Udon Thani and the Red Lotus Sea December 2015. And yes, the red lotus flowers were beautiful. But the most interesting was the birds. My Uncle was a professional Ornithologist. This looked to be a very boring thing to do, only house sparrow and crows. No colourful birds like here in Thailand. I also liked to watch all the very beautiful birds in Africa on my safari.

But after the Red Lotus Sea I decided that bird watching was something I could grow to like. Yeah, age makes you change interest to crazy things.

Below is my list of observed birds in Thailand. Thanks to www.norththailandbirding.com for the bird list! You can find complete bird checklists at www.norththailandbirding.com

I bought the book: A Field Guide to the Birds of Thailand and South East Asia by Craig Robson. New edition updated with 76 species since previous edition “A Guide to the Birds of South East A Field Guide to the Birds of Thailand and South East Asia by Craig RobsonAsia by Craig Robson” Nick Upton at www.thaibirding.com wrote “This quite excellent book is packed full of quality illustrations and written information on 1251 species recorded in Southeast Asia”

So I bought the book at Asia Books. And the girl at Asia Books gave me the book and I opened a page. DARN! There was the Pheasant-tailed Jacana. First page I open.

Of course I recognised the bird from my pictures from the Red Lotus Sea. I had spent 2 days on internet trying to find the bird to find the name. There it was and I bought the book.

Web pages I have found useful since I got interested in bird watching in Thailand. Well, there have been several web pages. But the below are the web pages I found most use of during my searches for information:
www.norththailandbirding.com A one stop only for all your birding in Thailand

www.thaibirding.com Nick Upton's one stop only for all your birding in Thailand.

Use both www.thaibirding.com and www.norththailandbirding.com and you have a winner. Some of the maps on www.norththailandbirding.com are way better than Nich Uptons, while some of Nick's maps are much more detailed. So I have found that if I use both the web pages for information, well, nothing else needed.

For inspiration, just click LOCATION on both of the web pages and you will have more than enough of ideas and information on where to go in Thailand to look for birds. EXCELLENT work!

http://birdingpal.org Find a birding pal in Thailand

After 2 days of birdwatching in Suan Rot Fai in January 2016 with my new birding friend (I met him on the first day) He recommended Peter Ericsson's web page where there is a bird identifier. So I have to add yet another web page:
Peter Ericsson's excellent bird identifier - Have been a great help to identify birds!

There is also an interesting blog by Dave Gandy “Bangkok City Birding” worth reading if your in to birding in Bangkok and beyond. And if you don't understand English you can always have a look at the beautiful pictures. Well, the same goes for the other web pages as well

I don't need to mention From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. But I have also been using Handbook of the Birds of the Worldwww.beautyofbirds.com and the Handbook of the Birds of the World for information about birds.

NOTE: Handbook of the Birds of the World is a pay site and you have to subscribe to get full access

Xeno-canto: Sharing bird sounds from around the world. An excellent web page if you want to listen to different bird sounds you have www.xeno-canto.org What is xeno-canto?
xeno-canto is a website dedicated to sharing bird sounds from all over the world. Whether you are a research scientist, a birder, or simply curious about a sound that you heard out your kitchen window, we invite you to listen, download, and explore the bird sound recordings in the collection.

But xeno-canto is more than just a collection of recordings. It is also a collaborative project. We invite you to share your own bird recordings, help identify mystery recordings, or share your expertise in the forums. Welcome!

The range maps, most of them comes from www.oiseaux.net This web page is also excellent for identifying birds. There is information and range maps for many many birds from all over the world.

This page is almost guaranteed to give you any answer you have about any bird in the world.

I also bought the book A Photographic Guide to Birds of Thailand by Michael Webster and Chew A Field Guide to the Birds of Thailand and South East Asia by Craig RobsonYen Fook. Also reviewed by Nick Upton at www.thaibirding.com wrote:
“ The small size of this book suggests that it is a field guide, however, do not fall into this trap as less than 300 species are pictured a long way short of the nearly 1000 species that have been recorded in Thailand. The way this book is set out with reference tabs in the page corners would indeed be useful if this were a full identification guide, but in the absence of around 700 species it seems a bit of a waste of a good idea.

Despite this limitation the book does have a number of good points. The low price of this publication means it is ideal if considering a trip to Thailand in order to see which bird families are likely to be encountered before deciding whether to book a trip and purchase a more expensive field guide.

In fact the information in the first section, about bird finding, habitats and birding sites, fills the void that is created by the lack of introduction in Craig Robson's "A Field Guide to the Birds of Thailand", so would be an ideal purchase to familiarise oneself with the country's ornithology before visiting.

Any faults aside this book is a pleasant addition to any birder's library for the excellent collection of photographs it contains.”

Of course, it is a book to keep in your pocket. I have the “brick” A Field Guide to the Birds of Thailand and South East Asia by Craig Robson to keep in my hotel room/ car.

Internet and image search is one of the best way to identify birds. But in order to search ofr a bird you need to know the different names of the body parts. So when you come home and you have seen a bird you don't know the name of.

Just make a description and hit “search” and you will Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.st hopefully find the bird.

I searched honeyeater with yellow gape and A lot of pictures came up and I was able to identify the Brown Honeyeater. So this can be of a great help, and I have used the drawings below many times trying to identify the birds.

Bird topography

Bird topography

Bird topography

Bird topography

Below is links to different bird lists. You find links to pictures and some information I have collected from Wikipedia. All pictures are of course taken by myself. This list will Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.st hopefully grew with every bird watching tour I will take.

And below is also a list of bird watching adventures here in Thailand and beyond. So keep an eye out for updates of new birdwatching adventures and pictures!

Please, I have bought the books and I try to confirm that I get the birds right on internet. But there are most likely some mistakes done as I'm a birding beginner. See, below for my lists of observed birds from around the world:

THAILAND - Birds I have seen in Thailand

UP NORTH - Birds I have seen on Svalbard and Iceland - Summer 2015

AFRICA - Birds I have seen in Africa

INDIA - I did Tiger safaris in India, and of course there were plenty birds

AUSTRALIA - At my Kangaroo and Koala adventure in Australia I got to see some birds as well

INDONESIA - Went for snorkelling on Bali and I saw some Indonesian birds

SRI LANKA - Went for a safari on Sri Lanka and I saw some birds

MALAYSIA - Birds I have seen in Malaysia

During my time in Australia I have had a great help from Birdlife Australia to identify some of the Birdlife Australiabirds that I have seen. And it drove me crazy not been able to identify the birds and I spent many hour trying.

I have sent pictures via e-mail and they have answered with the name of the bird. Thanks a lot!

Below links to Bird watching in Thailand and beyond

First of all, check out what Coconuts Bangkok writes about the birding scene in Bangkok “Bangkok’s Coconuts Bangkokbirdwatching scene offers a different kind of Twitter” by clicking HERE

You can also join Bird Conservation Society of Thailand (BCST). They aim to raise the society awareness of the importance of birds, their habitats, and natural resources by participating all parties toward achievable sustainable development, through all activities of BCST such as bird watching, education, and conservation projects. Click HERE to check it out

31st of December 2015 - Birding at Sri Nakorn Kuen Khan Park/ Bang Krachao, Bangkok

1st to 3rd of January 2016 - Birding in Suan Rot Fai Park and Queen Sirikit Park, Bangkok

8th of February 2016 - Birding at Bang Poo, Bangkok and Mahachai Mangrove Research Station

12th of February 2016 - Birding at Bang Poo, Bangkok in low water

13th of February 2016 - Birding in Petchaburi rice fields

15th of February 2016 - Birding at Bang Poo (Bang Pu Nature Reserve) and Suan Rot Fai, Bangkok

20th of February 2016 - Bird watching in Hua Hin - Kaeng Krachan National Park

21st of February 2016 - Bird watching in Hua Hin - Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park and Tha Sadet

29th of February 2016 - Bird watching in Suan Phutthamonthon (Phutthamonthon Park), Bangkok

12th of March 2016 - Bird watching at Laem Pak Bia/Pak Thale

14th of March 2016 - Bird watching in Chaloem Kanchanaphisek Park, Bangkok

July 2016 - Bird watching in Bangkok

11 August 2016 - Bird watching in Sydney's Royal Botanical Garden

November 2016 - Bird watching in Bangkok

November 2016 - Bird watching in Moo Ban Pramong, Bangkok

8 January 2017 - Bird watching in Suan Rot Fai, Bangkok

13 to 14 January 2017 - Bird watching in Menjangang, Bali

20 to 21 January 2017 - Bird watching in Suan Rot Fai and Mo Baan Pramong, Bangkok

29 to 31 January 2017 - Bird watching in Benjakitti Park, Bangkok

Bird watching in Bangkok

Bird watching in Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Bombay - May 2017

Bird watching at Sewri Flamingo Point, Bombay - May 2017

Bird watching in the Hanging Garden, Bombay - May 2017

Bird watching at Sewri Flamingo Point, Bombay - May 2017

Bird watching at Bhandup Pumping Station, Bombay - Trailblazing - May 2017

Bird watching at Bhandup Pumping Station, Bombay - May 2017

Bird watching at Doi Inthanon National Park and Chiang Mai, Thailand - June 2017

Bird watching in Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur and Genting Highlands - June/ July 2017

FlickrWell, December 2016 in an ice cold Finland. I decided to open a Flickr account and I have uploaded a few pictures. Saved at 80% instead of 55% so they might be a wee bit more pleasant to look at. I will upload bird and wildlife pictures to Flickr. So make sure to visit my Flickr account to see some bird pictures by clicking HERE

Of course, I will add more and more pictures to my Flickr account. My camera skills leaves a lot to wish for, at least to say. But I have found two web pages that are almost a must to visit. There is a lot to learn about taking pictures in the wild. Of course, it takes more than reading the pages, a lot of practice is necessary.

But they have provided me with a lot of information and tips. Especially when I decided to start using a flash for my bird photography. So if you are in to bird pictures visit the below pages:


Dennis Davenport photography

And even if you're not in to bird photography, the pages are well worth a visit for their excellent pictures and tips about photography in general.




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