Updated with new and bigger pictures while I was onboard M/T Maersk Cassandra on the way from Brisbane to Singapore February 2012 The original pictures that I uploaded back in 2003 was very small. Back then I uploaded everything with a mobile phone and internet was slow so I wanted to keep my pictures small to shorten download time.

Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Framnäs

M/T Framnäs in Antwerp 2003
M/T Framnäs
Photo taken by Aladdin during lifeboat drill in Antwerp 27 May 2003.

Built at Sölvesborgs Shipyard in Sweden as new construction, hull number 82. Before she was delivered in May 1973 she was lenghtening with 16.8 meters. After lengthening she weighed 5.030 Dw.tons. She was equipped with four Hedemora Pielstick V8A/12 delivering 2.350 kW. She was sold 1984 to Axel Johnson Chemical AB and registered 1985 on Rederi AB Lexa. She got a new engine in 1997, one MaK 8M453C delivering 2.353 kW. at 750 rpm. Her registered owner are from January 1, 1998 Rederi AB Dalanäs (Nynäs Petroleum). 2000 in time- charter for Broström Shipping Management.

Type: Bitumen tanker
Length Over All: 122.66 m
Beam: 15,60 m
Depth: 5,74 m
Gross Tonnage: 4230
Net. Registered Tonnage: 1269
Deadweight Tonnage: 5061

She was on 5142 DWT until 2002 when the lowered her load line from 5,74m and she got a summer draft of 5,62m and now she was on 4999 DWT. If a ship is over 5000 DWT she needs a minimum distance between her cargo tanks and the hull to be a double hull tanker. The distance between 1CT and the hull wasn't enough so they had to choose between cutting of a little from 1CT or to lower her load line until she got deadweight less than 5000 DWT. They did it on the shipyard in Falkenberg in the summer of 2002.

She loads 4783m³ in 8 cargo tanks, 1CT + 2P/S + 3P/S + 4P/S + 5CT. She has 2 Borneman screw pumps for the cargo.

Broström had the management of the ship and I was hired by Broström Ship Management AB but the Ship was owned by NYNAS

Monday 26th of May 2003 and they called in the morning to tell me that my flight was at 1625 in the afternoon. Giving me enough time to take my friend to our favourite Chinese restaurant. Then I called a taxi and off I went to the airport. I had to change flight in Amsterdam to Brussels. I took the opportunity to call Sue from Amsterdam, but she had turned off her phone.

I arrived to Brussels just after 8 o'clock in the evening. I took the train to Antwerp and arrived to Antwerp 2206. I took my bags and went to and Argentinean steak house. I ordered lamb shops Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Framnäsand a diet coke. I called the agent and he sent a taxi for me. I arrived to the ship just after 11 o'clock in the night. The AB on watch was the first I meet. We took a tour around the ship. It looked good and I went to the mess room and I meet the Chief Officer. He told me that we were waiting to go alongside, our jetty was occupied by another ship.
- We expect to go alongside tomorrow night, he told me.
- Very well cyckelställ. Then I go to bed and I see you tomorrow, I said.

Tuesday 27th of May 2003
and we started at 8 o'clock in the morning to look at all the paper Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Framnäswork and the cargo equipment on deck, yeah, I need to know everything before taking over and the Chief Officer can go home.

We were sitting in the CCR discussing the ship and the paper work:
- I have been on that ship and blah- blah... I remember when..blah- blah
- Oh yes, I been on this and that ship....Captain this and that... hej o hå va d gå
Captain came in and told us that we should launch our lifeboat at 11 o'clock. He recognized me from United Polaris. He was Chief Officer there when I was 2nd Officer at United Polaris.
- I remember when you bought all the underwear in Liverpool that you could not use (too big) and had to sell onboard, he said with a big smile.
Captain had a big "beer" mug in his hand and I asked him what he was drinking. It's tea, he said. Well, that was a good idea so I asked him if he had one mug for me.
- No, but I can buy one when I go ashore today, he said.
Very nice. I got my mug in the afternoon. We continued to check all the stuff and paperwork. My brother had been on this ship before so he had made the cargo program they used onboard and it was excellent. I was impressed, he had put down a lot of work on the program, on CT Star it was an excellent program and I think it's the same here.
A little different from CT Star but the guys onboard said that the program is good. Very good.
Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Framnäs
Life boat drill in Antwerp

Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Framnäs
Life boat drill in Antwerp

After lunch I asked Captain how much Diet Coke we had onboard. He told me that we will get 3 cases tomorrow and I asked him to order 6 cases for me.
We shifted jetty in the evening and we started to discharge around 9 o'clock in the evening. We should discharge bonding agent for asphalt. After discharging we are going to load asphalt for Villagarcia, Spain at the same jetty. After my watch I got sick with nausea so I could not sleep during the night.

When they called me in the morning 28th of May I was still sick. So after my watch I went straight to bed again. Just before my watch we completed discharging and we started to load asphalt directly after completion. We are going to load 2 different kind of asphalt here in Antwerp.
I spend all day in bed and before my evening watch the old Chief Officer showed me the paper work we had to do on the bridge computer. He will leave when we are ready to leave Antwerp.

Loading completed 0015 29th of May and pilot ordered for 0300. When I came on watch 0800 we were on slow ahead, we had to reduce speed because they didn't have any deep sea pilot for us at Vlissingen. We had to adjust speed for arrival Vlissingen 0845.
We are always changing pilot in Vlissingen, from Antwerp to Vlissingen we have a river pilot onboard and from Vlissingen we have a deep sea pilot.
On the way back to the bridge after leaving the river pilot I throw up all over the floor outside my cabin. I don't know what it was, but I just throw up, most likely the Argentinean restaurant in Antwerp. I rushed out and threw up one more time down on the poop. Captain asked me if he should take my watch.
- No! A Viking always stand is own watches.
After my watch I went to bed and I felt a little better when I woke up. No eating for 2 days. It was nice weather so they decided to BBQ and to eat outside.
Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Framnäs
BBQ on the Popp deck

30th of May and I felt better and it's BBQ on the poop today again. (Weather permitted) so I hope I can eat a little then. But just a little or the wrath of Sue will strike me.
During the afternoon I did some paper work before my power nap. I woke up at 1900 and missed the BBQ. It was nice with a real POWER nap, I haven't been able to sleep for a few days.

Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Framnäs
Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Framnäs
BBQ on Poop deck

Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Framnäs

Yes, summer time and we could have BBQ on the Poop deck, bitumen in our cargo tanks so it was like we were gas free.

Saturday morning when passing bay of Biscay we had an emergency steering drill. I and the 2nd Officer were new on the ship so we practiced the emergency steering. We got a Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Framnäsbrand new 2nd Officer onboard in Antwerp, straight from school. And he was from Skåne so it was very nice to hear Skånska onboard.

Well, now I'm feeling better so I can do some work on my web page.

Before getting e-mail about putting pictures of my cabin on my web page I take the opportunity Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Framnäswhen passing bay of Biscay to take pictures of my cabin. I have just been using my cabin for 2 days and I want to do this before my cabin becomes a pandemonium and it's too late to show the cabin on the internet.

It's pretty much the same as on the other ship. Day room with sofa and table so I can work with my computer. TV and VCR and as seen on the picture a refrigerator. This time I brought plenty snus from Sweden so my refrigerator is Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Framnäsbrimful and I have no space for my Diet Coke in the cooler. That's why I have all the Coke laying around my cabin. I had to stuff the refrigerator on the bridge with snus and Coke as well.

The observant visitor to my page has already spotted the bottle of vitamin pills on my desk. Hmmm, while writing this I remember that I didn't take my vitamins this morning. Well, anyway, when the 2nd Officer Jr. came to relieve me on the bridge at midnight he asked me:
- Don't you have any other CDs? It's only Hip Hop!!
Yo!!!!- Yes, but its Danish hip hop and 1 track are 79 minutes long, I said. You have plenty music to enjoy.
He told me about a friend listening to a Hip Hop group from Landskrona.

He didn't like Hip Hop but the group from Landskrona had a few tunes that he liked. I asked him to find out the name of the group. I'm always interested in new music and especially if the music is from Skåne. He should try to find out the name and he told me that he should launch an investigation via e-mail first thing the next day.
Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Framnäs
Our bridge

Sunday 1st of June 2003
and they called me at 0610, we were arriving to Villagarcia and I had to do some paper work and cargo calculation before we could start discharging our bitumen. We started to discharge at 0730. It was a gloomy and grey day with an annoying drizzle. We left Villagarcia at 1910 bound for Gothenburg, a new adventure ahead of us.

We entered Finnistere TSS just before I got of my watch at nidnight and I changed course to the north. The ship started to roll for westerly swell. Not to bad but enough to be annoying. Next day the rolling continued but now it was sunshine so I had a nice watch.

After my watch I had to do paper work. Hmm, I must admit that I got stuck on the bridge after my watch listening to Captains and 2nd Officers tales from the 7 seas. Please don't tell the company. Well, I can do the paper work tonight. Now it's time for my POWER nap. It's good to be the Boss, I can do it whenever I want to do it. As long as I finish it before it needs to be finished that is

I over slept the BBQ again. On my way to the office I passed the dayroom and our 2nd Officer Jr. and motorman was watching a movie. I thought that I could wait a little more with the paper work so I sat down with my "beer" mug brimmed with water and I made a quick visit to our slop chest and got (still waiting to get banned at the slop chest) Toblerone chocolate. Soon I had to get a second Toblerone and it was just my self-discipline stopping me from getting a 3rd one.

The movie was about a twin brother working for the police with atomic bombs and stuff. After a while I thought that I would enjoy working with my paper more than sleeping in front of a video. I returned my mug and on the way to my office I passed the other dayroom. Captain was sitting there with the engineers so I stopped for a chat. Soon we had a discussion about life in general and especially the union.
Before soon it was time for my watch again. I give my paper work another try tomorrow.

I will upload my web page on the server when we arrive to Gothenburg. I know that "Nicke Nynäs" wants to see picture of the bridge. So I sweeten up my page with a picture of our bridge before uploading the excitements to the internet.

This is also a "old" styled bridge and this is the style I like the most. There are bridge wings and it's nice to stand there during sunny days. There is the usual stuff on the bridge.

We had entered the English Channel during the night so I could listening to radio during my morning watch 3rd of June. During the passage of Bay of Biscay we were too far away from shore so no radio signals could reach us. I only brought 5 CDs with me this time so they are getting a little boring by now. The weather was gloomy and grey with drizzle at times and heavy swell from the Atlantic.

After the dinner we had a chat in front of the TV and after a while I went to my cabin to work with my web page. I turned on my phone to see if I had network coverage. I was lucky and I received e-mail from Sue. I lost the network before I could replay but I will try again later or I have to wait until we arrive to Gothenburg. I had sunshine again on my night watch and I managed to get network coverage after my watch.

Wednesday 4th of June 2003
and when I came my morning watch we passed the wreck of Tricolor. It was foggy during my watch and at the end of my watch I could not se many meters in the fog. Plenty traffic so I had to observe the radar all the time. We even meet a ship navigating against the traffic in our lane. Well, there is always an adventure lurking around the corner for the "Handsome boys". Anyway, it's time for my dinner now and maybe there will be time to crack a few jokes with the Captain. After dinner I have a meeting (movie time) with our 2nd Officer Jr. No time to get bored for the "Handsome boys" either.

Thursday 5th of June 2003
and we took Pilot at Trubaduren L/H @ 22:25. And @ 23:45 we were all fast at jetty # 644 in Gothenburg. We started to load at 0045 6th of June and we expect to stay here for about 20 hours. I got to my cabin around 2 o'clock in the morning and I had to check my e-mail. 4 e-mails from Sue but her phone was off when I tried to call her. Cry Cry

We had an electrician onboard during our visit in Gothenburg. He told me that he was working with the bow thruster on CT Star. We talked about CT Star and when he spoke with the Captain on CT Star on the phone he said hello from me.
- Chief Officer says hello
- Who is the Chief Officer?
- Well, I don't know his name. But you can speak with him.
He gave me the phone and the Captain asked what I was doing on Framnäs.
- You will come here and relieve our Chief Officer in July, he said. No time for holiday after this ship either. I'm sure Sue will be impressed.

After my watch I wanted to go ashore and bring some gifts (Vodka) for my friend. So I took a shower and I got dressed, my Omega on the wrist and the looks was complete.

It was nice to come ashore for a while except for the chock I got when I opened my 625$ phone bill I got at home. Hmm, 625$ and I receive one of those every month and that's 1 month off hard work every year just to pay my phone bill. I can think of about 1 million things funnier to do instead of talking in the phone for that money.

We left Gothenburg for Drammen, Norway 2045 6th of June. I got a few new CD's that I bought in Gothenburg, 1 of them was Motörhead so there will be rock on the bridge tonight. We have about 12 hours from Gothenburg to Drammen.

Well, in Gothenburg I updated my web page as well after several complains via e-mail about not updating my page. Captain had been ashore and he bought me a big bag of lint seeds. Several kilos, so I have to start my diet tomorrow. I must be serious this time and finish my lint seed. I have carried around enough of diet powder and lint seed in my days and I don't want to walk down that avenue again. I had it with carrying around all this boxes and bags.

In Gothenburg we received new orders as well. We were scheduled for a Shell vetting in Gothenburg but the vetting inspector newer showed. So our trips to Norway after Drammen were cancelled because Shell was the receiver for those cargoes. So after Drammen we will go to Nynäshamn and load for Norrköping instead of loading in Gothenburg for Oslo. Exciting!!

Saturday 7th of June 2003
and we arrived to Hvesser pilot at 0400 and we arrived to Drammen Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Framnäs0800. At 0910 we started to discharge our asphalt. It was nice weather so it was very nice to be on deck.

1 of the ABs was working with the Whessoe meter in 2P cargo tank. I have not been on a ship with Whessoe meters for a long time and I think this will be the last time. Now a day all the ships have tank radar so I took the opportunity to take a picture of the AB while working with the antique. Who knows? Maybe the picture will end up on a museum some day.

Well, anyway, after my watch I went to my cabin for some work with my web page. I also checked my e-mail and I received e-mail from Sue and I also got feedback from Nicke Nynäs about the photo from the bridge.

I also converted my new Motörhead to MP3 files.

We completed our 2nd parcel of Bitumen just before 4 o'clock in the afternoon so I was out on deck giving our new 2nd Officer Jr. some pointers and revealed some of the secrets about stripping tanks and stuff. Time was running and before soon it was time for dinner.
- Don't you eat your lint seed? Captain asked me.
- Well, this is a special crepe made by lint seed. The filling looks like scrimps but it's a special lint seed crepe our excellent Steward made for me, I said.

Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Framnäs
Working on deck while discharging in Drammen, Norway

Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Framnäs
Our deck on asunny day in Drammen, Norway

Just before it was time for my night watch Sue called Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Framnäsme. We had a nice chat and I was happy to hear her voice again. I went on deck to relieve 2nd Officer at 8 o'clock and i completed discharging at 21:30 and we left Drammen at 21:55.

21:55 and my watch was almost to an end when we left Drammen. I had been up and about for the whole day and I didn't have my “POWER”nap in the afternoon so it was nice to go to bed after my watch at midnight. I will be ready for a new day tomorrow.

Sunday 8th of June 2003
and today I got angry with our Steward, well, let me take this from the beginning: I was on the bridge minding my own business on my morning watch. I was up to mischief with the Captain and I was in a good mood. We were closing in on Skåne and Öresund and the closer we came the merrier it got. I started my diet with lint seed, apple and bananas and I drank plenty tea. I felt good and I was satisfied with the first day with my new and severe diet. Now you can understand my disappointment when I came down and found out that our Steward had made fläskpannkaka for lunch. OK, I must admit that I had asked our Steward for fläskpannkaka, but it was a setback for my diet. I had 9 of them and my diet was all for nothing. Well, 8th of June in the year of our lord 2003 is another black day in the long history of my failed diets.

We passed Drogden around 6 o'clock in the evening and the weather was gloomy and grey. During the passage I was in my cabin working with my web page. I over slept the dinner and I didn't want to take the risk to go down in the mess and be tempted to eat something. From now on it's only apple on my menu.

During the passage of Drogden a received e-mail from Sue and I will update my page before going on watch tonight. I hope I get contact with my Swedish network by then, but it should be no problem. We pass the south coast off Skåne when I get on my watch.

Monday 9th of June 2003
and we dropped our anchor outside a gloomy and grey Nynäshamn at 19:45. There had been a summer drizzle during the evening and the forecast promised rain during Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Framnästhe rest of the week. Well, never mind, I was inside and I could surf the net during my anchor watch. There was e-mail from Sue so I was busy being happy for the rest of my watch. Yippee!!!

Tuesday 10th of June 2003
and we had our anchor aweight at 01:15 in the morning. We had to proceed slowly towards the jetty because the ship we waited for was not yet ready to leave. Finally at 02:05 we were secured alongside Nynas jetty #4. We started to load B 70/100 at 02:40 and we completed loading 11:10 and at 1155 we started to load B 160/220. It was a very nice morning with sunshine.

There were plenty ducks and stuff swimming around the ship so I feed them with bread. All the birds were happy to get food.
I tried to get some sleep in the afternoon, but I was kicked back in the reality at 5 o'clock (dinner time) when 2nd Officer called Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Framnäsme, and yes, he had problem.
- We cannot discharge our ballast!

Yeah, problem was just what I needed. I tried to over sleep the dinner. I have a new strategy for success with my diet now and I will over sleep all our meals, but that's another story. But now they called and I had to go down to check out the problem and I was a little worried when I went down on deck. Should I manage to stay away from the mess room?? Well, I had the smallest of plates and I was proud of myself. On deck I found that it had rained during the afternoon and the sun had disappeared. The crew was using rain coats on deck.

We pulled a few levers and pushed a few buttons and the ballast could be discharged. We estimated completion of loading for around 1900 so I returned to my cabin. I had time to write an e-mail to Sue before it was time for the paper work.

Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Framnäs
Our 2nd Officer from Skåne on deck with the AB on his watch in Nynäshamn

We left Nynäshamn 2055 and it was only a few hours from Nynäshamn to Norköping so I didn't expected much sleep

Wednesday 11th of June 2003
and we arrived to Norrköping 02:55. Well, this is my favourite time of the day. We started to discharge at 0340 and I was quick off to bed after my "pep" talk with 2nd Officer. I had a nice nap until 20 minutes before 10 o'clock in the morning when they called me. I came out on a rainy deck, yeah, I real nice summer we're having. Discharging of the 1st parcel completed 10:20 and we started 2nd parcel at 10:35.

We got a new Chief Engineer in Norrköping and the old one went home for holiday. We left around 1630 and we have about 6 hours to Nynäshamn. We will load 2 parcels of Bitumen to Gothenburg this time. Now it's 5 o'clock and it's dinner so I'm off to the mess room.

Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Framnäs
Our 2nd Officer from Skåne in the mess room

Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Framnäs
Our Mess room

Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Framnäs
Mess Man and Cook, I worked with the Cook on M/T Astoria a few years later

It was meatloaf for dinner, but I had salad. Well, a little meatloaf, but mostly salad. After dinner we had a chat in the day room. I skipped the ice cream, that's what I call self discipline.

We have about 3 hours with pilot onboard from Norrköping and we leave the pilot at Gustaf Dalen light house. It looks good for me, the pilot will be off when I'm coming on watch. We don't need pilot in Nynäshamn because Captain have certificate to go along side without pilot.

Anyway, after the chat in the dayroom without ice cream I completed the paper work for this voyage and I prepared the paper for the next voyage # 28/03.

After the paper work I went to my cabin and a Diet Coke. I updated my web page and I wrote e-mail to Sue while watching the news on TV. It's getting a habit to watch the news on TV in the cabin, I'm getting old. Our 2nd Officer Jr. is nagging about playing ping pong after his watches in the evening. Well, I hope we can make this a habit instead of watching video and I will suggest that we start tomorrow.

Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Framnäs
Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Framnäs
Our Cook and one of the ABs

We arrived to Nynäshamn at 2300 and had all fast at 2310. Nynas new built ship Pandion was waiting at the Ocean Jetty. At first it was the meaning that we should wait for her to load. But they called us from Nynas when we were in Norrköping and told us that we should load before Pandion. We started to load at 2350 and I was off to my cabin at 0030.

Thursday 12th of June 2003
and the day started as a gloomy and grey day but the sun showed up around lunch. We got a new Steward, motorman, 2nd Officer Sr. and AB today as well. So there were some new faces in the mess room and in the kitchen. 1 of the AB has to wait for his reliever until we arrive to Gothenburg on Saturday.

We left Nynäshamn at 8 o'clock in the evening and Pandion took our jetty and Engelsberg was waiting outside ready to take Pandion's jetty. Busy evening in Nynäshamn. Pretty exciting and I don't think there is very much else happening in Nynäshamn. Our 2nd Officer Jr. arranged a box with micro popcorn during our stay in Nynäshamn.
- Yo!!! Aladdin, now we have plenty popcorn so we can watch a movie.
- What about the ping pong? I asked.
I hope it will be ping pong tomorrow and not a movie. But, hmmm, pop corn is yummy.

Friday 13th of June 2003
and we were approaching Skåne on Friday afternoon and I went to my cabin to write e-mail to Sue. I wanted to send her some e-mail when we had network coverage but I could not start my computer. Windows refused to start and I had to spend the afternoon with my computer. No time to write e-mail to Sue, and no time for my POWER nap.

We passed Drogden during my night watch and at midnight we passed Middelgrund Fort and I was off to my cabin. I installed my high speed modem. (Yes, I bought a new mobile phone the same day signing on and it is not a Nokia) But now I could not connect to my e-mail server.

Saturday 14th of June 2003
and we arrived to Gothenburg Pilot station at Trubaduren Light house @10:30. Our jetty was occupied so we had to drop our anchor at Rivö. At 1115 we had dropped our anchor and at 1300 there was an inspector from Norske Veritas coming onboard with the pilot boat. We should have an ISM audit. I took a tour on deck with the Norske Veritas inspector in the afternoon. He asked questions about our routines during the cargo handling and stuff. When we are coming alongside there is an inspector from Lloyds waiting for us so it will be a busy day.

At 1620 our anchor was aweigh and at 1655 we were secured alongside jetty 644. We arrived in the middle of the dinner so I had to skip dinner. The Norske Veritas inspector left us and Lloyd came onboard. He was chasing me around the ballast tanks. Finally just after 8 o'clock in the night I could get away to my cabin for a shower and to my e-mail. I had tried all day long to send e-mail to Sue but in vain. No connection with my e-mail server. So I will give it a new try before my shower. I had no luck so I went out to relieve 2nd Officer Sr. 2nd Officer Jr. had been ashore and came onboard with more pop corn.

Sunday 15th of June 2003
and I went straight to my cabin when I went off my watch at midnight. I fine tuned my e-mail program and now I could send and receive e-mail. I was connected with the rest of the world again.

They called me at 16:40 in the afternoon
- 30 minutes until we are ready with the discharging.
I had time to update my web page and send e-mail before I was off to do the paper work. We left Gothenburg at 17:45 after a busy port stay with 2 inspections. We passed Skagen during my night watch and 2nd Officer made pop corn so I had a little something to munch on.

Monday 16th of June 2003
and it was a nice day. The ship was rolling slightly for swell from WNW. No radio so I had time to listen to some new CDs that I bought, Swedish Hip Hop. Well, I'm not going to go through the trouble to carry these CDs back home when I sign off. I turned on some good Danish Hip Hop instead. Important with good music on lonely watches.

For dinner we had Skånska summer potatoes, first time this year. I had a discussion about Skåne with the rest of the crew. I told them that they did advanced space research in Skåne when Sweden was covered by the inland ice. Captain was running around with an encyclopaedia trying to find evidence of my shortcoming about the history of Skåne.
- Me being wrong about Skåne!!!????

After dinner I played ping pong with 2nd Officer Jr. One of the ABs took onboard his Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Framnässon in Gothenburg and he would be onboard for a few trips. And he joined us for the Ping Pong game.

I don't remember me playing much Ping Pong onboard M/T Framnäs, I would not even have remembered it if it wasn't for my pictures and of course, my web page. So my guess is that this was one of the very few times, if not the only time. But even one Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Framnästime is better than no time.
We received loading order during the day and when I came on my night watch I got the telex. Load 4 parcels of Bitumen in Antwerp and first port of discharge Nantes, France and we should discharge the last 2 parcels in Bayonne. After my watch at midnight Captain gave me an e-mail with new quantities to load. Still 4 parcels and same discharge port. They send new voyage plans from Nynas almost every day. They have plans for several voyages when they send the list but they always change them. So I'm better off doing my cargo planning when I arrive to loading port otherwise I have to do new plans all the time.

Well, anyway, we have ETA to Steenbank pilot tomorrow morning 17th of June 0700. It's about 7 hours from pilot to the jetty in Antwerp, depending on the tide and the time we have to spend in the lock in Antwerp. That means that I have to spend the whole of my morning watch with the pilot, yawn.

Tuesday 17th of June 2003
and we arrived to Steenbank 0750 17th of June and I had to spend my watch with the pilot. We arrived to the lock just before 2 o'clock and we were secured at jetty 283 at 1500. 1620 we started to load 1st parcel of B 35/50e Bitumen. We are mixing the cargo onboard so we fill up 1+5 CT and 4P/S to 29% and then we have to fill up 1+5CT to 98% after changing shore tank. After that they change shore tank again and we fill up 4P/S to 98%.

I left 2nd officer Sr. in charge on deck and I had my dinner (it's a shame but I had nothing else to do while I charged my MiniDisc) and I was off to Sunny Radio. Captain was in Antwerp and he should buy T-shirts to me but I wanted to buy some by myself just in case Captain can't find any T-shirts.

I took a walk to Sunny Radio and it was a waste of time. There was nothing to buy except 2 CDs. I meet some of the crew there and we took a car back to the ship. Back in my cabin I got connected to internet and I received 3 e-mails from Sue.

After my watch I went to my cabin and I sent an e-mail to Sue. After the set back at Sunny Radio, I mean, I shop with small and medium sized T-shirt only is what I call a waste of time. Captain could only find "small" sized T-shirts in town. In my cabin I summed up the day and the best thing happening during the day was e-mail from Sue and the Skånska summer potatoes we had for dinner.

I will give it a new try in France to get new T-shirts. There is a rumour onboard that they have a tax free shop in Bayonne. I hope they have normal size in stock.

Wednesday 18th of June 2003
and the Ship Chandler arrived just before lunch with chocolate and "Soda pop's" for the slop chest. After lunch they delivered our stuff from Sunny Radio. I went to the car together with the 2nd Officer Jr. to pick up our stuff. I checked my CDs so it was the correct records in the cover.

We completed loading at 1450 and paper work was completed just after 3 o'clock. Officer Jr. held a lifeboat drill with the crew.

Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Framnäs
Life boat drill in Antwerp

Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Framnäs
Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Framnäs
Our Cook and one of the ABs

Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Framnäs
AB reminding the 2nd Officer about the tiller

Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Framnäs
Finally they are getting away

Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Framnäs
Life boat drill in Antwerp

Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Framnäs
Life boat drill in Antwerp

Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Framnäs
Life boat drill in Antwerp

Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Framnäs
Port of Antwerp

Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Framnäs
Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Framnäs
Entering the lock in Antwerp

We left Antwerp @ 18:20. We had to pass through a lock to get out on River Schelde and we Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Framnässpent 1,5 hour in the lock, well, never mind. The longer we stayed in the lock the less time I had to spend with the Pilots on the bridge.

We changed from harbour pilot to river pilot in the lock and this time we got 2 river pilots in the lock. 1 of them was to be retired next year and he had 1 young apprentice with him. Again, the old generation passes down the knowledge to the new generation.

We spoke about web pages and they wanted to be on my page so I took their picture for you to see. We were chatting away on the bridge when suddenly our 2nd Officer came up on the bridge.
- Sunny Radio is bull shit!!
- Well, tell me something I don't know.
When he checked his CDs there were CDs missing in the covers and as he said, they look like 2nd hand CDs, full of scratches. He was never going to anything at Sunny Radio again he said. I asked him why he didn't check his CDs when he saw me checking my CDs Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Framnäsat delivery. He thought that they should manage to deliver the right stuff. Sunny sucks!

Well, anyway, I had a reason to call the 2nd Officer to the bridge while he was watching movie in the dayroom. I had bought 2 boxes of Gaylian, the Belgian seashell chocolate in the slop chest. I took 2 boxes right away when the Ship Chandler delivered the stores after lunch. I had finished 1 box during the afternoon and in the evening it was agony.
- I have a gift for you, I told 2nd Officer when he came on bridge.
- What's that? He asked.
- It's on my desk in my cabin.
He went down to my cabin and when he came back he said that we could watch a movie tomorrow and share the chocolate. Hmmm, that was not my plan. At 2325 we changed to deep sea pilot at Vlissingen and I was off to bed when 2nd relieved me at midnight. Nap time! Nice!

Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Framnäs
Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Framnäs
A ship entering the lock in Antwerp after us

Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Framnäs
Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Framnäs
Yet another ship is entering the lock

Friday 20th of June 2003
and we passed the island Belle-ile during my night watch. I called the signal station on Belle-ile and asked them what time the shops closed on Saturdays in France.
- They close at 1900, they said.
- Good, then I can go ashore tomorrow and spend some Swedish dollars, I replied.

We had ETA to La Loire pilot station at 0030 21st of June and we have orders to drop our anchor until 0830 in the morning. We had to wait for the high water. It takes about 3,5 hours from the pilot up the river La Loire to Nantes giving me the afternoon for shopping.

When I got off my watch at midnight we had 40 minutes to the anchorage. We were close to France and I had network coverage so I could send e-mail to Sue and update my web page.

Saturday 21st of June 2003
and our anchor was up @ 08:20 and at 08:35 the pilot was onboard. And @ 12:10 we had all fast in Nantes, or more exact Saint Herblein outside Nantes. We started to discharge and I was off. Captain told me that the jetty man could call a taxi. Very good!!

I went ashore in a good mood and I asked the jetty man to call a taxi for me. Easy task I thought and I should be in the city eating le glace in a jiffy. I found the jetty man and I asked him if he could call a taxi for me.
- Ugh, numerique??!! He said.
- Numerique what? I asked.
Yeah yeah, numeric this and that. I went away hoping to be able to pick up a taxi on the street. When I came on the street there was no cars in sight but I could see a bus in the horizon. There was a bus stop so I stopped the bus.
- Centre the Nantes??
- Oui oui, the driver said.
I paid the 1,4 Euro and got on the bus. I kept my eyes open for the city center and I got off the bus when the street looked crowded.

When I got off the bus I went to the restaurant L'entricote for lunch. After lunch I went out to look around for some record shops and a place to buy T-shirts. I could find plenty omelleterias and Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Framnäsbagueterias but no record shops. Our pilot told me about a shopping center just outside Nantes.
- It's the biggest shopping center in France, the pilot told me.
Well, that's what they say about every shopping mall. If it's in England, Belgium , Singapore or on Trinidad. It's never mind it's always the biggest in the country and it's a must to visit.

Anyway, I tried to find a taxi at the taxi stop. There was no sign of any taxis so I asked on a trottoaria next to the taxi stop when I bought a Diet Coke. The first girl could not speak a word English.
- Le taxi, I said and she looked puzzled when she replied:
- Problematique!!
I continued to wait for a taxi outside the trottoaria and after a while I decided to give it another shot. I tried with another girl and she could speak English. I asked for taxi and she said it could be problem to get a taxi so I asked about the buses.
- You can take # 23, 24, 26, 27 and 28 to Atlantis shopping center, she said.
I got on bus #26 and I asked the driver if i could go to "le shopping centre" Atlantis.
- Oui oui, he said.
I had no luck asking how much the fare was so I put 1 Euro on the counter.
- Ugh, merde

I put another Euro on his counter and he started to smile. I asked 1 more time about Atlantis.
- Oui oui!! he said with a broad smile.
Now there was a girl sitting up front telling me that this bus didn't go to Atlantis. I could take tram #1 and 2nd last stop was at the Atlantis. Hmmm, I said thanks and I got on the tram. By now I had no idea of where I was or where I was going.

Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Framnäs
Finally at the darn shopping mall

I arrived to the mall and I could not find any record shop so I started to look for T-shirts. I found a shop and I bought 18 T-shirts. There was a big blue label on them and I Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Framnästhought it said: buy 2 T-shirts for 10 Euro. It was cheap but I had another thing coming. It said on the label in France that I got 10 Euro discount when I bought 2.
A surprise when I should pay. But now I don't have to buy T-shirts for a while. Nice!

Now it was time for me to find a taxi. Now it was no surprise for me to run into all this numerique and problematique again. Finally I got a taxi and I was off to the ship. Next time I go to France I will bring Sue and she can speak French, so no more problematique.

We completed discharging at 1830 21st of June and paper work was ready at 7 o'clock. Pilot was ordered for 1930 and that means that i have to spend my watch with the pilot while steaming down river La Loire. We steamed down river La Loire on a nice evening. When I got on the watch it was 32°C and no wind at all. When I got off my watch at midnight it was 25°C.

Captain had been hovering around me all day long since I came back with my bag of T-shirts. He had my underwear sale on United Polaris fresh in mind. Now he was just waiting for me to open the "Grand Sale" in my cabin.
Your shirt is a little too small and the shirt doesn't look so good, was some of the comments he gave. Hoping for a bargain.
- Well, I'm not going to sell my T-shirts, I said.
When I came down after my watch I found several of the crew waiting outside my cabin. Some of them had sleeping bags just to make sure they won't miss the "Grand Opening" of the sale.
- I'm not selling my shirts. Tomorrow I'm back on my heavy duty linseed diet. Hmm, make it tomorrow after lunch because it's Korv Stroganoff for lunch. But after that....

Sunday 22nd of June 2003
and the weather was cooler and just before 9 o'clock in the morning we encountered fog. But the fog disappeared after a while and the visibility got slightly better. But it was still gloomy and grey. We arrived to Bayonne pilot 16:55 and we had all fast at 17:30. Paper work and calculation completed just after 6 o'clock. There must have been some problem ashore because we had to wait until 1900 befor we could commence discharging. We completed discharging 2nd and last parcel at 23:30 and paper work was ready at 2400. Pilot was ordered for 0030 and we left Bayonne 0040 23rd of June.

Tuesday 24th of June 2003
and we passed the English Channel. We received e-mail and they have scheduled an Shell vetting for us next time in Nantes. After lunch we held a fire drill and tested our equipment and a 2 o'clock I was off to my cabin.

Wednesday 25th of June 2003
and we arrived to Vandelaar pilot @ 08:10. Just when I came on watch, not even time for a quick cuppa. But never mind we have no fresh milk on the ship. We will get new milk tonight when they deliver the stores and provision.

Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Framnäs
A sunny morning and we're waiting for River Schelde Pilot to board us

Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Framnäs
Our always happy 2nd Officer from Skåne on the bridge while steaming up River Schelde

We entered the lock at 1340 and it took us 55 minutes in the lock. 55 minutes and I had plenty time to take pictures on the fo'c's'le when our 2nd Officer from Skåne was working. At 1500 we had all fast at Nynas jetty but we had to wait until 1705 before we could start to load because no one knew what we should load. We also got a new Captain onboard today, he was from Båstad.

Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Framnäs
Our always happy 2nd Officer from Skåne on the fo'c's'le

Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Framnäs
Our always happy 2nd Officer from Skåne on the fo'c's'le

Thursday 26th of June 2003
and we completed loading 26th of June at 1430 and calculation and paper work was ready at 1450. We had to wait until 1730 for B/L and cargo documents. We left Nynas jetty in Antwerp 6 o'clock and we left the lock around 1945. That means that I have to spend my watch with the pilot again. It's always me having to spend the time with the pilot. But we got fresh milk onboard so the tea machine will go hot tonight. I haven't had a decent cup of tea for quite some time now.

Our new Captain is from Skåne and he lives in Båstad. I used to live in that village and he was married to my neighbour's sister. He told me that they are still playing music there Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Framnäsall night long.

So it hasn't been better since I left, well maybe a little. I remember my neighbour across the street. He used to be knocking on my windows in a robe 5 o'clock in the morning asking us to turn off the music. Those were the days.

It was a very nice evening and 25°C with a cooling breeze. My AB was up on the bridge and I thought he could go down and sit in the day room scratching his behind, or as we say in Skåne "klia sig i gumpen". But he had another thing coming. I asked him to stay and tell some cock-and-bull stories to help me kill time.

Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Framnäs
AB and our Pilot and a beautiful sun set over River Schelde in the back

First we had the tide with us but after a while the tide changed so we did around 10 knots and arrived to Vlissing and changed pilot at 2310. From Vlissingen we had about 3 hours to Vandelaar where we leave the deep sea pilot. Well, at midnight I went down for my nap. I have to pick up my strength so I'm ready for a new day tomorrow in the English Channel. I can listen to BBC radio 4. Now I'm listening to BBC radio 4 and Swedish P1. News, penetrating interviews with interesting interviewee and debates and if they had told me 5 years ago that I would listen to program like that I would have thought that they were crazy.

And for sure no neighbour would have been knocking on my window 5 o'clock in the morning if I had listening to those programs 20 years ago.

Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Framnäs
Beautiful sun set over River Schelde in the back

Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Framnäs
Beautiful sun set over River Schelde in the back

Friday 27th of June 2003
and we were in the English Channel when I came on my morning watch. It was gloomy and grey with haze so visibility was poor at times but at the end of the watch we had 3-4 NM visibility. In the evening we had an increasing head wind but at the end of the watch it was nice. Its summer so it should be nice, it's terrible in the winter when it's gale warning after gale warning.

Saturday 28th of June 2003
and I entered the Bay of Biscay on my morning watch. Sunshine and the sea were like a mirror with a slight swell. It was nice to be on the bridge with a barrel of tea and some good music. I called La Loire pilot at 2215 and gave them 2h notice. They told me that we had to wait until 0200 29th of June for the pilot. I reduced the speed and I made a detour. I changed from 114° to 270° for 30 minutes and then to 90° until I came back to my old track giving me ETA to La Loire pilot 0200.

We passed the N-S1 L/B just after my watch and I got network coverage. I received a SMS from my friend in Gothenburg and he wanted me to call. I sent him a SMS:
I sent some e-mail to Sue and I got a few e-mails from Sue as well. My friend called when I was about to draw back to my bed. He asked me if he could take one of my bottles of single malt Whiskey for his brother.
- Yes, go ahead, I said.
He also told me that there was a chance that he will begin at the Navigation school in Kalmar this coming autumn. I'm camping in his sofa when I'm in Sweden so that means that I have to buy an small apartment (love nest) when I'm coming home next time. I hope I have time, anyway, I must have the apartment end of August.

I also have to decide if I'm moving to Malmö or if I'm staying in Gothenburg. I must live in a city with an airport. In Malmö I have to go to Kastrup in Copenhagen. It's very close, closer than the airport in Gothenburg when living in Gothenburg. But there is a 100$ fee for a 2 way ticket to cross the bridge and when passing the bridge with a taxi the taxi must go back. It's never mind if it would have been a 5$ fee. I just don't want to support the bridge company and thus encourage new project like the bridge. They built the bridge to unite Copenhagen and Malmö as 1 big city. But take any city in the world and you collect a 100$ fee to cross a street or bridge in the middle of the city. You don't need the Nobel Prize to realize that that's the same as divide the city and they could as well have built a wall across the city like they did in Berlin.

The only god thing with the bridge is the 24 hour train service between Copenhagen and Malmö and the train stops at Kastrup airport. But it's not convenient when you have a lot of luggage. Before there was a hover craft service between Malmö and Kastrup. Convenient, it was a SAS service and you bought a ticket with flight number so it was just to check in luggage and you didn't have to think about it until you reached your destination.
I only had problem with the hover craft once when I should fly to West Berlin. I was in the terminal in a top hat and a black coat talking to 2 girls. ( I was young and handsome) We were cracking a few jokes and laughing. The security guard became green of envy, a young and handsome guy talking to 2 beautiful girls. The only thing girls say to a guy like that is:
- Get lost old-timer!!!
Well, I was thrown out and I had to take the first ferry to Copenhagen. It was a slow ferry and when we arrived to Nyhavn just before 7 o'clock in the evening I was in a hurry. My flight was 1915 and no sign off a taxi. I could spot 1 taxi outside a bar. I went in to the bar and screamed:
- Who's taxi is it outside?
- You get 500 Dkr you can get me to my flight, I said.
I checked in at 1911 and I was running through Kastrup with 1 of the check-in staff. I made it just because I had no luggage to check in.
Anyway, there will be plenty decisions to make next time I'm signing off.

Sunday 29th of June 2003
and at 0455 they called me and told me it was 20 minutes to our jetty. Ugh, was I tied or what? But I had to go up. We commenced discharging our 1st parcel at 0700 and we completed 4th and last parcel 1405. The vetting inspector from Shell was satisfied with the ship so everyone was happy when we left Nantes 1530 at 29th of June.

Monday 30th of June 2003
and we took onboard our pilot outside Bayonne at 1250. I had network Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Framnäscoverage so I tried to call on a apartment in Sweden but there was no reply. I gave it 2 try and I went down for the paper work in our deck office.

We arrived to Bayonne in the afternoon and we had all fast at 1320. We commenced discharging at 1450. It was nice weather and I wanted to visit the city. I didn't found any French Hip Hop at Atlantis in Nantes so I wanted to give it a new try. I got a ride to the city centre of Bayonne with the Surveyor and he dropped me at the city centre.

I looked for a record shop and I asked around. CD is Disc du numerique in French so I asked for Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Framnäsa shop du disc du numerique. They told me about Virgin Mega shop so I went to the shop. There wasn't very much to buy, I have never liked this big record shops with "top ten" music.

I went for a walk and I passed a small record shop. I entered the shop and asked for some French Hip Hop. I also asked for the song Pamela Popo with Gainsbourg. The owner told me that Gainsbourg never made a song Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T Framnäscalled Pamela Popo.
- Gainsbourg is my favourite and I have all his records at home, he said.
- OK, excuse me for being from Sweden and I know f@ck all. But I'm pretty sure that Serge Gainsbourg has made a song called Pamela Popo
- AAHH, la Sueco idioto!!

Yeah, he gave me the full song and dance about Serge Gainsbourg and that he was from France and Serge Gainsbourg had been his idol for the last 200 years. Hmm, Sueco idioto or not, but we found Gainsbourg record Vu De L'Extérieur and as I said; Pamela Popo was track #7 in the record. He was a little embarrassed.

I got my records and it will be the dawn of a new French Hip Hop era onboard. A French Hip Hop extravaganza on my night watch after departure.

After my shopping I went to a gargote and got some tea and a Croque Monsieur, that's a toast with cheese and ham. After my lunch I went to the taxi stand. On the way to the gargote I could see plenty taxis waiting there. - Good, I thought with my adventure in Nantes fresh in mind.

When I came to the taxi stand there was a guy waiting. It was 1645 and he had to be at the airport at 1730 and no sign of any taxi. What's the story with France and taxi? He called taxi 3 times and finally he got a taxi. He had asked for a taxi for me as well so 5 minutes after he had left there was a taxi for me. On the way to the ship I asked the taxi driver to stop at M/T Chassiron so I could take a few pictures for my web page. By now you know where to find the latest news about a little of everything.

M/T Chassiron

When the Surveyor drove me to Bayonne we passed M/T Chassiron. He told me that the ship is owned by Petromarine, a French company. She had discharged gasoline in Bayonne from Saint Nazaire. She left Bayonne 0520 on Friday the 13th of June 2003. At 0645 the cargo tank exploded.
They were doing tank cleaning in an empty cargo tank after discharging the gasoline. The cargo pump got overheated during tank cleaning probably due to a hot shaft with a seized bearing. An empty gasoline tank is very dangerous with all the gasoline vapours. As seen on the picture the explosion ripped off the tank deck. The deck plates locked like paper. 1 of the crew died in the explosion.

M/T Chassiron
The deck is ripped open like a tin

M/T Chassiron
The deck is ripped open like a tin

M/T Chassiron
M/T Chassiron in Bayonne

And I searched the internet while we were steaming towards Singapore with M/T Maersk Cassandra. I updated this page with new pictures and I wanted to have more information about the Chassion accident.


Arrival and unloading at Bayonne. The vessel arrived in Bayonne on 12th June 2003 and was made fast alongside, port side to, at 0518. All the ballast tanks were empty except for the fore peak tank and the anti-heeling tanks (No.4).

Cargo characteristics on arrival
DOMESTIC HEATING OIL : d. = 0.8568 ; Temp. °C = 23.6 ; Vol. = 938.378 m3 ; Vol. 15°C = 931.716 m3 ; wt. = 796.269 tonnes, loaded in Tank 1 (P & S) ; · GASOIL : d. = 0.8437 ; Temp. °C = 29.5 ; Vol. = 7729.932 m3 ; Vol. 15°C = 7635.645 m3 ; wt. = 6433.794 tonnes, loaded in Tanks 2, 3, 4 et 5 (P & S);

UNLEADED GRADE 98 MOGAS: d. = 0.7502 ; Temp. °C = 25,2 ; Vol. = 1228.234 m3 ; V 15°C = 1213.127 m3 ; P = 908.753 tonnes, loaded in Tank 6 (P & S).

Unloading began on 12th June and was completed on 13th June in the following order :
0530 : connection ;

0536 to 0554 : cargo identification, calculations ;

unloading of unleaded grade 98 mogas from Tank 6 port and starboard from 0600 to 0900 ;

unloading of domestic heating oil from Tank 1 port and starboard from 1006 to 1224 ;

unloading of gasoil from Tanks 2, 3, 4, 5 port and starboard from 1312 to 0106 ;

After unloading, when the vessel left Bayonne, the ballast situation was as follows : all the ballast tanks were full except for the fore peak tank, the deep tank, the anti-heeling tanks and ballast Tank 6 port and starboard.

Departure from Bayonne on 13th June 2003
Times are given in local time (UTC + 2)
0500, after completely discharging her cargo the CHASSIRON set sail from the oil berth at the Raffinerie du midi at Boucau (port of Bayonne) bound for the oil refinery at Donges. The vessel was in ballast.

0530, the pilot disembarked.

0536, the vessel was full away on passage, electricity was being produced by the shaft-driven alternator. The vessel's speed was steady on 14.7 knots.

0600, the master left the bridge and handed over the watch to the Chief mate.

At about 0630, the pumpman began washing the pair of tanks which had previously contained domestic heating oil (Tank No.1 P & S).

Around 0640, washing of Tank No.1 was completed and the pumpman went to wake up the boatswain so that he could help him with the work.

At about 0700, the washing machines in Tank No.6 port and starboard were in operation as well as the pumps in both of these tanks.

The vessel was in position : 43° 53'.9 N – 001° 30' .8 W. 0709, there was a violent explosion followed by fire in way of Tank No.6 which has previously been loaded with unleaded grade 98 mogas. The general alarm was sounded immediately.

0710, the master came on to the bridge. The engine was slowed down and brought to zero pitch, the second steering motor was started and the wide angle rudder engaged. The helm was set to manual steering. Contact was established with the SOCOA signal station. As soon as he had confirmed that there were no other vessels in the immediate vicinity, the master put on helm and increased the propeller pitch in order to maintain the flames and smoke at right angles to the ship and keep a clear view from the wheelhouse. The course was stabilized and speed established at three knots.

0711, the Chief engineer went down to the engine room. The engine spaces seemed to be intact. He activated the firefighting foam system.

0712, the foam system was operational.

0715, a 65 mm fire hose was installed on the poop deck but could not be used because the fire main had been severed by the explosion forward of the bridgehouse. So the Chief engineer decided to blank off the engine-room fire main so that the engine–room fire lines would be usable and available to protect the engine spaces.

0720, the crew was mustered at the stern. After several roll calls and head counts, it was confirmed that the pumpman was missing. The boatswain was cut off from the rest of the ship and by himself on the forecastle.

0724, the third mate, who was in charge of communications, called the SOCOA signal station and asked for assistance from the AQUITAINE EXPLORER. The Chief mate reported that the hull was apparently intact.

0730, observing that the intensity of the fire had decreased, the master decided to stop the foam pump to keep some foam in reserve. At that time the fire was confined to the area around the port manifold drip dray, the crane on the main deck and the part of the catwalk that had been destroyed. The master then decided to follow a course which would take him closer to the coast while minimizing the effects of the fire and then another course to take him safely to Bayonne.

0739, contact was made with the CROSS (Regional Centre for Surveillance and Rescue Operations) and the fishing boats in the area to search for a possible man overboard.

0742, there was a call from PETROMARINE, the vessel was in position : 43° 53'.1 N – 001° 37'.3 W.

0750, the CROSS called to report that the AQUITAINE EXPLORER was proceeding from Bayonne as well as a large tug from Bilbao.

0756, two lifeboats, SNS 79 from Bayonne and SNS 243 from Cap Breton, got under way.
0800, the fire was almost out. The fire pump was stopped to limit the consequences on the vessel's stability and structure. The vessel was on course 180°. Her speed was increased to 8 knots.

0808, the CROSSA authorized the vessel to proceed to Bayonne.

0825, the vessel was informed by the CROSSA that a helicopter was proceeding with a team of firemen to assess the situation and pick up the boatswain.

0832, the maritime service at Donges was informed of the situation.

0848, lifeboat SNS 79 arrived on scene.

0851, the intervention of the tug from Bilbao was cancelled.

0900, the position of the vessel was : 43° 44'.5 N – 00 1° 37'.7 W

0913, contact was made by VHF with the AQUITAINE EXPLORER to keep her informed of the situation and decide how she should intervene on the port side tocool down the manifold. The speed of the vessel was reduced to 3 knots to facilitate the operation.

0920, the AQUITAINE EXPLORER commenced her intervention.

0942, two inspectors from the Ship Safety Centre and the maritime gendarmerie arrived on board.

1026, a call was received from the Bayonne pilot sevices to decide on the approach to the port.

1030, the AQUITAINE EXPLORER completed her intervention and accompanied the vessel to Bayonne.

1037 , the vessel slowed down so that the Maritime Gendarmerie could pass a portable VHF set to the boatswain.

1054, arrival of the pilot launch with two pilots, a linesman and three representatives of the Affaires maritimes (French maritime administration).

1057, the helicopter arrived with the firemen who were to examine the area the crew could not reach.

1106, pilots on board.

1120, the pumpman's body was found.

1142, the préfecture granted permission for the vessel to berth at Bayonne.

1145, a manoeuvring team was winched down to the forecastle by helicopter.

1154, the production of electricity was transferred to a genset.

1216, the vessel passed the outer harbour jetties.

1234, the ship's towing line was taken by the tug ATTURI.

1244 , the vessel was turned.

1348, All fast.

And as this is www.aladdin.st I put the whole report for you here to read. Just click and you have the full report as a PDF 69 pages file, interesting reading!!

And of course, when searcing for information about the explosion onboard M/T Chassiron I found more pictures on the internet, so enjoy!

M/T Chassiron
From http://sextan.com/Explosion-bord-du-Chassiron-un Photo by José Arocena

M/T Chassiron
From http://sextan.com/Explosion-bord-du-Chassiron-un Photo by José Arocena

M/T Chassiron
From http://phlauga.pagesperso-orange.fr/casualties01.htm

M/T Chassiron
From http://www.philippe-ships.com/casualties/chassiron-2003.html

M/T Chassiron
From http://www.philippe-ships.com/casualties/chassiron-2003.html

M/T Chassiron
From http://www.philippe-ships.com/casualties/chassiron-2003.html

I was back onboard at 1715 and they had just finished the 1st parcel and we started to discharge 2nd and last parcel. We completed discharging 1825 and we left Bayonne around 7 o'clock in the evening the 30th of June.

There was e-mail from the company and they wanted me to sign on CT Star 2nd of July but I'm still here. I called the CT Star and I wanted to speak with the Captain. I thought they were going to Helsingborg so I thought they could order snus for me. But they were just passing on the way to Immingham and they should change crew on Landskrona roads. I spoke with the Chief Officer and he was disappointed that he couldn't sign off in Landskrona.

When I came on watch it was very nice weather. No wind and sunshine. Long and high swell from NW made the ship roll easy. Around 2300 the wind came and before soon we had rough weather. The ship was jumping and pitching so it was hard to work with my web page after my watch.

During the night the ship started to roll heavily due to rough sea. On my morning watch it was just to hold on to something sturdy. It's the 1st of July and I had hoped for better weather. We only made around 8 knots due to the weather so we will be delayed to Antwerp. So maybe I miss CT Star in Immingham. During the late afternoon it became a little better but not much.

The French Hip Hop extravaganza continued on the night watch. Now it was nice weather and I enjoyed the music. I hope I get more time next time I'm in a record shop in France. But the music I found was very good or as Timbuktu said "Fy helvete va fet", not about this music. But I take the liberty to use his expression.

At midnight we were relieved by "Myse & Pyse" and I were off to my cabin. I wrote some e-mail to Sue and I also wrote to some real estate agents in Malmö and Gothenburg. I will send these e-mails when I get network coverage next time.
I haven't got any mail from Sue since Bayonne and I can't wait for the next. Maybe I get coverture du telephone de mobile tonight when passing close to the French coast. While waiting I'm busy trying to get space in my bags for all my new T-shirts. I will for sure look dashing when I sign on CT Star.

After my afternoon nap Captain gave me an e-mail with my flight details.
KL 1720 L 04JUL 5 BRUAMS HK1 0645 0735
KL 1489 L 04JUL 5 AMSHUY HK1 0940 1005

Direct to my next ship without any stop in Sweden. Hmm, my flight from Brussels departs at 0645. I will not get much sleep before signing on CT Star in Immingham. They tried to get a flight on the night the 3rd of July but all flights were full. Then I could have spent a night on a hotel in England and I could have been sleeping until lunch time.

But long days with hard work and no sleep is my territory. I only wished that there had been time for some kiss kiss with Sue between the ships.

After my watch at midnight I went to my cabin. I checked if there was network coverage, but no. I did a little something with my web page and at 0230 when I had turned off my computer I got network coverage as we came closer to Gris-Nez. I had to start my computer again and I could send my e-mails. I received mail from Sue. I lost the network after a few minutes so my mail to the real estate agents didn't get away. But never mind, my important e-mail to Sue got away so I was happy when I got to bed.

From 26th of May 2003 to 4th July 2003 we did the following voyages: I came onboard in Antwerp 26th of May at a waiting berth and 27th we discharged at Nynas in Antwerp and 28th we started to load at the same jetty.
Antwerp - Villagarcia: 2 parcel of Bitumen. Voy 25/03. Bitumen is asphalt
Gothenburg - Drammen: 3 parcel of Bitumen. Voy 26/03
Nynäshamn - Norrköping: 2 parcel of Bitumen. Voy 27/03
Nynäshamn - Gothenburg: 2 parcel of Bitumen. Voy 28/03
Antwerp - Nantes/ Bayonne: 4 parcel of Bitumen. Voy 29/03
Antwerp - Nantes/ Bayonne: 4 parcel of Bitumen. Voy 30/03

After that we went back to Antwerp to load Bitumen for Villagarcia and I signed off in Antwerp. We arrived to Wandelaar pilot station 0725 3rd of July. Same story again, I had to spend my watch with the pilot again. The weather was gloomy and grey and wind from NW. So we had the sea coming in on our port quarter making the ship roll a little when steaming towards Vlissingen. We entered Schelde and changed pilot in Vlissingen at 1000 and no more rolling. Its low water in Antwerp 1200 so all the water is going out and thus slowing us down. My reliever waiting for us at the jetty. (I hope)

The only good thing happening on my watch (except Captain chatting and keeping me company) was that Captain gave me new flight details.
KL 1726 L 04JUL 5 BRUAMS HK1 1200-1255
KL 1493 L 04JUL 5 AMSHUY HK1 1445-1450 Departing Amsterdam 1445 arriving 1450???!!! Well, it's the famous time difference playing a trick

Yippee, maybe I can have time for a few hours sleep and relax a little. This is unbeaten tracks for me. Hmm, this is Captains territory, maybe I can borrow a map from him.
We entered the lock in Antwerp just before 2 o'clock in the afternoon. I had a chance to update my web page and to send the rest of the e-mail.

I received e-mail from Sue. She was not too happy about me going direct to the next ship. She told me it was over and she had it with me.
I was in a bad mood during the afternoon, of course, after a mail bomb like that, who wouldn't?

Our relievers came onboard in the lock. We arrived to Nynas Jetty 283 and had all fast at 1535. I didn't know what we should load. But Loading Master arrived with loading orders for 2 parcels. We started to load 1st parcel of bitumen at 1655 and I was relieved. In my loading order I wrote "New chief Officer in charge, lives in Telegrafist hytten. Phone #12"

When I came to my cabin just after 5 o'clock Sue called and she was happy again. Wow, is she moody or what? Anyway, I was in a good mood when I went to Captain and signed my paper and I got my seaman's discharge book. I also picked up some new T-shirts and shorts that I had ordered. Problem to pack my bags, where will everything fit? I have to throw away some old stuff. This time I have no Snus to carry around, Captain have asked the company to arrange snus to CT Star for me with the on signing crew in Landskrona.

I was handsomely rewarded again. Taxi ordered for Friday morning 10 o'clock 4th of July to the ship . The taxi will take me to Brussels airport and my flight to Humberside via Amsterdam.

Arriving in the afternoon and CT Star have ETA to Immingham in the afternoon 4th of July. In Immingham there will be new adventures lurking around every corner.


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