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June and July 2015 and I did a tour to Svalbard, Iceland and Greenland. Here are some of the birds I spotted during this trip.

Bird name
Scientific Name
Swedish name
Date first observed
Link to pictures & information

Arctic Tern

Sterna paradisaea
27 June 2015
Smeeringburg, Svalbard
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Atlantic Puffin

Fratercula Arctica
24 June 2015
Brage Point, Svalbard
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Black-legged Kittiwake

Rissa tridactyla
Tretåig ms
9 July 2015
Borgarfjörður Eystri, Iceland
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Ivory Gull

Pagophila eburnea
25 June 2015
Ice edge between Svalbard and the North Pole
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Little Auk

Alle alle
27 June 2015
Fuglesong Island, Svalbard
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Northern Fulmar

Fulmarus glacialis
25 June 2015
Ice edge between Svalbard and the North Pole
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Northern Gannet

Morus bassanus
30 June 2015
Reykjavik, Iceland
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Thick-billed Murre or
Brünnich's Guillemot

Uria lomvia
24 June 2015
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PLEASE! If I have made any mistakes identifying any bird, PLEASE let me know on my guestbook



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