friend was going to buy Christmas Aladdin's Christmas adventure in Göteborggifts with his girlfriend and he asked if I wanted to join them. We were going to meet at a coffee shop at Kronhusbodarna.

Kronhusbodarna, is it possible to get Aladdin's Christmas adventure in Göteborgany more of the Christmas feeling? Kronhusbodarna, a block from the 17th century, snow and I were expecting Santa Claus to come around the corner anytime. Well, anyway, if you visit Go:teborg Kronhusbodarna is the place you don't want to miss.
Aladdin's Christmas adventure in Göteborg
Well, how the do I remember that it was on the 4th of December we meet at Kronhusbodarna Aladdin's Christmas adventure in Göteborgbefore going for Christmas shopping?

Well, this is an unbelievable story that I will unfold here. But it is true!! 100%!!
Aladdin's Christmas adventure in Göteborg

The following story, now a day's known as the “BIG JULMUST SQUABBLE” And seriously, I'm still
(Swedish jul "Christmas" and must "juice") is a soft drink that is mainly consumed in Sweden around Christmas. During the rest of the year it is usually hard to find in stores, but Aladdin's Christmas adventure in Göteborgsometimes it is sold at other times of the year under the name must. At Easter the name is påskmust (påsk "Easter"). The content is the same regardless of the marketing name, although the length of time it is stored before bottling differs; however, the beverage is more closely associated with Christmas, somewhat less with Easter and traditionally not at all with the summer. 45 million litres of julmust are consumed during December (to be compared with roughly 9 million Swedes), which is around 50% of the total soft drink volume in December and 75% of the total yearly must sales.

Must was created by Harry Roberts and his father Robert Roberts in 1910 as a non-alcoholic alternative to beer. The syrup is still made exclusively by Roberts AB in Örebro. The original recipe is said to be locked up in a safe with only two persons knowing the full recipe.

Must is made of carbonated water, sugar, hop extract, malt extract, spices, caramel colouring, citric acid, and preservatives. The hops and malt extracts give the must a somewhat root beer-like taste, but much sweeter and, since it is not fermented, it contains no alcohol. It can be aged provided it is stored in a glass bottle. Some people buy Julmust in December only to store it a year before drinking it.

From Wikipedia
not sure what happened but it went down like this. My friend and his girlfriend was eating some cookies and they had coffee or tea. I had 2 bottles of Julmust in front to of me.

My friend's girlfriend was in a hurry to get on with the Christmas shopping and my friend was nervous.
- What's the hurry? I asked
We were sitting in this coffee shop Aladdin's Christmas adventure in Göteborgdecorated to give us the right 18 century Christmas feeling. It was snow and cold outside so I was in no hurry.

Well, the girlfriend looked gloomier and gloomier by the minute and my Aladdin's Christmas adventure in Göteborgfriend was sitting on needles. So I thought that we were better off leaving for the darn shopping so we could save what was left of the Christmas spirit.

But I had 2 Julmust to finish.
- Please, help me with my Julmust, I asked my friend.
- I don't drink Julmust!!
Aladdin's Christmas adventure in Göteborg - What!!??
- I don't drink Julmust!
Aladdin's Christmas adventure in Göteborg - What!!?? You drank Julmust like there was no tomorrow at Julbordet yesterday, I said
Aladdin's Christmas adventure in Göteborg
Aladdin's Christmas adventure in Göteborg
Aladdin's Christmas adventure in Göteborg
Now the girlfriend turned from gloomy to black. She turned towards my friend and believe me, I Aladdin's Christmas adventure in GöteborgAladdin's Christmas adventure in Göteborgthought that she was going to start throwing punches around.
- Do you drink Julmust?
My friend shat himself
- No, I'm not drinking Julmust.

WHAT THE F@CK IS GOING ON??!! I COULD NOT BELEIVE THIS. You will have to change Julmust for Aladdin's Christmas adventure in Göteborgheroin or cocaine in the above scenery to understand how this drama unfolded in front of my eyes. And it was embarrassing, people looked at us in the coffee shop.

They went outside and I stayed behind to finish my Julmust. Aladdin's Christmas adventure in GöteborgAnd thinking about it now, this was the first time I meet her and she must have been wondering who Aladdin's Christmas adventure in Göteborgthe troglodyte was sitting there drinking Julmust.

When I came out 5 minutes later she was still screaming and my friend looked like a wet dog. Seems like she had forgotten about the Christmas shopping. After 15 minutes of argument.
- Hmm, do they call it an argument when only one is talking

Well, after 15 minutes she left and my friend and I had to go shopping by our self's, and as I didn't had any shopping to do I just followed. For a while, then I returned home to J. I can't say that I felt very comfortable after the “BIG JULMUST SQUABBLE”. And for sure, I really don't understand what went down.

Thursday 5th of December 2002
and they called from the company. Fure Sun had done a lightering in the Mediterranean and should discharge in Rotterdam and they told me that I was going to sign on in Rotterdam 9th of December. By now I was jumping up and down, plenty delays. I had been home for 7 weeks just scratching my behind. On Friday afternoon my friend called me and said:
- Your company called, the ship will not be in Rotterdam until Tuesday.
Shit, 1 more day of scratching my behind and by now I had waited enough for M/T Fure Sun. Well, it's going to be nice to get back in the saddle again.

Monday 9th of December 2002
and I went with my friend Björn to a Japanese restaurant for a dinner.. This is the best Japanese restaurant in the world
" Koto " on Victoria gatan in Gothenburg. Well, I had been at some very good noodle shops in Japan but " Koto " is the best Japanese restaurant I have been to.
Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg
Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg
Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg
Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg
When you come there next time you MUST try the deep fried ice cream. The only thing leaving a Aladdin's adventure in Göteborglittle bit to wish for is the service. OK, it's good and I always start with the very Aladdin's adventure in Göteborgdelicious Avocado salad (ask for a bowl of steamed rice to mix with the salad) as a starter (small snack). One time when I got my salad I could not find the avocado and I had to ask:
- Hmmm, hello, where is the avocado?
- Oh, we must have forgotten to put it in.

Well, shit happens. After all the eating in Go:teborg I had to Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Fure Sunpack an extra bag with my (magic) diet powder. I didn't found any powder with the Christmas flavour, but I will be fine with chocolate, banana and strawberry. Believe me or not but I even had diet powder with the chicken soup flavour so there are all kind of flavours, but not the Christmas flavour. So I was all set and ready to kick ass, especially with my diet.

Tuesday 10th of December 2002
and it was finally time to leave for Rotterdam to join M/T Fure Sun. Nice to leave Go:teborg and all the Julmust trouble behind.

I was looking for Julmust pictures and pictures of Kronhusbodarna on the internet when I was rewriting this page. I came over two blogs worth visiting. In Swedish only, yes, I can't understand why people are blogging in Swedish. But there are some nice pictures from Go:teborg. And you don't need to understand Swedish to look at the pictures. Beautiful pictures from Go:teborg by Giovanni Salaris. About Jasmine's diet and her life in Go:teborg.

And it is strange to read all the comments (Again, Swedish only ) on her blog. It goes like:
• Never mind your diet, you are so beautiful!
• Just keep on eating and feel good!
• Don't you care what other people think about you!

And it goes on like this, well, it is a different story when I'm coming around the corner.
Porky, the Human Balloon- Oh Oh, here comes Porky again. He's looking like a grotesque Human Balloon!! Why doesn't he just throw himself from a bridge?
- Hmm, well, of course, she doesn't weight a cubic ton. But anyway....


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