M/T Ekturus, I was 2nd Officer onboard between 17 of May 1997 and 14 June 1997
M/T Ekturus
M/T Ekturus
I took this picture when I signed on 17th of May 1997.

M/T Ekturus was built on Uddevalla varvet, Sweden 1986. She's on 23050 ton DW.
She's 158.3 m long and 26.45 m wide.
Cargo, 98% volume: 24.076 m³ Service slop tanks 98%: 705 m³
D.O. tanks: 119 m³ Fresh water tanks: 250 m³ W.B. tanks: 9.180 m³

14 cargo tanks and 2 slop tanks, with one deepwell pump (hydraulic driven) in each tank.
Cargo/slop tanks epoxy coated.
Cargo handling 4 grades simultaneously segregated by two valves.
Cargo pumps: 8x600 m³/h Service slop tank pumps: 2x120 m³/h
Cargo discharge capacity: abt. 3.000 m³/h
Ballast pumps: 2x550 m³/h
Tank washing: cargo tank, stainless steel coils in slop tanks (2x16/1x2) Fixed machines
Manifolder flanges: 4 pcs connection each side 4x12"
Deck crane: 5/1 tons/16 m/19 m

Saturday 17th of May 1997 and I went to pick up a rented car at Ullevi, Go:teborg. It was around 6 o'clock in the morning, M/T Ekturus was going to arrive to Råå around 9 or 10 o'clock in the morning. She will stop outside Råå for crew change on her way to load in St. Petersburg.

They had called me from Ektank and they asked if I wanted to join a ship in the middle of June.
- Mid June, don't you have something earlier?
- You can join Ekturus in 2 days. But only for 4 weeks.
So I choose Ekturus instead of going at home spending money, even if this was for 4 weeks only.

I left Gothenburg early in the morning in my rental car and as I like to be in time I left Go:teborg just after 6 o'clock in the morning. I had expected to arrive to Råå around 9 o'clock. But I was driving an AUDI A6 or A8 and these are some dangerous cars.

I was cruising in 180km/h and when I floored the pedal I could feel how the car was taking
off to 240km/h. And when cruising in 180 it was like moving along in 50km/h. Talk about misjudgement, I arrived to Råå marina just after 7 and now I had to kill 3 hours before the ship came. And there is nothing to do in Råå, especially at 7 o'clock in the morning.

when the shops opened I bought more snus and I was back in the marina and the launch that was going to take us to Ekturus when she passed Råå on her way to St. Petersburg.

We arrived to Ekturus with the launch. the weather was nice so no problem to get up on the pilot ladder and when I came onboard I said hello to the AB on deck.
- Are you from Skåne as well? He asked me.
- Who else is from Skåne? I asked.
- I'm from Skåne!
- You don't speak Skånska , I said
- I have been living in Skåne for 15 years, he said.
- Well, A Skåning isn't something you become, that's something your born as, I said.
M/T EkturusAfter that I called him "The fake Skåning" and he didn't spoke to me.

We had 2 motormen from Skåne (the real thing) onboard. I knew 1 of them from some 15 years ago. We had been in school together in Helsingborg . And he and another friend were to visit me in Go:teborg when I was in navigation school. Well, it was nice to meet him.
M/T Ekturus
M/T Ekturus was mostly transporting heavy fuel oil M/T Ekturusfrom St. Petersburg, Russia to W Europe and Iceland. I was lucky that I was there in the summer because going to Iceland in the winter is no joke.

We continued our voyage towards St. Petersburg to load FO. I don't remember where we went after St. Petersburg. Actually I only remember one discharge port, and that was on Iceland.

Yes, that's the only discharge port I remember. And I remember us loading one time in St. Petersburg because I was ashore walking. Otherwise I don't remember much. Yes, our Cook. She made apple pie, the best I ever had. And instead of bread crumbs M/T EkturusYes, how tasty is it with bread crumbs? I'm just asking. No, she used to do crumbs of digestive biscuits and it was much better. actually it was unlawfully yummy.

I knew our Chief Officer from back in the days when I was working as an AB onboard M/T Aurum. I had not seen him since and it was almost 10 years since I signed off M/T Aurum. Well, always nice to meet people you know. We both remembered when we did tank cleaning for methanol onboard M/T Aurum. He asked if I remembered the Engineers.
- Of course
These guys were part owners of the ship and still they were complaining when we did tank cleaning in the middle of the night.
- Do you have to do this in the middle of the night?
- No, we can do it during day time so you can sit on your arses all night long.
But it will take 3 weeks to clean the tanks!
M/T Ekturus
We had 2 Cadets coming onboard. One of them recognised me instantly when he saw me.
- You were at Åsa's Eastern Party a few years ago.

Hmm, I didn't recognise him, but I'm used to it by now. But I remember the Easter party. I went there with a few friends from navigation school and obviously he must have been so impressed so he decided to become a Deck Officer. That's the spirit!

Saturday 14th of June 1997 and I signed off at Råå roads (Just South of Helsingborg). I signed M/T Ekturus off together with Chief Officer and motorman. There were two cars waiting for us at the jetty when we came in to Råå's marina.

Our Chief Officer took one of the cars and he left for Norrland. I drove the Motorman to Helsingborg train station. We had a beer before I left for Go:teborg.

My friend was waiting for me in Gothenburg so I was in a hurry. I remember me paying the beer 10 minutes past 9 o'clock in Helsingborg and at 11 o'clock I was sitting with 2 beers in front of me in Go:teborg. And then I had left my luggage and returned the rented car.

18th of June it was time to sign on CT Sun in Norrköping. No time to waste between ships.


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