September 2010

Wednesday 1st of September 2010 and I was more dead than alive when my alarm went off at 6 o'clock. They are going to resume loading at 07:30 L/T and that's 06:30 S/T.

When we first got the e-mail about the stop during the night I thought it was good. No Ek-Stardeparture in the middle of the night. That was until I realised that 7 thirty in Helsinki is 6 thirty ship's time. Well, arses have to be kicked and they call the arse kicker.

I was in my shower when the called from the CCR a minute or two after 6 o'clock.
- They want to start now.
- I'm in the shower, I will be down in a minute.

We resumed discharging 10 minutes after 6 o'clock and I hope that we can be out of here by 12 and thus be able to make it to Ek-StarHamina around 8 o'clock tonight.

Well, latest news from Hamina is that we will discharge Ek-Starat one of their two jetties. Both berths are occupied and the first one is expected to be available tomorrow morning and they expect us to come alongside 7 o'clock local time. 6 o'clock in the morning ships time and I really hope that there are some exceptional delays.

A few hours later my mood swinged to better when we received the latest berthing prospects: Between 6 and 9 o'clock tomorrow morning.

We completed discharging at 12:50 ships time and pilot was ordered for 14:30 so we had time to fill up the ballast before departure. And our Pilot came onboard 15 minutes after 2 o'clock and 5 minutes later we were ready with our ballast.
Pilot was on the bridge when I came up a few minutes before 2 thirty. We waited for Ek-Starour main engine to be ready before we could leave. We had all lines Ek-Starcleared and we left Helsinki at 14:35.
I could see the square where I had been yesterday. Well, not the square, but the houses and the church on the hill.

We passed 5 of Finland's icebreakers when we left Helsinki and if the weather continues like this they will soon be busy breaking ice in the Baltic sea and in the Gulf of Bothnia.
We have about 5 hours from the jetty to Hamina Pilot station and even though we're going to drop our anchor I wanted to be ready with my cargo plans. Never know what happens. OK, the plans were ready yesterday, but I will print them and, well, prepare stuff. So I went to my office after the departure and I was pretty much ready with everything in time for dinner.

Thursday 2nd of September 2010
and I received my ordinary wakeup call 20 minutes before 8 o'clock. I never set my alarm clock for wake up, I didn't know when we were going alongside. But when they called me I could heard the engine so I went straight to the bridge after my shower.
Pilot came onboard 10 minutes after 8 and our anchor was up quarter past. The original plan was to Ek-Stardrop anchor at the Pilot station yesterday, but we were allowed to anchor in the port so it was just a few minutes to the jetty. Otherwise we would have had to heave up the anchor 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning.

We had all fast at 10 o'clock and I could go down for my
we got a new Electrician today.
From POLAND!! But you don't have to worry, you're still my favourite!
GOOD MORNING tea and 2 slices of black bread. And typical, I just had a sip of my tea when the Loading Master came onboard and we started to discharge 35 minutes later.

We only have 2 tanks to discharge here in Hamina and we completed discharging 25 minutes after 1 o'clock.

I spent most of my day with monthly reports, well, what was left of it. Maybe 1 hour and it was time for lunch.

We left Hamina at 14:35 on a very gloomy and grey Ek-Starafternoon. The wind is picking up and there is a gale warning in force. Strong winds from the North and an already cold day will get colder. Darn, I wish I was back home in FUNKY TOWN. Yeah, I'm really looking forward to the winter, 20°C below zero and ice.

By then I will be in Manila for 3 or 4 weeks of training. I got my courses and a new hotel reservation from OSM Manila today. I will do my trainings at Consolidated Training Center so they suggested a hotel at Mabini instead of in Makati.
OK, good, I will be close to the fresh mango at Mall of Asia.

After the coffee break I had our 2nd Officer in my office, he wanted to know about our gas detectors. I asked about VOL% and LEL%. I told him that we need to know about this before we start study manuals for the instruments. Not a very good idea to use instruments if we don't know what we are doing.

Friday 3rd of September 2010
and we were anchored when I woke up. And for sure, looking out the window did nothing to improve my morning mood. Strong winds and gloom as long as I could see.

Today I had to get started with our medicine. we got a big box of medicine in Hamina yesterday so Ek-StarI have to update the inventory list. But by the look of it Ek-Starwe will have to spend the weekend anchored so there will be plenty time.

Lunch and I had my usual Spinach, onion and green pea’s surprise. And our Cook force me to add some toppings and that's even though I fine him 100$ every time. I returned to my office and I ate my lunch while updating our inventory list with the new medicines.

Motherf@cker, we got millions of new medicines and it's time consuming to fill it up in my Ek-Starexcel sheet. On Ek-River we got the update inventory list from Lagaay. Well, now I did it myself and it's not like the ship is on fire so I have the time.

And for sure, winter storm outside so I'm better off in my office writing inventory list, drinking tea and listen to SHAPESHIFTERS on full blast. Good music!

Our 3rd Engineer passed my office on the way forward to check out our jockey pump for the FRAMO system. The pump had just stopped and an investigation was launched. Well, anyway, on the way forward he stopped at my office to complain.
- My wife can't send e-mail to you from your web page.
- You need to have your own e-mail program.
Before I had the webmail, but there was so much spam coming so I removed the Ek-Starwebmail.
- Hmm, maybe I should look in to it again.

I can always put one of those code stuff and you need to enter a code before you can send the mail. Maybe this will stop the spam. OK, we see when I get the time. Slop chest and I'm glad to say that I managed to skip the chocolate. I got 2 apples yesterday, and they are still in my cabin. And with this weather I have not had my evening constitutional for a few days now. DARN!

Evening was spent in my cabin in front of my computer writing a few words on my web page and, well, that's how exciting it gets around here.

Saturday 4th of September 2010
and we were still anchored when I woke up. The weather was better Ek-Startoday, still gloomy and grey. But not so much wind and it looked like it would not start to rain anytime soon. So the crew could continue with the chipping and painting on the. The last spots before it's finished. Well, it will never be finished, but we're finished for this year.

I had my tea and my two slices of black bread in my office, I need some energy before I continue with my medicines. First aid kit in the kitchen and in the engine is finished and today I will finish the rest of the medicine.

And I filled up a washing machine with my laundry before leaving for the hospital and my new medicine and my laundry will hopefully be ready before 10 o'clock. I finished our life boat and MOB boat medicine and I went to my office to update my lists before the coffee break at 10 o'clock.
And when I went down to check my laundry it was just a matter of minutes before the machine would be ready. So while down there I took the opportunity to go on a photo safari in the engine room. I might be lucky and find something worth taking a picture off.

When our MOB boat and Life boat canisters were packed our 2nd officer took them to their Ek-Starrespective places. But first he had to seal them and he came to the hospital to show me the seal before he returned the canisters.

Of course, when he entered the hospital I took a picture.
- Wait, first I have to adjust my hair.
- Too late now! No more pictures, I said.

We sealed the medicine canisters and our 2nd officer left me alone so I could continue with my medicine. I finished all the medicine and I managed to check the delivery list over the stuff we received in Hamina. All delivered, well, 1 bandage was missing. Never mind, we have more than enough of bandage. It's like a military hospital onboard, plenty bandages and stuff, for what do we need all this?

I was finished with the medicines and after the afternoon break I returned to my office to update my inventory list.

Yes, it’s fun to be busy. Time turns real quick and before soon it was time for dinner. Saturday Ek-Starand I have to eat in the mess room. In the future I'm better off staying away.

I'm “MOST DISAPPOINTED” with our Cook, motherf@cker!!! First I discovered chocolate ice cream, very yummy with whipped cream. I was just about to leave when our Cook asked, no! He was talking me in to take some ice cream.
- You're not my friend anymore!
And I remembered our bet, 100$ every time he try to talk me in to eat something.
- You owe me millions!
I left for my cabin when I had finished the ice cream, but first a quick stop in my office for a bunch of diet drinks. Saturday night onboard Ek-Star and no hangover tomorrow. And as an extra bonus, no money spent. Very good!

Sunday 5th of September 2010
and we were still anchored when I woke up. Gloomy and grey but not Ek-Starmuch waves so we can go ahead with our plan to launch the Ek-Starlife boat and MOB boat.

Well, after the 10 o'clock coffee. I will have time to finish the hospital before 10 o'clock. Medicine finished and now I just have to make the inventory for the instruments and equipments.

It was nice when the hospital was ready. OK, almost ready, but now everything is up to date and the only thing remaining is to make all the paper work. I'm looking forward to a day in my office with Ek-Starpaper work, tea and Clutchy Hopkins on full blast tomorrow.

I will turn all our binders and papers in to one “HOSPITAL” binder. I will be able to keep myself BUSY for days. OK, a few minutes anyway.

So the crew had prepared the MOB boat and the life boat Ek-Starwas on the way down. The plan was to have the crew to board the life boat from the MOB boat. No need to have the crew in the boat when we launch it.

I don't know what happened. The MOB was at the life boat when they turned around and they started to speed away from the life boat. A few minutes later we could see that they were starting to use the oars. I was just thinking:

They didn't manage to start the engine again and we had to send the life boat to rescue the MOB boat before they were drifting off all the way to Russia. But the remaining crew was quick to pluck up courage. Ek-Star
Ek-Star My best men boarded the life boat and they took off to save the MOB boat. A forceful reaction and I was impressed to see how the crew handled a situation when facing sudden peril.
I was relieved when they returned with the MOB boat. I was afraid that the life boat engine would have give up as well and I was seeing our self having to heave up the anchor to go pick up the boats. Yeah, that would have been a f@cking nice end to the life boat drill.
And it was not only me saluting the returning heroes. Our kitchen crew came out to take pictures. I Ek-Starwas just waiting for them to start waving flags and Ek-Starthrowing flowers and chocolate down the life and MOB boat.

I was really relieved when the MOB boat was back onboard. And now it was only to get the life boat back onboard. The weather looks nice, at least from a big ship, but it's a wee bit different
when you're sitting in a small life boat. It doesn’t take much of a wave to make the life boat starts moving like an eggshell on the water.

And we have a heavy arrangement to connect our wires to so we can heave up the life boat. A little rolling and jumping up and down and it's easy to understand that this can be both dangerous and hard to do. And of course, it's not easy to drive the life boat. You can see on the pictures above that there is only one small hole to look out through. Now you have to back up the life boat to the wires to get them connected, not easy.

So it's important to practice whenever we get the chance. And if you're home when we're launching the boat you might only drive it once a year, for 10 minutes so.

Well, of course, the life boat is not made for manoeuvring and to be taken back onboard. It's main , well, only purpose is to get the crew the f@ck away from the ship if needed.

Our 2nd officer took the life boat to our stern and he backed up like he hadn't done anything else in his life. yes, my best guy on the job. we gave them 2 heaving lines and we held the boat in position while they connected the lifeboat to the wire.




When the life boat was hooked up to the wires in the davit the crew climbed onboard via a ladder on the poop deck. we don't want them in the life boat if something would happen.

And when our heroes were onboard we started to. We, it sounds like I'm taking part. I just checking so everything works as it should and supervising with my hands in the pocket. well, anyway, when the life boat was empty our Pump Man started to heave up the MOB boat.
When the boat was back we were one hour late for lunch, our Cook had my spinach ready. And today he had some smoked salmon to the spinach so I guess I got all the vitamins required in one day. When I had finished my spinach, darn, I had a second helping of the spinach just to sit down socialising a bit in the mess room.
I must shape up or my diet will soon derail, or capsize as we say on the seven seas.
Sunday night onboard Ek-Star and there in nothing much happening. I spent the evening in my cabin drinking diet drinks, writing on my web page. That's about how exciting things get around here.

But I could have been home and Sunday night's in FUNKY TOWN means an early Monday morning with school. And I'm usually in bed trying to sleep, but it's impossible with the hangover and I'm tossin' and turnin' all night long and when my alarm goes off at 8 o'clock I'm half dead. And then it's easy to understand why I'm falling asleep in class.
And my Teachers are always pestering me about it. Of course they are smiling so no
Evening e-mail
Kollade in våran Amsterdam resa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vilken flaschback, den gubben som klättrade på väggen och sparka in rutan mitt inatten, vi ju pröjsa 60 guilden för den för när managern kollade ut på den smala kanten sa han att det omöjligt kunde vara någon som klättrat där.
Vilka bilder, som man såg ut. Pilsner överallt, man ligger utslagen på trappan & Åpsis kalopsis står å spyr

Bra att inte skrev några namn som framtida arbetsgivare kan googla på, hade inte varit så bra på CV’t.
Simma lugnt.
hard words. But Tuesday morning I'm back full of vim!

And of course, reactions about my new pages about our time in school start to fill up my in box. And I have only finished 2 out of 3 years. Well, he remembered that we had to pay 60 guilders for a broken window in our hotel room. I had forgotten all about that. Well, it was a very long time ago so I can't remember everything.

Monday 6th of September 2010
and we were still anchored off Hamina when I woke up. I Ek-Stardiscovered a beautiful day when I looked out Ek-Starmy window. The sea was like a mirror and the sun was shining.

So the crew was busy chipping and painting on deck and I finished the paper work in the hospital. I started to check out my store next to the Ek-StarCCR when I was finished with the paper work and I was disturbed by an inquiry about how much we could load in Ek-StarSvetly. Gas condensate so we can load full volume without reaching full draft.

Good, seems like we're finally on the way to a load port. We have had it with anchoring by now.

We launched our life boat yesterday and today we wanted to check the release mechanism, a hydraulic piston the lift the life boat over the securing hook. There are 2 hand pumps (one back up) that we use to launch the boat when we're seated.
Better of checking so it's ready for action. When you're sitting in the life boat on a sinking ship a Ek-Starlife boat that you can launch makes it pretty high on the Ek-StarGOOD TO HAVE list.

Our 2nd officer checked the oil levels in the pump and I was taking pictures. Someone had to do it. The release mechanism worked as it should and we could secure the life boat again.

We never heard anything about the Gas condensate from Svetly. But we will go to St. Petersburg to load FO. Laydays 10 to 12 so we will heave up our anchor and leave after breakfast on Thursday. I think it's around 8 hours from here to St Petersburg anchorage.

A gorgeous day turned in to a gloomy and grey evening. Black clouds and it looked like it would start to rain any second. But I managed to get my 60 minutes constitutional and I was in a very good mood when I returned to my web page in my cabin.

Tuesday 7th of September 2010
and we were still anchored when I woke up. I will start my day with Ek-Starcargo planning. We are allowed to load to maximum 7,4 meters draft at this jetty so it will be about 9800MT.

The crew was on deck painting and I was in my office doing the loading plan. I used one computer and our 2nd Officer was on the other computer. He is one of the upcoming stars in the companies and I prepare him a little for tasks ahead.

I think he starts to understand the basics regarding the gas meters. So now we're moving on to the ODME so he knows how it works and how to run it when he is standing there as a Chief Officer. I have told him to prepare himself mentally, read the manual and to do the CBT course so he is prepared when we're going to do the test run in a few days time.

We were kicking arses in my office while the crew was kicking arses on deck. A lot of arse kickin' Ek-Stargoing on, but it's not a sit down relax job if you want to Ek-Starkeep a ship in Swedish standard.

So our guys take every opportunity to get some paint on the ship.

If you're looking for a “sitt down relax, have a cup of coffee” job you're at the wrong place, but there are plenty PanamaGreek ships out there.

When I finished my loading plan I kept an eye on our 2nd Officer and one eye on the guys on deck.


Anchored, for 3 days now and I'm going crazy, the only thing I'm looking forward to is to get Ek-Starout of here so we can start load in St. Petersburg.

They told me that it usually took 1 to 2 days to load in
Ek-StarRussia and we have 4 to 5 days to go if we're going to Rotterdam to discharge.

So a rough estimation, this month will almost have come to an end when we're ready with voyage #28-2010.

And then it doesn’t require a razor sharp intellect to realise Ek-Starthat it's soon time for me to go home.

But before we go home we have plenty to do.
The crew is putting the last coat on the area they started a few days ago and it's the second (yellow) coat on the part of deck they started yesterday.

I was pretty much alone in my office after lunch, our 2nd Officer was busy with the CBT (Computer Based Training) for the ODME in the ships office so our ship's office had turned in to a regular class room with the computer as a teacher and our
2nd officer as the student eager to learn.

Alone in my office, nice for a change. I ordered winter clothes for the upcoming winter, which I will hopefully spend in Bangkok and in Manila doing courses.


And yes, I want to finish this day with our OS, and it seems like he is back to his old cocky himself. I have to remind him about the ballast pipe every now and then.
- You weren’t very cocky when you were crying for Chief Officer to take the ballast pipe.

Wednesday 8th of September 2010
and I woke up to yet another day at Hamina anchorage. Ek-StarOur last day, we will heave up the anchor and proceed towards St. Petersburg tomorrow morning and we will drop the anchor there in the late afternoon.

I got bad news when I came down to my office. Looks like we will go inside early Friday morning, maybe around 3 o'clock in the morning. Yes, really made my day.

Never mind, as long as we get some action around here I'm happy. Our crew started the day by chipping and after the afternoon coffee they started to sweep the deck so they could paint after dinner.
Ek-Star Well, I spent the afternoon with paper work and tomorrow I will make a new binder again. Take Ek-Stardown all the papers we have on the bulkheads in the CCR and put them in a binder.

Same on Ek-river, so many papers on the bulkheads in the CCR so it was impossible to read everything. For example, why should the job descriptions for 2nd Officer and 3rd Officer be posted on the bulkhead?
Suddenly on your watch you starts to wonder what the hell your job is, I don't think so.

Wednesday 8th of October will go down my history book as a pretty useless and boring day. well, I got almost 90 minutes of constitutional on deck. I got 90 minutes yesterday as well so my diet is in progress.
Well, a boring day ended as a boring evening in my cabin in front of my HTML editor.

Thursday 9th of September 2010
and our main engine was running when my alarm clock went off. Ek-StarGood, they were heaving up our anchor and we were soon on our way to St Petersburg anchorage.

I had been out from the shower for 2 minutes when the fire alarm Ek-Starwent off. Darn! I could see that it was my detector that had gone off so it was most likely due to steam from my shower. Well, the crew mustered and just to make sure there was no fire they searched the accommodation.

I had our 2nd Officer in the pump room after lunch to study the ODME. He had finished the ODME CBT so he is ready for the next step. So on our way to Rotterdam we will do a test run and we will see if we can let our 2nd Officer be in charge for that spectacle.

I got the confirmation for my courses in Manila. But I'm waiting listed on 1 course

DATES From November 2-5,2010 for MEFA
November 8-12,2010 for MECA
December 6-9,2010 for AFF
Time at 7am-16:30

Location: Consolidated Training Systems, Inc.
4th Floor S & L Building
1500 Roxas Blvd., Ermita 1000 MANILA
PHILIPPINES Tel:(632)5240572

I have reserved a place for you for the BTM on 29 Nov - 3 Dec - but this will only a tentative date for they need more than one participant to run the course.


Good, I have a little something to do next holiday. I would go crazy just to roaming around the Ek-Starstreets of FUNKY TOWN for 4 and a half month. Ek-StarBut I will see if I can get a ship for a few weeks during the Christmas. I will have 4 and a half to 5 months holiday and that's a wee bit too much for me.

When we finished the ODME I continued with my new binder. All documents posted on the bulkheads in the CCR are now sitting in a binder. It was a good job, I learnt a lot on where to find the different documents in the TQM when I checked if it was the latest editions we had on the bulkheads.

We dropped anchor 20 minutes before 4 o'clock and according to our Agent we will heave up anchor
Ek-Star1 o'clock in the morning. So it looks like it will be a full night so I left for my cabin after dinner. I will try to get some sleep and in worst case I will have to try to force myself to sleep.

And I really hope that I can fall asleep and that we are going alongside during the night. Waking up in the middle of the night just to discover that we're still anchored would not be so very nice. Then the whole night is destroyed, and of course tomorrow as well.

But before I forced myself to bed I had the time to write a few words with my HTML editor and a shower. And you will know first thing tomorrow if we were allowed alongside during the night or not. Incredible “END OF THE WEEK” suspense on

Friday 10th of September 2010
and I woke up at 4 o'clock in the morning. It was 10 minutes before 4 and I had been sleeping for around 8 hours. No diet drinks yesterday, well, at least not after dinner and I felt a sleep without any problems.

We had all fast at the tanker M/T Emma 10 minutes before 6 o'clock. M/T Emma is the ship we're loading from. She is berthed alongside a jetty in St Petersburg Navy Shipyard and they fill her with trucks. So we're loading through 2 cargo hoses, one from Emma and one what looks like it comes from shore or from the barge between Emma and the jetty. Believe me, it looks like a graveyard for old ships around here.

Saturday 11th of September 2010
and loading was stopped when I came down to the CCR. They had been busy discharging trucks in to M/T Emma during the night. There had been two stops during the night, last stop was at 05:40 L/T 03:40 S/T and they resumed loading at 10 past 10 ship time. Good, I will not be sorry when we leave this place. OK, it's not bad, loading works good, but it's just that it's impossible to make any plans. I never know when the next stop will be.

The rate was everything from ZIP to 500³/h and it was impossible to know when they were going to Ek-Starcomplete the operation. And no one was speaking very much English around here so it was impossible to make even the roughest estimation of any completion time.

And my keyboard capsized and sank during the morning so I will have to buy a new laptop. I found a keyboard onboard, but without a USB connection so impossible to use.

I guess I will have some time for my constitutional and movies now when I can't write on my web page. But I have my desktop keyboard so maybe I can use this, just to do my pictures.

I was worried, I had found a keyboard but there was a PS/2 connection and I didn't found any PS/2 to USB adapter. Our Captain and I had searched the ship. I had even been down in the engine room trying to find an adapter.

I could not find any adapter and I sent an e-mail to the ship chandler in Kalundborg and I asked if he could Ek-Stararrange a PS/2 to USB adapter for me. We will stop at Kalundborg roads for provision on our way to Antwerp.

Lo and behold, we completed loading at 13:30 ship's time and we were 200+ MT short. I guess they were running short of fuel oil ashore. Good, we will be able to leave with the convoy leaving St Petersburg at 6 o'clock tonight.

We finished our calculation at 2 o'clock S/T and the Surveyor left to finish his documents ashore. Ek-StarHe was back onboard an hour later and I signed his documents. We had time for a soft drink while waiting for the Shipper and the B/L. I had got 2 diet drinks of our 2nd Officer and our Surveyor got a real soda pop from the fridge in the Ship's office.

At 4 o'clock the Shipper was onboard and we finished all the paper work in time for dinner. Coming back to my cabin and I did some advanced tweaks and I installed and uninstalled drives and suddenly my keyboard was working again.
- Yippee!

But Captain was even happier, because I told him:
- You better pray that we can get my computer up and running or I will have to spend the nights in your cabin eating chocolate watching old movies!

Our Pilot was onboard 20 minutes before 7 o'clock ships time and we left St Petersburg 5 minutes before 7 in the evening. A beautiful week had turned in to a gloomy and grey Saturday evening with a drizzle. About time we got away and we're bound for Antwerp for orders. With 2 stops on the way, Tallinn for bunkering and Kalundborg for provision.
60 cans of tuna and this will hopefully last until I sign off.

Sunday 12th of September 2010
and it was kind of a gloomy morning, but after an hour the sun broke through the clouds and the weather turned nice. Good, I can have my evening constitutional on deck tonight.

We dropped our anchor outside Tallinn around 11 o'clock and we left after lunch with 45 MT of gas oil from the bunker boat Nafta in our bunker tanks.

And of course, when I came on deck the good weather was gone and I returned in to my cabin and my HTML editor. While in my cabin I could feel the ship start moving and I suspected that the weather was not getting better.
Well, I hope it's OK tomorrow so we can inspect our last ballast tanks.

Monday 13th of September 2010
and we start the new week with ballast tank inspection. The sides of our ballast tanks were grit blasted and painted at our last visit to shipyard. So they look good, a few pittings at the bottom, but according to rumours they will blast and paint the bottoms at our Ek-Starnext stay at the ship yard. But then I will not be onboard.

The weather is OK, but it starts to get cold so I might try to go for my constitutional wearing my fur hat this afternoon.

But it's not the temperature I have problem with, it's the wind. I can't hear my music when the wind is blowing around my headphones. Hmm, maybe my fur hat will make a good cover for my ears.

Tuesday 14th of September 2010
and we have almost put half of the month September behind us. I will soon sign off, very good, the weather is really getting bad. Today it, well, not gloomy and Ek-Stargrey. The sky was black and it was raining. Gale warning for all areas in the North Sea.

- Yeah, why do you live in Thailand?
- Yeah, I wonder why.
OK, not possible for the crew to be on deck so they started with their day room. Captain and I started a new project yesterday. To move all the DVD movies to the day room and when we went to check it out we discovered that we need to make new shelves in the cup boards or there won't be any space for the DVDs. And the sofas and the whole day room need a good cleaning. One of the arm chairs was a wreck and it will go ashore to a garbage container in
Ek-Starnext port. We will move one arm chair from the other day room and all the cushion covers were cleaned this morning.

We will arrive to Kalundborg around 3 o'clock this afternoon and we will get 15 cases of diet drinks, tuna and spinach. But I might have to give the diet drinks a skip. I'm losing my teeth. I discovered the other day that my gum was gone. I already saw this some 10 years ago so I went to the dentist in Sweden.

I wanted to see a Swedish Dentist because a Thai Dentist would most likely not know what snus is. The Dentist told me, not to give up snus, but that I was brushing my teeth too much and thus rubbing away my gum. Yes, this was a new experience for me, a Dentist telling me that I'm brushing too much.
- No, it's the truth! And use a soft brush!
And of course the standard “Don't forget to floss!” before I left. I'm losing my gum and teeth and she is talking about flossing. GET A GRIP! But I was happy when I left the dentist, I could continue use my snus and I could cut down on the brushing.

But now it’s a wee bit more serious and I think I will have to give up snus. Luckily enough I had 2 big packages of Nico chew in my suitcase. But what to do with all my snus. Bring it to Thailand? I don't think so. I will try to give it away for 1000$. Yes, that's a giveaway. I lose a lot, but 1000$ is better than nothing.

I had been reducing my use of snus to almost nothing since I discovered my disappearing gum. 2 snus is all I have taken during the day. But in the afternoon I had forgotten all about the gum and I was soon using snus like there was no tomorrow.
I will end up like the bald and toothless human balloon.

So finding a beautiful wife is not to think off.
- Hmm, but I have a plan!
I will have to find a wife so ugly that I will look dashing in comparison. When we're walking down the street people will think that she is a billionaire.
- Wow, she must have a lot of money to be able to catch such a dashing guy!

Well, I was in my office doing Risk Assessments Ek-Starwhen we approached Kalundborg. We slowed down making minimum speed ahead when the boat came with our provision.

When I came out on deck the whole crew was hanging over the gunwale drinking soda pop watching the boat coming with provision approaching in the horizon.

They brought 6 or 7 slings for us and my diet drinks were on the first sling and I got 2 cases and I brought them to my office first thing. Half a case was for our 2nd Officer, I had borrowed his last diet drinks the other day and they had actually lasted until today.






I popped one drink open as soon as I was in my office. Then I returned on deck to see if they had managed to arrange a PS/2 to USB adapter for me. I haven't heard from the ship chandler since Ek-Staryesterday. He told me that he would try his best to get the adapter. But nothing about the price, I had asked for the price so I could arrange cash for him and send them with the crew on the boat.

I didn't found any PS/2 adaptor, but I found a keyboard with USB connection. And no bill, so maybe he sent is as an encouragement for the Chief Officer. I will send him an e-mail and ask for the bill tomorrow, I'm better make sure about this. Maybe he is swearing over the Swedish Chief Officer that didn't pay for the keyboard. And again, it might have been an encouragement.

Our provision was soon in the stores and our 3rd Engineer had been taking pictures of the whole operation.

Well, a terrible weather this morning had turned in to a somewhat sunny afternoon / evening and I got my hour of heavy duty walking on deck. I started with long pants and fur hat and when I finished I was back in my shorts and the fur hat was back in my office.

Wednesday 15th of September 2010
and our 2nd Officer on the 8 to 12 watch is sick so I started my day by relieving the 4 to 8 watch on the bridge. Captain asked me if we should put the two remaining deck officers on 6 by 6 watches.
- Are you out of your frigging mind?
- What?
- We are 2 passengers onboard and the guys should work 6 by 6!!

When I came on the bridge we were steering a SW'ly course West of Denmark and the weather became worse by the minute. When I left the bridge at 12:30 it was very rough seas so I went to bed. I had my “TUNA & ONION SURPRISE” ® before I went to bed. Yes, we got tuna with the provision.

Waking up in the afternoon and I tried to do my cargo plans, impossible, so I returned to bed and I didn't got out of bed until 20:25 when it was time to relieve the guy on the bridge. By now the weather was even worse and we only made 7 knots.

Thursday 16th of September 2010
and I got of my watch at midnight. Straight to bed and it didn't take long before the fire alarm went off. One detector in the aft part of the deck trunk was alarming. The crew mustered and I went to check the deck trunk.

It was like a rain forest inside, condense was dripping from the ceiling (under deck). Hot air inside and cold water flushing over deck on the outside so there were plenty condense in the deck trunk.

Back in bed and the alarm was soon going off again. This time I was in no hurry down the deck Ek-Startrunk. When our Chief Engineer and Electrician had new sensors we went down together to check it out. But first we sent the crew back to their beds.

Well, we cannot run around checking these fire alarms every 10 minutes during the night. We have 2 zones in the deck trunk, zone 13 and 14 so we disabled zone 14 during the night and I could sleep until 07:20 when my alarm went off.

I took a shower and I went down for a diet drink and the check the cargo temp. I prepared 2 slices of bread for my breakfast on the bridge. The weather had improved and our Cook was cocky making fun of the guys that were sea sick. He had made storm soup with rice for the crew.
- Look at this, very good for the crew when they are sea sick.

Our Cook have managed to get me my TUNA & ONION SURPRISE ® with the added excitement corn every day even though the ship have been rolling and jumping. But I can't say that I have enjoyed it, sitting down eating trying to hold on to your plate and yourself at the same time.

So I'm confident that I will come home handsome like never before, of course, depending on how drunk you are when I'm coming home.

I remember onboard Argo Pallas a few years ago. Our 2nd Officer had found an ad in a magazine and they were looking for Scandinavian Officers for some cruise ships. We applied, I wrote the letter for us, it was me, the 2nd Officer and one Engineer. Photo was required in the application so I Ek-Starfinished the application with:
“We don't send any pictures but some people consider us as handsome, especially after that we have bought them a few drinks”

This and a few other stupid thing and of course, we never got any replay. Never mind, I don't think any of us really wanted that job. I was relieved by our 2nd Officer 20 minutes before 9 o'clock. He felt good again and he was fit for fight after a few days in bed.

Good, I returned to my office and I started with the cargo planning with the music on full blast. The door handle ad lock to the Engine Control Room is not working and our 2nd Engineer came and asked if Ek-StarI had a spare lock and handle.
- No, but take the handle on the door to my store.
So he was next to my office working and when I passed he told me it was very good music in my office.
- Can I copy the music.
- Maybe you're too old for this kind of music.
Click on the PLAY button to get the right “Aladdin's office” feeling
  Remeber! It has to be on full blast  

Well, I was in a very good mood this morning. All crew are (OK, a few still suffers from sea sickness) back in working condition and the weather was improving by the minute. Good, I can continue with my web page, but it’s not yet good enough for my evening constitutional. But soon, hopefully.

Well, it was a nice afternoon and the mess room was full for dinner.
- HEY! Chefe, you would be better of working on a tanker. You know how many people that comes for lunch and dinner every day. On passenger ship you never know, the passengers tend to stay in bed every time the sun goes behind a cloud. MOTHERF@CKERS!

- Do you want some ice-ream?
- No, I'm on diet!
- Just a little?
I pointed at my by now almost flat stomach.
- A-hole! Do you want to destroy this by now so beautiful body with ice cream?
- No
I didn't think so and I was off to my cabin and my HTML editor. I have been delayed by several days with this bad weather and I just started the page about “Aladdin's adventure in Australia” the other day. Well, it will soon be ready, a few days extra should not be any problems.
- OK OK, I will try to speed up the process a bit!

I measured our tanks for H2S before dinner and it was a nice afternoon so I might go for my constitutional, at least to give it a try. Fur hat on and it should not be any problem.

I went on deck and I got a 30 minutes' constitutional before it started to rain and I returned to my cabin and my web page. Well, maybe it's time to split this month in to 2. We have to think about the guys at Ratchadapisek and their internet.
- Hmm, maybe this apply to the whole of Thailand.
Thailand and increasing censorship and everything on internet has to pass through a filter and thus slows it down. I pay for broadband service and sometimes it's so slow I cannot listen to the internet radio.

I read in the Bangkok Post a few months ago that they even have students or scouts or some youth organisation like the CYBER PATROL that searching the internet for stuff to censor.
CYBER PATROL, and why do I think about another organisation, Hitler Jugend, when I hear this?

I read Bangkok Post every day and today I could read that guards posted at 40 different locations in Bangkok as red-shirts are gathering on Sunday for the coup anniversary and “The public are urged to inform authorities if they witness anything unusual”. “The BMA is also distributing a 44-page handbooks containing tips on how people can protect themselves during any violence and techniques on how to remember faces and other characteristics of a person”

But we note that the public is only urged to report the UNUSUAL. So no need to bother reporting
Children activities in the Association for Promotion of Outdoor Life SkogmulleThe association started with Forest Mulle groups in 1957. Its purpose was raising children in a spirit of care, love and respect of nature. This is the basis for "Forest Mulle" (in Swedish "Skogsmulle")Skogmullecreated by Gösta Frohm

Today (2007)more than two million children have participated. In the sixties most children were at home with their mothers, kindergartens were scarce. Most Forest Mulle leaders were housewives. Today the situation is quite different. Forest Mulle groups are now an integrated part of the kindergarten activity.
the real crooks for breaking the law.

What's next? What are your mom and dad doing in the night time?
Yes, a child gets a nice piece of cheap metal, the “Hero of our nation” medal to put on his chest. But he will never see his mom and dad again.

When I was a child I was a member in Skogsmulle. And no, we did not spy on our neighbours. We meet once a week in a small forest and our Leader was hiding a bag of potato chips and we had to find it.

OK, before you swing over to PART-2 of September you might want to read the story about Skogsmulle. I haven't read it and I doubt that you will find it interesting. The only thing I remember from Skogsmulle was the potato chips.


OK, it has come to my knowledge that we have senior citizens visiting my web page. How hard can it be? So it’s not very easy for them to see the blue coloured links to the next page. So
Jiffy (also jiff)

noun [in SING.] informal a moment: we'll be back in a jiffy.

ORIGIN late 18th cent.: of unknown origin.

So as you understand, in a jiff pretty much depends on your internet.
I put a “Next” button here and I hope that there isn't any problem to understand how to use that one.
So just CLICK the “Next” button on your left hand side and you will be on the next page in a jiff!

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E ni Svenskar och inte förstår Engelska så ska ni skämmas. J och Björn, med det menar jag inte att alla mina stavfel ska ältas varje gång vi träffas.

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